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“Now, let's be clear about this, shall we? I hate you... all of you. But the world's at stake and we need to work together to survive.”

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About me:
Dr. Doom's plans to take over the world were of no concern to anyone, until the cosmic storm hit the space station. Exposure to intense cosmic radiation transformed Doom into a villain of immense power. Metallic skin makes him the ultimate super-conductor of cosmic energy. An energy shield, an arsenal of deadly range attacks and a savage melee attack make Doom the deadliest boss of them all!
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Autobots Human

Jan 19th 2020 19:46

The events just seemed to unfold far too quickly for the brunette to make sense of it. One moment she was watching her twin brother, Sam, walking around happy to have his own care. A yellow 1977 Camaro with black racing stripes. The paint was faded and some rust could be seen in some spots. In all, it wasn’t a bad car, not too flashy for a first car but not a total downer either. Of course their mother thought it was a cheap car, mainly from the smoke that erupted from the exhaust when Sam fired up the car. Okay so maybe it was a little outdate. But it was a nice car, at least to the twins it was. Little did they know what the true story behind the car was.

Rachel had been woken up from Sam’s incoherent shouting, something about his car being stolen. For a second she laid in bed, eyes still closed as she listened to him shouting some more. Was he dreaming? It was possible, though the roar of the engine outside quickly told her otherwise. Her eyes snapped open and she sat up, throwing the covers off her body as she scrambled to throw on a pair of shoes before rushing out of the house after her brother. That night became the first time Rachel actually questioned her sanity. There was no possible way that the car just transformed into a giant robot. Was there? No, foolish. Or was it? For the first time in her life she actually believed herself to be crazy, or maybe it was just a weird dream. Perhaps she needed to lay off of the Sci-Fi movies? Yeah, that had to be it.

Arrested for trespassing and a night at the station only proved to make her rethink everything. While she sat in silence, Sam rambled on and on about what he saw. Well what he thought he saw anyway. “Did you see this?” The cop had questioned her, a look that she wished she could smack off his face. He believed that Sam was crazy, maybe even high, and he was being a complete ass. It took all of Rachel to bite her tongue and to swallow down her temper. “I’m not certain what I saw, but I did see something. And neither one of us are high, so why don’t you shove it.” There it was, the snapping and defensive Rachel. Sam could only smirk slightly, hiding it behind his hand to the best of his ability. Meanwhile their father stood off to the side in disbelief that he had been called by the police to begin with. And now his daughter was mouthing off to a cop.

Another night and they were finally given answers to their questions. When they stood in the alley, Rachel looked around in disbelief, a similar expression on Sam’s face. As the semi approached, she took a hesitant step back, watching as it too transformed. By far this one was larger than the others, which told Rachel that he had to be in charge or close to the top anyway. As he spoke, soon kneeling down in front of them, Rachel had took a cautious step forward. One step turned into another and continued until she was standing directly before the big bot. With her head tilted back slightly, she stared for a few moments before reaching out with a hand. Her touch was light and curious, as if questioning once more if this was real. The actions of the human female causing surprise among them all. And the rest was history.

~End Flashback~

~Present Day~
Rachel Witwicky had no intentions on going off to college, or even attempting to have a normal life. She couldn’t think of any other kind of life aside from one that involved the Autobots. Not to mention, she was being offered a chance to work with them more. Lennox had contacted her, giving her the option to assist them. It was something that still caught her off guard, but it was really at the request of her guardian Sideswipe. Turned out the Autobot felt uneasy leaving her behind when leaving for missions. That and her recent string of nightmares, he felt that her being close at all times would be best. And perhaps getting a bit of training would put her mind at ease, give her something else to think about and focus on. So while her brother packed up to leave for college, Rachel was packing a small bag to leave for the NEST base in Diego Garcia.

All through the house she could hear her mother’s sobs and random rambling. Both kids leaving, for different reason, and she was clearly struggling. As she placed the last of her things into a bag, she zipped it shut. Lifting the bag, she placed the strap on her shoulder before walking out of her room. Bumping into her brother, she smiled softly. “Good luck at college Sam.” She hugged her brother, not going with them to take him to college. Sideswipe was outside waiting for her for them to leave. “Take care of yourself Rach. Don’t get hurt.” A typical older sibling warning. Even if he was only five minutes older, he always played that card when it came to being protective of her. “Don’t worry about me. And take it easy on mom, you know how she is with us growing up.” With another hug, she patted his back before turning and heading downstairs.

Saying goodbye to her parents was the hardest thing to actually do. Her mother cried and clung to her, attempting to talk her out of it. All attempts failed though. One thing would never change, Rachel’s determination. Once her mind was made up she never changed it. With one last look out the window, she turned back around to face forward as Sideswipe drove away from the house. Just for the sake of not being questioned about there being no driver, Rachel sat in the driver seat, though her hands weren’t at all on the wheel. Instead her hands rested in her lap, her eyes looking around at the passing scenery as she just relaxed, or at least attempted to. The thought of going so far away from was a little unnerving. But she reminded herself that she’d be with Sideswipe and the rest of the Autobots.

Sideswipe drove most of the way, until they had no choice but to get onto a plane that was waiting. During the drive, she drifted off here and there which was nothing new. However once on the plane, Rachel was wide awake and tense. She clung to the seat the entire time, starring straight ahead and tense. By the time they landed, her muscles were so sore from being tense the whole flight. Not to mention her chest hurt from holding her breath for long periods of times. To say she was a nervous flyer was a major understatement. If she could drive everywhere she’d be perfectly happy and fine with that. Or take any other means of transportation that didn’t involve being up in the air.

“Come on Rachel.” The familiar voice snapped her from her daze. Slowly she released the seat as she rose to her feet, fumbling with the seatbelt in a somewhat frantic fashion. Her guardian simply stood watch, slightly amused at how fighting alongside them against the Decepticons didn’t bother her but yet flying did. Sideswipe definitely still found it amusing how interesting and complex humans were. He had only been the younger Witwicky’s guardian for the last year, but in that amount of time he had grown fond of the human female. He cared for her and wanted what was best for her. Even if that meant late night drives to nowhere in particular just to calm her down from a nightmare and allow her to get some sleep. Or now, pushing for Lennox to get clearance for her to more or less join them.

Which was exactly how they now found themselves at the doors to the base. Driving inside, Sideswipe pulled off to the side and came to a stop. Rachel pushed the drivers door open and stepped out, carefully closing the door before moving to grab her bag from the back seat. Once her bag was out and the door closed once more, Sideswipe had transformed. Now towering over his human charge, he stood alongside her, making sure that she didn’t wander off as they waited for Lennox and the others to return.
Rick O'Connell

Mar 25th 2019 08:07

Hey, big fan. Love the 80s.
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