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59 years old
Winsford, Cheshire
United Kingdom

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I love hanging around Egon's studio while he paints.

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About me:
NAME: Heather Sears.
BIRTH NAME: Hector Matthew Sears.
GENDER: Female.
MAITAL STATUS: In a serious relationship.
SPOUSE: Egon hopeful.
OCUPATION: Beauty boutique sales woman.
OCCUPATIONAL DESCRIPTION: Sells make up, perfume and other beauty products.

Taking the final step into becoming a woman had always seemed so far out of reach. For years Heather had to live a lie, dress as a man and pretend she was one. All while inside, in her heart and mind she was a woman. Since she knew what gender was as a small child she knew there was something not right. Men around her were nothing she could relate to. Being raised by an abusive uncle didn't help her development either. Six years old he crept into her room and started by fondling her. Too small to ever take such a large man, he settled for touching her with his hands and mouth and making her do the same to him. For the longest time she though this was what she was supposed to do for him.

Aged twelve, her uncle came into her room and forced himself onto and into her. And yet, still not the most horrifying experience to come to her. By fourteen she had enough and ran away from her uncles care. Having no parents or family to fall back on she became homeless. One thing Heather never did was turn to drugs. She gave her body over to men who were sneaking around behind their wives backs in order to get money to survive. By her mid twenties she had turned her life around. She held a good job at the bakery and had a decent flat. But still, she was continuing to live a lie. Those masculine qualities were just not her. The facial hair, the short cropped hair and the muscular physic.

What Heather wanted was heels, blouses, skirts and pink lip stick. She took to dressing up at night and going to drag clubs to hook up with men who found her sexy and alluring. It still wasn't enough. Finally she got in touch with a doctor and told him what was going on. For the first time in her life she wasn't told she was crazy or sick. No, he told her she was a woman trapped in a man's body. Estrogen shots were prescribed. The effects were slow at first, but soon her body began to change. Hair became softer and silkier and grew faster. Her voice became higher, feminine. Breast tissue began to developed where muscular pecks once were. Skin became more supple. Testosterone didn't deplete like some who took the hormone replacement therapy. She was still able have an erection and achieve an orgasm. Her body going through all sorts of wonderful changes.

It was during this time she met a man. A shorter older balding man. A little chunky, but he seemed so sweet and loving. A man after her heart. Dating turned into something more serious. Denny came over every night to stay with her, but always left by midnight. After a few months, Heather asked if they could move in together and Denny became agitated and made an excuse to leave. Feeling suspicious of his actions, the next day she followed him. Sure enough she found he wasn't only married, but had three children. Heart broke, she spent the day crying feeling like such a fool. When Denny came that evening, she confronted him. Now this was when her most horrifying experience took place. Denny convinced her to go for a walk with him.

Going down the wooded trail, the elder male started to act strangely. When Heather said she wanted to go back home, he attacked. Chasing her through the woods, she fell cutting her legs on brambles and twigs. Nylons were shredded, dress torn and muddied. Elder male caught up to her and wrestled her to the ground. After beating her, he pulled out a knife and was intent on murdering her. Whether her pitiful crying and expression prevented him or the realization it was he who had deserved death; Denny spared her life. Instead, he slit his own throat and bled out in her arms. She was helpless to do a single thing.

This moment changed her life forever in more ways than one. With eight years living as a woman under her belt, she packed up and left Bristol behind and moved to America where her chances would be better. At first it was difficult fitting in. She was called all sorts of things before she found a beauty boutique in the mall who were accepting and admired her skill with makeup. That day she was hired. Life began turning around for her. She was happy with her job and happy with her life. Having no interest in getting hurt again, Heather refrained from dating. She focused on keeping her own life together and her goal of becoming a woman.

The best thing to happen in her life was a day she was running late for work and wound up breaking her best pair of heels. Her hero came out of nowhere rescuing her from the dire situation. He carried her by piggy back all the way through the mall to see to it she got to work. It didn't take long for her to fall in love with Leo, the sweetheart. Such a wonderful man, she became so attached to so fast. Trusting him, she confided in him with how she wanted to take the final step into becoming a woman. To her surprise, he was extremely supportive and encouraging. Her love began to grow deeper. Realizing she had met the man of her dreams came the night he told her he would wait to make love to her, he would refrain from all sex until she was comfortable in her body and had her operation.

What a dear, dear man. Her heart ached all the more for him. Operation was scheduled, she had her support group in Leo. All was set. Of course she was nervous about it all. There was no going back if things didn't work. She had to be completely sure he wouldn't love her if she followed through with it. Again he put her at ease and she signed the paper work. The two had a moment to be with each other before surgery. Kisses were exchange and Leo encouraged her again with his sweet loving support.

The procedure had taken hours, but was a success. The young woman doctor was able to do a flawless job on her. The pain was intense, the ordeal frightening for her. When the doctor had pulled the sheet back and held up a mirror for her to see what she looked like she had gasped and started crying. Thinking she was mortified with the results the nurse and her love panicked. Heather laughed softly and informed them they were tears of joy. Finally, she felt complete within her own body. She was a woman now, fully. No one could ever say otherwise now. Her body was completely female and she thoroughly felt it.

Weeks stay in the hospital was difficult though Leo was there every minute of the day to hold her hand or hold her when she needed him. She fell madly in love with him, to the point she longed for his presence when all he did was leave her to go to the bathroom. Stitches were almost healed, seepage had stopped and swelling was completely gone. It was time to dilate her to make her vaginal cavity able to shape and form as it should. It was awkward and painful, but necessary if she were to make love to Leo.

When she was fully healed and everything functioning as it should she was sent home with dilation instructions and medications. By now there was no way to tell she was born with male organs. She looked as natural as the female doctor who operated on her and would function the same way. Her journey to become a woman had just came to an end. Her journey of living as a woman had gloriously just begun. And she had the best man in the world to take this journey with. His love and support had made all of this possible.

This all change in one horrific evening. While going to a walk down a seemingly sage street she was grabbed from behind and thrown into a car by a man she came to call a monster. After a night of being rapped mercilessly, she was dropped off home bloody and torn. She feared she was ruined for any other man. It came to light that Leo had beat a man the monster was close to, to the brink of death and her being raped was retaliation. How could she ever feel safe with him again? She couldn't.

An older man named Egon she had befriended months before the attack. A man that made her so safe. She thought he was gay and she would never have a chance to be with him. When she went to him for comfort she fell even more in love with how he reacted. There was no threat of going after that monster. There was no macho show of violence. He held her and they talked. Their friendship bloomed into so much more. She felt so safe with him, comfortable and loved. He made her smile, made her laugh. They shared a love of style and so much more. He was the one, she knew it. The one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and would.
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