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I will do whatever I have to to protect my family and friends.

30 years old
New Zealand

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In Memory of My Parents.  (11  photos)
They loved each other very much. I miss them dearly.
My Adoptive Family. King Thranduil and Legolas.   (4  photos)
My Ada and well my best friend. Well I guess I could look on him as my brother. I mean gosh darn King Thranduil is my father figure after all.
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"I Assure You My Lord, Legolas Thinks Of Me As Not More Than A Captain Of The Guard".


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Occupation:Queen of Gondor
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*growls* got called into work because someone can't hack it.

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About me:

Tauriel Of Mirkwood.


Full Name: Tauriel
Stage Name: Daughter Of the Forest
Alias: Legolas, Kili, Elven Traitor, Aragorn (Son Of Arathorn)
Nicknames: Daughter Of The Forest
Gender: Female
Date Of Birth: Unknown
Age: 600
Place Of Birth: Mirkwood
Current Residence: Mirkwood
Occupation: Captain Of The Guard
Group Members:
Position: N/A
Family: King Thranduil, Legolas, Aragorn (Husband), Verdarianna (Stepdaughter), Elenya (Daughter), Haldir (Son)
Languages known: Elvish
Smoke/Drink/Drugs: No
Zodiac: Unknown
Race: Elf
Skilled In The Use Of Bow, Arrow, And Sword


Traits: Positive- ++ Negative- --

Likes: Stars, The Moon, Music
Dislikes: Orcs, Bolg, Azog, Wargs, Goblins, Trolls, Sauron, Any Evil Form Of Creature
Phobias: Spiders
Disorders: None
Addictions: None


Ethnicity: Elves
Nationality: Silvan (Wood-Elf Of Mirkwood)
Height: 5'6" (1.68 m)
Weight: Unknown
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Brown
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Scars: A Few
Birthmarks: None


Husband: None
Children: Verdarianna Elessar
Mother: Unknown
Father: King Thranduil Oropherion
Sisters: Valeriya (Dragon Queen)
Brothers: Unknown
Nieces: Unknown
Nephews: Unknown
Aunts: Unknown
Uncles: Unknown
Grandparents: Unknown
Cousins: Unknown
Other: Unknown

I Am Pretty Good With A Bow

Who I'd like to meet:

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Diamond ~Loves my family-{ROME}

Aug 30th 2019 08:44

I wish you could come back to us, I miss you. :(
Pippin Took 😜ROME😜proud Papa of 4

Aug 15th 2019 11:58

Pippin didnt realized anything, not how he was falling from his Pony, nor that Tauriel had picked him up and was holding him. Minutes went by that Pippin was without awareness.

After long Minutes and pippin on a dark Place, he finally gasped and looked up at his Mother, then he turned his Head to his Father. "The Darkness is stronger as Sauron ever was" he said with a very weak Voice, because he could feel the new Darkness inside of himself.

He shivered while he was holding onto his Mother. "you cant ride South, you will die, dont go" Pippin begged the ones he called Parents, Friends. He had seen the evil and knew that it was too strong and that not even Aragorn and his Men could stop it.

Soon Pippin felt a bit better, he looked at both as he sighed. "This Time it will be Ways harder and I saw Middle Earth in Darkness, it seems like we are losing this Time" Pippin was honest and he was very afraid that what he had seen would be the reality and that the evil would win this Time.
Haldir ⚓ROME⚓ Camping Time!!

Aug 12th 2019 11:55

Haldir was watching the World passing by very little everything seemed and it was lots of Fun, but soon he heard his Amme who told him they would land soon. He smiled big and was holding tight, but not too tight on the Eagle.

The Eagles were slowly landing as they reached Rivendell. It was the first Time for Haldir to see it, it was one of the Elven Realms of Middle Earth. He had heard a lot of Lord Elrond, Lady Arwen and here was the Place his Ada Aragorn was growing up. 

The Eagles landed and Haldir was looking at his Amme, he smiled big but waited till she would help him down from the big Eagle. He could do it all alone, but he wasnt sure if he maybe wouldnt hurt the Eagle when he would just jump off. 

So Haldir was waiting for his Amme to help him down from the Eagle while he was looking around. "This is beautiful Amme, Ada told me a lot from Rivendell, he was raised here from Lord Elrond and fall in Love with Lady Arwen many many Years ago before he met you" he said and was looking at his Amme which was leaving her Eagle and walked foward her Son and the Eagle he was sitting on.
Haldir ⚓ROME⚓ Camping Time!!

Jul 14th 2019 11:58

This was going to be a big Adventure for Haldir, for the Rebel of the Family as he was going to ride on an Eagle for the very first Time

He was holding onto the Eagle but made sure not to hold to tight as his Mother told him.

Soon they were high up in the Sky and Haldir very happy about it, they were on their Way to Rivendell and finally, they would see the Playground there, Pippin had made for them, it was on the Time.

Even Haldir was now 9 Years old, he still loved to play, he still was a Boy, not a Man yet.

He was holding on the Eagle and watched the World on the other Perspective now, he was so proud of himself.

Haldir turned his Head to his Amme and smiled big. "the World is so little" he said as he was riding on his own Eagle while his Amme was right beside him on her own Eagle.
Pippin Took 😜ROME😜proud Papa of 4

Jul 14th 2019 10:54

Pippin was still not himself, he still was confused about what just had happened to him. Everything sounded so far away from him, even the Voices of Tauriel and Aragorn like they would be Miles away. The Ring and the Darkness had affected Pippin more as everyone knew. South? North? West? East? where was what? Pippin had lost the Orientation at all.

He had his own Voice and normally could make his own Decisions but right now he was unable to do it, he looked to Tauriel, then to Aragorn. He was not himself and he nodded. "South" was all that he was able to say as the Darkness was still creeping through his Body and was going even deeper, his Heart was suddenly feeling so cold and he was going to change, he fought against it as good as he could but the Darkness was strong, very strong as soon Pippin collapsed while sitting on his Pony, falling down from it, losing his Consciousness for a While.
Haldir ⚓ROME⚓ Camping Time!!

Jun 28th 2019 15:22

Haldir heard the Words of his Amme, that she was proud of him, that he had the same Power like his Bonus Ada Legolas, what made the little Boy proud himself, he knew he was only half Elf, because his Ada Aragorn was a Human, a Dunedain, but he also had elvish Blood running through his Vains and that was a Part of him and so he was able to have some elvish Powers too and he had this Power of Far Sight and he was very proud of it.

He nodded at his Amme as she told him that he should tell it his Bonus Ada and his Birth Ada too and that they would be very proud of him for it, he was sure they would and he chuckled happily.

Then he was listening to his Amme as she talked about the Eagles and how to show them Respect and especially to the Leader of it, he would follow her Words and be waiting that the Eagles would land.

As they did Haldir was watching his Amme, then he was doing the Same and bowed deeply to the Leader of the Eagle and the Eagle bowed his Head back to him.

Haldir didn't move and didn't make a Sound, he was now waiting for his Ammes next Move and what would happen next since he had no Idea about Eagles and how to ride them at all.

Haldir was looking at the tall Eagle and was wondering how they would be able to get onto them, since it was the first Time that he had seen an Eagle at all, he was very fascinated by the Eagles as he couldn't take his eyes away from the Kings of the Air and was very impressed.
Arwen undomiel ❀ROME❀

Jun 22nd 2019 14:41

Have a great weekend my'lady.
Pippin Took 😜ROME😜proud Papa of 4

Jun 21st 2019 02:51

Pippin slowly relaxed as his Mother comfort him, he tried to shake off the Things he had seen and was listening to his Parents, talking about Gandalf. He and the old Wizard were Friends and they had a Connection somehow since the Day Gandalf had saved his Life, Pippin always knew where to find him, he just needed to follow his Heart.

His little Pony stood right beside The Horses of his Mother. "let me lead you to Gandalf, I can't explain it but I can feel his Presence to any Time Mother, he is not far" Pippin said and could say that the white Wizard isn't that far away.

He was looking at Aragorn his Father Figure and smiled a little, he was feeling better, but still was holding on his Mother. "we need to ride south" he said and was now waiting for his Parents to ride with him south to find Gandalf, what was a Good Thing, because they would be away from Mordor and this new Ruler who was giving everyone a hard Time.
Isabella ~Demon Queen~ R.O.M.E.

Jun 19th 2019 14:40

"Well, vampires are creatures of the night who mainly survive by feeding off the blood of mortal men and women. We can eat other types of food as well. Some of us tend to stay away from civilization and either feed on the blood of wild animals or take only what human blood we need to survive. It's both a blessing and a curse being a vampire to be honest."
Isabella ~Demon Queen~ R.O.M.E.

Jun 16th 2019 02:15

Of course we can add some salad to the mix if you'd like my lady. Sadly since I am a vampire, I can only manage to keep down blood. No worries tho, I've managed to find a way to satisfy my hunger by drinking the blood of the most vile criminals ever known to anyone.
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