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Peregrin Took was the most wonderful thing that ever happened in Diamond's life.
He brought magic back to her lonely existance.
Until he bumped into her in Gondor that fateful day, she stayed to herself, perferring her books and art to socializing.
While all her friends in the shire were getting married or promised,
She set off to Gondor to the white city of Minas Tirith, pledging fealty to the king and his family.

It was while she was in Gondor that she and Pippin literally ran into one another again.
He was a knight of Gondor serving Aragorn there.
It was love at first sight for them both.
Pippin was and is everything she ever dreamed of in a lad--Caring, giving and so kind and loving.

On May 18, FA, Diamond Elessar married Peregrin Took, in a beautiful shire wedding.

They now live in Long Cleeve, taking over the land her father left her when he passed on.
They live in a cottage Pippin found for them.

Faramir Took 1

On the 21st of June a year later, Faramir Took 1 Was born to Pippin and Diamond, in Mirkwood.

They were visiting her sister Verda and brother-in-law Legolas and their family at the time.

Her precious baby son, Faramir makes their family complete.
A real story book ending.

Rowan, Merry & Nina Took

Four years later, they welcomed Triplets into their family.
Rowan, Meriadoc Legolas, and Nina Took were born on October 12 FA.
Their family grows and so does the love they all have for each another.

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From Green Healer. Calen

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Peregrin Took {M} - {ROME}

Mar 25th 2020 08:39

Hope you are okay.
~In death~

Mar 16th 2020 22:14

~Each day it's a struggle to stay alive.. Especially when the ring of power is over the whole entire Middle-Earth~.

Thank you for the add.

How are you?.

I hope we can be good friends.
Peregrin Took {M} - {ROME}

Mar 3rd 2020 03:15

Peregrin Took {M} - {ROME}

Feb 29th 2020 13:51

Peregrin Took {M} - {ROME}

Feb 25th 2020 13:53


Peregrin Took {M} - {ROME}

Feb 24th 2020 07:33

Tiny of a Took ::ROME::

Feb 23rd 2020 08:31

Faramir toddled out in the kitchen to Momma, he had stayed close to Papa as much as he could since he came back, and the little boy looked up at Momma when she asked if they were hungry. He touched his little tummy
"My tummy speaks Momma. It say food now"
He said, that would be his yes, yes he was hungry.

He looked as Nina was given over to Papa, and Faramir hugged Papa's leg. He loved his parents, but he had found out that his younger siblings couldn't walk so they needed to be carried a lot more, unlike him, he was a big boy, he could even climb up on his own big boy chair and he beamed up at Papa as he sat on his leg and hugged, wanting the funny tingly feely in his tummy when Papa walked with him sitting on his foot, it was a fun game that Faramir often played.

(Sent to Momma, Papa and siblings)
Tiny of a Took ::ROME::

Feb 23rd 2020 08:24

Faramir looked up at his papa, and then he nodded to him and got help to get down from the bed, he toddled his way to the door and opened it, as he then made his way to the kitchen. While he walked there he dried his tiny eyes from his tears. Papa needed him to be a big boy now to get some food for him, and no more tears, and Faramir went out to the kitchen and over to momma.
He pulled at her skirt and raised his face looking up at his momma
"Papa hungwy. He food now?"
He asked as he raied his arms up towards momma to be lifted up and see what the adults could see. To see if there was food for papa that he could bring to him.

(Sent to Momma and Papa about Papa's return)
Rowan Took 🌷R.O.M.E.🌷

Feb 22nd 2020 14:44

Happy belate Valentines Day to you aswell my beloved Mother.

Peregrin Took {M} - {ROME}

Feb 21st 2020 23:56

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