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Characters: TOBA Ethen Micheal
Verses: complex and confusing at times. But, Well worth your time
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TOBA Ethen Micheal :P
Can you see the man I have become. There was a time I recall being a prince. A family man loyal to the core. And it was said I was rarely ever a bore. What tore at my soul. Perhaps may end up being things you will never know. But, why would you desire too? The past is filled with heartache and pain. Some might think my theme song is "It has been a while." The days of having a loving wife and family. That made my life seem like a fairy tale is long behind me. Then again that might be why the stories always end as they do. My mothers have come and gone. And my father hasn't been seen for years. Could be I am just the only prick left here? Or could the end truly be near? But fear has never once faded me. And no matter how many exes have jaded me. I stand strong and carry on. Cause that is what I must do. It is not all gloom and doom, I can recall a time. When my colors where red and grey. And all time low remembering Sunday played in the background. And that little note saying Flower was here. Never once got noticed but a time or two. I battled a Demon King and scared any who dared to cross me. So the question remains. Am I half the man I used to be? Or am I a born again vampire demonic hybrid with a purpose? And What might that purpose be? Don't threat couse I am sure in time you will see. Now as my rival once said. Always look deeper and beware of my reapers. Cause they are there plotting a plan. That will not phase this man.

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𝕿𝕺𝕭𝕬 𝕬𝖑𝖊𝖝𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖊r

Apr 11th 2019 03:54

Alex stood there. And just thought a second. " You know I love ya man. But this time around. If you hurt Joanna. You and Me, We are going to go to who never level. Don't give me any sh*t. I took more sh*t from Kat than anyone. "
TOBA Joanna

Apr 8th 2019 00:21

She smiled hearing the tone change from sadness to almost cheerful , if demons could ever feel such a thing. She believed Ethen was different she could sense it. When he turned showing the cutest puppy ever she set eyes on her heart skipped a beat and she could tell Ethen could tell. "Its beautiful. "Hmm Maxie?" she asked for his opinion.
TOBA Joanna

Apr 3rd 2019 19:58

ooc: Saturday I'm all yours.
TOBA Joanna

Mar 28th 2019 21:36

Her own heart ached seeing him so sad. How was Joanna to tell him she only knew what was told to her and small flashes of the past when triggered and right now it was the look on his face. "Ethen, let's just take it slow. Clean slate? Start over?"
TOBA Joanna

Mar 26th 2019 06:34

I love it.
TOBA Joanna

Mar 26th 2019 05:44

The second he turned away she could tell something was wrong. Just maybe Ethen was telling the truth, but was she to be certain? She pulled his arm and saw his eyes full of sadness. " Are you okay?"
TOBA Joanna

Mar 25th 2019 04:28

Joanna turned and told her friends from magic school to go without her. That she should catch up to them. Her arms folded in a defensive motion and her eyes were filled with confusion and anxiety as Ethen pled his case which was insane. "Why would anyone by jealous of me? Ethen I got you after a lie with someone else and now you want me to believe..." His look was so sincere and deep down she wished that horrible night never happened.
"Prove it to me, Ethen. Prove that your bestfriend did this." her eyes now full of sorrow as tears form but she held them back from falling. Even if he could prove the story to be true she wouldn't be able to forget his lips touching anothers. It would take time even if she never stopped loving him.
TOBA Joanna

Mar 25th 2019 03:38

Joanna had been dealing with the heart break Ethen gave her not knowing it was ever a clone. Her heart took longer to heal, it was like her life was ripped from her and thrown into a blender leaving her shattered for the most part.
Joanna started magic school with aunt Paige always there to look after her she needed to focus on her skills other than her heart.
After school a small group decided to head to the mall. A normal outing to most but for them they were going to scout for demons until she stopped in her tracks being hugged tightly by someone that tore her world apart yet her heart sunk and she hugged him back lightly before pulling away.
"A dream? Ethen are you okay? "she asked with concern. What did he want? and why now that she's finally opening up and making friends.
🌿Princess Elenya Elessar🌿

Mar 20th 2019 23:36

Elenya was a young Princess but she was in fact a ruler. She was the daughter of Aragorn Elessar and she would find out how this man knew so much about this evil that was befalling all that she held dear to her heart. She folded her arms tighter across her chest and kept her eyes on his. "How is it that you know so much about this enemy that will consume the whole world? Are you one of its members turned rogue? Trying to play spy for the good side? Why do you entrust me with all this information? Whats in it for you?"

🌿Princess Elenya Elessar🌿

Mar 20th 2019 13:21

Elenya did not understand what he was talking about. That darkness was destroyed a long time ago and well it should stay that way. No one has gone into Mount Doom or the Land of Mordor for a long time. Well except for the dark Sorcer. But would he actually be able to go into Mount Doom. Was that the darkness this man was speaking of. She put away her weapons and she folded her arms. "This "it" you speak of. I am guessing it does not have a name? Or does it." She knew of the ring yes only that it was destroyed by Frodo Baggins and never to be seen or heard from again. Or so she thought when she read the history in "The Lord of The Rings by Frodo Baggins." She was starting to believe that maybe it wasn't destroyed after all.
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