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basic information

Name: Cricket Magnolia Deveraux
Nickname: I prefer Cricket.
Species: Human
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Origin: Bluebell, Alabama
Spouse: N/A
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Physical Appearance: Cricket has long, thick golden hair and will stare directly at you with her deep blue expressive eyes. She has the most beautiful of features and an alluring smile. She is tall, with a slim body and porcelain skin. Dresswise, you will find her in pretty summer dresses, large hats and sometimes even pretty white gloves. Nationality: American ( A southern belle. )
Goal: To become the Mayor of her hometown. ;D
Pet(s): A horse called Daisy and a dog called Pippin
  • horse back riding
  • dancing in the rain
  • late night walks
  • bending the truth
  • gossiping
  • sweet tea
  • personality & traits
    Cricket is an only child who comes from a lot of money, so to say that she is spoiled would be an understatement. She always got what she wanted and wanted for nothing -- she also knew how to get what she wanted by either manipulating people or just throwing a fit until they gave in. she was a very talented girl when it came to music, cheerleading and sports. Although her grades did lack, she was pretty capable of getting good grades but she was always in the mindset of – “well, ive always got my parents money to fall back on.” Even though she is spoilt and very self involved, she can be sickening sweet – maybe to manipulate you, maybe because she likes you, you’ll have to figure that one out yourself. She never really believed that it could happen. Even though her parents where prime examples - she just though that they were an exception to the rule. She thought that there were too many people out there to be tied down to just one person - believing that she was a free spirit and she deserved to be free. Cricket had what some would call boyfriends and girlfriends, but she never called them that and she made sure that they knew not to call her their girlfriend and whenever her feelings turned into something stronger, she would just drop them and move on because it scared her. She is a complete and total southern belle, loves to gossip and whisper and if she gives you a “bless your heart –” that’s basically calling you an idiot. She is known to most as an enigma, because on the outside she is known as the perfect prim and proper southern belle, but underneath she’s a bit of a mess - partying, drinks and other bad things to dabble in. Basically shes a hot mess, but no one would ever know to look at her.




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    Characters: Cricket Deveraux
    Verses: Will fit into every verse.
    Playbys: Scarlett Leithold
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    About me:
    Who I'd like to meet:

    Got a figure like a pinup
    Got a figure like a doll
    Don't care if you think i'm dumb
    I don't care at all.

    early life

    Cricket comes from a town called Bluebell in Alabama. Her parents both come from very wealthy families and they own the Doctors surgery in the town. She grew up surrounded by money and it went to her head really. Growing up in a small town takes it's toll. She knew everyone and everyone knew her -- at times she hated it but at times she loved it. She loved knowing everyones business and finding out everyone's business. When it came to school, she was always Miss Popular. Head Cheerleader, Captain of sports teams, Leading actress, Prom Queen. Everyone either loved her or feared her and she loved that.

    present life

    After graduating college, Cricket moved back to Bluebell and opened her own Boutique in the town square and it was very popular and she even began making her own fortunes. She is still exactly the same as when she left - Miss Popularity and people either want to be her or want her gone. She believes that any reputation is a good one. She is leader of the Bluebell Belles and throws many parties and occasions but her biggest goal is to become Mayor of the town during the next election and considering her past endeavours with winning things, it's totally possible.


    Rule number one
    ... is that you gotta have fun.
    Link: (X)
    Character name: No one, darling.
    Sexual Orientation: Heteromantic + Bisexual
    First Started Dating: 00/00/0000
    Official: 00/00/0000
    First Kiss: 00/00/0000 | Where at?
    Song Dedication: How to be a Heartbreaker - Marina and the Diamonds
    Lyrics: "Rule number 3, wear your heart on you cheek. But never on your sleeve, unless you wanna taste defeat. "
    Comments: I am sure as the day is long not going to have a relationship anytime soon, but if you'tr looking for fun - you have found the right person.


    disclaimers The storyline I have created for my character was created 100% by myself. Please refrain from taking ideas, or anything from this page. Instead, message me for suggestions on what you could do with your own character. The stylesheet was written and coded by high times, all credit goes to her for this layout. The graphics were made by high times.


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