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”Damaged people are dangerous. They know how to make hell feel like home.”

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About me:
Kiana Craven
“Normal people have no idea how beautiful the darkness is.”

Kiana stands at a height of five foot three inches with a slender but athletic figure. She has silver hair that can look almost white in the right lighting, a pale complexion and deep blue eyes. Kiana was born to Mary Anne and Peter Craven, two pure blooded Animagus, and when she was six Kiana showed promising talent when she transformed into an Artic Fox by accident. Since it was a requirement to register, Kiana was taken to the ministry of magic and after spent her time learning from her parents how to perfect the spell, learning how to control when she transformed as well as how long.

Growing up, Kiana and her family lived in a community of witches and wizards of pure blood decent and she learned different spells and potions as well as her family lineage from them. Kiana had grown up around magic all her life so it was no wonder she desired to know everything she could about it. In her studies however, she learned of dark wizards and witches who wished to harm muggles and set out to recruit whoever they could as long as they were pure-blooded. They wished to continue the agenda of someone her family refereed to as the Dark Lord and soon, she would come to face them herself.

One rainy evening when she was sprawled in front of the fireplace in the small town nestled on the outskirts of Dublin Ireland deep in the forest away from any muggles, a small group came and pulled everyone from their homes to gather them in the middle of town. Kiana was nine and clinged to the skirt her mother wore, curious and scared eyes studying those around her. The strangers demanded the others join them or suffer the consequences and few aligned with them while they made examples of those who denied them, using forbidden curses to kill them.

As they were weeded down, father made a plan with her mother, establishing a signal he would give to tell her to transform into her fox form. She didn’t know why he told her this but she obeyed him, terror filling her as she watched him move in front of her mother and her. Kiana’s father confronted the murderers as one pranced around setting the town in flames. He had denied them and tried to appeal to them but when that failed, he signaled his wife and in an instant, she turned into a massive hawk while Kiana transformed into a small snow-white fox, getting picked up in the talons of her mother and carried off into the forest as she watched her father fall dead.

This only made the ones tormenting her home excited and they raced to see who could catch them first. Quickly Kiana’s mother dropped her near a large oak tree, turning into her normal form but told Kiana to stay in her fox form. She hid Kiana under the thick roots of the tree and told her not to come out until her grandmother came and got her. From this place, Kiana stayed shivering and wet only as she heard the nearby screaming of her mother. Soon she was dragged back to where Kiana was hiding and Kiana was forced to watch her mother die next with no way to save her.

Kiana stayed for three days under the tree until one evening when she heard the cries of her grandmother. Kiana crawled from under the roots and transformed to her normal form and she called out, being scooped up moments later in the familiar arms of her grandmother. Kiana was then taken to England where she stayed in hiding, often times transforming into her fox form to sneak out to the park nearby. She saw Thestral wandering about, and her grandmother spoke to her of what the strange creatures are, it was then that she fell in love with mystical creatures and began to spend her time caring for them.

Everything seemed fine until Kiana turned eleven and the same group found her grandmothers location through a ministry mole. They went after her grandmother one day when she was out of the home and Kiana came back to find her body frozen and pale, twisted in agony showing signs she was tortured before she was killed. Kiana rocked her grandmother in her arms as she wept for her and soon the ruling authorities were deciding what her fate would be from this point on being no living family was left for her to stay with.

It was decided she would attend Hogwarts and once she is eighteen, her family’s wealth would be given to her as stated in their will. Kiana is currently a first year at Hogwarts and although she is shy and withdrawn, she is hoping to maybe make some new friends so she won’t feel so alone in the world.

”Damaged people are dangerous. They know how to make hell feel like home.”


Hag Hair, Mahogany, 12 3/4 inches, Right Hand
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