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The second ring, Nenya, was made of mithril and adorned with a "white stone", presumably a diamond. The name is derived from the Quenya nén meaning water. It is also called Ring of Adamant, Ring of Water and the White Ring.

The ring was wielded by Galadriel of Lothlórien, and possessed a radiance that matched that of the stars; while Frodo Baggins could see it by virtue of being a Ring-bearer, Samwise Gamgee tells Galadriel he only "saw a star through your fingers". (This appears in many editions as "finger"—which sounds more magical, since it suggests that her finger has somehow become transparent) The ring of water.
Nenya's power gave preservation, protection, and possibly concealment from evil because "there is a secret power here that holds evil from the land". However, the fact that Orcs from Moria entered Lórien after The Fellowship of the Ring and Lórien itself had suffered previous attacks from Sauron's Orcs sent from Dol Guldur suggests the power of the ring did not constitute military prowess. It was said that, protected as it was by Nenya, Lothlórien would not have fallen unless Sauron had personally come to attack it. Galadriel used these powers to create and sustain Lothlórien, but it also increased in her the longing for the Sea and her desire to return to the Undying Lands.

With the ring gone, the magic and beauty of Lórien also faded along with the extraordinary mallorn trees (save the one that Samwise Gamgee grew in Hobbiton) and it was gradually depopulated, until by the time Arwen came there to die in F.A. 121 it was deserted and in ruin.

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My love is given to the morning.

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It's easier to give than to receive, the journey is long.

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🌿ROME🌿 Elenya Elessar

Jun 15th 2019 13:38

Elenya lay sound asleep in her bed. She could hear her Grand Amme Lady Galadriel's voice inside of her head but she could not reach out to her. She had tried several times to reach out to her other family members. But the curse was blocking all contact with them. She sat alone inside her head and soon she was crying because wanted to be free from this dreadful curse. She was scared and alone. 

"Grand Amme if you can hear me I wish to be free from this dreadful curse. I can hear everyone around me but I know they can not hear me. It is part of the curse. I wish to be home again. With my friends and family. I miss my Ada and Amme. I miss my little brother. I feel so alone."
Arwen undomiel ~FOS~✬ROME✬

Jun 15th 2019 05:34

Ok ♥
Arwen undomiel ~FOS~✬ROME✬

Jun 14th 2019 17:27

No way sighs.
Arwen undomiel ~FOS~✬ROME✬

Jun 14th 2019 16:10

is everything ok my beloved grandmother?
Heart of Roar

Jun 12th 2019 09:18

He knew that her tone was quite different when he talked to her. So he tried to make the conversation a little bit more quick because he had a very long journey ahead of her. "My lady as much as I love to sit and talk to you. I do have a very long journey ahead of me . Smaug won't leave if i don't do something to make him leave.". He looked at her and understood the horrors that Sauron has put upon the people and the forest.
Arwen undomiel ~FOS~✬ROME✬

Jun 11th 2019 11:35

how are you grandmother?
🌿ROME🌿 Elenya Elessar

Jun 7th 2019 17:14

Elenya was still confused that she had to leave the place that she had always called home. She knew that her family would protect her where ever she was and it seemed to her that she did not have to leave at all. She wondered if she had visited the other children of Middle Earth and told them the exact same thing. "Is it just I that is going or have you told all the other children that they will have to leave as well?"
Heart of Roar

Jun 7th 2019 12:23

He saw that Galadriel was fine and she was save back in her garden. He turned around and waved at Lady Galadriel saying"Thank you for helping me out and giving me a lot of information that will help me alone the way." But I must be going to save my family from Smaug and what he has done to my kingdom. He looked at Lady Galadriel and say' No I haven't seen Gandalf and the hobbit". if I do see them I will let them know that you sent for them.  He bowed and respect and left for his journey to save his family.

occ: Huh?.
Heart of Roar

Jun 5th 2019 16:54

He looked at her and said" I will find the Dwarf Queen in Fos , I am sure that she can help me, Because the other queen sounds like a Sauron lol ". -He chuckled after he compared one queen to Sauron. He bow down and stood up and thanked Lady Galadriel again for helping him and giving him some advice and he left again to start his journey to the Dwarf Queen in Fos.
Heart of Roar

Jun 5th 2019 13:30

He held her up very tightly so that she could not fall. He walked her back into a save place and sat her down gently on a rock. He looked at you and said "It is indeed not fair that evil has a upper hand in magic and not the good and pure hearted ones such as yourself . I would love more than anything to take down Smaug and restore our kingdom to how it used to be. Do you know how I can do this?."
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