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Orientation: Lesbian
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Characters: Kara Danvers, Supergirl
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Jan 27th 2019 17:18

she looked at her and hugged her again "I am sorry Kara that's not fair but I a sure that there will be a way to get alex to remember you in the end" she sighed slightly "Loosing those you care for isn't easy I am sure....then again this team is all I have really seeing how I am not in good terms with my mother and at the moment my father,who by the way I thought was dead, is lost to his darker self and if god ony knows were" she sighed to this slightly.

She smiled to her "That's good because last time we faced him Barry almost crossed the line and killed him and I am afraid if we can not find him soon they will all get themselves into dangerous situations just to stop him" she sighed to this again and after she orderd what she wanted she looked at Kara again "I always have something on my mind Kara it's just how I have always been as for what that is? Well that's a complexed story that only Iris really knows about because she is the only one that can stil accept me that way" she knew her answer was confusing but she wasn't sure if she could tell Kara the truth about her and who she had become...she was a killer when it came down to it and if it had been her vs their enemy all alone without Barry being there or needing something from the enemy like the last time she faced him he would be dead by now. 

Frost had promised Iris not to kill unless she really had to but at times it was hard to keep that promise as specially when the enemies were colder than she was at times so to speak. 

Jan 23rd 2019 17:31

Frost looked at Kara when she showed up and after Joe took the men away she smiled ad laughed a bit bt not in a mean way changing her looks to that of Caitlin though she had a white stripe in her hair hugging Kara gently "good to see you again, I hope it's not because of another crisus or anything like that" she let go and smiled again "Yes was just taking out the trash that's all" she looked back at the men being taken away and shook her head because they were lucky that they were not cold hearted killers or their fate would have been very different and she would do so with no mercy. 

Frost looked at Kara again "Actually we could use your help with this new enemy we are facing" she sighed and looked at her again "Yes of course I know some good places" she smiled again and led her to one of her favorite resturants in town and sat down when they were seated "This place has food of all kinds I am sure you will find something" she smiled again and was lost in thoughts after all Barry had scared them all when he almost crossed the line and killed their enemy, though it only worried Frost because she knew the price of doing so and she also knew that was a price Barry wasn't ready to pay mostly because he was a hero and it was best that he stays that way. 

Jan 17th 2019 22:47

Frost had changed a lot over the years, she had gone from having no powers at all to having them and then loosing control for a time and now? Now she was in full control again and both sides were one in every way. She sighed slightly knowing that her team didn't know the truth about what she had become but that was mostly because she was scared they would look at her differently if they knew that she didn't mind killing the enemies at times. 

She watched them all talking and sighed to herself going out for a walk to clear her head letting her true core tempeture show while she did so and when she heard something going on she sighed changing it back to the normal tempepure for most people and ran over to see what was going on. 

she watched the men about to rape someone and she sighed "Really? On such a nice day you have to go and ruin it like that?" the men looked at her when she said this "keep walking lady or you are next" she sighed to this again and walked over to them and when she did that one of the men shot at her and she fell hard and the others laughed, though before he could shoot her in the head she got up "Well that wasn't very nice and by the way that hurt" she then hit the man that shot her and looked at the others using ice blasts to freeze the guns and make them drop "that's better" 

The men then attacked her and she smiled using her ice powers to take them down and when they were all knocked out she watched the girl thank her and run off and Frost herself called the cops walking away from there shaking her head while the shot gun wound healed it's self. 

Frost then looked to the side when she heard someone coming her brown eyes scanning the area to see who it would be
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