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19 years old
Los Angeles, California
United States

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March 19 2019

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Bi
Body type:Athletic
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:High school
Characters: Esmeralda Ember
Verses: Teen Wolf, Wolf Blood, Twilight Series, Harry Potter
Playbys: Hailee Steinfeld
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Crossover, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:January 09, 2019

I have a headache so I am heading off for the night. I promise to reply to anyone who messages me.

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About me:
Bio in Blog. PLEASE READ (If you have read my bio, Like the bracelet picture.)
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Jan 14th 2019 16:23

You're perfectly amazing
Nala Hollis

Jan 9th 2019 23:05

Nala Hollis
She was more than just some beauty queen. The crown she wore was not made of rhinestones but discipline and determination, she was capable of achieving anything.

Hello there, I'm Nala Mae! Beauty queen looking to step out of the spotlight and do what every other person my age is doing. Go to college and make mistakes.... I mean everlasting memories. So let's hit the books or the beach because I got a lot of catching up to achieve.


Nala Mae Hollis has been performing in beauty pageants since she was an infant. But what else would one expect when their mother was Miss Universe in her day? From baby pageants to toddler pageants to little miss pageants to junior pageants and the harsh world of teen pageants there was not a single pageant that occurred her mother had not entered her into. Nala spent the first eighteen years of her life being a dressup doll for her mother. She smiled until it hurt, had hairspray in places it was not intended for and paraded around whenever she was told. Her full commitment to the pageant life left her missing out on a normal life growing up. She got invited to birthday parties but never had time to attend, there was absolutely no time for boys or making friends who's only intentions were sabotage. Nala wished dearly someone else would have won the crown, at least once in her life. Maybe her mother would have not pushed her so hard if she showed less potential.

When her mother wanted her to put college on hold to for Miss America Pageant Nala was crushed. College was suppose to be her chance at normalcy. To actually live her life rather then spend the rest of it competing until she was too old. Beauty pageants would not last her forever there was an age limit to when beauty was believed no longer desirable. There was a reason her mother had so much free time to train her and take her all over for pageants because there was nothing left for her after a life of only pageants. Sure her mother could buy whatever her heart desired and she even managed to land herself a NFL player but that was it. Her mother did not truly care about the charity aspect of the pageants or the difference it was meant to make in the world. For her it was all about the crown and being reigned the most beautiful all around.

Nala struck a deal with her mother once she won Miss America she would be done with pageants. No more competing, just a normal young adult off to college like most people her age. Her mother was only quick to agree because Miss America was not like Miss Georgia. The competition was far more fierce but her mother underestimated just how badly her daughter truly wanted to be done. She won Miss America, taking the crown and all the responsibilities that were to follow but to held true to her word. Made her mother as well. She was going to college and going to make something of herself; she refuses to be just another pretty face.

She is currently nineteen and is a Freshmen at Florida State studying fashion design. She still has some responsibilities like meet and greets and events she had to attend from wining Miss America but she is determined to make it work around her college life especially since she started a year later than most.

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