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Bobbie to Nelle " you don't fool me because I was you a lifetime ago.. "

61 years old
Port Charles , New York
United States

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May 25 2019

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Barbra Jean Spencer

Other Names

Barbra Jean Spencer

Bobbie Brock

Bobbie Myers

Bobbie Jones

Bobbie Cassadine


currently Operating Nurse

Co-owner Kelly's Diner


Current residents

Jack's Estate

657 Harborview Road

Port Charles New York


Tim & Lena Spencer - parents

Luke Spencer -brother

Patricia Spencer~sister



Carly Corinthos

B.J.Jones -adoptive daughter (deacesed)

adoptive Son -Lucas Jones


Michael Corinthos ,Morgan Corinthos- deceased . JOsylyn Jack's ,Riley Anne , Amber ,Natalie ,Mackensize, Angel R.j. Nolan ..Wiley Cooper-Jones (deaceased) Jonah Corinthos

Other Family

Fred Eckert -Uncle

Ruby Anderson -Aunt

Neices and Nephews

Lucky Spencer and Ethan Lovett

Lulu Falconari ( kids) Rocco Falconari and Charlotte Cassadine Valrie Spencer , Bill and Jenny Eckert first cousins


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Here for:Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:College graduate
Occupation:Head Nurse General Hospital
Characters: Barbra Jean Spencer
Verses: open, General Hospital
Playbys: Jaclyn Zeman
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Casual, Crime, Crossover, Drama, Romance,
Status: Single
Member Since:January 09, 2019

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General Hospital
Port Charles , New York
Title: Chief of staffing of the Nursing team at General Hospital
Division: Nursing

Date Employed Year 1977 and still working there

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About me:
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Who I'd like to meet:

Barbra Jean Spencer was Born July 8, 1957,and lived near the docks with a poor family with her big brother, Luke. The street wise big brother being protect of his little sister.Their father Timothy was a very abusive alocholic. One day when their mother Lena was suffer an appendicitis attack, Tim watched as Lena lay dying. Finally he let Luke call ambulance but, it was to late their mother had done passed away.Tim walked out on the children.

On April 1, 2015 Like and Bobbie's older sister came to shed light on what really happened. Patricia Spencer revealed on April 1,1963 that Luke accidentally killed their mother Lena and , it sent Timothy in a fit of rage.Luke had blocked out the memories for fifty years.With Pat and Bill Echert keeping the secret. Luke befriended the sweet Lila Quartermaine whom was planning on adopting the two orphans but, they leave town and move to Jacksonville Florida with their Aunt Ruby Anderson. Ruby was a prostitute and Bobbie had to work so she became a prostitute as well. At age 15 Bobbie had gotten pregnant with Caroline (Carly Benson- Corinthos)given her baby 🚼girl up for adoption. Barbara was a child when her mother Lena died..

In year 1977 Bobbie returned to Port Charles had turned her life around and had gotten hired on at General Hospital and befriend Nurse Jesse Brewer.They were confidante`s and become roommate's.Bobbie came to adore Jessie and treats her as the daughter she gave up years ago..Barbra Jean seem to her staff and new friends a very compassionate young lady but, she did have another side to her..A young Laura Webber was dating Scott Baldwin but ,Barbra was having an affair with him. When he wouldn't leave Laura planned on marrying her she called her big brother Luke to come to town and persue Laura , soon he returns home.Bobbie went as far when her Laura got in fight and tried to get her sent sent to a reform school. Bobbie pretends to be pregnant with Scotty's baby..After Bobbie was exposed Scott and Laura marry. Bobbie soon gotten happy when her Aunt Ruby left prostitution leaving Florida becoming a part of the cleaning staff at General Hospital.Bobbie soon fell for Roy Dilucca her brother's partner in crime .Mobster boss and partners with her big brother Luke at Club Disco..He died in her arms when he attempted to assassinate the Senator Mitch William's. Once again she blamed Laura for her problems. Plus Laura had worked at Club Disco for Luke as Bobbie had hid fact that one night Luke was infatuated with beautiful Laura Webber and had went in drunk a raped Laura and Bobbie had known. When things changed and Bobbie supported her brother's love for Laura was when Luke & Laura was on run from Frank Smith .Soon when the two returned Bobbie and Ruby had Thanksgiving dinner and, BobbieAttempts to see why she harbored such resentment towards Laura. Months later Barbra fell in love with Noah Drake , even pretended to be blind to keep him.Noah made it clear he didn't want a commitment he was also dating a hot blonde nurse Stacey Rawlins. In November 1981, Bobbie and Laura had already resolved their differences and that November she was one of Laura's bridesmaids to her marriage to her brother Luke. She left town for a few years and her relationship with Noah fizzled out. She returns back into town and had an affair with D.L.Brock and gotten pregnan but, miscarried in November 1983. She married him in January 1984 but, once they married he become abusive toward her.She was extremely terrified of him because he was the cause of Laura's mother death after arguing with her Leslie wrecked dying .Bobbie in 1985 D.L was murdered and she was charged so she hired Jake Myer to represent her he proved that his daughter in fact killed him.

In 1986 Jake and Bobbie married but he had an affair with Lucy Coe getting her knocked up but, Bobbie was going adopt Lucy's baby until she miscarried . In 1989 she married her long time friend Tony whom his daughter was her name sakr B.j.She adopted and we'll later on She was mess when her son Lucus gotten ill..Also there was a horrific bus accident that left her adoptive daughter brain dead and Maxie lay in bed needing a heart at first she said no but eventually she gave maxie her cousins heart. Shortly after Caroline Benson ruthless as he'll need Tony to get back at her mom For giving her up..She Carly and her now have a great relationship and now recently began dating Leon after meeting up with him for dinner on night.

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cнrιѕтιan nιcĸolaѕ collιnѕ

Mar 26th 2019 08:50

Christian was nonstops crying
cнrιѕтιan nιcĸolaѕ collιnѕ

Mar 24th 2019 09:33

Chris looked at his Aunt

Feb 28th 2019 23:11


Lukas Gallagher. The mystery of Hartsville. He knows the place like the back of his hand, yet is a k-9 trainer for the Hartsville Police Department who transferred from North Carolina. Maybe because he is actually from Hartsville? Not that anyone knows that. A 26-year-old walking mystery right here in Hartsville.

Positive Traits:

Loyal - It takes a lot for Lukas to walk away from anyone or anything. He remains loyal to the core and the only thing that can truly push him away is physical violence or breaking the law.

Determined - Lukas is determined as hell. He never wants to give up and it takes a lot for him to finally give up the fight. He's determined not only in his ways and his morals but in never running from a problem again.

Negative Traits:

Stubborn - If his determination is a positive trait, then the stubborn attitude it can bring out in him is one of his worst qualities. Lukas can dig his heels in like no other and sometimes you just have to let him ride out a problem on his own because the more you fight him the more stubborn he gets.

Guarded - Due to his past, it takes a lot to get Lukas to trust anyone. He has walls to get through and obstacles to beat. It's a horrible habit he can't seem to kick, but once you get over all that, you see that die-hard loyalty he is known for and then it's hard to get rid of him.


Hiking with his black German Shepherd,  Deimos.
Volunteering at the K-9 kennel for the police to keep the kennels clean when not on duty.
Playing video games
Playing pool and grabbing a drink
Working on his Jeep Wrangler


Lukas grew up in Hartsville as Loraine Chambers. However, the story of Loraine Chambers is a sad and mysterious one. Loraine was a simple girl. She had friends but was never considered 'Popular'. Not like her best friend Brielle. Bri was something else and Loraine always adored her over everyone. they were practically inseparable. That's why Loraine never told anyone she was transgender. She always feared she would lose Brielle as a friend, especially after seeing her at her most vulnerable. After pretending to be the tomboy for so long, Lore couldn't take it anymore, and one day had a break down at school. Concerned for her best friend, Brielle came to stay the weekend with her.

The two spent much time together that weekend, and by that Saturday night, something sparked. They began making out but were caught by Loraine's father, the 'honorable' Judge Richard Chambers. He sent Brielle home and then the secretive nightmare began. The Judge beat his daughter for being an abomination and then raped her to remind her she was a girl. What Hartsville knows? She tried to kill herself after that weekend and was sent to a correctional facility.

The truth is Loraine went to a correctional facility to be silenced and healed. She faked being cured and upon her eighteenth birthday, she introduced her father to her 'boyfriend' in order to gain her inheritance. using that to run away instead of going home and started a new life.


Lukas is Loraine. On top of the horrible past and running from the Judge who would probably kill him, Lukas fears losing a chance to get close to his old friends. He is curious what they think of the disappearance of Loraine and also wanting to rekindle old friendships, and maybe one day reveal his secret, though that will be a long time coming.

That's about it for Lukas. If you care to discuss faster I have both Line (iinerdwolfii) and Discord (iinerdwolfii#0341) and if not you can always comment or message me back here.

Thanks for your time and hope we get to write soon.

L.J. Gallagher 

Feb 28th 2019 06:24

Are you in the rpg City of Angels?
ᶜʰᵉʳʳʸᴸⁱᵖˢ -ᴹ-ᴷᵉᵛⁱⁿ

Jan 10th 2019 22:38

I’m scared to death
ᶜʰᵉʳʳʸᴸⁱᵖˢ -ᴹ-ᴷᵉᵛⁱⁿ

Jan 10th 2019 19:01

I really do hope so Kevin dream of having a son and he finally has him I just feel like Kevin is going to lose it if he can’t find his son.
ᶜʰᵉʳʳʸᴸⁱᵖˢ -ᴹ-ᴷᵉᵛⁱⁿ

Jan 10th 2019 17:03

I guess he wants to hurt Kevin he been going after him for years idk why he kidnapped me and send me into labor and to take Daxton I really trying to understand. // I will add u and I will rp Ryan from my new account
ᶜʰᵉʳʳʸᴸⁱᵖˢ -ᴹ-ᴷᵉᵛⁱⁿ

Jan 10th 2019 05:17

Kevin out looking for him I’m just afraid if Kev find Ryan he gunna kill him
ᶜʰᵉʳʳʸᴸⁱᵖˢ -ᴹ-ᴷᵉᵛⁱⁿ

Jan 9th 2019 18:59

Know they didn’t my babies r good the haven’t found me and Kevin newborn son let
ᶜʰᵉʳʳʸᴸⁱᵖˢ -ᴹ-ᴷᵉᵛⁱⁿ

Jan 9th 2019 17:40

Yes sure
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