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In your world we we're the same. In mine now you're the one to blame. You can't remember my name. We're lost, it's such a shame. Listen to me, stop making me see what I've been waiting for. Listen to me, stop making me see.

Full NameLina Maria Alvarez
Nickname/AliasAlvarez, Li, give her more?
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Real Age25
Birthday June 26, 1993
Deathday Lina is currently living.
BirthplaceStockton, California



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Lina Maria Alvarez

Be somebody nobody thought you would be

Alessandra was born to Marcus and Louisa Alvarez. Being their first and only daughter the young girl was daddy’s pride and joy. Her father is the president of the Mayans MC based out of California.

Growing up around the club she took and interest and quickly began to use her beauty to manipulate men, able to gain information better than anyone in the MC. Seeing her skills her father used them to his advantage marrying her off to one of the most vicious bikers in California.

?Despite her protests to the arranged marriage, her father would not relent, and gave her a choice to marry the man or be cast out from the club and his family. Feeling as if she had no other choice, she decided to marry Juan.

However on the day of the wedding, after hearing multiple horror stories about her bethrothed, Lina was getting cold feet. With help she was able to flee during the ceremony. She is currently in Westwood, trying to keep a low profile.

No matter Where We go, no matter what we do, if you're there, I've got my eyes on you

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ℬriε ℳodε

Mar 5th 2019 19:48

The night was young and dark. The streets of Los Angeles were flooded with tourists and celebrities alike. All out to have a good time. Brianna stood behind the bar at Gorgeous Nightmare. Tonight was a special night. Her friends from the band Escape the Fate, had rented out the club for a private party. So, Brianna had spent the entire month with the Sugar Dolls working out new routines just for the event. And the first dance of the night was about to start.

 The lights went black, as the intro to Gorgeous Nightmare played over the speakers. A spot light flickered over each dancer as she took her position on the stage. Smoke began to fill the clubs floor, as a neon smoke covered the bar. Choose your fate. Choose your fate. With each choose your fate, another dancer took her position and another flashed on her. The guitar riff began to the song, and as the drums set in, the dancers, including Brianna, from behind the bar, crept up on to the bar and took their positions. Each holding the bar that had been installed for these specific routines.

Brianna and four other dancers moved off the bar, sliding on to the empty chairs in front of them. As the chorus hit, the chairs dropped to the floor and the girls took off to the small round stage that was strategically placed where the band was sitting. Brianna stood in front of Craig Mabbitt, the lead singer. She winked to him as the girls continued on with their routine. Each move was perfection. Each dancer never missing a beat. The song came to a close and the club went black. A roar of applause was all that could be heard before the flood lights came back on.

Craig helped Brianna off the stage and pulled her on to his lap. "You my dear have certainly outdone yourself once again," he smiled tapping his hand on her hip. "Brie, I have to say, you throw one hell of a party." Rob added in. Brie smiled as she wrapped her arms around Craig's neck. "Well, I owe it to all of you for the creation of this place. You were all there for me after the accident, and helped me get back on my feet. And when it came to a name, you all agreed that I should name it after your song."

"Even still, every time we come in here, you've gone above and beyond to make us feel welcome," Kevin smiled to her raising his glass. "You're family. And I wouldn't have even come up with the idea for Gorgeous Nightmare had it not been for hanging out with you knuckle heads," she laughed. Before she could say another word, Happy, who was part of the Devil's Serpents, came walking up to her and leaned in close to her. "There's a situation at the clubhouse. The guys are asking for you," Happy said quietly to her. Brie looked up at him and nodded before standing up to her feet. "I'm sorry guys, I have to go."

"Everything okay?" Craig asked her a bit concerened. "Yeah, just a bit of family business. If I don't see you before the end of the night, I'll give you a shout in the morning. We'll go for breakfast or something," she smiled to them before leaving them and followed Happy outside the back of the club. "What the hell happened?" She asked him as she climbed into the Dodge Ram 4 x 4. "They found some girl out here, she looked beat up pretty badly. Guys took her back to the clubhouse to avoid any witnesses seeing her here."

Brianna sighed as she fired up the engine and backed out of her parking spot. "Watch my damn club," she ordered him before peeling off to head to the Devil's Serpents clubhouse. Pulling into the parking lot, one of the prospects closed the gate behind her. She parked her truck and jumped out, wearing leather booty shorts with her thigh high boots, fish net stockings and black lace corset. She didn't bother to change when she left to club. When the club called, it was family business. Walking into the clubhouse, all eyes were on her. "What the f*** happened?" She snapped.

Tyler walked over to her and handed her a shot of whiskey. "There was a girl inside your club tonight. She was getting pushed around by her old man. We got rid of him before the band showed up. He must have found her, because I went out back for a smoke when your routine started and found her lying in the alley." Tyler explained to her as he watched her slam back the shot and gave him the empty glass. "Where is she now?" Brie asked before Tyler brought her into the back room.

"Jesus Christ," Brie said giving them all a dirty look. "Where's the medic bag?" She asked as she made her way over to the bed and sat on the edge. She took the blonde's face into her hands gently and examined her. "Sweetie, can you tell me your name?" She asked the girl knowing how much pain she must have been in. "My name is Brie. We're gonna take care of you alright?" She reassured her. "Nobody is ever going to lay a hand on you. You have my word."
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