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What are the chances we'd end up dancin' like two in a milion once in a life.

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Characters: Brian Andrews
Verses: BSB, Fame, Riverdale
Playbys: you should know that goofy bsb.
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Band, Celebrity, Crossover,
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Mar 24th 2019 13:01

Of course.
I don't mind doing that.
Tell me about your new character.:D

Mar 15th 2019 01:05

Are you wanting to rediscuss? 

Mar 14th 2019 03:12

We did a while back.
I just wasn't able to get to your Starter until now. 

Mar 14th 2019 02:47

"Kenzie! I can't believe you did it!" Juliet called out as she came running into the room. McKenzie sat up in her bed and rubbed her eyes as her sister opened her bedroom door and came rushing in. "I just got off the phone with Brian Litteral. He wants you to come on tour with him and work on the tour. I don't know how you keep getting to go on tours with all of these famous people, but I think it's so awesome. Now you get to go on a Backstreet Boys tour. I wanted to be the first to tell you." Juliet told her as McKenzie laughed slightly and rubbed her eyes once more. She had just woken up by her sister's excitement and yelling as she came down the hall. McKenzie had to admit though that she was very happy to get to go on tour with the Backstreet Boys.

"Oh wow. That's incredible. I didn't know I was getting to do that. I mean I have been texting Brian about wanting to work on the tour, but I figured he would call my cell phone to let me know." McKenzie replied with a small laugh. She wasn't surprised because Brian had told her he wanted her to come he just had to check with his manager and the boys. So the fact that he was calling her to tell her he got her a spot on the tour wasn't a surprise but it was really exciting for McKenzie. "I'll have to make sure to thank him when I see him at the arena in about 2 hours. I am supposed to meet him to go over things. So I guess that was what he wanted to talk to me about." McKenzie replied with a small laugh as she threw the covers off of her.

She got up from the bed and walked over to her sister to give her a hug. "I better get ready to go though. I am supposed to be there in two hours and it's a 30-minute drive. Thank you for letting me know sis." McKenzie told her as Juliet smiled and hugged her sister back. She nodded her head and then let go. "Of course. I am glad you get to go. I'll let you get ready. I love you, sis." Juliet replied as she walked out of the room. "I love you too!" McKenzie called back as she shut her bedroom door and walked into the bathroom. She got into the shower and took her shower then got out and turned the water off. She dried her hair and fixed it to make it look nice then finished her morning routine that she did every morning in her bathroom.

Once she was done she opened the bathroom door and walked out then got the clothes she was going to wear out of her closet. She changed into her outfit and then put her shoes on and her jewelry. Once she was done she picked up her phone and purse then made her bed and walked to her bedroom door. She opened it and walked out then walked down three flights of stairs to the foyer. "Well, I am heading out now. I'll see you later tonight. I love you." McKenzie told her sister as she hugged her goodbye then walked out of her house to her car. "I love you too!" Juliet replied as she shut the door to the house and McKenzie got into her car. McKenzie buckled her seat belt then started her car and pulled out of the driveway. Once she was out she put her car in drive and began to drive down the road slowly. 

Within 30 minutes McKenzie had finally made it to the studio where she was supposed to be meeting Brian. She was hoping they would go over what she was supposed to do while she was on the tour with them. She parked her car and then unbuckled her seat belt. She turned off her car and opened her car door getting out of the car. She shut her car door once she was out and locked her car. Then she walked up to the studio and walked inside. "Hey, you're McKenzie, right? Brian was telling us to expect you. He's inside with the boys. You can go on in." A male told her as McKenzie smiled and walked into the studio closing the door behind her. "Hey, guys! I wanted to say a huge thank you for letting me go on tour with you guys. Especially to you Brian. I hope all is well." She told them with a smile. 


Feb 13th 2019 18:29

Yeah, she is kinda like a cop. Lol 

Feb 5th 2019 19:55

Thank you

Jan 21st 2019 17:58

I've been great, tired! But great.

Jan 20th 2019 19:15

Of course love.
I will add you to my list now that I owe you.:D

Jan 19th 2019 22:53

hi brian! no problem. how are you?

Jan 18th 2019 19:59

Who shall start us off love?:D
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