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"Nothing daunted her, not even Joffrey. " |ASOIAF

26 years old
Callington, Cornwall
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Characters: Myrcella Baratheon
Verses: Game of Thrones, Vikings, Tudors
Playbys: HG
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Ancient,
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-ѕтоʀм ℒord-

May 20th 2019 20:58

-inclines his head to her in greeting-
Hello Daughter of mine. I trust you are well?

May 19th 2019 18:42

"Just like the rest of us. Things a girl should not see make a strong woman. Remember that."

May 19th 2019 18:30

"Oh, Tywin...rather strict and serious, he always had been. His father was a man who didn't take his duties and responsibilities seriously, therefore your grandfather swore not to make the same mistakes. He was proud and determined, but also reasonable and rational. He did what he did for his family's sake. And he did love his wife, that is certain. And his children. Although your uncle...your uncle was a different case."

May 19th 2019 18:14

"You look like her a lot, that is true. But then again, emerald eyes, golden hair...A lion is a lion, always. Do not worry, dear, I am certain that you are just as noble as she was. But to achieve greatness, you must follow your grandfather's example as well."

May 19th 2019 18:06

"Oh, I did know Lady Joanna, yes. She used to be a lady-in-waiting of mine when I was still a princess and they crowned my father. Joyful,she was,gentle and kind. Her patience knew no bounds. At their wedding, Lord Tywin even smiled. For weeks, it was the most mentioned gossip in court, for many refused to believe so. He grew even more serious once she had to leave for Casterly-Rock..." Rhaella stopped there and didn't continue. She would not spoil a young girl's memories by telling the horrid truth of what Aerys had done to Lady Joanna. "I enjoyed her company as well. Your father, on the other hand...he was a rather difficult young man."

May 19th 2019 17:47

A small shake of the head; - the Targaryen Queen barely knows a thing these days. "I'm afraid I am not much of a help, Lady Myrcella. Are you certain it is my side you wish to stay at? I am sorry for your loss,truly. It's hard enough to live in this world of ours, let alone for someone without a family. Your grandmother would be devastated. You do remind me of her. Poor Joanna, a gentle soul she had."

May 19th 2019 17:37

"My daughter..." Rhaella whispered, violet eyes turning glassy in a second. 
"Rhaegar should have been the one sitting on that Throne. I do not know 
anyone more worthy of it. He was the only one not being poisoned by his 
father's madness, I am afraid. Perhaps you should be by your uncle's side, 
Little Lioness."

May 19th 2019 17:26

Oh. A rather bold and interesting request, for sure. 
I hear it is your mother's beauty and your father's good 
heart you have. I can only hope this is true. Ser Jaime was 
the one to free not only me, but all of the Seven Kingdoms 
from the monster that my husband was. 
I will forever be in his debt for doing so. If I can do as little 
as keeping an eye on his daughter, I shall be happy to do so. 

May 19th 2019 09:45

You might not, but it is a son I lost because of the usurper who
married your mother and claimed the Throne as his. It is a city 
lost because of your mother's stubborness. Forgive me, if my 
heart cannot be as noble as yours right now. It seems like women 
like us, they shall always remain and suffer. 

What can I do for you, Little Lioness? 

May 18th 2019 17:44

Your mother is supposed to have my title,
and yet, you are addressing me properly, 
sweet child? How come? 

- Queen Rhaella Targaryen 
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