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Characters: Harley Quinn, Harleen Quinzel, Ecco
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Mad Love

Harley Quinn, pleased to meetcha!


Come on, Puddin', Do it!

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twinkle twinkle little bitch
go ahead keep
talking shit,
Go on and wish
upon a star...
I'm still gonna
run you over with
my fucking car.
Oh, come on, Puddin!

Don’t you wanna rev up your ‘Harley’?

Vroom vroom!
Harleen Frances Quinzel ▶American July 20, 1990 ▶Suicide Squad Bad Bitch ▶Doll Face
▶High intelligence Immunity to most toxins ▶Psychiatrist The Queen of Gotham City ▶Skilled Gymnast
Harleen Frances Quinzel was born on July 20, 1990, in Gotham City, New Jersey, to Nicholas Quinzel, a Jewish-Catholic con artist, and Sharon Quinzel, a harsh housewife, and raised alongside her younger brother Barry, a slob with rock star dreams, in the custody of their mother after their father was arrested. As a model high school student, she achieved excellent grades in addition to her extreme gymnastics training and was awarded a full scholarship to Gotham State University, where she majored in psychiatry under Dr. Odin Markus. However, she began failing in her classes, so Markus met with her in her dorm room to help her outline what she believed was a good graduate thesis, centering around the belief that the circumstances under which a person disregards the rules of society were by committing a crime or falling in love. In order to defend it, Harleen had her mentor observe an independent experiment on the matter with herself and her boyfriend Guy Kopski, who developed a "think drink" to calm and center himself, as the test subjects.

This didn't go well for the two lovers, as Kopski's humor started to change so much that Harleen didn't laugh at any of his jokes while meeting with him, claiming to have driven through red lights in a stolen car after blackmailing Markus and possibly shooting him. She asked if she still loved her, but after noticing evidence of recently fired handgun, he ran out with it to shoot a homeless man he thought was Markus in the school gymnasium, then asked Harleen to help him shoot himself when she caught up with him. Although Kopski was found dead aftewards, it remained unknown if she helped pull the trigger or not, but it later became clear that Markus tampered with Kopski's "think drink" to counteract the stresses Harleen put him through. Harleen, however, believed that the situation was caused by chaos and that she would do anything to become involved with studying criminal psychiatry.
Harleen Frances Quinzel was once a highly intelligent, calm and compassionate young lady who worked at Arkham Asylum, before the Joker transformed her both mentally and physically into "Harley Quinn". Through the shock therapy and the Joker's manipulation, her mind and emotions were twisted and she was made into a homicidal, sadistic, child-like psychopath, who would use sexuality and her playful personality to achieve her goals or to entertain herself, usually harming others in the process. As of current time, she follows the Joker in whatever he demands of her, blindly smitten with the ruthless psychopath, affectionately referring to him as "Puddin".

Harley carries almost an innocent persona, wide-eyed and bright, finding humor in otherwise dark situations, much like Joker himself. After attacking Belle Reve guards and seriously injuring a couple before finally being restrained, she maniacally began giggling to herself in a sinister way, happy and pleased with how funny she found it, showing how fractured her psyche had become.
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The Joker

Dec 9th 2018 20:09

Ladies and Gentlemen! You've read about it in the papers! Now witness, before your very eyes, that most rare and tragic of nature's mistakes! I give you: the average woman who wishes to befriend me. Physically unremarkable, it instead possesses a deformed set of values. Notice the hideously bloated sense of humanity's importance. Also note the club-footed social conscience and the withered optimism. My friendship is certainly not for the squeamish, is it? Most repulsive of all, are its frail and useless notions of order and sanity. If too much weight is placed upon them... they snap. How does it live and is she worthy of being my friend, I hear you ask? How does this poor pathetic specimen survive in today's harsh and irrational environment? I'm afraid the sad answer is, "Not very well." Faced with the inescapable fact that human existence is mad, random, and pointless, one in eight of them crack up and go stark slavering buggo! Who can blame them? In a world as psychotic as this... any other response would be crazy!"
Prιηcє σf Lunacy

Dec 6th 2018 22:54

Well, I tend to write my Joker close to the Animated Series version. :) 
Cαllιиg Bιяd

Dec 6th 2018 16:10

I like it, I think that sounds fabulous

Dec 5th 2018 20:46

Bring it on!

Dec 2nd 2018 21:54

"Plain clothes?.."

||Admittedly the idea made him..cringe. He couldn't risk people seeing who he really was. Or he wasn't being most ideal. There was so much to lose..Wasn't unreasonable though, he'd be wary of a strange waltzing by in a batman costume as well. Everything was getting complicated..And fast.||

"I really shouldn't use this but..You drive a hard bargain harls."

||Batman looked down to his gauntlets, pressing a few buttons before his attire completely changed. A A projection if it could be believed. One moment he was Batman, and the next he was a bearded hobo, in rags and tears. A smokey gray beard, green eyes and a head full of tangled hair.||

"Perfect disguise huh? I picked it up around the corner. Literally, around the corner. Where I'm from? I'm eh, from around here! Sorta. It's a long story. One you probably wouldn't understand. One MOST wouldn't understand. Where's the best burger joint around here eh?"

Dec 1st 2018 21:15

Frost had changed a lot over the years, she had gone from having no powers at all to having them and then loosing control for a time and now? Now she was in full control again and both sides were one in every way. She sighed slightly knowing that her team didn't know the truth about what she had become but that was mostly because she was scared they would look at her differently if they knew that she didn't mind killing the enemies at times. 

She watched them all talking and sighed to herself going out for a walk to clear her head letting her true core tempeture show while she did so and when she heard something going on she sighed changing it back to the normal tempeture for most people and ran over to see what was going on. 

she watched the men about to rape someone and she sighed "Really? On such a nice day you have to go and ruin it like that?" the men looked at her when she said this "keep walking lady or you are next" she sighed to this again and walked over to them and when she did that one of the men shot at her and she fell hard and the others laughed, though before he could shoot her in the head she got up "Well that wasn't very nice and by the way that hurt" she then hit the man that shot her and looked at the others using ice blasts to freeze the guns and make them drop "that's better" 

The men then attacked her and she smiled using her ice powers to take them down and when they were all knocked out she watched the girl thank her and run off and Frost herself called the cops walking away from there shaking her head while the gun shot wound healed it's self.

Frost then looked to the side when she heard someone coming her brown eyes scanning the area to see who it would be.
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