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Characters: Regina Mills
Verses: Once Upon A Time/OUAT
Playbys: Lana Parrilla
Length: Para
Member Since:November 22, 2018


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Evilicious Goddess

Aug 21st 2019 21:22

DESCENDANTS MAL (For Descendants story-lines)

My King

Hello, My name is Mal.
You may know me as the Queen of Auradon.
I rule along side my husband Ben.
(Though open to changes for storyline reasons)
Though I am so much more than that.
I am the daughter of Maleficent and Hades.
Yes my Mother is the evil fairy who made an entire kingdom sleep for 100 years.
My father on the other hand, he never wanted to be the God of the underworld. He hated having to send people to a life of damnation. He wanted to be on Mount Olympus with his brother Zeus.
They say villains don't love their kids; while true from my mother it turns out that my father actually cares for me very much.
After taking down the barrier Ben and I have decided it's time to put the past in the past and make amends. Everyone and anyone is capable of good and bad behaviors. We are all going to live as one and I hope it goes well for us.

OUAT MAL (For OUAT story-lines)

I'm gonna find a way

"I'm gonna find a way"

After Maleficent returned to her normal size thanks to the magic now on the Isle Of The Lost she was out for revenge against her daughter and all of Auradon.
Having to explain who they were to their doppelgรคngers was a task eventually the Storybrooke inhabitants accepted the mirrors of their counterparts from Auradon. Being queen of her people with no royal status in Storybrooke Mal felt lost but was determined to her her people home. Successful in her plans everyone was able to return but with one condition... Mal had to stay behind in Storybrooke. For now she accepted it but she would find a way home. She was sure of that.ย 

Love, Your Queen Mal.


I ship Mevie/Maleive before Bal #SorryNotSorry I will not tolerate ANY real life drama, role play drama is welcomed it makes for good story-lines. I have real life health issues so bare with me on slow replies please. I also have a lot of other pages. Also, I am NOT the best speller/grammar person so #NotSorry I try my best. I have learning disabilities so deal with it :) THANK YOU IN ADVANCEย 

-Writer behind Mal.
Red Wolfie

Jun 10th 2019 20:14

Hey you... Yeah you!
Let's be friends I'm going to keep this short.
My name is Ruby but my friends call me Red.
You know as in Little Red Ridinghood.
Anyway yes I am the big bad Wolf.
Dorothy is the only one allowed to call me wolfie.
However I do not have a Dorothy.
I am open to other ships.
I really ship FrankenWolf, RedBeauty, CharmingWolf, RedSnow and RedQueen.
ย WickedWolf is one of my favorites though.
ANYWAY thank you for excepting my add/adding me.
Drama will get you deleted!
I mostly play her by the show but one twist she has a daughter with Victor Whale. She also had a daughter with Peter. She does have a third daughter but that's another story.
Red Wolfie
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