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Light skin from living in New York for a good portion of their adult lives, Sonny and Amelia Biasi sat on a park bench watching the children play. Their twin daughters who were born only two weeks before were fast asleep in the old fashioned carriage. Giada, older by 11 minutes, stirred lightly but Sonny gently rocked the carriage with his foot while his wife rested against his shoulder. Obviously their girls were much too young to play around with the other children. They were so tiny that toddlers looked like maniac giants in comparison. They just wanted to get out for a walk. The apartment was too chaotic during the day while it was getting work done. Gia and Isabella were first born American children for both sides of their family. The year was 1997, it was May. Boy bands were just coming back on the scene after a stint of grunge and grunge rock being a thing. There was quite a bit of indie rock as well. Tourist Central aka Times Square was lit up with blonde sun-kissed boys who would be performing. Girls were screaming any time one of them showed up on one of the big flashy screens.

Sonny, born Salvador Biasi, wondered if his daughter would ever become one of these screaming banshees that rushed around from swing to slide. Desperate to get to as many playground rides possible before their mother called the inevitable "five minutes and we have to go." He would raise them better than this. No child of his would run around so unruly. No child of his would hide defiantly while he ran around trying to catch them. He refused to be the monster parent dragging their shrieking kid away from a tire swing. How naive new parents could be.

Mother Amelia was a home maker. Something straight out of the fifties Better Homes and Gardens handbook. Her hair was always fixed up pretty first thing in the morning. She would glide through her day in kitten heels and make sure everything was in it's place, everything was polished to a sheen. Maybe it was odd for the more contemporary and modern adults. The mothers who rushed off to work in the morning to bring their child to baby gym, or drop them off at a daycare before rushing to work in a frenzy. Coffee in hand, hair in a messy bun. That wasn't the life Amelia wanted, and the face of every women's equal rights stared at her in disdain whenever she said what she did for the day. As if equal rights didn't mean being able to choose what she wanted to do with herself instead of having it forced on her.

Shower, get hair dried and styled. Get dressed in something light and feminine. There wasn't a wrinkle in sight when it came to clothes in the Biasi house. She'd make breakfast, and Sonny would wake to the smell of a hot meal and strong coffee. He would read the paper or go over some work from the night before to make sure everything was written out properly. Then she'd kiss him before he left for work. The kind of kiss that reminded him of what waited for him when he got home. In his wake, she would tend to the rest of the apartment. Maybe start some biscuits for dinner. She'd have a light lunch and tend to the babies. Exercise a little. A routine that left the house smelling and looking great for whenever there was unexpected company.

Five years old, piano lessons. Gia had been accustomed to them over the last couple of years as her mother introduced both her daughters to them before they could really communicate verbally. At five, Gia was giving a mouthful a minute. Only when she was comfortable. The tiny sprite wasn't at ease with strangers and didn't walk up questioning them the way other children did. Instead, she would sit quietly and politely until spoken to. If the new person was around more than a day, that's when the little green eyed girl would start chatting up a storm. Giving them all the facts they no doubt already knew but chose to humor the little girl with gasps and other sounds of wonder.

Gia loved watching her mom's fingers gliding over the piano. As if they themselves were carved from ivory and smoothed to perfection. Creamy, long, delicate. The fingers looked like music themselves and something Gia never inherited. Hers were a mix between her mother's and her fathers. Delicate but not piano player's digits. Father had thick crooked fingers. The kind that held big shovels, dug through dirt, and built things. The kind of hands that looked like they would effortlessly knock a man down. Sonny never used his hands that way unless provoked, and even then it was only to protect his family.

At seven, her parents had made some friends with another couple that had been born and raised in Italy. Their son was their first born American child as well. Thomas Parisi. They were over for tea, and he was a couple of years older than Gia so he had no intention of spending any time with her. It didn't matter how many cameras clicked while the adults fawned over them and how cute they were. To him, she was just some annoying chirpy little twerp who wouldn't leave him alone. From that day forward their family's spent a lot of time together. BBQs, brunches, beach days. His distaste for the younger girl didn't change in the least. Even when they had moved, he was twelve years old, and her first kiss. It would take him awhile to stop hating her for the little stunt she pulled.

Sunny days were all but beautiful for the young Biasi. She climbed out of the air conditioned car, looked at the line-up around the block and sighed. She knew she should have come earlier and let her mom and dad catch up. They were answering an ad in the paper, a call for teen models between 13 and 19. The twins were just newly turned 14 and didn't really find any appeal to this. In fact, it was downright degrading. Gia's Italian temper simmered whenever people pulled the "Hey, it's good to see you!" line as people pushed in line ahead of her. It damned near sizzled when a group of girls showed up squealing and laughing. They were tall, leggy, blonde. Classic model types. The kinds that didn't even have to start off in small acne commercials. They were the type that didn't seem to feel the sun. It didn't drain their energy or make them self conscious, it seemed to shine just for them. Their giggles were guilt-free. It made her sick. How she loathed the people that encouraged her parents to get her into this.

Just shy of 5'5, Gia wasn't exactly tall enough for the height standards that most companies looked for. Her hair was too curly, not curly enough. Too brown. To some she was too slender, some she was too /healthy/ which of course meant fat. She'd had enough degradation by the time she was 15 and walked away from that life. She even remembered the conversation she had with her parents, and how they were doing this because they loved her and wanted the best life for her. She just needed to find the right representation and she would be raking in the money before she even went to college. It wasn't enough to keep her roped in. She cut ties with the world of the rich and beautiful, and followed her heart wherever it lead her.

So many favorite memories to choose from. Gia was 19 when she moved far away from her family for the first time in her life. She moved to California in hopes of adventure, a tan, and endless possibilities. This is where she met a notorious biker Noah West. Mama always said that there wasn't a woman alive that could fully tame a bad boy, but instead of wise words, it sounded somewhat like a challenge to the young Italian. She didn't set off to tame him, and she knew very little of his life outside her house. The cute little bungalow type of house with the outdoor shower. The two made good use of the house. It wasn't just physical though. She truly enjoyed his company.

Gia has always been a girlfriend girl, so she wasn't surprised when she found herself falling madly in love with him. From the mornings where he'd follow her down to the beach to watch the sun rising up into the sky in the morning, to the days that he'd sleep cozily on whatever furniture he found the most comfortable while she cleaned. One time he brought coffee as he followed her to the water side. They stood there hand in hand, sipping from the same mug and watching the giant sun greeting the morning sky, setting everything golden with it's beautiful rays.

He wasn't a boyfriend type, no, but he had his days. Her favorite would have to be the music playing on the radio and him waking her with coffee in hand and singing in his rough morning voice. "Your kiss, your kiss is on my lips."

He alone was her reason. He made her feel special. He let her be who she was and didn't criticize her for it. He kept her company by text when she had to sit through a family dinner, when all she really wanted was to be at home with him. He made her feel like she was the only girl in the world.

Maybe it ended. Maybe they don't talk anymore. She would never deny that it happened though, or that it was some of the best times of her life. Now that she lives back in New York she figures she won't see much of him.

It wasn't like it was the first time that Noah had forgotten the key or didn't want to use it and proceeded to climb through the window like a high school boyfriend sneaking time with his girlfriend after the parents had gone to bed. Gia was in the bathroom, she had just gotten out of the shower and was wrapped in a white silk kimono. Air drying her hair and applying lotion, she smiled when she heard the window squeak open and the thud then crash of the glass ornaments by the window. Padding down the hall she laughed and called out to him, asking if he'd lost his key. "You don't have to sneak in the window, my parents are out for the night." She teased, because of course she was living alone. When she arrived in the living room she looked around for him. There was the broken ornaments and foot prints but no sign of him.

"Noah?" Silence.

"Funny, very funny. Haha. You got me." She called out again and turned to go back to the bathroom to finish getting ready for bed.

Her eyes widened immediately as a man close to Noah's height looked down at her with a sinister glint in his eyes, then reached for her throat. A knee to the groin stopped him for a few seconds while she tried to dodge past him and run. Instead, he grabbed her by the shoulder and slammed her hard into the wall. Those thick digits went for her throat again while she struggled. He spoke words of pleasure in taking her life. How her wide green eyes would see the hatred in his while she fell like a limp doll. He underestimated her will to live. Another knee to the groin while her arm swiped up and made a chopping movement down his arms to release the grip from her throat. He attempted to grip her kimono but the silk slipped from his hands giving her a little headway.

Then it happened. It didn't immediately hurt. It felt like ice at first before the burning sensation. The man had slashed his knife along her back from shoulder blade diagonally down. It wasn't the killing move, it was just to slow her down. Stumbling, he reached for her foot and she kicked with all her strength before falling forward and half dragging, half crawling to the room. That's where her gun was. That's where her knives were. That's where her phone was.

She reached for the phone first and tried to dial but a fist to the side of her rib cage knocked her breathless and a kick to the wrist sent her phone flying. He crushed it with one heel and turned to grab her again while she lunged over the bed to grab her gun. Her feet kicking as he caught her feet and flipped her over onto her back. The material from her torn silk robe, and the rough texture of the bed rubbing against her open wound made her wince. Eyes blurred she took aim and got him in the shoulder. That gave her enough time to lunge with both feet and kick him back. From there she shoved him the last few feet so she could close her door and lock it.

Her phone started ringing as she sank into the carpet. A bloodstain growing beneath her and tears in her eyes. She didn't even get to say goodbye. When she woke, she was in the hospital but had no idea how she'd gotten there.

"Do you speak Italian?" Her soft green eyes stared up at the blue eyed boy with curiosity. He had been raised in Italy even though he had been born in the States like Gia. She spoke some Italian but it wasn't fluently. Even though her parents tried to keep her speaking it at home, she preferred English, especially when her friends were over. Thomas, the future love of her life, just shrugged his shoulders quietly. It was no secret that he didn't like Gia. To him she was just some skinny little pest that followed him everywhere from the moment they met.

Their parents were together all the time. They had dinner together almost three or four nights a week. They were together on the weekends. The two of them had to spend a lot of time together. His friends seemed to think she was okay whenever he brought them around but the more Gia tried to relate to him the more he despised her existence.

Then came a day when the parents were sitting down to have a serious talk. The mom's were crying and the dads were trying to watch a game while acting like they were going to be okay. It turned out that a house opened up in a place that they'd wanted to move to so the Parisi family was moving back to Sicily. It would be eight years before Gia saw him again.

He stood there rolling his eyes while their mom's hugged and cried, their dad's held hands that manly way. Like they were going to arm wrestle, but pulled each other into a hug. They hadn't missed a week of being together in years. Now they weren't sure if they were ever going to see each other again.

Gia was working in a restaurant when she got a call that she had a visitor. "Make that fifteen minutes a good twenty-five G, he's cute." The manager cooed into her ear before letting her head out to the table. She caught his sad blue "love me" eyes, and that shy smile before he ducked his head. It took her no longer than a second to place where she knew him from and gasped. Quickly she pulled him up into a hug.

He gave his story about how his parents had come back to the states to look at a house. The two of them had left him in care of his grandma who was sickly and small. Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time the house that they wanted to look at was managed by a crime family as a legit front for income. Another family was going to make a hit, and caught in the crossfire the Parisi parents were taken from their loving son and he didn't get to say goodbye. Gia expressed her condolences.

What he needed was help in finding the killers. He had been taken in by a crazy old coot that taught him criminal ways, but when the old man was nearly finished training him, there was a bust and him and the other guy being trained had gone on a run so they wouldn't end up incarcerated too. He didn't know where else to go after his grandma had passed, so he decided it was time to avenge his parents death.

Gia said she might know a couple of people that could help, and asked if he needed a place to stay. Caught up in his beautiful blue eyes. It wasn't long before their late night talks became late night cuddles. Dates. He recounted how angry he had been at her when she kissed him before running off when they were kids, saying their goodbyes. The two laughed about it because it was probably one of the bravest things Gia had done as a child. Now here they were, happy, growing in love. He supported her so well when they were together. Like everything else in Gia's life, there came an end to good times and in came the bad.

Things started falling apart with Thomas when his ex moved to the city from Sicily. The problem with finding the love of your life is they might not think that you're the love of their life. Such was the case. This rail thin dark haired girl with clear eyes showed up one day and knocked the air out of Gia. She was gorgeous. She drank beer. She was square, built square, broad shoulders but still feminine. She wore bandanas when she didn't feel like doing her hair but she could wear a dress and steal the heart of every man in the room. She loved soccer even though she'd never played, she knew everything about cars.

If Gia didn't feel threatened by Phaedra, she would have fallen in love with the Greek Goddess herself. Gia was already stressed about her parents, about money. Instead of asking for help from Thomas who would have broken his back to see that her family stayed afloat financially, she got a job as an exotic dancer in a gentleman's club. Thomas went crazy when he found out. After a good long fight, he went to "Faye's" for the night and ranted to her all night, the woman who comforted him and knew the perfect things to say in those situations. Gia wasn't going to apologize for doing what she had to for her family. They broke up shortly after that.

A year later, Thomas and Phaedra are now married. When Thomas showed up to tell her in person so she wouldn't have to hear it through mutual friends, he gave her the invitation, but said he understood when she started making up excuses about not being able to go. It hurt too much. It was better to say their goodbyes now.

Gia has continued on with her dancing because it always seems when they're doing good, they're hit with another soul crushing medical bill.


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Chasing butterflies, making cookies, tropic-golden sunsets on family vacations. Gia loved the memories that she'd made with her family, and her sister Isabella. Her younger twin, by 11 minutes, Gia was very protective of her, and loved her more than anyone in the living world. Of course they had a very normal childhood. A little more privileged than some when it came to getting gifts on their birthdays. Large birthday parties. They couldn't be thrown into some statistic of why their lives lead to where they are now. They were good girls, with good parents.

Living in a world where now it was just the two of them and some extended relatives, Gia felt more than ever that she was responsible for Isa. For her happiness, her freedom, and place in life. They had friends growing up of course, and they had friends in different worlds now, but they also knew that they'd always just have each other and would have each other's backs through everything.

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Willy is the peanut butter to my jelly. He's my best friend who has always had my back. We've been through hell together. Psycho love interests, friends that tried to tear us apart. At one point we had even parted ways because I was becoming too toxic to myself and effecting everyone around me. Willy stayed ever loyal and ever loving. He's my platonic soul mate. The one I know will literally ride with me or die with me.

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Of course the night wasn't going to get better. My ride never showed, so I was on my way to my friend's apartment to warm up and change into some of his clothes, since I was stuck in full bunny gear. It had been that night's theme. "Playboy bunnies." Just as I walked into the dark alley to take a short cut, there was some rustling, some pleading and before my very eyes, a man's life was taken.

I'd been around some rough people before, but never had I watched someone's life leave their body like that before. Stunned, I hoped the shadows had covered me so that I could turn and run, but the man with the gun spotted me and told me not to move.

I don't honestly remember being carried to his car, and being placed in the trunk. The whole situation was a blur.

Before I knew it, I was being let out as stiff as I was from the long ride, into a cabin. It looked like some family cabin from an 80s movie.

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Meaning Giada is a feminine Italian given name meaning "jade". Juliette is a French personal name. It is a diminutive of Julie. Also derives from Juliet, the name of the heroine of William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet.
Origin She was named for a couple of family members that she's never met.
Title Call her princess if you will, no, not really.
ID Number For a long time her number used to be 1201354, but it's different now and taking some time to get used to.
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Gender Female, 1000%
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вяσσкє ∂єνєяαυχ

Apr 28th 2020 14:22

OMG! I miss you SO MUCH bestie!! How have you been?! I love youuuuu!!!

Jon and I almost broke up which is kind of scary. I told him we should wait until quarantine is over and then figure things out. I sure hope I don't lose him! Please keep us in your thoughts??
Henley Pagano.

Apr 27th 2020 12:59

//Thank you love.  I'm glad you liked it.  Rachel replied and it was AMAZING!!!
вяσσкє ∂єνєяαυχ

Mar 23rd 2020 22:19

Yes, there's a new comment editor and I hate it. It's only on desktop.

Guess what?? Dark Dean hooked up with another one of Brooke's exes, Kevin Westerly. He has three Dean pages now (Dark Dean) and just tried adding me. Anyway, I'm done with him and his bs. He's going to do whatever he can to try to ruin things for me on here. 

Other than missing work, RL is good. :)
вяσσкє ∂єνєяαυχ

Mar 23rd 2020 21:15

I see you! Haha. I posted a status for ya. ;)
вяσσкє ∂єνєяαυχ

Mar 16th 2020 21:47

I miss you so much bestie! Where have you been and how are things going?! Love youuuu!!! ♥
Taron Verecci -Luciano Soldier-

Mar 14th 2020 22:13

Taron shook his head at her latest question, her earlier one still resonating in his mind but that would require a more complicated answer and right now...He just wanted to get checked in and find their room.

Slipping the fake id and credit card from the envelope, He walked up to the check-in desk and laid both on the counter as he cleared his throat. "I believe you have a reservation for me." The man behind the desk clicked a few buttons on his computer and without even looking up asked in a bored voice, "Name?" Taron stole a glance down at the id before responding, He'd given it earlier when he called to set this up but in his sleep-deprived state it hadn't fully clicked at the time. 'Chance O. Badluccio' F***ing seriously? That was the name that his mother had picked for him? Chance of bad luck? Well if he was being honest it was kind of apt considering the situation that he was in but still. He heard a throat being cleared and Taron raised his eyes to see a look of impatience being thrown at him. He grinned sheepishly and shrugged, "Sorry man, long night uh the name is Badluccio, Chance O. Badluccio." He could see the other man bite his lip before turning back to the computer and hitting a few keys before muttering "Here it is the presidential suite."

The next few moments were a blur of signing a couple of forms, putting his credit card on file, being given a couple of room keys and a map of how to get there. Another look had been given when he'd said that they had no luggage but finally he was dismissed and went back to re-join Gia grabbing onto her hand when he was close enough, more for his re-assurance than hers. He finally let out a breath of relief when they were safely enclosed in the elevator that would take them up to their room the only problem was there weren't any buttons to push. Had they gotten on the service elevator by mistake? Was this a joke? He was just about to turn and ask Gia to look at the map again to make sure that they'd gotten on the right one when he saw a slot and realized that he needed to stick the room key in to make it go. Maybe they had been better off at the seedy motel with a deadbolt and chain on the door as security. He slipped the plastic card into the slot and watched as their floor number lit up on the screen before pulling it back out and shaking his head.

Within seconds the doors were opening again and they were at their room, He wanted to be a gentleman and allow Gia to enter it first but Taron also wanted to check and make sure that things that he'd asked for had been delivered. Seeing a few bags from the gift shop sitting on the counter beside the room service menu he smiled, even though they didn't hold anything more than a few necessities he could feel a weight that he hadn't fully realized he'd been carrying fall away and he finally felt himself relax.

He grabbed one of the bags and looked inside before handing it to Gia, "I had them grab a few things for us like toothbrushes, something to change into, some girly face stuff for you. We can get whatever else we might need later but right now all I can think about is food and sleep." Giving himself a sniff, he grimaced at the smell before correcting himself. "Okay, maybe it's shower, food and then sleep." Of course that brought up a whole other thought, there was only one bed. Gia had made it clear earlier that she would be okay with them being in the same bed but what if over the course of the last couple hours she'd changed her mind? He would never push the issue. Finally taking in the room his eyes landed on the couch and it didn't look too bad so if nothing else he'd snag a pillow and blanket and would be just fine.  The next thing would be to find out where she wanted him to sleep and if she wanted to take the first shower.

"So um if you want to take a shower first, go ahead I'll just order some food and get set up out here so you can have the bed unless you'd rather something different."

вяσσкє ∂єνєяαυχ

Feb 26th 2020 00:16

Hey my beautiful bestie!! ♥ I miss you and I love you!! ♥
Taron Verecci -Luciano Soldier-

Feb 21st 2020 21:02

Taron raised their hands to his lips and gave hers a soft kiss before laying them back down in his lap using his other awkwardly to start the car and put it into gear, letting the only sound be the rev of the motor as they got on their way to their new destination as he gathered his thoughts.

He didn't want to overwhelm her but he needed her to know of all the new developments so after clearing his throat a couple of times, He just dove in and hoped it wouldn't be too much more for her to handle. "I'm sorry I scared you back at the cafe, I just needed to make sure that you were safe even if I wasn't. I don't think we're going to have to worry about that again, at least not for the foreseeable future. When I got to the motel I was met by an old friend of my father's, He'd been sent on my mother's behalf to aid us in staying hidden for awhile. I was given an envelope with new ids and passports for both of us, clean debit and credit cards,  a whole lot of cash and the keys to this car. We can go anywhere in the world we want, start over and not have to think about what I've done or what you've seen or the ramifications from the family because of both."

There was more to explain on how his mother had known what had happened, how she'd known where they were, why she was even getting involved although that would be an easy question for him to answer. His mother Felisa had never been big on the family business, She'd hated that his father had been involved with it even though if Lothario hadn't been then they never would have met, He and Velia would have never been born and he definitely wouldn't be here now with Gia and the prospect of that last one was unacceptable to him.

His mother had always been vocal about her hatred of what the family was involved in, especially after his father's disappearance. She never wanted her children to be a part of it, She blamed everything on his grandfather Lucky, the man she learned was her father only moments before he died. It was a story that she had never been meant to hear but one that she could never forget no matter how hard she tried. Taron had never heard his mother speak on it but once, It had been after his grandmother's funeral and he'd been hiding out from all the cousins in a closet when his mother and great aunt had entered the room arguing about the past and that's when he found out the whole sordid story. From how Felisa was conceived to the events that led up to his and his twin's conception. It was shortly after that his father disappeared and he'd started acting out, getting into trouble, not caring about anything or anybody. In her desperation his mother had sent him away to a reform school, hoping that maybe they could help him turn his life back around. They failed. He hadn't been back home two days before he started working for the family out of spite for being sent away.

They'd mended their bridges and even though she still didn't like the jobs he did, Felisa would always watch out for her children which is why Taron hadn't been too surprised to find out that she'd low jacked his car to keep tabs on him. He was sure that even though it had been said to the contrary that she did in fact know about the change of vehicles and was still keeping tabs.

The lights of the city were just coming into view when the last remnants of Taron's earlier adrenaline rush was just starting to wane and exhaustion threatened to take over, He just needed to hold on a little longer so he rolled down the window and cranked up the radio as he shot an apologetic look and mouthed the words sorry...sleepy towards Gia for the sudden overstimulation to the senses.

Finally, the hotel loomed in front of them and Taron relaxed for the first time since this ordeal had started, He flicked off the radio and pulled up to the valet stand. He took the ticket from the man and begrudgingly let go of Gia's hand so they could disembark from the car making sure to grab the envelope as he did. He practically sprinted around the car so that he could be the one to help her out of the car. His arm sliding around her shoulders once she was standing and he leaned in to kiss the side of her head as they were ushered towards the entrance. "I give you heaven M'Lady."
Taron Verecci -Luciano Soldier-

Feb 21st 2020 20:59

Taron placed his arms over Gia's and just stood there a moment listening to her speak and enjoying the quiet closeness before turning around to face her, keeping her against him as he did. "You deserve all of it and so much more."
Taron Verecci -Luciano Soldier-

Feb 14th 2020 11:11

Taron smiled as he watched Gia sleep, It was the most peaceful act that he'd ever witnessed and he didn't have the heart to wake her even to present her with the few little trinkets that he got her for Valentine's day so instead, he left the gift bag on the nightstand beside the bed and quietly went into the other room to finish making the preparations for the dinner he had planned.

Inside the bag was a simple card with shiny hearts, It had no grand declarations of love, They weren't in that place just yet but the sentiment was there because he definitely felt something for her that was akin to it even if he wasn't ready to say the words.

He'd picked out two pieces of jewelry, one a simple necklace broken in two for each of them to wear, something to remind both of them that even when alone, they were never apart.

When placed together the inscription read:

The Lord Watch Between Me and Thee While We Are Absent One From The Other.

The second piece was an Italian charm bracelet, plain but elegant

He planned on gifting her with new charms from the places they go and the adventures they have but for now only one charm graced the silver links

It would be odd to most people but it held the biggest significance to Taron and he hoped to Gia too, It was a symbol of how and when they first met, It wasn't an ideal situation and there had been times in the last few days that he'd wished that things had been different in the beginning but you can't change the past, you have to be in the present and look for a better future and that's what he was doing and right now his present (and hopefully his future) was definitely better with her in it.

The final item in the bag was a picture menu of the dinner he was now setting up, A four-course meal from appetizer to dessert for just the two of them to celebrate their first Valentine's Day together. 

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