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Human beings are the only animal that forms ideas about their world. We perceive it not through our bodies but through our minds. We must agree on what is real. Because of this, we are the only animal on Earth that goes mad

29 years old
New York, New York
United States

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February 24 2020

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Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: David Haller, Legion
Verses: Marvel,DC,Comic, Cross Over, AU
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Genre: Comic, Crime, Crossover, Drama,
Member Since:November 01, 2018

In some ways I am thankful for our mental state. So many people spend so much time trying to convince themselves they are this way, or that way never quite hitting reality. We cannot hide from ourselves. I am always me, even if that me is a different me from the me I want to be. Never hiding my head in my hands so much as to not see.

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About me:
Legion is an omega level mutant, and was also stated to be an Alpha-Level Mutant, with the ability to create spontaneous mutations with varying attributes. Due to either his immense powers, mental instability or combination of the two, David creates a new persona (or sub-personality) to govern each one of these new mutations. He stated that he had in his mind "200 Omega-level split personalities". Rogue stated that while she was inside Legion, she was connected to thousands of types of powers and there were more "being born" all the time
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𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕔𝕒𝕥

Feb 14th 2020 13:18

When I first met you
You weren’t exactly yourself
Lost and in a strange time
A different body but still a sweet soul

When I met you again
You still weren’t exactly yourself
Still lost and experiencing stranger times
Readjusting but still a sweet soul

You remembered me
Wanted to keep me
You saw me as some kind of worth

Someone you dreamt of kissing
Someone you saw as beautiful 
Someone I’m not used to seeing

You were so kind and generous 
I didn’t know how to accept
So I took you candy, laughed, teased

That wasn’t kind of me
Seeing you upset had upset me
I wasn’t expecting to feel bad
So I did my best to cheer you up

I didn’t want you to ever be upset with me
That was a strange thing for me to experience
I’m used to people not seeing good in me
I didn’t want you to see me like they do

We both are used to people seeing us
Broken Strange Untrustworthy Dangerous

I never saw those things when I look at you
You’re precious, honest, brave, and loving
I love you
All parts of you

Except that Monk side of you but I’m still petty he hide you from me...


Oct 19th 2019 14:49

Image result for Coconut gif
Twisted Bob Ross.

Jul 23rd 2019 15:42

The flight back home from Miami with a wounded Buster in tow. Buster was a one year old grey pitbull with a white tummy, nose and paws. Lorelei's (Rory's) one true companion in this life. The only man she really trusted. He had protected her and he had been struck down for it. Currently he was healing from a broken paw. Barely able to keep any weight on it. Rory of course felt responsible. It wasn't a fun trip. It ended in guilt riddled murder. Even on the plane as she shut her eyes, she saw Nathan's face. How could she have done something so violent. It wasn't like her. 

Finally back home, a place she didn't stay very long. Luckily a Jedi had built her a place in woods far away from the city noise. A place of peace. A place she could focus and relax. Even still, The Mute became lonely. Buster on a leash she made her way back to the city life. It seemed a fair was going on at the park. Not one to want to interact but she didn't mind watching people. Taking mental pictures and snap shots to later recreate on canvas with various mediums. 

She sat on a bench, brown eyes wide as she took in all the happenings. So many happenings. Rory pet the top of Buster's head as he sat up by her side. Already having been around her enough to know her mannerisms and comfort level. Always in protection mode whenever around strangers. When the colorful male sat on the opposite end of the bench. The mute tried her hardest not to gawk at him. It was nearly impossible. 

|He must have a lot of confidence.|
She thought to herself. The mute liked to blend in. Taking comfort in being invisible. Being mute and using body language and hands to communicate she could red other people easily. Not distracted by noise. He seemed annoyed by his surroundings and even by her for just being there. 

She inched over until she was only half on the bench. Legs crossed making herself as seemingly small as possible. Gaze turning to the hacky sack game taking place between some college kids. 
ʆɑuʀɛɳ Taʏɭɷɾ

Jul 14th 2019 01:55

These reminded me of you for some reason, i don't know why.

Going through an artsy fartsy phase don't mind me.


Jun 24th 2019 12:59

" Down N’ Dirty" http://www.roleplayer.me/1521885 Proud to be from San Antonio, TX.

Deep in the heart of Texas lies San Antonio, the second most populated city in the state. We’re all sure you’ve heard the saying that everything is bigger in Texas and that’s exactly what keeps happening. The secrets, the lies, those things that you hide in the dark? They’re growing and ‘Vindicated’ is threatening to expose every last one of those dirty moments.

People from all around fall in love with our city for all sorts of reasons. We may be a large city, but with tight knit communities the south will rise again. No Texan is gonna go down without a fight, especially one who’s got something worth hiding. With the eyes of the world on us through a strange new app called ‘Vindicated’ San Antonio must learn to stand on it’s own. The threats started out small, causing a few small-time moonshiners to be caught, but the ones behind this app have become mad with power. It only took a few short weeks before ‘Vindicated’ was on every last phone in the country without any trace as to where it came from.

 Friendships will be ruined, reputations torn to shreds and politicians will be made to answer for their sins according to the updates. Not even the military base is marked as safe, so how do you fight back against the unknown when nobody knows how the application was downloaded in the first place? Will you deal in secrets and lies to protect your own or will your life be ruined too?
" You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas." Texas, where we believe in white trash etiquette.
Twisted Bob Ross.

Jun 19th 2019 18:26

I like yours too. 

Twisted Bob Ross.

Jun 19th 2019 18:15

No more sparingly rps for us!
we shall write! 
Im just slow!

Jun 11th 2019 06:52

The Stepford Cuckoos

Apr 26th 2019 03:21

Hello!. Thanks for adding/accepting us to your friends list.

We are Celeste Cuckoo, Irma "Mindee" Cuckoo and Phoebe Cuckoo , but you can also call us Three in One or the Stepford Cuckoos if that suits you better.

We do hope we can talk soon about a storyline! I would love to get some writing going.

We are literate Rpers, which means we know how to write, also means you won't be disappointed!

We may have just started playing the Cuckoos, but we have rp on Myspace for many years and decided to move here where everyone else was heading after Myspace changed for the hundredth time.

We have busy lives, so if we are slow with responses that is why.

Hope you are having a good day, talk with you soon! :o)


Apr 26th 2019 02:39

Thanks for the add/request, I look forward to hearing yapping from you so we may talk/work on an SL/Rp.

OOC: looking forward to rping with you

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