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Dean Winchester Loves Buffy

Sep 27th 2019 18:32

hey Sammy!
Dean Winchester Loves Buffy

Jun 25th 2019 08:58

Hey Sammy 

Jun 24th 2019 12:53

" Down N’ Dirty" Proud to be from San Antonio, TX.

Deep in the heart of Texas lies San Antonio, the second most populated city in the state. We’re all sure you’ve heard the saying that everything is bigger in Texas and that’s exactly what keeps happening. The secrets, the lies, those things that you hide in the dark? They’re growing and ‘Vindicated’ is threatening to expose every last one of those dirty moments.

People from all around fall in love with our city for all sorts of reasons. We may be a large city, but with tight knit communities the south will rise again. No Texan is gonna go down without a fight, especially one who’s got something worth hiding. With the eyes of the world on us through a strange new app called ‘Vindicated’ San Antonio must learn to stand on it’s own. The threats started out small, causing a few small-time moonshiners to be caught, but the ones behind this app have become mad with power. It only took a few short weeks before ‘Vindicated’ was on every last phone in the country without any trace as to where it came from.

 Friendships will be ruined, reputations torn to shreds and politicians will be made to answer for their sins according to the updates. Not even the military base is marked as safe, so how do you fight back against the unknown when nobody knows how the application was downloaded in the first place? Will you deal in secrets and lies to protect your own or will your life be ruined too?
" You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas." Texas, where we believe in white trash etiquette.

Jun 20th 2019 16:50

Hey Sammy. 
Roxy Darling

Jun 12th 2019 18:47

I rather suck at greetings, but here goes nothing. Roxy Darling's parents were murdered by demons at a very young age that's how she ended up being raised by Bobby Singer himself. She has now grown up to become a hunter/FBI agent. My complete story is on my profile, if you have any questions just ask. I hope our characters can interact or discuss a story line or form a connection

May 1st 2019 22:49

Related image
Hello there darling. The name is Savannah.
I am not new here, but I am looking for connections.
Friends, chit chat, drabbles, storylines.
/makes grabby hands; GIMME PLZ
If any of the above interests you LET ME KNOW.
• ᴀɪɢéᴀᴅᴀᴄʜ

Feb 14th 2019 19:58

Hey there! Thanks for accepting my add!
Feel free to PM me anytime you wanna plot somethin up :)
Huntress {Faith Kennedy}

Dec 16th 2018 09:16

"Hm..." Faith mumbled as she dropped her bag on the ground. 
"So this is Mystic Falls..." The young woman sighed deeply as she looked up to the small entrance of the apartment building. At least it had a grill across the streets. Now that she was on a break from college, it was finally time for her to go see what was really out there. Faith had heard alot about a small town called Mystic Falls. A place where magic would truly exist. After finding out she herself had magic running through her veins, she needed to get answers. With her mother gone she never had the chance to tell Faith about their powers. Faith sighed deeply and narrowed her eyes as the wonderful smell of food filled her nostrils. 

She had taken enough money with her to pay the rent of this crappy apartment for at least three months but Faith wasnt planning on going back to London after the break anyway. It was just a getaway a temporary solution. She had to start picking up her life again. Picking up her bag she crossed the street and stopped for a moment when she reached the entrance. 
"Well here goes nothing..." She mumbled under her breath and went inside.

The place looked messy as expected and it didnt smell like flowers either. Faith groaned when she opened the door to her apartment and slowly moved inside. As she took a look around she couldnt deny that her room back in London looked even better than this place. She knew a lot had to be done but then again she wouldnt even bother. She had no idea how long she would be staying here, but it wouldnt hurt fixing it up a bit at least. First thing that came to her mind was to go out and get herself something to eat. She had been traveling all day and the plane food tasted like crap. Taking her keys and her phone, she left the building again. Locking the door behind her she quickly made her way over to the grill house.

As she entered the place it was pretty quiet. Here and there were some people eating and at the bar were some having a drink. She looked around and could tell they noticed she was new around. She could feel their eyes burn in her back as she sat down, waiting to order. 

Faith had always been the loner, she simply didnt feel the need of having people around her. 
So entering a public place like this one, only made her feel uncomfortable, so she tried not to pay too much attention to those who were eyeing her.

(ooc: For now Im sending this starter out to everyone, because of too many new people. If you dont like please get back to me and we will discuss something else. Or send me your starter. thanks!)


Sep 15th 2018 15:22

Hello sam

May 12th 2018 09:25

Hey Sam 
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