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Queensbury, New York
United States

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December 05 2019

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Characters: Spider-Man,Peter Parker.
Verses: Spider-Man, Comics, MCU,Marvel,DC
Playbys: Tom Holland
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Comic, Fantasy, Heroes/Villains, Science Fiction, Video Game,
Member Since:October 24, 2018

I mean, it is what it is Peter..

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When you can do the things that I can, but you don't, and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you.
Full Name: Peter Benjamin Parker
Alias: Spider-Man, Spidey, Webhead, Web-Slinger
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight)
Real Age: Depends on SL
Birthday: July 18th
Deathday: N/A
Birthplace: Queens, New York City, New York
Mother: Mary Parker
Father: Richard Parker
Species: Human
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Build: Lean muscular
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 167 pounds
Health: Has a healing factor.
Energy: Almost endless)
Memory:Death of loved ones haunting him
Senses: heighten
Phobias: Not being able to protect everyone.
Addictions: Star Wars
Whom: NA.
Dated: 00/00/00
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Married: 00/00/0000
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Peter Benjamin Parker

With great power comes great responsibility

You say you don't want the responsibility? Guess what? People like us...we don't get a choice.

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Dec 3rd 2019 18:40

I’m gonna say it! You already know that I’m going to say it, between the video game and the Mandalorian show I just can’t seem to get my antisocial ass out of my house and actually interact with other people. Not to mention the night sisters in the video game had me weak! I don’t know what it is about that race but I love them so 

Ya know funny you mention that! 
Because while I am still flushing out all the fine details about
her I really took inspiration for this character from the spiderman
movies. And for her backstory I was thinking that perhaps she ties
in rather well with Peter because they went to school together? Of course
back then no one in school knew of her powers because she kept a very very
low profile, but everyone at school knew her because her father is a rather
notorious criminal. Sad really, but as the old saying goes you can't choose
your family, and despite all the wrong her father did he only ever did it for
his family. Now somewhere in her story her father ends up killed because a hero
((Possibly one of the avengers)) failed to rescue him after he was caught robbing
a bank. It's still a work in the makings but maybe for our plot we could do something
where Eve and Peter know one another from their past? Of course a lot has changed since
school being that Peter is Spider-man and Eve has awakened her mutant abilities that she
received from her father.

Just a thought, woops and look at me ramble! Tell me what ya think or if you have any other ideas? :D

Dec 2nd 2019 18:18

- - -

Bruh, in all honesty I can't wait for the movie either and when it
comes out i'll probably be in and out too XD That on top of the new 
star wars game my hubby got me, yeeeaaaahhhh it's gonna be rough for me XD
So no worries about your activity friend! I'm a patient gal! I can wait for ya :)

Dec 2nd 2019 17:37

⋘   𝖇𝖆𝖉 𝖛𝖎𝖇𝖊𝖘   ⋙

"So you're the spider-man that everyone talks about?
Cute onesie. So does your diet consist of flies and the 

Thank you kindly for the friendship! I would love
nothing more than to get something started with ya.
Lemme know if you'd like to plot something together.
Until then take care!
- Eve

Image result for chloe grace moretz tumblr gif
accio writing directory

Nov 19th 2019 11:04

Hello friend and thank you for having us on your list! Accio Writing is a directory dedicated to helping writers find other writers to create awesome storylines together. While our name was inspired by Harry Potter, our listings include any verse. There are no rules to sign or any criteria to fit. Simply fill out the submission form and you will be added to the directory! We hope to see you there ♥

( if you have received a comment from us already, we apologize. )

red-nosed archer.

Nov 15th 2019 13:12

“Alright Luck, ready for Rudolph? I’m ready for Rudolph.” she’d had it circled on the calendar for weeks, the day that the TV special finally aired on tv was something that Kate Bishop had yet to miss. Everyone had their excitements around the holidays, watching Rudolph was one of hers. Nestling the bowl of popcorn between them the girl in the purple bullseye pajamas settled in and pointed the remote at the television waiting for the familiar sounds to encompass the tv.

Only… the TV never turned into what she’d been waiting for. 

“This isn’t right” Kate mumbled out, eyes locked on the screen as even the dog seemed to tilt his head in confusion at the image. 

The Millennium Falcon was in front of a planet zooming straight for the camera. Only it wasn’t episodes 1 through 7 and Kate suddenly couldn’t have been more confused. “That’s it I’m turning back” as Han and Chewie appeared Kate stared in confusion. “I know your family’s waiting” this wasn’t a Star Wars movie she’d ever seen. Oh f***…

Life day. Holiday special. The Star Wars Holiday Special. 

Pointing the remote at the TV she attempted to change the channel… only to find that every channel the archer seemed to change to the same thing appeared on the screen. What the hell was going on? This thing wasn’t even supposed to be shown anymore. “Something isn’t right Luck.” tapping her finger against her chin Kate was hit with an idea, “You stay here, don’t eat all the popcorn… and maybe I’ll bring a pizza back with me. I’m gonna get to the bottom of this.” ruffling Lucky’s fur one last time she hopped over the back of the couch, still in pajamas and made her way to the door. 

The evening was cold, typical for New York in November. 

As Kate made her way down the cold Brooklyn streets she searched the rooftops, from Brooklyn to Queens it wasn’t that much of a distance. It couldn’t take her all that long to find him. 

Finally spotting the outline of a web, Kate pulled a small arrow from her pocket, slinging it like an elastic at the building in front of her. Sometimes the tech that Tony came up with wasn’t the worst thing in the world. A second later a line fell from the grappling arrow, giving her the perfect rope to climb to the roof. “Parker” Kate rasped out as she got closer to the man in costume overlooking the city. “We have a huge problem.” 

Okay, maybe it wasn’t HUGE. 

“Someone changed all of the stations to the friggen Star Wars Holiday Special. There has to be a way to fix this… before everyone dies of boredom.” dramatic. She was always dramatic.
ᴀ ʙɪɢ ᴅᴇᴀʟ.

Nov 9th 2019 22:24

Your life is about to get a whole lot cooler, and a whole lot hotter. 
I'll be honest with you; we all know I'm not the tech guy in my Fantastic little family. I tried to add some flair to these introductions, but I'm hopeless at making things look smooth online. 
So, here you go. You get this; no fancy gifs. Just me. 
I think I'm pretty enough all on my own, right? 

Anyways, thanks for the add. I've only added heroes that caught my curiosity-- in my universe or another. I don't tell this to many people, but, I'm a big fan. Don't let it go to your head.  
Hopefully we can work something out; I'm a big believer in finding a storyline that piques both of our curiosity, and offers room for a bit of flair. I'm all about that flair. 
Hopefully we can discuss soon. 
Until then...
Flame On.

M⚡. Marvel

Oct 7th 2019 19:04


Hi there! Yes, Hi there!  My name is Kamala Khan. I know we don’t like greeting comments. So I am going to try and make this quick and painless. Okay first off, I just wanted to say thank you for adding/requesting me.  My character is based off Marvel: Secret Warriors, but I cross her over into different’ verse such as DC/ The Flash/ Arrow and other superhero verse. Anywho I’m also looking for mains/connections. Okay so now that we got that all out of the way would you like to discuss an epic storyline with me?   

❚Uηℓeαsнe∂. - indefinite hiatus.

Sep 18th 2019 23:35

Where are we?It's not safe here. . .www.roleplayer.me/NoMoReMutants
“I’m sorry Vis. . . I tried. . . I did. . . I’m sorry. . .” She whispered, the pads of her fingertips ghosted over the lines on the Vision’s face, her memories running wild in the time they had spent together over the recent years, trying to remember him back to life - or at least trick herself into thinking so. She couldn’t lose someone else, not again, not without completely losing herself. 

They were at the end of the fight, Thanos had all 5 stones - she had almost managed to save the mind stone, at the cost of Vision’s life, but with the time stone. . . Thanos simply rewound Vision’s time and took the stone, forcing her to witness his death twice - both her fault.

There was a blinding white light that penetrated even the curtain of her hair, leading her to clutch to Vision’s body tightly - worried it had come to take away any trace of him. But instead. . . it seemed the light, brought him to her, or the other way around.

“Wanda. . .”

The light was gone and her head lifted from his to look to the sky. She couldn’t tell if she had truly heard his voice, or perhaps it was a hallucination that was trying to save her from falling apart completely. Either way, she could barely ignore the feeling that her very being felt lighter -- like she would scatter to the winds and be carried to wherever he was.

And then, that feeling became very real. She could feel the lower bits and pieces of her start to come apart, carrying her into a non-existent wind. For the first time in a long time. . . she wasn’t scared. Her head tilted back and she looked to the sky with her last sigh of relief.

“Mom, Dad. . . Pietro. . . Vis. . .  I’m coming. . .”

Just like that, she was gone.

Or at least, she thought she was. Scattered into pieces, floating in the wind - into nothing. It was surprisingly peaceful -- and then it wasn’t. Darkness greeted her, and a profound feeling of heaviness and solidity. Cold blades of grass and dirt pressed to her face and tickled her nose until she finally furrowed her brows and slowly opened her eyes to glance at her surroundings. Vision was gone. Steve was gone. Bruce and the Hulkbuster - even the stone wall he was stuck in, was gone. The scene that replaced it could only be described as straight out of a nightmare.

A sickening cry came from a man that had been floating over a green acidic looking pool that separated 3 pieces of land. There were two groups standing opposite from the green decrepit looking monster that stood looming over them, having held the man that was screaming so a towering demon that stood in the acidic liquid vaporized him with green breath. It took a second before that same breath hit the very top of her back and made her feel the sudden burn -- but also made her realize that she wasn’t alone. Besides the group of humans, wolves and elves she saw standing behind them, Spider-man, or Peter Parker, was sprawled out before her. To protect him and herself from further burns, Wanda immediately held her hands up, creating a hex shield in a dome around them until the demon ceased his breath.

“Friends of yours, Wrynn?” The ghoulish green monster on the ridge questioned. She could feel all eyes on them even as the demon approached the edge of the land. There was an awkward silence while Wanda lowered one hand to give him a shake. 

“Peter? Peter wake up -- you have to wake up now, okay?!”


The massive beast took both fists and pounded on to her shield, shoving their piece of ground deeper in the shape of her magic. “Peter we’re not safe here, you have to get up!” She was now screaming before deciding that she couldn’t just stay still and wait for the people around to act -- she wasn’t going to let herself or Peter end up like that man -- they had to get back to their world, dimension, whatever this was -- and save their friends from Thanos.

“Alliance! To arms!” One of the men behind her called before she dropped her shield, swiping a hand in their direction to knock the whole group back several feet.

“You! You work for Thanos, don’t you?” Wanda glared in the direction of the green hooded monster on the ridge, her eyes quickly igniting with her hex magic. “I won’t let you keep us from our home -- and I won’t let you hurt these people either!” Her hands began to glow, her magic propelling from under her to levitate her into the air as one hand reached out over the creep, her clawed fingers digging her magic into the ledge above him to bring rocks down on him; an attack he deflected and brushed the boulders to the side while her other hand shot out toward the demon, seeming to grab his neck -- until she realized he was entirely too big. The demonic orc took his leave further up the ridge while Wanda turned focus to his pet.

“Peter, I need your help -- web him up!” She called down, hoping Spider-man had finally come to -- she wasn’t exactly sure if what she was doing was right, but it felt right. Using both hands, like she was holding the monster between her hands, her magic pinned the red skinned monstrosity’s arms to its side and she slowly started to lift him out of the green pool.
𝓢pider 𝓑ite 𝓡esources

Sep 4th 2019 04:42

You're welcome! If you ever needed or wanted something done a little more fancy, don't hesitate to put in a request. :)
𝓢pider 𝓑ite 𝓡esources

Sep 1st 2019 23:56

Hey, Gwen here!  I do apologize for taking so long with your edit, but here's your simple photo from that one status about a week ago or so.  All I ask is you give credit to lacey silk @ SBR or lacey silk @ Spider Bite Resources. :)

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