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United States

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it's the false side of hope, where believers concede; and there's only memories, when it's over.
old fashioned
FULL NAME: Brendon Boyd Urie.
NICKNAMES / ALIASES: He has many nicknames; Bren, Bden, B, Beebo, Beebs, Brenny, etc. He doesn't really care what you call him, it all blurs together.
DATE OF BIRTH / AGE: April 12, 1987 / 32.
PLACE OF BIRTH / CURRENT RESIDENCE: St. George, Utah; his family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada when he was a toddler | He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.
GENDER / PRONOUNS: Cisgender male / He/him/his.
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: In a seemingly neverending, complicated "relationship" with Ryan Ross (@boogiepopRyro). Brendon was married, however he divorced his now ex-wife, Sarah Orzechowski, mid-2018 after 5 years of marriage.
OCCUPATION / YEARS ACTIVE: Singer, songwriter, musician; most known for being in the band Panic! at the Disco / 2004–present.
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Predominantly he speaks English, though he's (somewhat) fluent in quite a few languages due to traveling and having an incredibly diverse fanbase.
PETS: Bogart (Jack Russell Terrier), Penny Lane (Boston Terrier).
RELIGIOUS BELIEFS: Was raised in a Mormon household, left the faith at an early age. Belief systems are complicated for Brendon, not quite spiritual, not quite an atheist. He views himself as agnostic.
VICES / VIRTUES: Charity (setting up his own foundation, donating regularly, etc), kindness (he is, typically, a very benevolent person and only wants the best for others), diligence (a hard worker to his very core, knows what he wants and goes for it) / Lust (he's flirty, sometimes without realizing, as well as just an overall horndog), pride (he has an ego that jumps out before he can even stop it), gluttony (he indulges himself and others far too often, paired with superfluous spending and a need to have it all, even to the point of overwhelming himself).
HOBBIES: Gaming, Twitch streaming, swimming, skateboarding.
SKILLS / TALENTS: A lot of his skills and talents are predominantly music related, most notably his singing and guitar/drum skills. He's dabbled into a variety of instruments, though he only has a good grasp on a few. He also makes a mean breakfast.
SENSE OF HUMOR: He has a varied sense of humor; dark sarcasm, immature jokes, etc. Really, he just likes to fit the vibe and let loose on whatever joke that springs to his mind first, even if it may have some consequences.
LIKES: Smoking pot, food, open mindedness, a good sense of humor, confidence, video games, dogs (and animals in general), booze, amiability, bright colors.
DISLIKES: Close mindedness, long periods of silence or being alone, cancel culture, people who take everything too seriously.
dead and gone so long, seventeen so gone.
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Brendon Boyd Urie, born April 12, 1987 in St. George, Utah, is an American singer, songwriter, and musician, best known for his work as lead vocalist in Panic! at the Disco, of which he is the only original member remaining. His family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada when he was a toddler. He's the fifth and youngest child born to Grace and Boyd Urie, having a rather large, loving family. That being said, there were complications in his teenage years, being quite the rebel. He rejected the Mormon faith, barely passed high school, and had no plans to go to college. As a result, his parents weren't pleased. Around the age of seventeen, they kicked him out of the house (though he can't make himself use such harsh wording), leaving him to couch hop until he could support himself with the Tropical Smoothie Cafe part-time job he was working. He often sang for customers to earn tips, often '80s anthems, just for extra cash.

The band became the main focus, and love, of his life starting at day one, having been invited to join by ex-bassist Brent Wilson. Originally he started off as a replacement guitarist, though it wasn't long before the decision was made to promote him to lead singer, swapping roles with ex-band mate lover Ryan Ross. With the release of their first album (A Fever You Can't Sweat Out), or more notably the song I Write Sins Not Tragedies, the band blew up. With that came the butting of heads and egos, especially after the release of their second album, Pretty. Odd. Not long after, the band split in half, Ryan and Jon Walker leaving with Brendon and Spencer Smith now in charge of the band; much to the other two's surprise.

In 2011, the band released the album Vices & Virtues. A couple years later came Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die. And with another two years, Spencer Smith left the band to focus on rehabilitation for his addictions, as well as Dallon Weekes having been downgraded to touring member. This left Brendon as the remaining original member and, admittedly, loving it. He won't deny his enjoyment of having a lot of the creative control, though he's happy to ignore the fact he needs attention, thrives on the spotlight being a frontman brings.

As the only member, he's released two albums under the band's name, Death of a Bachelor and Pray for the Wicked. Beyond his work for the band, he's done quite a few collaborations, namely with Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes, Every Time I Die and, most recently, Taylor Swift. The man has also dabbled in Broadway work, writing a song for Spongebob Squarepants: the Broadway Musical, as well as starring in Kinky Boots as Charlie Price (May 26, 2017 to August 6, 2017). Other ventures have included launching his own foundation known as the Highest Hopes Foundation. The foundation supports other non-profit organizations that advocate for human rights and support communities who are often discriminated against, such as LGBTQ+. To start off the funding of this foundation, Urie donated $1 million and gave $1 from the purchase of every US ticket for the Pray for the Wicked Tour to the foundation. He continues to donate to this foundation, as well as others, to this day.

Brendon has lived quite the life and he continues to work hard to make it a memorable, fulfilling one; a hard worker and a people lover to his very core. The ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, are what help him build his character and a lifestory he hopes to be proud of when he looks back on it. All he knows for sure is that he's never going to stop chasing his dreams and doing what he loves. He simply refuses to.

now it looks like a wasteland not the way that we remember get boozy, boozy, boozy one more sip for the past and always tip your bartenders
1. First and foremost, I will not interact with anyone under 18, as stated above. This goes for characters AND their admins. I write mature content, Brendon discusses and does mature things. I'm not comfortable exposing minors to that or discussing it with them.
2. Please do not blur IC and OOC lines. It makes me uncomfortable and there's just no reason for it. When you're speaking to Brendon, it's Brendon. Unless I specifically state it's out of character or you approach me as such, everything should be taken in character.
3. I am open to a variety of subjects and themes. NSFW, triggering, etc. I don't really have any triggers. As a result, this account will have some unsavory themes. Please keep that in mind before adding!
4. I'm not really pressed about the you add, you talk thing; I'm not gonna force you to interact with me if you're not feeling it quite yet. That being said, I promise I'm a friendly admin! If you're stalking my page, feel free to send that friend request. If you're having any doubts, don't worry! Brendon is open to interactions and I'm open to plotting.
5. Speaking of plotting, please be prepared to come up with something if you approach me to plot. Carrying an entire para, conversation or plotting session isn't cool and shouldn't fall solely on one person. Offer ideas, tell me about your character, etc. I'm genuinely interested in your ideas and your character.
6. Brendon is single verse/ship, meaning that, once he finds someone he likes (and he has), that's it. I won't be writing any other romantic relationships. Please do not only friend me or interact with me to get a romantic ship, Brendon and I have more to offer than that. That being said, he is a bit of a flirt and won't always set boundaries for himself, but that doesn't mean he's going to pursue your character. He really just seeks out the ego boost and five seconds of fun, rarely anything more.
7. I don't want to say I'm completely selective, though I do have my moments! What it boils down to, though, is that I have the right to not interact with you - just as you have the right to not interact with me. Sometimes we just don't vibe and that's a-okay!
8. To follow up the above, however, please be patient with me when it comes to replies. Brendon's muse can be fickle at times or I'm just busy/preoccupied with something else. Your reply will come! If it's been awhile, feel free to nudge me but outright harassing me will just get you ignored.
9. I am potentially open to crossovers/AUs! I prefer to play Brendon as he is in real life but, if a plot is enticing enough, I am willing to try it out. That being said, it likely won't make its way onto the status stream as, again, I prefer it to be as accurate to Brendon as possible.
DISCORD: BBU.#7810 / KIK: brdnurie
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corporeality & more we were swallowing the nights like we had nine lives.

ETHNICITY: American, some Native Hawaiian/Polynesian genes from his mother's side, as well as a mix of a few others.
SKIN TONE / COMPLEXION: Caucasian, warm pinkish undertones, relatively clear skin with freckles; he does tan well and will sport a slightly darker skintone during warmer, sunnier months.
HAIR COLOR / STYLE: Dark brown, almost black / He tries to keep it simple when it comes to styling (outside of photoshoots), if he even styles it at all.
EYE COLOR / SHAPE: Chocolate brown / Big, roundish eyes.
MAKEUP USE: Little to none, only ever wears it for photoshoots or music videos.
BODY TYPE / BUILD: Brendon is a combination of the three body types (ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph); lean, though not necessarily having difficulty building muscle, though if he lives off of junk food/beer and doesn't stay active, he will put on some fat. Ultimately, he has sturdy, slim build with a full rear to contradict it, definition able to be found on his body, especially if he's flexing or singing.
HEIGHT / WEIGHT: 5'9" / 155lbs.
FACIAL / BODY HAIR: He tries to keep himself clean shaven, especially for photo/video shoots, though stubble grows in fast for him / He's not a very hairy person, besides his legs and armpits, due to keeping his happy trail/chest shaven most of the time.
SHOE SIZE: 8½ or 9 (US) depending on the type of shoe and brand.
SCARS: He is, mostly, scar free; the most notable one being on his eyebrow from an accident he doesn't even remember. Beyond that, he has only little ones scattered across his body from skateboarding incidents, etc.
TATTOOS: A sleeve of tattoos on his arm. These tattoos include; piano keys coming out of his arm, hibiscus and plumeria flowers bordering the piano keys, a Frank Sinatra portrait, a ‽ tour tattoo, a Burning Gospel tour tattoo, Every Time I Die's New Junk Aesthetic album cover, a tattoo of his ex-wife's blue eye in a yellow rose, a Death of a Bachelor tour tattoo, and the Panic! at the Disco "cult" symbol. Photos of his tattoos can be found here and here.
NOTABLE FEATURES: Freckles, larger than average facial features (nose, lips, forehead), tattoos, glasses.
PREFERRED HAND: Right handed, though he is somewhat ambidextrous due to a long life of playing instruments.
CLOTHING STYLE: It will vary depending on the setting and his mood, though he does prioritize comfort. He's no stranger to rocking a custom suit to the grocery store just because, though he prefers his typical casual wear; jeans, sweatpants, t-shirts, flannel, hoodies, etc. Leather jackets are a must in his wardrobe.
GROOMING: He prides himself on his grooming and hygiene, often aiming for a clean shaven look. He wants to look good and smell good, even if touring doesn't always allot such.
COORDINATION: He is quite fit and physically coordinated, indulging in sports, walks, runs, playing with his dogs, swimming, the list goes on. That being said, he doesn't really have an interest in working out, not in the traditional sense. He just likes to keep busy and active, as well as get all of his too common nervous energy out. He's pretty damn good at backflipping, too.
SCENT: As stated previously, he doesn't want to walk around smelling bad, even if his post-show sweat isn't something he can prevent. He often aims for a masculine, musky scent; something woody and spicy, yet still fresh and clean.
VOICE / SPEECH: He's quite good at manipulating his voice, as proven in various videos and songs, though his normal speaking voice is on the deeper side with a slight nasal sounding tone / He's usually very casual in his speech, relatively up to date on slang and using it quite frequently (dude, bro, or his made up term, vro; as well as short hand slang and more). He uses profanity heavily, no stranger to dropping f-bombs and others out of habit; to him, they enhance the sentence.

I am not Brendon Urie nor do I claim to be. I'm just a fan role playing as him. Everything you see is fictional and meant to be taken as such.

I do not own the original layout or photos used, however I do own my edits and writing, as well as the character skeletons used. Please don't steal anything from my page, thank you.


Read the guidelines and fast facts before adding/interacting.

I'll deny your friend request if you or your character is a minor (below the age of 18).

Hover the red bar below for current connections and wanted ones.

Brendon is set in a real life centric verse, following his life irl as closely as possible, with the necessary adjustments to fit the role play world. I will be remaining single verse/ship (meaning: one verse, one romantic ship, that's it). That being said, AUs might be done privately, so long as it's a good plot and fits both characters; romance will not be offered in these AUs.

Be chill, be kind, be you.


TRAITS: Adventurous, charismatic, excitable, passionate, playful | Crude, immature, impatient, self-indulgent, stubborn.
QUIRKS: Freckles, tattoos, fidgeting, often loud. Occasionally, he'll get needlessly dressed up in formal attire just to go to the grocery store.
HABITS: Rolling paper (and then hoarding said paper) and drinking are the two main habits. With an addictive personality, he changes vices like clothing.
MENTAL ILLNESSES: Diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety, uses marijuana to treat it, alongside occasional meditation and any other drug of choice he's feeling at that moment.

Brendon is a man of contradiction; an empath who will occasionally act without regard for another's feelings. Impatient and borderline childlike, yet offering up wisdom in his unique, straight to the point way. He's an old soul with a modern touch, adapting quickly to new environments yet he's (sometimes) willing to admit he clings to past habits and pleasures. Equipped with an addictive personality, the man finds pleasure in a multitude of sins and past times; nicotine (quit that nasty habit), drinking (likely never gonna quit that one), drugs (he has a preference for pot but entice him with the right one and he's sold), the list goes on. He enjoys a life of excess, even if it overwhelms him. With that came determination, passion... stubbornness unlike any other, starting fights like the very best worst of 'em.

Nobody's perfect and Brendon remains an example of that, though he has those undeniable lapses where he wants to portray himself as the golden poster boy who can do no wrong. At the end of the day, however, he just wants to do the best he can amidst the mistakes, the major expenses to himself (or others), his bubbling pot of vices that he attempts to mask with virtues.

Conflict lives strong within him.

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VERSES Brendon is played in a verse similar to his real life. AUs/crossovers are a maybe. WRITING STYLE One liner all the way up to to novella (selective). Action RP, paragraphs, etc are all possible.

A chaotic romance. The one that almost got away. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as Brendon was told, and they were right. The two men had been inseparable as teenagers and in their early twenties, and the combination of egos, music and a lack of maturity tore these two apart. Out of sight, out of mind didn't work on them, however. It's scary to fall in love and have your heart claimed by only one person, for a void to be there that only this one being can fill, but Brendon is learning to make peace with that now that they have their second chance at this. Ryan is, undoubtedly, the one on his mind and in his heart; even if he struggles to admit that.


Close friend. Someone who just showed up and since then, Brendon has been undeniably clingy. Usually ends up roasted by Keru but that's okay, there's still mutual respect and admiration (or so he hopes). Definitely one of the first few to receive his free alcohol or weed 'cause friendship. Good tunes, good memes and good banter abound.


Ex-wife. No set plot other than that Sarah was with him during the height of his drinking/drug use and that he, quite frankly, could've used some work in the love department. TL;DR he couldn't love her enough to make the marriage to work. Details can be changed and worked out.



Past and present members are welcomed! Friendships, betrayals, love, hate, you name it and we can make it work - so long as it fits the muses in question. Brendon tries to be all about love and kindness but will his ego allow him? You decide.


The four men who shaped him and the band, without a doubt. A Pete would especially be loved on in this situation, however Brendon adores everyone in the band and views them all as his mentors in the confusing, anarchic industry that is music.


Potential connection for Brendon. Muses will only be added if there's consistent communication and chemistry.


Potential connection for Brendon. Muses will only be added if there's consistent communication and chemistry.


Potential connection for Brendon. Muses will only be added if there's consistent communication and chemistry.


Potential connection for Brendon. Muses will only be added if there's consistent communication and chemistry.


Potential connection for Brendon. Muses will only be added if there's consistent communication and chemistry.


Potential connection for Brendon. Muses will only be added if there's consistent communication and chemistry.


Potential connection for Brendon. Muses will only be added if there's consistent communication and chemistry.


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Body type:No Answer
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: BRENDON && 32, pan as fuck, frontman, twitch legend, king of the vros.
Verses: BOYD && 18+/no minors, single verse, nsfw/triggering themes.
Playbys: URIE && friendly admin, all interactions are in character unless specified.
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Band, Celebrity, Hollywood, Human, Real Life,
Member Since:September 29, 2018

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