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Characters: Talbot Angelis
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About me:
Talbot Angelis was a prince of Greece. He was supposed to be in an arranged marriage because his father was forcing him to be in one, but Talbot ran away from home because he didn't want to deal with this marriage. He ran across Russell Edgington in an alley-way, while he was feeding on someone. Talbot knew about vampires and he suspected of them being a "myth," but when he met Russell, he knew it was real. Talbot let him feed off of him and Russell fell into a deep infatuation with him (something unusual for Russell, who largely despised humans due to his love of nature and its' law of 'survival of the fittest'). When Russell came across him dying on a battlefield, he turned him so they could spend eternity together. Talbot was always a "prisoner" in Russell's vast mansion in Jackson, Mississippi, often complaining that Russell 'never took him anywhere'. Russell had suspicions that Talbot was having sex with other male vampires staffing his home. Nonetheless, he did not object to it and made sure that Talbot's lifestyle was always opulent - since Talbot was suspicious and angry that Russell's business as king always kept him away from home. Like Russell, Talbot had an interest in collecting antiques from various eras; he was also obsessive about maintaining the quality of his and Russell's home, and the slightest bit of damage to any part of it would set him off.
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