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Thor vs his new villain, Black Winter! (Looks familiar doesn’t he? Rolls eyes)

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Ƭhe Mighty Ƭhor�

Oct 9th 2019 17:51

the building blocks of the universe as it were left over from the big bang. I am working on the images for my reply as we speak.
Ƭhe Mighty Ƭhor�

Oct 8th 2019 20:02

My thoughts dwelt and came to the conclusion of ragnarok being controlled by an iso sphere using his mjolnir he received to cause destruction at the behest of Maestro who desires the other ISO-spheres. Mistaken for Thor along his way back to the town of Pawhuska sentry would confront thor who is himself on the hunt for his clone.
Ƭhe Mighty Ƭhor�

Oct 8th 2019 00:38

Aye sentry yes?

Oct 2nd 2019 15:12

Maybe heroes aren’t supposed to have a vacation. It was the only logical answer for why Nick Fury was sitting in his and Ned’s hotel room. In Venice. While he was supposed to be on vacation. It was a school trip, education but still a vacation from being Spider-Man.

The night was silent, which was a nice reprieve from what had occurred that afternoon. He could hardly blame Fury for the water monster, or whatever it was, for showing up in the city his class was in. But Nick Fury showing up unannounced wasn’t how Pete saw his first day in Europe coming to an end.

As Ned laid unconscious and Fury informed him what had happened earlier in the day was a series of attacks, he felt a small thrill of excitement, worry and the urge to step up to the plate and offer his assistance. Though a part of Peter couldn’t help but think there had to be someone a bit better for this job.

He agreed to go with Fury to the SHIELD outpost though as he stood next to someone who had at one point been one of the most powerful people in the world, he was completely torn. Even as he held the glasses in his hands, he was unsure if this was something he truly wanted to be apart of.

After the introductions to the few SHIELD operators were done and he stood before Mysterio and Sentry, he knew he was out of his league. They had someone who had handled the water elemental essentially on his own, while the other has survived using the Infinity Stones.

Mysterio spoke, Peter listened. The truth of the multi-verse was overwhelming information and Peter found himself momentarily distracted from everything other than how that completely changed everything. He spoke and then realized he was talking nerd around a bunch of intelligent soldiers who didn’t speak his level of nerd.

Mysterio stopped him from apologizing, offering the compliment of him being the smartest person the room. Peter couldn’t help the smile from forming on his lips as he moved forward towards the table at the centre of the room.

Everyone got down to business and Peter’s mind drifted. He wanted time with his friends, he’d died the year before. His mentor and friend had died, really died the same day. To him it’d been the same day. He just wanted to be a teenager.

When Fury turned to him, told him they needed him. His mind was reeling, they needed Spider-Man. But he, Spider-Man, was small time. These things were out of his league. And Fury reminded him he’d been to space.

While there was no denying the fact he’d been to space, the fact it was an accident and there were many other, much more qualified heroes to help in this sort of a situation. Fury had a reason why each one of them weren’t available, of course.

“I’ll need time to think on this,” he stated.
“We don’t have time,” Beck answered. “They won’t wait. We need to do this now or this world be destroyed.”

Peter’s gaze moved around to the people within the room. “Wha-” What could he do? These people were… trained for this. They were gifted in ways he couldn’t dream of. “If they destroyed your world, then how do we know we can save it this time? If the world is in this much danger, there should be some people who can and have saved the word from something this big. If we tell them what’s happening, Dr. Strange and Captain Marvel will both come.”

“Unfortunately, we don’t have time to get in contact with them. It could be too late before they get here. And then it’ll be over,” Beck stated
“Yea, but-”
“No buts here, Parker. You’re in or you’re out,” Fury stated.

Peter stood with his mouth opened for a moment before snapping it shut, he glanced at Beck. Not sure why he was so against even wanting to try and call another Avenger in. He felt a very small, shiver run down his spine as he looked at the man from a different universe.

His gaze shifted to Sentry, then back to Beck.

“I can’t. I’m sorry,” he sighed, shaking his head as he looked to Fury.
credit: james kriet

Sep 1st 2019 15:35

"Gotta say thank you. I was getting tired of Norman's creepy ass Dafoe smile every time he thought he had a good idea. You're ironically a hero for saving me from the nightmares his smile gave me."

Sep 1st 2019 01:11

"Ronnie you're an ass when you're drunk... please say you buried me with a keg?" (lol only could ever get away with this sh*t in RP.)

Aug 31st 2019 23:40

Remember that time we got drunk while we were Dark Avengers and I said you couldn't rip me in half and you giggled and said yes I can and then did it?

Aug 26th 2019 12:25

"Sure, everyone can handle it. But there would be times that we may need some help from one 'nother. So, don't hesitate ta ask if ya ever need anything." She offers with a warm smile.


Aug 26th 2019 03:29

"Really?" She shakes her head. "Humans. Never aware of what's 'round them 'till it's too late." Disappointed in them. "An' jus' ta let ya know, sugah. Some do care." She smiles.
arachnid from queens.

Aug 25th 2019 23:50

// I glanced over the starter and will reply when I can.
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