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As a human, Stella was born into a long line of shapeshifters. A shapeshifter is a being who can assume the appearance of another living being and can access their memories through a mental connection, provided the person is still alive. There are a few known ways to kill a shapeshifter. When she was turned into a vampire, this trait from her human life was increased tenfold. Now, her abilities consist of:
  • Can change her appearance to that of any human she sees.

  • Can access peoples memories whether they are alive or recently deceased; can also access memories whether she assumes their appearance or not.

  • Can also assume animal forms at will.

  • Can no longer be killed by pure silver or her human name. As such, she has begun to go by Stella once more.

Stella is a wonderful person to be around. She is kind and compassionate, but make no mistake...she will fiercely defend those she cares for. She is always there to listen if someone needs to talk and has a habit of aiding other shapeshifters just starting on their journey. She loves to laugh, dance, read, paint, and photograph, as well as to surf and run. Her time with the Volturi has made her rethink her view on humans and her diet, but not enough to change it. While she does still feed on humans, she can also get by on human food.

Stella is what some would call a free spirit. She is not tied down by duties, responsibilities, or commitments. Even if she does have a job to do, she will still go wherever and do whatever she wants. She is wild and free, and cannot be controlled. If you threaten her family and friends, she will destroy you. She is very also a very literate and well-rounded individual. While she does enjoy the more refined things, she will also get down and dirty without complaint. She can go from elegant lady to country kid in less than a second, and will either treat you with love and kindness or hatred and disgust, depending on how you treat her.

Her favorite music is country, pop, and rock. Her favorite type of blood is the kind not contaminated with drugs or alcohol. Her favorite food is hamburgers and dr. pepper. Her favorite movies are all Anime films and her favorite books are all written by J.K. Rowling. She loves William Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe. She's a big fan of fashion, fishing, and video games. She adores manga and marvel movies/comics. She also loves to plant gardens before she leaves a location, to make the area a bit more beautiful for the next person. She also loves to ride horses and motorcycles. Given the choice of where to settle down permanently, she would rather a wide-open plot of land up in the mountains over a bustling city scene any day. She's also very fond of star-gazing at night and surfing the waves.


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NOT associated with Disney, Dove Cameron, or any show she had been a part of. NOT Dove Cameron. This page serves for role-play purposes only.


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~ Past Life Key Facts ~

  • Born in the 1500s under the name Stella Lillian Anderson

  • Always a happy, loving child. Never complained, cried, or lied.

  • At age 11 ~ Learned her parents were the last shape-shifters in the country.

  • At age 11 ~ Began learning from her father and shifted for the first time.

  • At age 11 ~ Awoken by a loud bang. Told to run by her mother. Turned after reaching the trees and saw her house go up in flames and heard her parents screaming. Continued to run before being taken in by a young man. Gave the name Mary as her name.

  • At age 12 ~ Taught herself to read.

  • At age 12 ~ Found out the only ways to kill her kind were fire, pure silver, and using their human name.

  • At age 16 ~ Was out with friends. Walked off with a young man. Found out he was the son of a hunter.

  • At age 16 ~ Kid used her human name in an argument, left her to die.

  • At ate 16 ~ Turned by an unknown vampire. Awoke alone and frightened.

~ Present Life Key Facts ~

  • Has traveled and lived all around the world.

  • Works as an actress and singer/songwriter.

  • Paints works of art and writes books as hobbies.

  • Currently lives in London, England.

  • Was there during the stand-off between the Cullens and the Volturi over the child of Bella and Edward.

  • Rarely uses her abilities unless it is for the good of human or vampire kind.

  • Works with other shape-shifters just starting out so that none of them are scared of their gifts

~ Family & Friends ~

  • Father ~ Shapeshifter. Deceased.

  • Mother ~ Shapeshifter. Deceased.

  • The Volturi ~ Vampires. Chosen coven for a while. Still allies.

  • The Cullens ~ Vampires. Chosen coven for a little while. Still allies.

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