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Characters: Mason Belinsky
Verses: Real Life (NOT Riverdale
Playbys: Cole Sprouse (NOT Jughead)
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Casual, Comedy, Crossover, Custom, Drama, Fantasy,
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#WCW always my beloveds.

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About me:
Mason Rodrik Belinsky was birthed by Amelia Marie Cortez-Belinsky and Rodrik Randell Belinsky on November 19, 1993. Mason was the golden child growing up. He got everything he could ever want without even having to ask for it a million times just like any other bratty kid. His mother worked as an NA while his father delivered mail and drank heavily. This lifestyle resulted in a growing Mason to stay in his room most nights listening to the arguments through the walls. He heard the glass shattering and objects thudding against walls night after night. This became his lullaby until he was old enough to understand that this wasn't normal. He would wake up to find his mother cooking breakfast with bruises all over her arms and legs. She'd tell him she just fell outside while in the garden, but 10 year old Mason knew better. One night when Mason was 14 years old, he found his father with a knife to his mother's throat. So in turn, Mason snatched the knife and held it up to his father's throat while his father grinned and said "Do it.." Police showed up minutes later with Mason in handcuffs. After his questioning, they arrested his father and placed his mother in the hospital to get evaluated. They suggested Mason live with his grandparents, and that is what he did for the next 4 years. On the day of his 18th birthday, Mason moved from his grandparents' house and stayed with a good friend of his. While living with his grandparents, Mason hung out with a foul group of people. He's gotten his hands dirty more times than he could count in his entire life in those 4 years. Whatever drug you could name, he's probably tried it. Under his clothes were scar after scar from relationships he's gotten into while with this group. Those girls were nobody to mess around with. They also didn't take to being broken up very well. Mason needed to get out. He was 21. Was finally able to go to a bar and do what he's been doing since he was 15. Instead, he took up work there as a bartender. Some mates he made helped him to get clean so he only drinks occasionally and the needles were far from him. Heroin was never on his mind until he heard the news that his father was out of prison. He came searching for him and when word got around, Mason booked it to live on the streets. He's currently couch surfing until he can get himself stable again. Mason met Avery Ann Parker when they were teenagers doing drugs on the street. She became his number one source until she disappeared and he went away. They’ve since rekindled their friendship, drug free and developed into something a little more. Avery & her daughter Eliza are his life now and he’s forcing himself to stay sober and get his sh*t together so they can have the perfect life.
Who I'd like to meet:

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May 8th 2019 00:20

I've sucked so much lately and I am truly sorry. But do know, that I love you so much 💗
The Blonde Savior

May 1st 2019 14:39

Same here for mu bio feel free to read it and I read your bio once before it is pretty interesting

Apr 23rd 2019 20:00

I just want you to know that this past month with you has been absolutely amazing. 💗 Eliza and I love and adore you so much. I'm so excited to see where life takes us. Here's to many more months with you. I love you sweetheart. 💋

Apr 7th 2019 15:46

I think it's safe to say I've never felt the way I feel about you for anyone else. ❤ you my dear are very very special to me and I'm head over heels crazy about you. I don't think I love you, I know I do. 😝

Apr 2nd 2019 22:30

So would you like to do that for our storyline?
Who shall start us off?:D

Mar 31st 2019 23:01

She runs and jumps on him as she knocks him over and attacks him with kisses on his cheeks before kissing his lips softly. "You just kissed a fool!" laughs as she kisses him once more. "I'll kiss you anytime you want," she said with a giggle. ❤❤❤💋💋💋😍😍😍😘😘😘

Mar 28th 2019 11:07

Well, I'm coocoo bananas for you handsome ;)

Mar 24th 2019 20:36

Related image

thanks for being my best friend since we were kids. 
you use to be cute, what happened? 
just kidding, you're still cute.


Mar 24th 2019 14:13

Maybe we can have them meet at the bar he works at?
They can become friends and kind of lean on each other for support since they have both been through a lot.
What do you think?:D

Mar 15th 2019 21:05

That's a good strong heartbeat!!!! I'm so happy for you guys. Did you cry when your heard the heartbeat? Also, I'll be around line sometime Sunday. Honey has decided to go back to work instead of listening to the dr and staying out to do physical therapy... we'll see how it goes. I told him he better be careful bc if something happens at work he's screwed.
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