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Characters: Mason Belinsky
Verses: Real Life (NOT Riverdale
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Dear soulmate, where the f*** are you

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About me:
Mason Rodrik Belinsky was birthed by Amelia Marie Cortez-Belinsky and Rodrik Randell Belinsky on November 19, 1993. Mason was the golden child growing up. He got everything he could ever want without even having to ask for it a million times just like any other bratty kid. His mother worked as an NA while his father delivered mail and drank heavily. This lifestyle resulted in a growing Mason to stay in his room most nights listening to the arguments through the walls. He heard the glass shattering and objects thudding against walls night after night. This became his lullaby until he was old enough to understand that this wasn't normal. He would wake up to find his mother cooking breakfast with bruises all over her arms and legs. She'd tell him she just fell outside while in the garden, but 10 year old Mason knew better. One night when Mason was 14 years old, he found his father with a knife to his mother's throat. So in turn, Mason snatched the knife and held it up to his father's throat while his father grinned and said "Do it.." Police showed up minutes later with Mason in handcuffs. After his questioning, they arrested his father and placed his mother in the hospital to get evaluated. They suggested Mason live with his grandparents, and that is what he did for the next 4 years. On the day of his 18th birthday, Mason moved from his grandparents' house and stayed with a good friend of his. While living with his grandparents, Mason hung out with a foul group of people. He's gotten his hands dirty more times than he could count in his entire life in those 4 years. Whatever drug you could name, he's probably tried it. Under his clothes were scar after scar from relationships he's gotten into while with this group. Those girls were nobody to mess around with. They also didn't take to being broken up very well. Mason needed to get out. He was 21. Was finally able to go to a bar and do what he's been doing since he was 15. Instead, he took up work there as a bartender. Some mates he made helped him to get clean so he only drinks occasionally and the needles were far from him. Heroin was never on his mind until he heard the news that his father was out of prison. He came searching for him and when word got around, Mason booked it to live on the streets. He's currently couch surfing until he can get himself stable again.
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Feb 9th 2019 15:23

Once Mason walked in, Avery smiled to herself. After trying to contact him yesterday and getting no response, she thought for sure that he wasn't going to show up. Before he reached the table, she spoke softly to Eliza. "We have company for lunch today sweetie," she said as she pointed up at Mason who was now standing by the table. Eliza smile and cooed as he sat down next to her and she instantly grabbed his finger. "Thank you," she said as she crossed her legs underneath the table. "She truly is a miracle," she said as she picked up a menu and looked at it. As much as Avery wanted to reconnect with certain people, her nerves sure didn't act like it. 

After all, it had been two years since Avery had any type of communication besides with her family and the father of her daughter. She wasn't really sure how to talk to Mason or how to even act like a sociable person. After a few moments of looking over the menu, she was startled by the sound of Mason's voice and it snapped her back to reality. "Oh, um well just been working two jobs and trying to get back out there and be a sociable person again," she said with a chuckle. "How have you been?" she asked as the waitress came back to their table to take their orders. Avery told the waitress what she wanted and handed the menu back.

Feb 3rd 2019 22:33

Here's a little bit about McKenzie.:D

So, McKenzie was born on December 14, 1995. She was a good baby but there was one thing no one knew. She had been abused and neglected by her parents since she was a baby. On the outside, they looked like the perfect family. In reality, they were far from that. Her parents were in the drug business and her mother was a stripper. She would go out at nights and bring the men back home if she liked them. Her father knew this and would take his anger out on McKenzie because in his eyes this didn't start until after McKenzie was born. Every time her mother pissed him off or she would cry because she needed something, her dad and mom would get mad and smack her to try and get her to be quiet. McKenzie grew up being beaten and neglected. She pretty much had to take care of and raise herself. She also had to raise her brother whom they had later on. When McKenzie was a teenager her brother killed her parents out of anger of them beating McKenzie. She was very close to her brother who just got out of jail. They are still close and they moved to Washington DC to get far away from Los Angeles. McKenzie now works at her friend Lottie's bakery but she goes back to Los Angeles a lot to see her friends there and her other family. She's very rich thanks to her parents which she inherited when they died. She also has a lot of friends in the entertainment industry and she travels a lot. 

That's what I have for her.
What do you think?:D
I tried not to make it too long for my short bio.

Jan 15th 2019 14:05

just a little bit boobhead mcgee. ~♥
Lennon Grey.

Jan 14th 2019 22:07

hehe i'd never. ♥ 
Lennon Grey.

Jan 14th 2019 22:04

Text From Lennon:
Hey.... I don't think I want you to take photos of me anymore. It's been real.

yours was #2, a sad text. ♥

Jan 14th 2019 19:58

you needy brat. 😂😂

Jan 14th 2019 12:50

After not getting a reply from Mason, Avery just assumed that he didn’t want anything to do with her. Sure, their history wasn’t the best, but Avery wasn’t about that life that they use to live. As the next day approached, she was unsure whether to show up to the restaurant she told him to meet her at. However, she still had a few hours to decide on that, so she ended up getting herself ready for the day. There was something about Avery that not many people knew and that was the fact that she had a 4-month-old daughter. Her situation was not ideal, but she made it work the best she could. Looking at the clock, she mumbled to herself as she grabbed the fully packed diaper bag and headed out the door to pick up her daughter from her parent’s house.

The drive over to Avery’s parent’s house wasn’t far so within ten minutes she was there. Once she got there, she sat in the driveway for a few minutes thinking about whether she was ready to take Eliza to meet someone from her past. Avery shrugged and got out of the car to make her way up to the house. She was greeted at the door by her parent’s dogs, just like always. She smiled to herself as she smelled a freshly brewed pot of coffee. Avery walked into the kitchen where she found her mother making brunch and her father feeding Eliza some bananas. Moments like these were what made Avery appreciate her parents even more than before.

“Smells amazing in here,” Avery said as she walked over to her mother and gave her a hug. “Just as always,” her mother replied as she kissed Avery’s cheek. Avery then walked over to the table and sat down with her father and Eliza. “She’s doing so good with eating baby food,” her dad said as he showed her the empty container. Avery smiled and grabbed Eliza out from her high chair. “She’s getting so big so fast,” Avery said as she wrapped her arms around Eliza and kissed her forehead. After a few minutes went by, Avery looked at Eliza and told her that they had a lunch date with an old friend of mommy’s. Eliza babbled and smiled, not having a care or understanding about what her mom had said. “Where are you two kids off too?” Her dad asked as he raised an eyebrow. He knew that Avery didn’t have many (if any) friends. “Oh, just this girl that I use to work for when I was in high school…” she said as she cleaned Eliza up and took her in the other room to change her and get her ready to leave.

Avery hated when her father tried getting into her business because she was trying to show her parents that she wasn’t the same girl she was before Eliza came along. She wanted her parents to see that she was trying to live a better life not only for her, but for Eliza as well so that she could have the best life possible. However, she knew that it was going to take more than the time it’s been for her to prove that to her parents… at least her father anyways. Her mother never really judged her for how she lived her life, but she always worried about her. Sighing to herself, Avery snapped Eliza’s onesie back together and picked her up. “Mommy loves you sweetheart, I can’t wait to spend the day with you,” she said as she rubbed her nose against hers.

Just as Avery was putting Eliza in her car seat, her mother walked in and started helping her get Eliza’s things together. “Mom, it’s okay… I’m leaving all that here. I brought another diaper bag that’s already fully packed,” she said as she smiled and handed Eliza to her mother, so she could say her goodbyes. “Mimi loves you sweet pea, I’ll see you tomorrow!” she said as she kissed Eliza’s cheek. “Be good for mommy!” she said as she put her in her car seat. “Well, tell dad I’ll see him at work tomorrow…” she said as she kissed her mother’s cheek and grabbed Eliza’s car seat then walked out to the car.  Once Eliza was all set and buckled in for safety, Avery got into the car and drove off to the restaurant.


Once they pulled into the parking lot, Avery pulled the visor down to look at her face in the mirror. She shrugged to herself as she closed the visor and got out of the car. It’s not like she was looking to impress anybody, she was just trying to move forward with life and have decent friendships with people like a decent human being. Avery chuckled to herself and thought ..::what’s a decent human anyways?::.. She then grabbed Eliza out of the car and made her way into the restaurant. The staff immediately recognized her and seated her and Eliza in a timely manner. As Avery sat at the booth with Eliza, she looked over the menu that she had seen what felt like a million times.

After sitting there for a few minutes, the waitress came and took the drink order. Avery told her she would like a few more minutes to decide what she wanted to eat because she was waiting for someone to show up. The waitress nodded and walked away. She continued to “look” over the menu but was then interrupted by a deep voice that sounded familiar. Avery looked up and saw Mason standing there and she smiled. “I didn’t think you were coming,” she said with a confused look on her face. “It really has been hasn’t it,” she said as she lifted the blanket up off of Eliza’s car seat. “This is my daughter, Eliza.” She said as she then put the blanket back down. “Look, I’m sorry if it sounded like I wanted to get back to the old life…” she shrugged as she looked down at Eliza. “I’m not about that life anymore, she is my life now.”

Nov 24th 2018 22:38

`For as long as she could remember, Avery had always considered her “clients” to be her friends. Not the kind of friends that you sit and talk to about life, but the type of friends that were always down for the next high. She never got close enough to her “clients” because she felt like living two separate lives. However, living two separate lives was becoming a little bit overwhelming so Avery was trying something new. She decided that it was time for her to change some of her clients into actual friends. These clients that she wanted to turn into friends weren’t going to be just any client, it was going to be clients who wanted to do something with their lives other than get high all the time. With the mindset that Avery has had for the last year, she wanted to be friends with those who had goals for themselves or those who wanted to get their lives back on track.

One day while doing a deal, one of her clients mentioned Mason to her and that he had just got out of rehab. The client then proceeded to tell her that he wanted to be on the path of sobriety. After the deal was over, Avery sat in her car while she scrolled through her phone trying to find contact information for Mason. Mason use to be one of her well-known clients up until he straight disappeared. It had been months since Avery had seen him and for some reason she wanted to connect with him on a newer level. No drugs, just straight friendship and try to help each other out. She wasn’t sure how he was going to react, because she was just a rich kid he used to get his fix from.

Avery sat and thought about her current life, was she ready to try to reach out and make a new friend? Or was she just trying to find something to do to pass time while she worked on getting clean from doing hard drugs? She was unsure what exactly she wanted, but something told her that she should reach out to Mason. After minutes passed by, she finally worked up the courage to try to call the number she had for him when they were doing business. As it rang, she nervously stared at the steering wheel. After four rings, she quickly hung up. There was no way that this guy was going to pick up the phone for his old dealing since he had just gotten out of rehab.

Shortly after the phone call, she sent him a text explaining the reason behind her call.

Uh hey, if this is still you… I was just calling to see if you wanted to meet up for lunch one day and rekindle the friendship we had before you went to rehab. Please meet me tomorrow at 12pm at my father’s restaurant. [inserted address]. Tell them you’re with Ms. Parker.

After sending the message, Avery realized that it sounded like she wanted to pick up where they left off and that was her selling him the drugs. She shook her head and mumbled under her breath, “great, sounds like I’m trying to make a deal with him again.” She sighed as she sent one more text.

P.S. It’s not how it sounds. I don’t want to rekindle like that. Just talking, that’s all.

She hit send and hoped that he would get in contact with her.


Nov 24th 2018 20:18

you and I are friends now. ♥
Lizzie B.

Nov 19th 2018 18:34

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