Open to all horror verses. Mainly Horrortube/Supernatural based

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Characters: NATEMARE
Verses: Horror, horrortube, supernatural (genre & show)
Playbys: Nathan Sharp, NateWantsToBattle
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Gore, Heroes/Villains, Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Undead,
Member Since:September 09, 2018

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Akuma - ( m&l) pregnant

Nov 9th 2018 17:54

I always be your sexy kitten.
Akuma - ( m&l) pregnant

Oct 9th 2018 00:10

Yes i have when im in the shower or your sleep xD..
Akuma - ( m&l) pregnant

Oct 8th 2018 23:50

I was singing to you - blush some-
Akuma - ( m&l) pregnant

Oct 6th 2018 20:46

Thanks - blush more-
50 shαdєs σf sín

Oct 1st 2018 17:00

Great, why don't you send me a message so that I can keep up with our mischief and we can begin?
50 shαdєs σf sín

Oct 1st 2018 16:49

Well that flattery would definitely work.
But, don't compare yourself to me. Be true to yourself and let's hang out.
Let's just..chill and destroy stuff. Nothing too drastic, right?
50 shαdєs σf sín

Oct 1st 2018 16:32

No, not exactly, but they are both demons, so I am sure that there is something that'll draw them in together.
50 shαdєs σf sín

Oct 1st 2018 15:29

I know, I am never really recommended to anyone, but no matter.
I believe we should create a storyline together.
50 shαdєs σf sín

Oct 1st 2018 00:35

A demon and a siren? Oh wow, that's a bit intense.
I didn't have anything in mind at the moment, but I was recommended to add you, so perhaps we can come up with an interesting storyline together?
50 shαdєs σf sín

Oct 1st 2018 00:21

Hello, I am Penelope Duex, daughter of Lucifer.
I am pleased to know that you have accepted me.
Hopefully we can create a storyline together and figure out what makes each other tick.
If you would rather talk, I would enjoy that as well.
Talking about world domination has never bored me before, so why should it now.
Let me know what your thoughts are.
I am more than positive that with whatever we may come up with, it'll be breathtaking and will have you on the edge of your seat, waiting for more.
I also accept random starters, if you'd like to send me one.
I can fit her into almost anything.
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