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40 years old
Lebanon, Kansas
United States

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July 11 2019

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GeneralCass E&L Dean Seraph Angel (formerly) Human (temporarily) Engaged Cass Chuckles (by Dean Winchester) Cassie (by Balthazar and Crowley) Emmanuel Clarence (by Meg) God's Chosen (by Angels and Demons) Commander (by angels) Feathers (by Rowena and Crowley) Steve God Agent Beyoncé James Novak Angel of Thursday Asstiel (by Metatron) Attack Dog (by Mick Davies) Winchester's purse dog (by Lucifer) Unicorn (by Meg) Dr. Novak Commander (formerly) Fallen Angel Hunter Member of Team Free Will Gas Station Clerk (as a human; formerly) Ruler of Heaven (briefly) Lucifer's Vessel (formerly) Leviathan Vessel (briefly) Member of Mark of Cain removal team (formerly) Host of Heaven (on-off) Winchester Family Bobby Singer Jack Kline Meg Crowley (on-off) Naomi Metatron (formerly) Hannah Claire Novak Charlie Bradbury Kevin Tran Lucifer (grudgingly; formerly) God (formerly) Rowena (on-off) Ishim (formerly) Anna Milton (formerly) God (father/creator) Angels (siblings) Archangels (older brothers) The Darkness (aunt) Jack Kline (nephew/surrogate son) † Jane (niece) † Queen of Sheba (niece) † Jimmy Novak (vessel) † Daphne Allen (wife; as Emmanuel) Djinn Queen (former wife) Engaged To Dean E&L Cass
MusicTwisted Sister, Led Zeppelin and AC⚡DC
MoviesHot Shots, Commando, Total Recall, Out For Justice and Hook
Heroes SPECIES Human (Special Child) Ghost (formerly) Rabid (cured) STATUS Unknown TITLE/ALIAS Sammy Moose (by Crowley) Kiddo (by Lucifer) Boy With The Demon Blood Giant (by Rowena) The Antichrist (by Gordon) Abomination (by Angels) Sam Wesson Keith Bitch (by Dean) Walker (by Dean) Samantha (by Crowley) Chief (by Hunters of Apocalypse World) Sam Campbell OCCUPATION Hunter Man of Letters Member of Team Free Will Law Student (formerly) True Vessel of Lucifer (briefly used) Tech Support Associate at Sandover Bridge & Iron Inc (briefly) Handyman (formerly) Member of Team Save the World (formerly) Leader of Mark of Cain removal team (formerly) Member of American hunters squad (formerly) AFFILIATION Flag of the United States.png American Men of Letters Winchester Family Castiel Jack Bobby Singer Crowley (on-off) Sarah Blake Becky Rosen (unwillingly) Rowena MacLeod (on-off) Jessica Moore Charlie Bradbury Ruby (formerly) Garth Fitzgerald IV Kevin Tran Jody Mills Amelia Richardson (formerly) Claire Novak Sully God FAMILY Cain (ancestor) † Abel (ancestor) † John Winchester (father) † Mary Winchester (mother) † Dean Winchester (older brother) Henry Winchester (paternal grandfather) † Millie Winchester (paternal grandmother) Samuel Campbell (maternal grandfather) † Deanna Campbell (maternal grandmother) † Adam Milligan (younger half-brother) Jack Kline (surrogate son) † Bobby Singer (surrogate dad) † Becky Rosen (ex-wife) Lucifer (his true vessel) † Emma (niece) † Christian Campbell (third cousin) † Gwen Campbell (third cousin) † Mark Campbell (distant cousin) † gif maker

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Here for:Dating, Networking,
Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: Gay
Hometown:Lawrence, Kansas
Body type:Athletic
Education:Grad / professional school
Characters: Dean E&L Cass
Verses: Supernatural
Playbys: Jensen Ackles
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Ancient, Crossover, Heroes/Villains, Human, Supernatural, Undead,
Status:In a relationship
Member Since:August 08, 2018

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About me:
Dean E&L Cass Human Male Hunter Sam Winchester (brother, formerly deceased) John Winchester (father, deceased) Mary Winchester (mother, formerly deceased) Samuel Campbell (maternal grandfather, deceased) Deanna Campbell (maternal grandmother, deceased) Adam Milligan (paternal half-brother, deceased) Jack Kline (surrogate son) Emma (daughter, deceased) Henry Winchester (paternal grandfather, deceased) Millie Winchester (paternal grandmother, assumed to be deceased) Engaged To Cass E&L Dean
Who I'd like to meet:

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