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Harry(T)Ginger Hair♡'s|Dean(E)Cass

31 years old
Northumberland, England
United Kingdom

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June 20 2019

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    Harry(T)Ginger Hair♡'s|Dean(E)Cass's Interests
General11 August, 1981[1] Great Britain[2] Pure-blood[3] Taken English Ginny (by family & friends) Gin[5] (by Harry Potter) Chaser Seeker Human Female 5' 5" Red[6] Bright brown[7] Light Septimus Weasley[8] (paternal grandfather) † Cedrella Weasley[8] (née Black) (paternal grandmother) † Mr Prewett[9] (maternal grandfather) † Mrs Prewett[9] (maternal grandmother) † Arthur Weasley[10] (father) Molly Weasley[11] (née Prewett) (mother) Bill Weasley[11] (brother) Charlie Weasley[11] (brother) Percy Weasley[11] (brother) Fred Weasley[11] (brother) † George Weasley[11] (brother) Ron Weasley[11] (brother) Harry Potter[12] (Boyfriend) James Potter II[12] (son) Albus Potter[12] (son) Lily Potter II[12] (daughter) At least two paternal uncles Fabian Prewett[13] (maternal uncle) † Gideon Prewett[13] (maternal uncle) † Bilius[14] (uncle) † Uncle Cousin Hermione Granger[12] (sister-in-law) Rose Granger-Weasley[12][15] (niece) Hugo Granger-Weasley[12][15] (nephew) Angelina Weasley[12] (née Johnson) (sister-in-law) Fred Weasley II[16] (nephew) Roxanne Weasley[16] (niece) Fleur Weasley[17] (née Delacour) (sister-in-law) Victoire Weasley[18] (niece) Dominique Weasley[16] (niece) Louis Weasley[16] (nephew) Audrey Weasley[12] (sister-in-law) Molly Weasley II[16] (niece) Lucy Weasley[16] (niece) James Potter[12] (father-in-law) † Lily Potter[12](née Evans) (mother-in-law) † Weasley family[9] House of Black Lord Voldemort[19] Unknown length, Yew, unknown core[20] Horse[21] Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies[22](formerly) Senior Quidditch Correspondent for the Daily Prophet[22](formerly) Sports editor for for the Daily Prophet Gryffindor Weasley family Potter family Prewett family Black family Dumbledore's Army[13] Order of the Phoenix Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Gryffindor Gryffindor Quidditch team Slug Club[23] Holyhead Harpies[22] Daily Prophet[22] http://picasion.com/
Heroes 30 January[1], 1960 Cokeworth[2], Midlands, England, Great Britain 31 October, 1981 (aged 21) Godric's Hollow, West Country, England, Great Britain Muggle-born[3] Widowed English Head Girl Human Female Auburn[4][5] Bright green Light Mr Evans (father) † Mrs Evans (mother) † Petunia Dursley (née Evans) (sister) † James Potter (husband) † Harry Potter (son) Ginevra Potter (née Weasley) (daughter-in-law) James Potter II (grandson) Albus Potter (grandson) Lily L. Potter (granddaughter) Vernon Dursley (brother-in-law) Dudley Dursley (nephew) Mrs Dursley (niece-in-law) Fleamont Potter (father-in-law) † Euphemia Potter (mother-in-law) † Potter family (in-laws) 10¼", Willow, unknown core[6] Doe[7] Gryffindor Potter family Evans family Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Slug Club Gryffindor Order of the Phoenix __________________________________________________________________ 27 March[1], 1960 England[2], Great Britain 31 October, 1981 (aged 21) Godric's Hollow, West Country, England, Great Britain Pure-blood[3][4] Married English Prongs (by Marauders) Chaser Head Boy[5] Human Male 5'10 Jet-black[6][7] Hazel[8] Ignotus Peverell[9] (paternal ancestor) † Linfred of Stinchcombe[10] (paternal ancestor) † Hardwin Potter[10] (paternal ancestor) † Iolanthe Potter[10] (née Peverell) (paternal ancestor) † Mrs Potter[10] (née Fleamont) (paternal ancestor) † Henry Potter[10] (grandfather) † Fleamont Potter[10] (father) † Euphemia Potter[10] (mother) † Lily Potter (née Evans) (wife) † Harry Potter (son) Ginevra Potter (née Weasley) (daughter-in-law) James Potter II (grandson) Albus Potter (grandson) Lily Potter II (granddaughter) Charlus Potter † Dorea Potter (née Black) † Mr Evans (father-in-law) † Mrs Evans (mother-in-law) † Petunia Dursley (née Evans) (sister-in-law) † Vernon Dursley (brother-in-law) Dudley Dursley (nephew) Tom Riddle (distant cousin) † Fleamont family (parental ancestors) House of Black House of Gaunt Evans family (in-laws) ANIMAGUS Stag (unregistered) WAND 11", Mahogany, unknown core Stag[11] Gryffindor[12] Potter family Evans family Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Marauders Gryffindor Gryffindor Quidditch team Order of the Phoenix http://picasion.com/

     Harry(T)Ginger Hair♡'s|Dean(E)Cass's Details
Here for:Dating, Networking,
Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: No Answer
Hometown:West Country, England
Body type:Athletic
Education:Grad / professional school
Occupation:Wizard / Hunter
Characters: Harry (S) | Dean (E) Cass
Verses: Potter Verse|Supernatural Verse
Playbys: Daniel J Radcliffe | Jensen R Ackles
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Ancient, Crossover, Heroes/Villains, Human, Supernatural, Undead,
Status:In a relationship
Member Since:August 08, 2018

   Harry(T)Ginger Hair♡'s|Dean(E)Cass's Schools
Northumberland, England
Grad Year: School
Student Status: Alumni
Major: Arts

From 1991 to 1998
Lebanon, Kansas
Grad Year: University
Student Status: Alumni
Major: Non-Medical

From 2000 to 2004

   Harry(T)Ginger Hair♡'s|Dean(E)Cass's Companies
Free Will
Lebanon, Kansas
Title: Owner
Division: Hunter

Date Employed Forever
Northumberland, England
Title: Student
Division: Witchcraft & Wizardry

Date Employed Forever

Since my sister-in-law Fleur SandL is going to bed I might as well go to bed myself all.

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About me:
31 July, 1980[1] Godric's Hollow, West Country, England, Great Britain Half-blood[2] Taken[3][4] English The Boy Who Lived[5][6][7][8] Chosen One[9][7][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][3] Master of Death[20] Undesirable No. 1[21][22][23] Lightning[24] (Potterwatch) Potter boy[25][26] Boy Who Lied (Daily Prophet) Gregory Goyle[27] (under disguise of Polyjuice) Barny Weasley[28] Vernon Dudley[29] Albert Runcorn[30] (under disguise of Polyjuice) Potty[31][32][33][34][14][17] (by Peeves & Slytherins) Potty Wee Potter[35][36] (by Peeves) Bartholomew Mashingspoon[37] Roonil Wazlib[38] Triwizard Champion Seeker Quidditch Captain Leader of Dumbledore's Army Master of Death Human Male Jet-black[39][40] Bottle green[40] Light[41][42][43][44][45] Ignotus Peverell[46] (paternal ancestor) † Linfred of Stinchcombe[47] (paternal ancestor) † James Potter[48] (father) † Lily Potter[48] (née Evans) (mother) † Fleamont Potter[47] (paternal grandfather) † Euphemia Potter[47] (paternal grandmother) † Mr Evans[48] (maternal grandfather) † Mrs Evans[48] (maternal grandmother) † Petunia Dursley[48] (née Evans) (aunt) † Vernon Dursley[48] (uncle by marriage) Dudley Dursley[48] (cousin) Mrs Dursley[49] (cousin-in-law) Dudley's children[49] (first cousins once removed) Ginny Weasley (Girlfriend) Arthur Weasley[46] (father-in-law) Molly Weasley[46] (née Prewett) (mother-in-law) Ron Weasley[46] (brother-in-law) Hermione Granger[46] (sister-in-law) Rose Granger-Weasley[46][50] (niece) Hugo Granger-Weasley[46][50] (nephew) Fred Weasley[46] (brother-in-law) † George Weasley[46] (brother-in-law) Angelina Weasley[46] (née Johnson) (sister-in-law) Fred Weasley II[51] (nephew) Roxanne Weasley[51] (niece) Bill Weasley[46] (brother-in-law) Fleur Weasley[46] (née Delacour) (sister-in-law) Victoire Weasley[52] (niece) Dominique Weasley[51] (niece) Louis Weasley[51] (nephew) Charlie Weasley[46] (brother-in-law) Percy Weasley[46] (brother-in-law) Audrey Weasley[46] (sister-in-law) Molly Weasley[51] (niece) Lucy Weasley[51] (niece) Tom Riddle[46] (distant cousin) † Potter family[48] Fleamont family[53] (paternal ancestors) Dementor[54] 11", Holly, phoenix feather 10¾", Vine, dragon heartstring (temporarily) 10", Blackthorn, unknown core (temporarily) 10", Hawthorn, unicorn hair (temporarily) 15", Elder, thestral hair (temporarily) Stag[55] Head of Auror Office[56] (formerly) Guest lecturer on Defence Against the Dark Arts[57] Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement[58] Gryffindor Potter family Weasley family Albus Dumbledore Dumbledore's Army Order of the Phoenix Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Gryffindor Gryffindor Quidditch team Slug Club British Ministry of Magic Auror Office Department of Magical Law Enforcement S.P.E.W. http://picasion.com/
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Ginger Hair(t) Harry♡'s

Jun 12th 2019 22:56

Aww baby ♤♡
Ginger Hair(t) Harry♡'s

Jun 12th 2019 22:53

Aww i love u to harry james potter
Ginger Hair(t) Harry♡'s

Jun 12th 2019 00:21

She giggles " fine with me
Ginger Hair(t) Harry♡'s

Jun 11th 2019 23:01

Sure you may take any of my photos :)
Ginger Hair(t) Harry♡'s

Jun 11th 2019 22:59

always babe ♥
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