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Kissed by Moonlight...My Moonkissed Pearl

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Sometimes, you don't know what you're without until it finds you. Something can have always been missing, something that you've always wondered about but you've just never known what it was and then...the unimaginable happens.

I'm not sure what the future holds for me and Raven Hex, but I do know that suddenly my world seems less lonely. When two worlds collide, anything can happen...and even though I can't always be in her world or her mine, I'll always be by her side, watching over her...


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About me:

The Lady of the Lake is an enchantress in the Matter of Britain, the body of medieval literature and legend associated with King Arthur. She plays a pivotal role in many stories, including giving Arthur his sword Excalibur, enchanting Merlin, and raising Lancelot after the death of his father.

Lagoona, or L'oona, is the tenth female in her family line to be the 'Lady of the Lake'. Her ancestor, her Grandmother seven times over was the 'Lady' that is of Arthurian Legend. Her Mother's reign was a short one due to her abdicating and Lagoona took up the mantle of 'Lady' as she entered her teenage years.

Powers/Abilities: Lagoona is a Demigod, the 'Lake’ in her Realm is a gateway to all of the Earth's Waters. She can manipulate the waters and speak to all that live beneath its surface. She has a Siren Song which she can use to calm, lure and destroy. More to come…

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Raven Hex

Jul 26th 2018 00:07

I absolutely love them!
Raven Hex

Jul 24th 2018 19:54

Before Raven knew it, she was kissing Lagoona. It was true the Fae started it, but there was something in her kiss, a sort of pull to it, it wasn't a craving or a hunger, it was a kind of anxious feeling. A worry or desperation. Raven tried to sooth her worry by kissing her back lovingly, romantically.

When the kiss broke, Raven's eyes remained shut, but her smile was patient, loving. "You don't need to return this. You already are. You being in my life, just having known you, your kiss, the feeling of your lips against me, it is enough, it is more than enough." Raven understood what was troubling her, how easily the circumstances of their meeting could have never come to pass, but no matter what, the bigger reality did. They met. No matter what, Raven's life was forever enriched by having known Lagoona. 

Her arms wrapped around her softly, holding her close, and Raven kissed her again, deepening the lip embrace, her hands slid slowly over the arches in her back. "I am yours. No fate can change that now." Raven whispered, her lips speaking softly against Lagoona's. Her body ached, a kind of pulling, a hunger that she was all to aware of. Raven craved Lagoona, in nearly every way.
Raven Hex

Jul 24th 2018 18:55

Raven couldn't help but be entertained by Lagoona's amazement of making the pizza. It seemed such a silly thing, something she was familiar with, and therefore took for granted, but even this mundane task of food was an absolute adventure for her, something Lagoona had never seen before. Her sense of awe was infectious, it made it all new to Raven as well.

"This is just pizza, babe. If you think this is good, you should try herb-crusted rack of lamb, Strawberry Ice-cream Sundays, Honeyed Roast chicken, or a good fresh crust bread." Raven said with an amused light, biting into the piece of pizza Lagoona offered to her. It wasn't bad, next time she might add a pinch of salt to the sauce while it stewed. "This is pretty tasty, I admit. We do good work. But there is still so much more I want to show you. More than just food, so much of life I want to share with you."

She nibbled on another piece of pizza thoughtfully, smiling a little to the beautiful demi-goddess in her kitchen. "Would you care for something to drink? I have tea, water, wines, Essentially a bit of everything, I also have some chilled muled wine I prepared the other night." She added thoughtfully.
Raven Hex

Jul 21st 2018 20:39

Raven didn't look up as she explained. "Rome, r-o-m-e is a city in Italy. Italy is a country on the surface world, it's where Pizza was invented." Raven explained with a laugh. "America is a another country, it's where I was born." She clarified, her back to Lagoona, before yelping in surprise as the mischievous water fae plied the bubbles to her face. "Cute, hon. I suppose bubbles must be something of a specialty for you." She said with a smirk, wiping her bubble covered cheek against Lagoona's face also. "There. Now you got them, too." She said with a giggle. 

Raven couldn't help but smile. Lagoona was truly refreshing. She was so....inexperienced to the world, but at the same time, had so much experience behind her. Her soul was such a beautiful thing, like water. Fluid and passive in a tranquil state, but could be fierce and crushing like waves when roused. This fae was a figure of legend, directly tied in with one of the greatest legends in the history of the entire Earth, of Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur. And Raven......she was falling in love with her.

"Um...." she shook her head a little distracted, before smiling again. "Here, you seem to like Earth foods, smores, sausages, try this pizza." She lifted a slice, the cheese stretching a long strand as Raven lifted it to Lagoona's mouth. "Take a bite, and what do you think?"
Raven Hex

Jul 20th 2018 11:28

The pale witch couldn't help but be amused by Lagoona in the kitchen, her responses to everything in the kitchen, it was like a whole other world for her. "Cooking is relaxing. You get to focus on your work, and you create something tasty." Raven explained, before nodding to her question. "And now we clean up. Dishes, and wiping down our work areas," she laughed a little. "And bubbles are involved."

With that, she got to work cleaning up everything while their pizza baked, putting the ingredients back away, and restoring the kitchen to order with Lagoona's help. After a few more minutes, Raven moved the pizza from the brick oven, and lay it against the wooden cutting board. "In America, they serve pizza in triangles, when I was in Rome however, they cut it into squares." She explained, taking the rolling blade, and cutting the pizza into squares. "It's easier to eat this way. Please, help yourself."
Raven Hex

Jul 18th 2018 13:29

Raven was unable to resist laughing a little to herself as at Lagoona's unfamiliarity with the modern world, Raven's phrases, the concept of these strange foods to her, even the herbs she found simple delight in. Raven washed her hands vigorously in the sink basin, before gathering tomatoes, herbs, and other things. At Lagoona's offer to help, Raven nodded with a wide smile. "Absolutely. I'm going to show you the proper way to do this we do this, 100% home made." The witch explained, dicing tomatoes and adding them to a small kettle. She walked her through the process of making homemade tomatoe sauce, of fresh dough and the proper ways to prepare it, of shredding fresh blocks of cheese, slicing veggies and seasoned chicken meat, and bits of ground sausage. She showed Lagoona the means to toss the dough and assemble the pizza, before setting it on a baking stone, and into the brick oven. "Cooking, I have discovered, is something you can only get better at, no matter how bad someone is at first. Sort of like witchcraft, really." She admitted, crossing her arms under her bust.
Raven Hex

Jul 15th 2018 17:39

Raven giggled at her misunderstanding of a date. "Different definition. A date is a social or romatic appointment or engagement." She also couldn't help but be amused at Lagoona's sudden interest in food. "Smores are good, but I want to show you real food. I want to introduce you to Pizza." She explained, taking Lagoona's hand, and leading her down to another level, and towards the vast kitchens. "Can I get you something to drink while we wait?" Raven asked, going through the pantries and withdrawing all the things she'd need for homemade pizza. 

"I do a lot of my own home cooking. I thought about arranging for a chef or two, but I didn't see a lot of point in it." Raven explained watching her hands and getting to work.
Raven Hex

Jul 15th 2018 14:02

Raven smiled at Lagoona's explanation, this was something she had already guessed. "I know that. Or rather...I guessed that. That's why I marked you with my favor. You can come and go as you please as often as you like. I had a suspicion that, like Sanaya, you were bound to one particular area as far as being your home. I just made a "home away from home" so to speak." Raven smiled, taking the Fey into her arms, her lips meeting Lagoona's again softly. 

"Your health is far more important to me than anything else. My home is yours, my love is yours." She whispered, kissing her again before smiling. "So, it's our second date. I've seen your world, and you've seen mine. Did you have anything in particular you'd like to do? I was thinking grab a bite to eat, and then go for another swim. Or I could show you a movie if you've ever seen them,  or we could...." She paused, and shrugged. "Do all sorts of things. As long as I'm with you, I am quite happy."
Raven Hex

Jul 14th 2018 23:42

Raven was pleased Lagoona seemed to love it. "I was very careful with its design to make you feel as home as possible while on land, there are dozens of waterfalls running through it as well as grottos. I wanted a place where you and I could have a home, you could remain in this realm comfortably until your duties call you elsewhere, and I can dwell here and give a home to all sorts of magickal beings." She explained, leading Lagoona through its halls. "Mermaids dwell here," She also admitted with a giggle, before turning to Lagoona.

"My love.....nothing will pull my attention away from you. This place is a home for us, with you as its primary inspiration." She told her, taking Lagoona's hands in hers. Raven was keen to show her everything, including Raven's personal chambers, her alchemy lab, library, her bath and make-up room, and even her dark themed bedroom. She showed Lagoona to a private crystal filled grotto beneath her balcony, built into a cave side and that lead into the ocean. "This place is shielded and private, none can enter here unless invited personally by me. This entire island is also shield by glamor charms and undetectable. It is guarded by my gatekeeper just in case anyone does somehow manage to find it."

She smiled, and took Lagoona's hand soft in hers, before speaking a small incantation and kissing the back of Lagoona's hand. "I just gave you my mark. It allows you free passage to and from here as often as you like. It won't fade away either. I mean, the visible mark is already gone, but you are enchanted and recognized by the magick in this place. I gave you free access. Won't you share my home with me?" She asked quietly, gazing to meet her lover's eye.
Raven Hex

Jul 14th 2018 18:48

Raven dismissed her lover's comment with another soft kiss. "I did. This may not be your home you are used to, but it is a place you can share with me. I know of Avalon in lore and legend, and this is my homage to those stories. This is a place for you, and for every magick being." She told her, taking her hand and leading her towards the Island proper.

"You are important to me. More than I would have thought anyone could ever be again. My home, and yours as much and often as you'd like." 

Her smile was magic, and Raven was unable to look away, a sheer beauty illuminating the Water Fey's face. "I'm sorry I waited so long to see you again, But I wanted wanted to make sure this was done first so I could show you."
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