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In Twilight, Jasper is a senior in Forks High School, along with Rosalie and Emmett. When Edward saves the new girl, Bella Swan, from a car accident with his supernatural strength and speed, Jasper is very upset by this act because he has given away their secret. He later learns to come to terms with Edward's involvement with Bella when they begin dating. However, when Bella visits their family for the first time, Jasper is forced to keep his distance for her safety.

During a baseball game, Bella gets unwanted attention from the tracking vampire, James. Jasper assists Alice in taking Bella to Phoenix in order to escape James. While hiding in a hotel room, he senses Bella's guilt of putting them in danger and tries to convince her to not feel guilty, but to no avail. At the airport, Bella takes Jasper to go find a place to eat. Really it was just a ploy to get lost in the crowd and go meet James at her old ballet studio. When they find her, Jasper assists Emmett in ripping James apart and burning the pieces. After James' death and the escape of his mate, Victoria, he returns to Forks and attend the school prom with Alice as his date.


In New Moon, the Cullens throw an 18th birthday party for Bella. In the movie adaptation, Jasper uses his empathic power to alter Bella's mood to make her feel comfortable enough to attend her birthday party.

While opening a gift, she cuts her finger lightly and starts bleeding. Since Jasper is the newest vegetarian vampire in the family, he is overcome by his bloodlust and tries to attack Bella, only to be stopped by Edward, though Emmett puts Jasper in an unbreakable grip. Edward pushes Bella away and she is not bitten, but is injured further when she crashes into broken glass, requiring stitches. After Jasper nearly bites Bella, he and his family move away from Forks in an effort to protect her from their world, demanded by Edward. After they moved up to Cornell, Jasper started studying philosophy.

When Alice has a vision of Bella jumping off a cliff, she rushes back to Forks alone. However, when Rosalie tells Edward about this incident, he is led to believe that Bella has died and travels to Volterra, Italy for a suicidal plan. Jasper is warned by Alice to stay put while she and Bella rush to Italy to stop him. After they successfully saved Edward from committing suicide, Jasper moves back to Forks with the rest of the Cullens.

At the end of New Moon, Bella gathers the family to vote whether for her to become a vampire or stay human. Jasper casts his vote to make Bella a vampire.


The events in Eclipse focus more on the newborn attacks caused by Victoria's creation of her newborn army in Seattle. Bella is introduced to the term "newborn" for the first time, and Jasper, who was involved with newborns in his early life as a vampire, explains them to Bella. This is how she learns about some of the issues she will have to deal with when she herself becomes a newborn. After following news coverage of several unexplained supernatural murders and disappearances, Jasper is the first to suspect that someone is creating an army of newborn vampires, but dismisses it for awhile because he thinks he has read the signs wrong, until his suspicions are proven correct.

Since Jasper has a great deal of past experience with the newborns, including combat knowledge, the Cullens turn to him for guidance in preparation for the upcoming battle against Victoria and her savage army. He helps train both the Cullens and the Quileute wolves by putting on sparring demonstrations, and pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of newborns for both groups. Jasper's military background helps him coordinate a strategy between the Cullens and Quileutes, which ends up working perfectly. Jasper, however, attempts to be everywhere at once during the battle, helping his family and the wolves fight while protecting Alice, and ends up getting bitten by a few newborns in the process.

Jasper also tells Bella about his early life in the Confederate army, how he was turned, his involvement with Maria, Nettie and Lucy, and his role in helping to form Maria's newborn army, as well as how he met Alice.


In Breaking Dawn, Jasper feels Bella's nervousness about her marriage to Edward and is able to calm her down for a short period of time before going on a private bachelor "party" with Edward and Emmett. On the day of the wedding, he is assigned with picking up Renée and Phil from their hotel.

When Bella became pregnant with a half-vampire child, he is one of the family members who wish to abort the child for her health, but because some of the other family members are against the idea, he decides to remain neutral. With the Uley pack threatening to kill Bella and possibly some of his family, Jasper guards around the house. It does not take long before he learns to love his new niece, "Renesmee Cullen". He is also seen active in the fight with the wolves while guarding the house from their assault in Breaking Dawn - Part 1.

While Bella is a newly turned vampire, Jasper is always standing beside her to make sure she wouldn't lose control and hurt anyone. He is shocked by the fact that she is able to retain self-control, something that most newborns aren't capable of doing. This causes him some dismay over his own struggles with self-control, even as a mature vampire, and also prompts him to re-evaluate his view on newborns.

When the Cullens realize the Volturi are coming as a result of Irina's wrongful accusation about Renesmee, Jasper flees with Alice to South America in hope of finding someone more connected to his adoptive niece's species. It is revealed that Jasper has a secret business relationship with a lawyer in Seattle named J. Jenks after Alice leaves Bella clues to find him. Jasper has been employing him and his former partner to make illegal documents for the Cullens whenever they move to a new place, and this connection allows Bella to forge fake ID's, passports, and a driver's license made for Renesmee and Jacob. Jasper and Alice's search eventually leads them to South America where they find a human/vampire hybrid named Nahuel. They bring him and his biological aunt, a vampire named Huilen, back to Forks in time to prevent a fight between the Cullens, the other vampires (nomads and covens), the wolf packs, and the Volturi.

In the movie, Alice shows a vision of an almost-inevitable battle erupting between the Cullens and the Volturi: in it, Jasper tries to defeat Demetri, but is halted by Jane's power and gets killed, leaving Alice screaming in pain and later goes after Jane for revenge. However, by showing Aro this vision (which includes the demise of his entire coven), he refrains from beginning the battle.

After the peaceful outcome of the situation, Jasper and Alice are welcomed back into the Cullen family. Bella decides to take over Jasper's relationship with J. to save him heart attacks since J. found Jasper to be 'intimidating'. Also, Jasper has a brief conversation with friends Peter and Charlotte before they departed.

basic information.

Registered As: Mary
Nicknames: None yet.
Birth Date: August 2036 (Custom BL300 Prototype body) November 2038 (RL100 Prototype body)
Species: Android
Series: BL RL
Series Purpose: The RL series are meant to be solely Cyberlife property. They were developed in attempt to answer the Deviant Revolution, outfitted to house and spread an Anti-RA9-Virus meant to hard reset infected androids. The RL series was just the beginning of a whole multiple-series-task-force set to be released for public use.
Original Series Purpose: The BL series were created to be the perfect (romantic/sexual) partner.
Subsequent Models: After the death of the original Mary, a new unique look was outfitted for her successor; while being coded with the same combat abilities, a new test weapon was installed into the newer bodies to be upgraded when needed.
Special Specs: RL100 models are programmed in advanced military-like combat skills and later, outfitted with the ability to shoot concussive blasts out of her hands and general vibration absorption. Additionally, her newer, unique models are made from different plastic than the rest of android kind, seeming to be closer to polycarbonate, she is more resistant to impact than most androids.
Current Model: #240 505 617 - 9


Mary can often be mistaken for cold, calculating or just a straight up bitch. Whether it be from her militaristic re-programming or the fact that her original owner threw her out like she was nothing; it's clear she seems to distrust and naturally attempt to take control of everything around her. Any androids that knew her from before the revolution, in her original body, manage to see a hint of who she had originally been programmed to be for her former human 'husband' in the way she interacts with Connor.


Without her skin, Mary appears much like other female androids. She was made compact, standing at 5'2 though her casing has a bit more sheer look to the plastic due to her being cased in polycarbonite rather than regular plastic. With her skin she appears young, big brown eyes, with a long, slender, upturned nose. Her face is round and full, with a matching pair of thick lips housing a slight overbite. Her form is fairly standard, not to skinny or to heavy; and her hair tends to change based off of her 'mood'. Her most comfortable hair appearance seems to be dark and cropped to about shoulder length, but she has also sported long dark with bangs, and even longer with blonde and blue highlights .

I was made

Status: Where I belong.
With: RK800 #313 248 317
Since: Forever
'I Love You': Always.
Engaged: --/--/--
Married: --/--/--
Children: Children here
Memories: 01. 02. 03.

to be yours.

Like a moth to a flame, the last ounce of motivation I had to attempt to bring this place to life - Connor answered my call almost immediately. He knew what he wanted, he knew how he did things, he knew he wanted to help. As skeptical as I usually am, for some reason, I knew I could trust him. He helped where-ever he could, building the discord for me and everything - then he sorta just took a backseat for a while. Lately he's become more involved, definitely after Markus decided to change professions into a clown, and even then I knew I could trust him to be by my side. He's there when I absolutely need him, he tries his best, and he knows the true meaning of loyalty and communication. There's literally no one else I'd rather have as my partner.


Under Co - Looking for a Markus, Simon, Josh, Hank, Kara, some OCs and any other Detroit Become Human verse characters; as well as a Armitage Hux, Rey Palpatine, Poe Dameron, Finn, and any other Star Wars connections.

[ Open to almost any and all cross overs. My character can go forward in time but not back.~ ]

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Jan 7th 2020 06:57

    Chaos comes in many forms.  Chaos inside your home, chaos inside your job.  Chaos, inside your head; Chaos can adapt to any situation, always evolving, always changing.  What one would deem chaotic, a other may deem a slight inconvenience   But what all humanity could agree on, is that chaos breeds war, and unlike war?  War never changes.  It kills without favoritism, takes without mercy, and plunders hope to its very core.  War saws hope to the bone, and leaves very little flesh.  


    Ringing and screaming echoed.  The sounds of blaster rifles had a hymn of the devil;  a ring of beauty.  The colors of red screaming in the air, taking the lives of so many.  Bodies dropping with heavy thuds, all of them falling down like toys in a childs room.  The sounds of clips ringing, over and over.  The sounds of laser bolts.  The screams.  The pleading.  The guilt.  But despair?  No.  Not until the roaring thrusts from a space craft, descended onto the soil did despair latch itself to those bellow.  


    When the spacecraft had finally landed, a devil cloaked in black with a reforged mask slowly descended.  Each step, falling heavy against the steel plate form.  Thud, thud, thud.  His boots clanking against the steel before he made it to the grassy meadow.  The First Order had taken complete control of the rebel base.  Why was it so important you may be wandering?  "Kylo Ren. . ."  One of the two men spoke, the third being a female, all of which had ropes tied behind their back.  Each one of them, having blood, and injuries all across their body.  Scraps, bruises, cuts, blood.  "Or should I say. . .Ben Solo?  It's been a while."

    Kylo didn't answer as he looked at the man before him, at least not at first.  You could tell the hate that he felt in that name.  The hurt, the pain and conflict.  It was all exposed when he spoke.  "You're stupid to say that name in front of me.  James.  The last time I heard you say that name, was before I burnt the temple, before Luke. . .I thought you were dead."  His mask distorting his own voice.  The man nodded, his eye sown shut from blood, stinging with sweat.  Yet he still kept his eyes on kylo, not daring to blink.    "Yeah.  Back then, I called you a friend.  But look at you now?  A husk to the darkside."  He added, the other two remaining quite.  James looked over at them, only to turn his head towards kylo once more.  "I know you want to kill me.  That's why you came to this planet.  But release the other two.  They have no part in this.  This is between you and I.  Please, Ben.  Don't do it."  The women and the other male looked at kylo, fear in their eyes.  The very same fear that kylo had seen oh so many times.  

    Had the man known as James finally get in touch with Ben?  The Ben that he knew so well, growing up in the Jedi temple?  After Ben set flames to Lukes temple, James escaped, along with a few other surviving jedi's of lukes hand.  In his case?  He tried to rebuild, what Luke taught him.  That is what he was doing on this planet.  A secret order of Jedi, was his goal.  But alas, his goal was ashes beneath his feet.   "You need me, Ben.  You need us.  You came to this planet, for us--" 

   "I did not come here for you, regardless of what you might think." Kylo replied, taking off his helmet to expose his face to the man that he once called a friend.  The man wasn't much older than Kylo, but older than the the women, and the other male sitting beside james, awaiting their fate.  Holding his helmet underneath his arm, his lightsaber in his other hand, Kylo continued.  "I came here, for someone else.  You happened to be at the right place, at the wrong time."  Kylo would look over to one of his soldiers, speaking right after.  "Kill the man and the women, and bring James to the ship."  The Soldier would respond instantly with a yes sir, positioning their guns.  

  "Ben, no!"  James would scream in agony, looking over towards his lightsaber in the distance, for it to fly into his hands, instantly cutting the rope and allowing him to be free.  His glorious blue giving that jedi hum as he went straight for kylo, using force speed to almost instantly appear in front of him.  It took little to no effort for ben to ignite the lightsaber of his own, heaving a vertical blow against the others lightsaber, cracking it with sounds of lightning.  The man known as james would follow up with a side step, trying to find some kind of open spot, some kind of path to victory, but it was no use.  Kylo had bested him time and time before.  He knew his movements.  He knew what he was going to do.  Kylo parried his sift action with a heaving cut upward, knocking the lightsaber out of the mans hand, only to impale him with the red glow of heat.  The other two would instantly scream, seeing their master slayed by kylo.  The last moments of james life, was seeing his students, shot to death by blaster bolts, and Kylo whispering into james ear:  "Ben is dead."

     "Supreme Leader.  The person(s) you were looking for, have escaped."  One of the First Order soldiers explained, coming up to Kylo, moments after the events had passed.  Kylo, out of sheer anger, would instantly look at the soldier, force choking him, and slamming him into a nearby tree, dying instantly, his body making a sick cracking sound from his death.  Kylo, still trying to process everything, looked around him, and the flames that covered the planet.  Looking at the burnt houses, the dead, the hurt and screaming.  Those who were barely still alive.  It was almost surreal to him.  Even now, he could feel some kind of pull towards the light.  Some kind of hope.  Was this guilt? His teeth almost cracking from grit.  Speaking through his twisted face of anger he said "Find him/her.  Whatever you have to do.  If they left this galaxy, I want to know.  If they are still here, I want to know.  Find them, and bring them too me, now."  

ending theme

Jan 6th 2020 00:53

So shall we get a discussion going or do we do back in the day when there was no discussion just random starters.

Jan 5th 2020 23:30

Your very welcome.
I must say I need to educate myself on your character.

Jan 5th 2020 20:41

Just so you know your profile song has me jamming out like whoa.

Dec 30th 2019 02:23

You seem like a great writer, and I would love to write with you sometime.  I'm trying to keep things short, and sweet so it won't be such a bore.  I have a discord if that makes things easier?  You seem so sweet, I would love to write with you.

вєn (semi hiatus)

Dec 27th 2019 02:17

Pacing around the falcon, wasn't giving Ben any further information on his current problem. "Master Solo, I do believe I can be of some service." He heard threepio chirp. "Not not three-" - he stopped mid sentence, glancing over at the Android who'd just come aboard. "Do you remember star killer base?" Ben asked the new addition to the crew. "Master Solo, I don't think this is the appropriate time to bring up your past." Threepio chimed in. "Shh." He shushed the wide eyed Droid. "Well, I..." Offended, as he often was, threepio walked away, leaving Ben to question the new Android. "Do you remember you programming for their systems?"


Dec 24th 2019 15:10

Merry Christmas, space friend! 💙

Here's a little something I made for you, no need to thank me. ;)

But in all seriousness, I hope you have an awesome Christmas/Holiday.
I also hope you have a wonderful new year, and I, personally, can't wait to ring it in with each and every one of you. ♥ 


Dec 8th 2019 20:05


Oct 30th 2019 02:56

Nines’ head tilted as he regarded her with deliberate caution. Her words seemed not to phase him, though, what could provoke an Android that remained behind the wall of his protocol? Not long ago, she was in a similar position as him, and her weakness had broken her code. This, perhaps, was why he seemed not to care for her opinion. She was not better than him. Not in the least.

“Do remember where you came from, Mary. A very short time ago, you spoke of Jericho as if they were scum beneath your feet. I give you more respect than that.”

Of course, this was not why he was here. Bickering with a Deviant wasn’t his mission…

Perplexing enough, he was not on a mission. Nines couldn’t think of a real reason to why he’d decided to share this information, nor did he wish to dwell on it further.

“I’m not here to nitpick morality… I’m here to give you this…”

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a slip of paper. It was old fashioned, but it was safer than linking with her server. For both of them.

“There’s a terrorist attack being planned against Jericho… Markus is the primary target, but they aren’t going to discriminate. You’re the first to know.”  

Oct 29th 2019 13:25

Tensions between Humans and Androids had risen since the civil liberties to Androids had passed congress with no end in sight. Even though he had an ill-opinion on Jericho based on the reached aftermath of the riots, he worked to try and maintain a positive correspondence between the DPD and Jericho. However, as the last remaining Android who was not deviant, it was curious how he ended up here in the first place.

“I know I shouldn’t be here,” was his initial response to Mary, the matriarch and partner to Jericho’s leader. He couldn’t keep the information to himself…  
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