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Jayden was born in New York and resided there until moving out of state for his career In Boston, formerly sharing an apartment with his parents and younger sister. He took up a part-time job at a nearby restaurant during high school, eventually visiting the local police department with interest in criminal justice. After intricate research, the Federal Bureau of Investigation became his goal. Jayden went on to pass the entrance exams and interviews, his training at Quantico feeling as if yesterday.

Present Day

Each day brings a new adventure to Jayden, solving one case and moving on to profile another suspect. Jayden takes heed of the dangers associated with his occupation and proceeds with caution each time he follows where the cases lead him, traveling however far to solve his mission.
After closing his latest case—the Origami Killer—Norman returned to work per usual and continued his search for suspects, sacrificing sleep for reviewing evidence to acquire a detailed profile. Despite how the Origami Killer case altered Jayden’s view on life, he keeps the case close to heart for future reference.

"Always the same ritual."


Jayden is an intelligent and dedicated FBI profiler who uses reason instead of instincts to solve crimes. He is also somewhat asocial and appears as if he is not used to socializing with others. He comes across as sympathetic, appearing to understand people due to his knowledge of psychology. Although Jayden is usually calm and restrained, he can have a temper and often lashes out when provoked. Jayden is somewhat lonely; unlike others, he doesn't seem to have family or friends, nor a love life.

Writing sample

Quivers controlled his body, forcing the agent’s balance to falter and lean against the desk for support. The room revolved around him, a backdrop from his ARI—Added Reality Interface—enclosed his rented apartment from its natural setting. Blood trickled from his nose, eyes blurring together in irritation as the famine inside Norman pleaded for him to satisfy the triptocaine addiction.


He needed to rid himself of that demon, no matter how painful the withdrawals became.

Norman steadied himself with both hands, latching onto whatever surface was closest on his journey to the bathroom. A vial of blue euphoria awaited atop of the nightstand, beckoning the man to end his body’s cravings—his desire to escape from reality just for a moment. Moments of basking in a sweet void without interruption of life, allowing Norman to break from his demons for moments of peace and quiet. Moments of rejoice as Norman could elope to his own private paradise, away from his supervisor’s rantings and absent from his pressing duties. Labored breaths heaved from his chest, practically falling against the bathroom doorframe upon entry into reality.

I need to stay in control—I can resist this.

Unbalanced stumbles almost resulted flying head first into the mirror, snarling in disgust of how damaged his reflection became due to that poison. That same poison that cried out in agony when its needs were not met, the same poison that destroyed Norman from the inside out. He turned around to face the shower, twisting the knobs and shivering at the blast of cold water plastering him. His nosebleed had disappeared down the drain, where he hoped the Triptocaine would be one day. As he slumped lower against the shower wall, Norman finally understood how charming and dangerous the devil could be when offering release of one’s demons.

"I should resist. This is gonna kill me."

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Nov 1st 2018 16:23

i think, therefore i am
  Detroit: Become Human, a game where androids fight/protest for their right for freedom, which is outlined by three main characters. This group is a place to welcome all roleplayers who wish to be apart of a wonderful journey with multiple storylines. There are many chances to meet new friends, take part in wonderful roleplays, and it doesn't matter if you're canon or oc! Everyone is welcome in the community. We are sending a comment to you so we can show that we have an interest in you auditioning for a part to play in this roleplaying world. Auditions will take a few days to complete, as we want to ensure everyone has a fair chance to include themselves into the group without feeling like they have no chance. No one here will judge you. You are welcomed to audition regardless your character choice. A few ideas we have right now include the storyline as it is, a revolution between humans and androids, a loss storyline where the androids lose but are not killed, and an apocalyptic world.

We hope you want to audition and will find a warm home in our group. Thank you for taking the time to read this message. The rules and audition form are shown below so you can be taken there immediately.

Audition Form:
we hope you're ready to join us

Sep 30th 2018 15:26

Every strike on the door brought the threat of damage; cobalt blue bled through her assigned jumper’s sleeve as the plastic of her arm crunched and shattered underneath the force, a stark contrast to the pure white cloth. Androids were much more resilient than humans, and Aurora felt no pain as she continuously battled to break the door down. The damage would heal itself with time, so it was the least of her concerns as she prepared to throw herself towards it once more. A haggard voice from behind her prompted Aurora to pause in her desperate attempts though, peering over her shoulder at him with a barely disguised expression of bewilderment; wait, he struggled to articulate, scarcely able to breath through the smoke that filled his lungs as he succumbed to yet another fit of brutal coughing. He quickly continued, telling her that he would charge the door with her, and Aurora didn’t waste time arguing; it was a sound plan, their combined strength might just finally crack the door open. “Alright.” Shifting over some, she made certain that he had enough room and waited for his mark. 

On three, the both of them threw their combined weight against the door; a horrible screeching sound pierced the polluted air, but the door was finally wedged open enough to allow them passage. Relief washed over her, and it was almost too much; every emotion was almost too much, felt too deeply. Too new. Although Aurora would have insisted he go first, considering that he was the most vulnerable of the two of them, he urged her out the door and into the pale, overcast daylight; why, she wondered? Had the smoke inhalation clouded his mind, had he forgotten that she was not human? Or was it second nature for him to put someone else’s safety ahead of his own and, in that moment, he simply did not care that she was an android? There was no time to think about it. The moment she was through the door, her eyes were darting wildly around the back alley they had emerged into, scanning for the protestors responsible for having set the raging inferno to begin with. There was no one to be seen; the only danger was behind her now.

Aurora’s cerulean eyes snapped towards her pursuer, watching the human stumble into the nearest wall, feebly attempting to balance himself against it. “If you get us out of here…I’ll give you a ten second head start.” he had sworn, and while she understood that those ten seconds had started the moment they made it out that door, Aurora could not tear her eyes away. With all the stillness of a cautious doe, she watched as he coughed violently, hacking and wheezing as he weakly slid down the wall; there wasn’t a chance in hell that he was going to be able to chase her in his condition. The realization should have brought her some comfort, some… minute measure of assurance that she would not die by his hand, not today at least. However, that was not the first thought to be processed by her; despite everything, she found herself wondering if he was going to be alright. Humans were so terribly fragile, and watching him writhe in pain brought her no joy; in fact, she grimaced, finding it equally as difficult to watch as it was impossible to look away.

Her LED, which had consistently shifted from yellow to red from the moment she had first laid eyes on him, flickered gold as she scanned him once more. His heart raced dangerously, every statistic screaming that his body was under a tremendous amount of stress, but it wouldn’t have taken an android’s scan to see that there was something terribly amiss, something more than carbon monoxide poisoning. His eyes strained open, drifting uncertainly in an attempt to meet her gaze, and after a momentary battle to clear his lungs of the toxins he had inhaled, he rasped out a quiet command: go. Go? Aurora’s eyebrows knitted together as he suddenly doubled over, a familiar crimson liquid leaking from his nose that prompted the WE900 to step backwards, as if the sight of blood alone could have sent her running. He went very still, then, and if she hadn’t been monitoring his vitals, she might have thought he had expired right then and there, but no; his heart still hammered on unevenly, keeping him alive, if only barely.

Another backwards step drew Aurora farther away from him. In the distance, she could perceive the sound of sirens, two minutes out by her estimation. Too close-- the man was too close to the building due to collapse at any moment, rescuers would not reach the warehouse in time, let alone find his unconscious body out here quickly enough to save him from it. In all likelihood, he would be crushed by debris if she just left him here. Another step backwards. This man was not her responsibility.. but a quiet voice in the deepest reaches of her mind reminded her that she was the reason he was in this situation to begin with; he would have never been in that warehouse if not for her. Although he had been mere seconds away from killing her, at the end of the day, he’d only just been following orders; orders given to him by people who seemed to have misconstrued what really happened that night with Percy. This man... he was innocent. How did she deserve her freedom if the first thing she did with it was allow an innocent man to die?

“Sh*t.” Aurora hissed through clenched teeth, her feet finally carrying her forwards into action. Although he was easily a foot taller than she was, she looped her arms underneath his and dragged him away from the burning building without too much trouble. As luck would have it, anyone in the area’s had moved to the front of the building to watch the spectacle, so she was able to slip away and into a fenced-in parking lot a couple of buildings down without anyone asking her why she was dragging an unconscious man down the street. As she entered the enclosed area, she could hear, not see, the building collapse into a pile of rubble; they were only fortunate that they were not inside, Aurora considered this with solemnity as she very carefully rested the man, Norman, she reminded herself of his name, against the side of a parked vehicle. 

Despite the state that he was in, he looked oddly peaceful, a far cry from the absolute disgust and contempt that had twisted across his features before, when he told her that she had no right to assume human emotions, that she was just a walking circuit board. Shaking her head, Aurora examined his ashen features for only a moment longer, before finally drawing his gun out of its holster, removing the clip from it. One by one, she withdrew the bullets from it until it was totally vacant, then shoved the empty clip back into the weapon and returned it to its holster. Having his gun would make him feel safer, more in control of the situation, but having his bullets would ensure that he didn’t just shoot her when he woke up, not without her getting a head start before he replaced the clip with a full one, at least. Burying the bullets in one of her pockets, Aurora stepped backwards, until her own back was pressed against the side of a vehicle opposite to him. Gradually, she lowered herself to the ground, drawing her knees to her chest as she silently observed the man. She would stay just long enough to ensure that he lived through… whatever it was that he was facing besides the smoke inhalation. Perhaps she would mildly suggest that he check himself into a hospital, but then, she was leaving. Although she wasn’t certain as to where she would go, she knew that it was going to be far from here, far from this man. Maybe he was innocent, but she wasn’t a fool; she was going to get away from him before he could really, truly give chase again. For now, she was content to just watch him.


Aug 11th 2018 20:33

Norman|BuddyLCTN: BarVitals: 
What Lies Beyond


Beep-beep, beep-beep, beep-beep, beep-beep, beep-beep!Vital signs skyrocketed. Hands pressed against the tube he was trapped in. One balled into a tight fist and he slammed it against the glass, but all that came from it was a muffled thud. He punched it again, another thud. Again, and again. It began to crack and his hand began to bleed. Again. It cracked more. Last time. Everything shattered. Buddy fell out of the broken tube and onto the floor. He coughed heavily, lying on the soaked floor. Slowly, he pulled himself to his feet. His feet... He could walk again. It was difficult, his legs were so weak from not being used in such a long period of time, not to mention not a single muscle in his body has moved for months.

Buddy pressed his shaky figure against the wall and used it for support as he walked out of the room and down the hallway. Already men were running down the hallway, in uniforms like they were security or something like it. They yelled for him to stay where he was as they trained their guns on him. The sounds of their voices pissed him off. He growled and slammed his fist against the wall, causing a crack to crawl across it. As the hatred and rage filled his heart, his strength seemed to come back almost instantly.

Fifteen minutes. It took him fifteen minutes to massacre a unit of twelve men—twelve armed men. Not a scratch on him, but he was bathed in blood. A biohazard had escaped and the best way to find him was by following the body trail. The survivors who didn’t cross Buddy’s path did so in good reason. The surveillance cameras showed them what he could do. The orders were to let him go for now, catch him off guard later.


A new town, new people, and a new chance. Maybe things will go better here in this place than it did in the last place. He had just found a new place to stay and a job. Not a good job, but it would be enough for him to bring in income. Bartender. He was a bartender at a not so popular bar. One perk about working there was he could sneak himself drinks all night. That’s something all alcoholics would love.

That’s where he was tonight and where he’s been every night this week. He had his new job and new identity. Here in America, he was just Alex the bartender. Alex, the smart mouthed brunette with an accent as thick as steel. It was easy. This whole life was easy. Easy but shameful. This shouldn’t be the way to live life. So many secrets, so many deceptions. The male was always on his guard. And he was always lying. No, life wasn’t easy.

This night was a bad one. The damn “infection” had been acting up since this morning. “I just have a cold,” he told them, he told anyone who asked. Just a common cold, it comes and goes. He could hold on. Just a little longer. The bar closes at 3:00. Only 36 minutes to go. Then he could go home and suffer in privacy. For now, he stood behind the bar, washing some of the used glasses. Only two people were left in the bar. Maybe they will couple up and leave early. He’d be quick to lock the doors early. By the looks of it, he will be shooing them out once the clock struck 3. 

 I just want this night to be over . . . 

Jul 22nd 2018 20:57

Although Aurora hadn’t expected him to believe her, there was a clear sense of doubt in his countenance when she’d told him that she hadn’t killed Percy. It was clear to her, then, that he had been lied to, or at the very least he hadn’t been told the full story. Of course, as far as Aurora knew, he was still alive; he could have died from his injuries, she supposed, and if he had, that meant that Aurora was unwittingly lying to this agent; it didn’t matter, though. It seemed to stay the sort of hostility and rage that had built up throughout their confrontation, and she could only be grateful for that. If he asked her, she wouldn’t deny that she had wanted to kill Percy; the rage that she had felt, knowing full well what his intentions were… it was unlike anything she had ever felt. It completely consumed her and what she had done was done in a blind fury, before she had even known what she was doing, she was on top of him, throwing punch after merciless punch. The only reason he wasn’t dead was because his friends had dragged her off of him, and she was thankful for that. What Aurora did, what she would have done.. it was monstrous. She never wanted to feel that again.

The agent’s coughing fit prompted Aurora to shift on her feet somewhat anxiously; if he didn’t listen to what she was saying, he was going to get the both of them killed here. As her cerulean irises scanned his features, she saw a flicker of uncertainty there and she felt hope bubble up within her as she begged for his begged for his understanding, for his trust. It looked as though he might say something, but again, he was overcome with a myriad of hacks and sputtering coughs, and she realized it was only going to get worse from here. Luckily, he didn’t need to say much; as he placed his gun in its holster, it told her exactly what she needed to know. He was going to trust her, at least marginally. Her hands slowly lowered and her shoulders dropped in relief; it was the wise thing to do, self-preservation had overcome any animosity he held for her for the time being, and he muttered a request for her to not make him regret it, mossy hues boring into her own. Aurora only nodded, her dark curls tousled by the rapid movement; she’d get that door open, but once it was open he was on his own. 

As Norman took a few measured steps nearer to her, Aurora cowered away at first, unsure of whether or not he may snap and change his mind suddenly; humans were volatile like that. However, he instead seemed to hesitantly search for his words, before peering back up at her and telling her that if she got them out of here, he would allow her a ten second head start. In his condition? Ten seconds would be plenty of time to get away from him, especially since his lung capacity would be significantly lowered; she could get away. “Deal.” Aurora uttered quietly, stepping away from the door. “You may want to stand back.” She warned him, and after taking a good couple paces to about ten feet away, Aurora charged towards the door, connecting her shoulder with the metal. The harsh connection caused the augmented skin of her upper arm and shoulder to shimmer away to reveal the white and grey slate underneath, but the color quickly rushed back. The door didn’t budge, however. 

With some desperation and frustration, Aurora paced back from the door again and charged; again, her skin vanished in the places where her body connected to the door. Now, Aurora was not a very strong android-- stronger than most humans, certainly stronger than Norman, but there were androids specifically built to deal and take damage, and she wasn’t one of them. She was designed to tutor, to keep young adults company whilst they studied in high school and university, to cook for them and to clean their place of residence, not break barricades down. But she was determined; already, she could hear the fire roaring overhead and the distinct creaking of a roof about to give way; his chance of survival dipped below 50%. If she didn’t hurry, the both of them would be crushed by the roof caving in. The panic wasn’t lost on her, but she had to be brave. 

Again, she slammed her weight into the door and it budged, if only a little; a sliver of sunlight streamed in from the small crack she had created, illuminating the smoke around them like a glowing cloud, and it only spurred her on. Uncertain as to the condition of the human behind her, Aurora’s sole attention was getting this door open. Settling a good distance from the door, Aurora scanned the door to find its weakest point and planted a firm kick there; the crack became wider, she could see just some of objects the anti-android protestors had used to bar the door. A chair, cement blocks, a dumpster, some old wooden planks, anything they could find, really. The female android planted another firm kick to the door, and it wedged open just a bit wider, she could hear the chair that had been blocking the door crack and shatter underneath the strain. “I’ve almost got it!” Aurora couldn’t look to see if he was even keeping his word; for all she knew, he could draw his gun and shoot her in the back of the head the moment the door was open, but she couldn’t worry about that. She had to trust him, she had to trust that he’d honor his word and let her get a head start once this door was open, she had no choice.

Jul 12th 2018 03:56

Dread washed over Aurora like a tidal wave, swallowing her up within its ruthless hold and left her trembling; anger flooded his features and his grip on the gun pointed at her head tightened, and he told her that she was just a machine and that she had no right to human emotion. Aurora should have known; their was no humanity left in the human race, they were all the same! She was a fool to believe that she could reason with him, but it stung nonetheless, and she recoiled with every harsh word he spat like venom, pressing herself further into the door. He went on to say that he’d kept his sister safe, but that didn’t give him the right to murder the assailant, and she froze then, looking up at him with big, wide eyes, clearly shocked by what he had said. 

“Murder..?” Aurora echoed, shaking her head. “Percy-- the man, he… I didn’t kill him.” Was that what they told him? Aurora couldn’t have been sure that he didn’t die from the injuries at a later time, she supposed, but.. he was definitely alive when the other people at the party had dragged her off of him and pulled him out of the room. 

There was little time for her to worry about that right now, though; carbon levels were rising and tried as she may to get rid of the warnings, they remained in front of her vision. His voice roused her attention though as he told her that if she was trying to reset herself he would shoot her, and she only swallowed nervously; it seemed to her that the longer they were in this standoff, the more agitated he became; she ran a quick scan on his vitals, finding that his blood-pressure was almost out of control, his racing heart pounding so quickly she was surprised that he was even able to do anything other than clutch at his chest feebly. He was far too young to be having a heart attack, and these weren’t the effects of adrenaline; had she kicked him too hard when he’d been about to put those cuffs on her? No, she didn’t think it would have had this effect on him… then what?

The FBI agent threatened to dismantle her if he had to, and Aurora almost whimpered in fear at the thought; he wasn’t bluffing, at this rate she wasn’t sure what he would and wouldn’t do, but she knew he was becoming more and more irate the longer this went on; so much for his ‘I’m not going to hurt you’ spiel earlier; he accused her of faking her emotions, and yet, his turned on a dime. Humans were volatile like that, though, never settling on one emotion, always flitting from one to the other no matter how hard it was to keep up with. As he spoke, her eyes drifted away from him, suddenly aware of the flames that had begun to overtake the rundown building. Smoke bellowed from the blaze, and it was starting to slowly but surely fill the warehouse up, though it didn’t concern Aurora at all; the heaving of her chest was the simulation of breathing, she didn’t really have any lungs. Something about giving them a breathing pattern put the humans at ease, it made them less ‘creepy’, they had said. When her eyes met his once more, she saw that he was afraid; and rightfully so, but so was she. Androids weren’t impervious to fire, and she had no intention of dying today, if she could help it.

You knew this would happen, didn't you? The man accused her, and Aurora shook her head vehemently, her hands still raised. “I didn’t!” she cried, not daring to turn away for fear he would shoot her in the head. “I didn’t know, I swear!” And it was the truth; she’d just been looking for somewhere to escape to, some place she could lose him in and where those protestors wouldn’t follow her… The protestors! “T-There was a group of anti-android protestors outside, this must have been their doing!” It sounded desperate, like an excuse, but it wasn’t; it was the only explanation and she just needed to.. to talk some sense into him!

“Listen to yourself! There’s no way I could have known this place would catch fire-- and I couldn’t have had the time to set it ablaze myself! I ran up those stairs, the catwalk collapsed, I was laying on the ground when you came in seconds later, and you were with me the whole time after that. I wouldn’t have had any time to set the place ablaze!” Aurora motioned the doors, but her azure hues never strayed from his emerald ones. “The door we both came in from was jammed, and this one won’t open either.. They trapped us inside and set the whole building ablaze, just to see one android burn without any care that you were in here, too.” Her tears having dried, sobered by the very real fact that they both may die here, Aurora pressed one palm to the door behind her. 

“We need to get out of here, right now; I may be able to break the door down, but you’ll have to trust me.” As much as she tried to reason with him, part of her knew that he wouldn’t listen. It wasn’t just his stubborn human nature at this point, he was being driven by fear for one, which was one of the most dangerous emotions for humans, she’d found; he was also facing another issue pertaining to his health that she didn’t fully understand. The smoke was getting thicker, the longer he was in here, the more at risk he was of death; she could see his percentage of survival falling by the minute. The roof could collapse at any moment, and even if it didn’t, the oxygen around them was being consumed by the hungry fire, leaving very little to breathe aside from the harsh smoke. 

Would that be such a bad thing?

Aurora was shocked at her own thoughts, but she had to admit that if he became incapacitated, she would be able to get away. What was the point in steering him from his own self destruction if he refused to listen? She could wait til he inevitably fainted and escape, and that was looking like a very real possibility at this point. There was little she could do, if he just wanted to wave his gun around and eventually succumb to smoke inhalation, he could be her guest; he couldn’t say she didn’t try, though.


Jul 9th 2018 08:36

The fall had rendered her motionless for the time being as her systems did an automated scan to check for damages; all she felt was a slight pressure really, but it had stunned her a great deal. Even as she heard a voice and approaching footsteps, she was unable to move or defend herself, her scan leaving her in an almost paralyzed state. Not here to hurt her? His voice was soothing, but it did little to calm Aurora’s raging fear, and she didn’t believe his words for one second; no matter what he was here to do, she was going to be destroyed, did he know that, she wondered? Clearly he hadn’t worked with androids very much at all, because he began to tell her what rights she held in the court of law; she had no rights, she wasn’t a real person. All she was to the humans was a piece of property with a pretty face. The moment his hand touched her shoulder, though, it seemed to release her from whatever state of paralysis she’d been under and she sat up suddenly, planting her feet against his chest and shoving him away as hard as she could.

With that, Aurora scrambled to her feet unsteadily, tripping gracelessly over a metal beam that had been brought down with her and making a break for the nearest door, the same door she’d come in from, but when she tried to open it, it wouldn’t budge. Aurora pushed and pulled it desperately, attempting to jiggle it free from whatever was holding it fastened, but it was no use. Knowing full well that he would be right behind her, Aurora didn’t have time to attempt to force it open. Instead, she turned away from it, running a simulation to see what her best course of action would be, her sapphire-colored eyes flitting around the room fearfully.

There was a flight of stairs to her right, but it was risky, especially since the last stairs hadn’t held under her weight-- there was an 89% chance it would collapse as well and that wasn’t good enough odds for her to risk it. Across the length of the warehouse was another door, and there were two options there; either make a straight shot for it and risk confrontation with the human, Norman he’d said his name was, or take an alternative route along the outside edge whilst weaving through various abandoned machinery. The second option was slower, and he would have a chance to shoot her if he felt like it, but she felt it was the better option; it’d be better if she didn’t get close enough for him to grab her. 

Aurora bolted to the side then, sliding under and jumping over a series of conveyor belts with the precision only an android could possess, now that her objective was clear to her and she wasn’t running on fear alone. She could only really hope he was ordered not to harm her; if he was a good shot, this would all be over with one bullet. 

She’d been moving so quickly that once the door was within her grasp, she collided against it harshly and it stunned her for only a moment, and she attempted to shove it open. Horrified when it didn’t budge either, she shook its handle violently and resorted to slamming the palms of her hands against it as fear overwhelmed her senses, panic coursing through her like a poison; she was trapped, and there was nowhere to go. Turning slowly, Aurora pressed her back into the door and watched the human drawing nearer to her position.

“Please,” Aurora finally spoke, lifting her hands either in surrender or as a plea. There was really nothing else she could do but appeal to his humanity, if he felt anything at all for androids. Some humans hated them, some were neutral about them, but some.. some seemed open to the idea of androids being on equal standing with humanity, though Aurora had never met any of them herself. Margaret had always been rather lukewarm about it, although she had never been cruel to Aurora; she was the only reason she’d even been able to get away in the first place. “Please… If you take me in, they’ll kill me. They’ll tear me apart to study me, I.. I only just started living, I don’t want to die!” 

Placing one hand over where her thririum pump was, where the heart would be on a human, Aurora continued. “I’m sorry, I swear, I’ll never hurt another human! I was just protecting her, he was going to… He was going to hurt her, I just wanted to keep her safe!” It wasn’t a lie, she’d only been protecting Margaret, though it would be a lie if she told him she hadn’t enjoyed hurting that man. What had they told this Norman Jayden about her case, she wondered? Not a lot, she assumed; probably just that she’d nearly beaten a man to death, not the reason.“I know--.. I know I went too far, but that man.. he wanted to do things to my owner, things that she didn’t want. I did what I had to, to keep her safe, wouldn’t you have done the same?” Aurora didn’t know what kind of man he was, but surely he agreed that what she had done wasn’t wrong. 

Aurora took a step closer to him, hoping that she’d at least plead her case to him. “Please,” she repeated desperately. “Please, just let me go…”

Without warning, a sudden notification flitted across her vision, warning her of danger, and her eyes blinked several times, trying to make it go away. However, it persisted, drawing her attention away from him and around the warehouse to locate the danger she was being warned of; rising levels of carbon. A fire? Moments after she had already sensed the danger, smoke began rolling into the old warehouse, and flames were beginning to climb up a wall and towards the roof; had those demonstrators set the whole warehouse ablaze!? 

Jul 8th 2018 07:30

The most terrifying part of this whole ordeal is that, it felt good. It felt good to put Percy in his place after what he'd been trying to do to Margaret. As the hot, sticky red substance dripped down her face, Aurora rose her fist one last time, but before she could bring it back down, arms were being wrapped around her and she was being pulled away from the unmoving form of the drunken male beneath her. She screamed and wildly fought against her restraints, wanting nothing more than to finish what she had started. However, as the other boys from the party pulled her away, the android caught sight of herself in the shattered mirror across the master bedroom; her face twisted into something terrifying, splattered in human blood; she looked like a monster. Immediately, she stopped resisting. The boys dragged her back a ways and held her there until the others dragged Percy to safety, and then they threw Aurora to the ground and ran. 

Sitting there with a numb, blank expression, Aurora stared down at her hands; her own fists had been busted up during the altercation but had healed on their own, staining her hands in both red and blue blood. What had she done? Emotion was something brand new, and foreign, and strange, and she hadn't been able to control the absolute vicious rage that had boiled up and exploded forth from her. She had taken it too far. It hadn't been about protecting Margaret when she kept punching him, over, and over. It was about revenge. It was... wrong.

The android's eyes suddenly flicked across the room to the girl who was cowering in the corner, sobbing and no doubt in pain. Aurora stood up slowly and started to walk towards the girl, and that's when Margaret whimpered, pressing herself harder into the wall. Aurora's expression contorted into one that of pain. The girl she'd sworn to ensure happiness to, the one she'd broken her hardcode to protect... was afraid of her. Immediately, Aurora dropped to her knees and held he hands out, palms facing the human girl. "Margaret..." She whispered. "I'm so, so sorry, I should have better kept an eye on you." Shaking her head, she stared down at her bloody hands. A droplet of liquid cascaded down Aurora's cheek and landed on her hands, and then another did the same. In confusion, she reached up and wiped away the liquid... tears??? Looking back up at Margaret, she shook her head more fervently. "I would never hurt you, please believe me. I'm so sorry, I don't know what's happening, I..."

“Aurora,” Margaret was no longer cowering, and seemed to have been watching this display of emotion in shock. Suddenly feeling hands clasping her own, Aurora glanced up to Margaret with wide, frightened eyes; they both were frightened, for different reasons, but still, the emotion they shared was mutual. Her eyebrows furrowed then, listening to her panicked words. “Rory.... you have to run!” When Aurora didn’t seem to respond to that, Margaret squeezed her hands. “Please! Go! They’ll kill you!” Kill her? Can you kill what was never alive? It seemed to her that Margaret now viewed Aurora as a living being capable of being killed; why did that make her feel happy? “GO!” Startled, Aurora stood up and backed away; she didn’t know where she would go, but she would do what Margaret asked her to. Without many options, she opened the window and jumped down from the second floor with ease. 

Turning to glance up at the house one last time, she turned and ran; she ran, and she ran, and she ran, until the daylight had come she was so far away that she was lost. She’d never been here to this part of the city; there had never been a reason to. The young android had simply hidden in the nearest abandoned place she could find, which, when the daylight came, she found was a junkyard. Unmoving, Aurora remained nestled in between the space between two old cars, burying her face in her arms. And she remained like this for hours, until… the sound of a plastic water bottle caused her eyes to snap upwards in surprise; nothing. It nothing. 


Aurora soundlessly turned, lowering herself so that she could peer beneath one of the vehicles; two steady feet crept silently towards her hiding spot, every steady foot step encroaching on her and she felt like the walls were caving in on her; the LED on her temple flashed a crimson red. Every step of their feet urged Aurora a little closer to the old vehicle she'd been leaning on, and she clung to it, like it was the only thing keeping her grounded to this world and without it she would shatter into a million pieces. It was only a matter of time, she knew, before her hiding spot would be discovered and she would be dragged off to be disassembled and studied like a freak of nature, which, she supposed she was. These thoughts did nothing to soothe her fear, in fact, it only served to make them worse. All she wanted to do was be free; was it such a horrible thing to ask? She would never look at or talk to another human, they wouldn’t even know she existed! She just wanted to live!

A will to live drew a determination from the young android she hadn’t known was there; a quiet strength, urging her to fight. So, when the human came into view, Aurora propelled herself forward and shoved her shoulder into his, hoping to knock him over in order to give her a chance to gain some distance.  For only a brief moment, her desperate, sapphire colored irises met his forest green ones, but she only turned and darted out the exit, knowing full well that he wouldn’t give up that easily; humans weren’t easily deterred, even when the odds were stacked against them… but she was more human than they said she was. 

Knowing he wouldn’t shoot at her if there were other humans in danger, Aurora made her way towards a crowd, shoving past them in desperation; it was a mistake. 

“It’s an android!” One shouted, grabbing her by the arm. 

“GET IT!” Another cried, tugging at the color of her white jumper. “TORCH IT!”

Aurora fought wildly to get away, trying not to hurt them as much as possible. “Please, let me go!” Aurora cried, shoving them off of her, though the force of it had knocked her to the ground. She scrambled backwards on her hands, then finally was able to pull herself together dart to the nearest building; a warehouse. She slipped through a door and up an unsteady flight of metal stairs, worn and rusted by age; halfway across it the catwalk, it collapsed under her weight and she was sent tumbling to the ground below. She laid there on the ground for some time, the LED on her temple blinking red before slowly shifting to an uncomfortable yellow; it hadn’t hurt, of course not, androids didn’t feel pain. But it did leave her a little stunned, to be perfectly honest.

Jun 28th 2018 21:49

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"There's two things I hate, Scully," Mulder was quipping into his cellular, standing outside the Hoover Building in a rental car he'd only just taken from the garage, "the instructions on cans of soup and new partners."

"I think it'll be good for you," came the pleased response.  Mulder twisted his lips.

"You know, I'd almost say you were enjoying this if I didn't know you to be the kind, gentle soul that I know you to be."

Scully only snickered.  They'd been split up by the bureau but it seemed only a temporary happenstance--at least, Mulder hoped.  He'd never been known to bond very well to new people and sometimes it still amazed him that Scully stuck around... he could be especially hard on new partners, sharers in his quest.  

Paranoia, thy name is Fox Mulder. 

"You better go," Scully said over the line, knowing Mulder would probably do the entire case on the phone with her if she let him, "Have fun with your new partner," he could hear her smiling, "Play nice."

"Don't I always?"

It was as Mulder hung up that he felt the touch of another and he turned to see a handsome, well dressed man--younger than himself--with a simple brown hair cut and good suit.  He introduced himself as Norman Jayden.

"Fox Mulder," he greeted him with a casual, if not slightly apathetic, handshake, "It's..." he searched for the word for just a second, "nice to meet you, Agent Jayden."

Mulder released him and nodded at the rental car, "I hope you packed your lunch," he poked at the youthful agent, going around to the driver's seat, somewhat quick to get started.

Dangling the keys, he smiled tightly, "I'm driving."

Mulder was buckling himself in when he asked bluntly, "Ever heard of the x-files, Agent Jayden?  We're the department all the way down in the basement," he half-grinned and started the ignition. 
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