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нoɴ ɢαlαd➳loveѕ нer ғαмιly☆roмe

Dec 24th 2019 23:14

My dear Lady.

Christmas is all about caring, sharing and consuming many scrumptious foods! 
May all your dreams come to Life as quickly as possible. 
Merry Christmas!

This Gift are from my beloved Husband Legolas and me. 
May this Necklace,
bring you Joy and Luck,
and be a good Companion to you,
in every Lifes Situation.
May you always find your way back Home,
even in your darkest Hours,
by the shining of the beautiful Stars.

нoɴ ɢαlαd➳loveѕ нer ғαмιly☆roмe

Oct 26th 2019 21:40

My Lady,
join the Party,
and play a Game with us.
нoɴ ɢαlαd➳loveѕ нer ғαмιly☆roмe

Oct 25th 2019 06:13

Good Morning,
Good Afternoon,
Good Evening my Friend.

Today is the Day.
Today our Halloween Party will start!

This Halloween I’d like to tell you a thing or two, 
it’s okay to be the devil, 
it’s okay to have a tattoo, 
it’s okay to be an Angel, 
it’s okay to trick or treat too.

We are not Friends of long Posts,
so let us make its short.
We hope to see you at our Party!
Meet new and also old Friends,
be dressed and be scared,
and most of all, 
have as much Fun, 
as you can have 
and a wonderful and scary Time!

We would be happy to welcome you!

Love The Realms of Middle Earth.

Queen of Erebor--{FOS}

Oct 24th 2019 20:45

You as well my lady.
Queen of Erebor--{FOS}

Oct 23rd 2019 21:45

The Kingdom of the Durin Folk had endured. To what degree? Many had been lost during battle but also, many had returned to the humble abode of the Lonely Mountain. Erebor was thriving once more with life. Thea, the wife of Thorin stood looking towards the South. Something stirred. She couldn't place her finger upon it. As she was about to go inside her lady in waiting Neela ran in. "M'lady I have word from your brother Lord Legolas. He says that your father wishes you to join them in Mirkwood for Council." Thea admitted sometime she missed her family more than she cared to admit. But she had a duty, first to her husband's people, the Durin.

Her own son Thalion was from that line as was her daughter Elora.  She herself was queen of the Durin Folk, an elf daughter, and the adopted daughter of Thranduil nonetheless. She and Thranduil had their arguments but that still did not mean she did not care for him. She loved him and even admired her adopted father. She had cared for him even in his darkest of hours. But one day had stood out from the rest. When he had walked away from the Durin the day Smaug had taken Erebor, Thea had stayed, defied her father's orders.

"Tell him I will speak with my husband and let him know as soon as word comes to me." She turned to go back inside hands behind her back. Next there came word of visitors from afar. Whispers were it were the lady of Dol Amroth. Thea put on her finest of gowns, had her lady in waiting to brush out her dark strands, and put silver beads into her hair. She laid a silver crown made of mithril, a gift from Thorin, upon her head.

She had spoken two days before to her husband of her dreams. There was evil arising and she didn't understand what it was. It scared her this time. For this evil was bigger than that whom had attacked Erebor and Dale before. Thorin looked at her, blue eyes as they had always been, full of wisdom and love for her. "We cannot afford to lose anymore to battle." Thea had argued with him. He knew she would. "So we stand behind our walls of stone and do not aid those whose lives are in danger? What of my father and brother? They are in that forest. More of those horrid spiders will come. Can we not send aid to them?"

His jaw clenched and blue eyes flashed. "You would have me aid those who did not aid us in our time of need?" He was right. She argued no more. Her heart still would not rest. She had to send some sort of aid to them. They had finally called her to council. First things were first. Alliances had to be made. She waited in the council room for the lady of Dol Amroth.
нoɴ ɢαlαd➳loveѕ нer ғαмιly☆roмe

Oct 5th 2019 14:05

I do wish you the same my beloved Friend.
Have a peaceful and magical Evening.


нoɴ ɢαlαd➳loveѕ нer ғαмιly☆roмe

Oct 5th 2019 11:57

Verdarianna smiled even more at the Lady, handing her a beautiful Autumn Flower.

''The same here, so whenever you find a free Minute and you are feeling like it,
let hear from you and we can talk about a Sl or do whatever you like to do.''
нoɴ ɢαlαd➳loveѕ нer ғαмιly☆roмe

Oct 5th 2019 11:44

Verdarianna smiled at the Lady bowing in front of her.

''my beloved Lady, I thank you for being my Friend, and I hope we two soon can talk about a Sl and maybe become good Friends. That would be wonderful.''
нoɴ ɢαlαd➳loveѕ нer ғαмιly☆roмe

Oct 5th 2019 11:11

Verdarianna Elessar

Hello my new Friend. Mára amaurea mime sinya nur. Man aur nin siniath mellon.
I am not a Friend of long Intros,


If you have a to-do list here, put me on it please. *smiles*

I want to welcome you here into my World, my Name is Verdarianna Elessar, and I am the oldest Daughter of King Aragorn and Lady Arwen. Married Wife to Legolas Thranduilion, and Mother of almost Seven Childs. There is nothing more I would like, as having an Adventure, just like Frodo and the Fellowship had. If you think, you could be the one, I could go through the Mountains with, meeting this and that evil Creature, maybe Hobbits, Elves and Dwarfs, you are right here..

It is a pleasure for me, meeting you.
How are you on that beautiful Day?
I hope, that whenever you find a free Minute, we can talk about a Sl.

Until this, I wish you a beautiful Day and a wonderful Time around here.
Hope hearing back from you...
multi-para and novella writer. looking for active & friendly writers.

Verdarianna Elessar

Feb 13th 2019 17:19

A flower from Mirkwood, for a lovely Lady on Valentines Day.
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