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May 6th 2019 00:43

The tears continued to stream down both sides of Silbie's face, the mascara mixed in with her tears leaving fine black lines down to the apples of her cheeks. There was a sudden tug at the back of her hair, harder and it caused the female to put her neck at an unusual angle which caused a string of pain to shoot up from the back of her neck to the disks located in her spine. Her mouth had opened with the goal of screaming -with the hope that someone would hear her screams for help and come to her rescue; however, instead of a curling scream coming from Silbie's mouth, instead all that was released from the yank of her hair was a loud wince. The sharpness of her long blade pressed closer to her neck. She could feel the coldness of the blade pressed against her neck, and she knew if she moved in any way she would have caused her own death. "Stop whimpering!" the intruder exclaimed, her words as cold as the metal of her blade and as cold as her flesh. Then the sound of heavy boots echoing as they slammed against the wooden floors beneath the two, mean while the blonde then felt the blade move away from her neck and moved away on all fours until she felt her back hit the wall.

There was a sudden and loud sound of something being dragged and it brought fear to crawl up Silbie's spine, her eyes widened and she jumped in place when she heard the voice speak to her in anger, Look at me!", she exclaimed and the blonde did as such. Looking up at the silhouette of the female intruder, Silbie was finally capable of seeing the features a bit more better. She was of Oriental descent and it only brought more questions to Silbie's mind as to how and why had this come to being. Though it would have seemed that her intruder had caught on and realized Silbie had been studying her features during this slight moment of silence, "I repeat again: I you hear me? I saw how you split his you holed his chest with a dagger, again and again, you were satisfied with what you have done. And it was definitely you, so, please.." There was a pause in her rather long and descriptive statement, all the while all Silbie could have done was shake her head in disagreement. "No, you don't understand." She pleaded, but her words were not heard and instead she was grabbed by the back of her neck and brought her closer to her own body into a cuddle-like form. Her neck pressed against her hip, she could feel the fabric of her leather pants being pressed against her face. Her hands holding on tightly to the feet of the chair.

"If you don't want to die" Ah, the sound of salvation. It hadn't mattered what her intruder suggested, Silbie would abide to anything she would have said at this point. Her ice cold touch on the main artery on the side of her neck, it brought a thin sheet of goosebumps to cover her body. The female shivered in fear and in pain from the recent assault. "Tell me what happened in that apartment with my target. And I want the truth..." Words were like choir bells to Silbie's ears, Silbie took in a deep breath knowing that she had to calm herself down before she was able to make a coherent sentence. "It wasn't me. It was Silyne." She said, voice already cracking. "Only the truth. If you tell me lies, your body will let me know it and I will tear you apart like a doll." She moved her head slightly, even with the pressure of said hand over her neck. "Silyne..." She breathed, as she tried to get her neck comfortable from the strain and pulling of it. "She's my split personality..." She finally admitted, her solid crystal-like tears now slithering onto the side of her leather pants. "I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Borderline Split Personality." She continued to express her truth and her side of the moment all the while wondering in terror if the woman would believe her or not. Her fingers rose, gently to touch the hand that the woman had placed over her neck. "I don't know you and have no reason to lie to you! You have to believe me." She exclaimed, fingers simply placed above the womans'. Holding on tightly, not with the incentive to remove it from her neck but rather to make her feel her honesty -if only such gesture was possible.
Hou Xin

May 3rd 2019 04:43

Before he attempted to answer her question, but also oppose some of her concerns Hou Xin steady his stallion and brought him to a halt, causing Cherry Blossoms to follow suit. - So did the warriors riding behind them, too. By now they had reached a crossroad of two major roads at the outskirts of the Capital, the moon was high up and rooftops were bathing in silvery light, a beautiful sight to behold for those able to witness.
Having been roaming the streets for as long he could remember it was not too hard a task for the young General to navigate even without sight – and not at least due to the commands of his men in his back he knew that they had reached the spot where his warriors would depart, heading right to the outpost in order to change guards while he and his new warrior would ride further on in order to gain as much distance as possible before morning and daylight would force them to put a stop to their journey towards the coast and the harbor.

Once he had seen off his men, Hou Xin turned back to the female vampire, while urging his horse back to fall into a slow trot.
“So, then let´s do this, right? – Should take us about two more days, or rather nightly rides to reach the coastline and the harbor where a ship will be ready and waiting for us. For two merchants to reach Japan.”
He smiled a little, eventually caring to share his plan of action and thus also answering some of her earlier questions.
“As you asked – well, no, I have not been to Japan personally so far – but I am able to speak the language, fairly, yet surely with an accent which would rise a brow – and this is exactly why I need you for this mission. – You´ll be in the lead there when it comes to the talking. – Fortunately, at least in this case, people seem to be rather restrained and insecure when it comes to address blind people… therefore it surely will not draw too much attention if I leave most of the talking to my big sister – the part you will be playing during this mission. I am just the younger, blind brother of a couple of merchant siblings who tags along, useless to do a lot more due to the condition I am in.”
A utterly amused and mischievous chuckle escaped his slips while the serene features briefly light up in a similar grin for a moment.
“We´ll change into our roles just before reaching the port and crossing the seas as simple merchants – hope this will help to ease some of your concerns, Madoka-sama.”
Hou Xin

Apr 29th 2019 02:32

Hou Xin shook his head a little “You almost sound as if you´d preferred to have died, Lieutenant.” Was his retort on her remark that she could not see a possible change in the strained relationship between her and the other Guards.
“Self-fulfilling prophecy, that is was we call a situation like this – when your actions unwittingly stir the course of future actions and interactions.”
However he was rathe sure what she tried to imply, having been filled in by Alexander about the events of last night. The behavior of his men was nothing he approved of, and yet he was aware that no punishment in the world would change their mind, only force them to put up an act. And the least thing he needed among his Guards was fake, forced comradery. This in the end always would end up stabbing each and everyone in the back when times were rough and mutual respect and faith was needed. He was well aware that some things needed to sort themselves out – and needed time to be sorted out. Not at least due to that he had insisted on going on this mission, on giving her a fair chance to find her place among his men.
Therefore he rose a hand before any objection could be uttered from her side.
“I know how you feel… - well not exactly… I was not facing hostility like you did, at least not from the side of my men. – Yet, let me tell you something, something I hardly care to share. – I know how it feels to be in a place where you need to prove yourself, where you need to show everyone that they are wrong in their assumptions. – After this…” here he gestured towards his unfocused, hazel eyes, “… after this happened, I had to prove basically to everyone that I was still capable and worthy of fulfilling my role as a guard, not to mention the role of a General. – It needed a long time to prove that the trust the Emperor put into me when promoting me into this position was not fueled by pity and due to the brother-like bond and friendship we share since we were little boys. Except from the Emperor himself and the closest of my men basically everyone considered this act to be that of falsely expressed notion of gratitude and mercy. – And up to this day there are still enough members of the Council who´d love to see me fall just for the sake of having their point proven right that appointing me and keeping me with the Guard. So, if you want to do the opposing chamber a favor, attempt and manage to kill me if the opportunity presents itself.”
Here he smirked and sent a little mischievous wink towards the direction where he still could sense her struggling with her horse.
“As for your position – things will change, if you allow them to change. Take Alexander for example. He had a similar hard start as you. And still is not on the most friendly terms with some of his comrades, like the Wolf-Guards, for obvious reasons. But they gained their mutual respect and know that despite their discrepancies if things go rough the can rely on the other having their back… that is more than one would believe happening between a Vampire and a Werewolf, right? – So, just allow things to happen. – And yes, he told me about what happened last night. I do not approve of it, if you were aiming towards, me not seeing things in regards to this matter. Again, don´t worry, I am well aware what is happening – Why did you think I wanted to join you on this mission and did not assign any of my men to do so?”
With slightly bent head he shrugged towards her direction

Apr 25th 2019 03:12

The main vessel in Silbie's throat was lodged, blocking the airway and practically preventing any kind of air to enter the blonde's lungs. Choking, it was far from it; now it was beginning to be in the first stages of strangulation; both air and blood cut out of flow. The basic panic had hit Silbie's body, it was now coursing through her system and will and desire to stay alive was rapidly entering her mind. Both the pain and panic making its long and excruciating shocking process into her, like a snake slowly coiling its massive body around its new victim. Whomever it may have been that was strangling Silbie, their fingers were impressively pushing down on the carotid arteries, if continuation of blocking the arteries followed, the nerve bunches wasn't the only way that would end Silbie's mortal life here and now.

There was a burning sensation in the female's throat, sure Hannibal Lecter had choked Silbie before but she had never felt pressure on her throat like the kind she was now feeling. If the tear continued, it would have made it possible for blood to enter the arterial wall, and then shortly there after layers of the wall would continue to split which would lead to a fatal stroke. The border of consciousness and unconsciousness was admist, if the strangulation continued, the body would most likely lose complete control over her bodily functions. This would have result in a variety of unfortunate reactions, including, but not limited to being completely hoarsed and not being able to make a sound; which in case....this was what was currently happening. It had even surprised Silbie to know she had been able to let her strangler know that she could not breathe. The larynx located in her neck was connected to the pharynx which then flows to the trachea and would have been responsible for her voice to be in a pitch and tonality. This was the major affected area in this moment, changing her pattern and formation of breathing.

"I...can't...breathe." She muttered once more, her fingers trying to pry the cold ones from its grasp around her throat. Inside the blonde's body there were a million and one things that were happening all at once. The arteries in Silbie's body-themselves were obstructed and now the beginning stages of oxygen being cut off from the brain was at hand. Though it was no different than what most in the medical field would call "a brain attack" due to its similarities to a heart attack, but make no mistake, though they are completely different, yet the painful experience was very much the same. Given the moment, Silbie felt as if she was putting her fist around the middle area of a blow up balloon, then trying to pump more air into it, the pressure and eventual explosion would be similar to her situation. If she was lucky, the pain would consist of no more and the lack of oxygen to her brain would kill her instantly, but this wasn't what was going on, no. The silhouette in front of her was obviously keeping her at ajar from death, wanting her to suffer. Was this real, or was it yet another vivid hallucination of hers?

The next event had been Cardiac arrhythmia, the pressure that was being applied to the carotid artery nerve ganglion, the two big blood vessels on the left and ride side of the neck practically, her heart had already begun to fall out of its normal rhythm and sending it into cardiac arrest...surely this would kill her. She gasped loudly for air but the sound that came out of her throat had been more than the typical movie portrayed one. The grip over her throat was suddenly released and as the blonde felt her body go limp and weak from the pain she had been enduring, she was held once more. There was a audible sound in the room, and it hadn't been coming from Silbie, instead, it was coming from whoever it had been that attacked her. Her eyes peered up to the shadow in front of her, her upper torso bended at an angle. Vision doubled. There was a source of light that had caught Silbie's attention and her eyes gawked at it, afraid of what was yet to come. Her brain begged her to scream for help, but she knew if she did such step, death would surely follow. Silbie's only other option had been remain in silence and try to gather up her strength for whatever happened next.

Silbie's brain hadn't registered that light from the moon outside was being reflected onto a katana in front of her, given that her vision was currently double, the blonde was making best with what she could see, hear and do. "I saw what you did with that poor Italian prick.", it was the voice of a woman that filled Silbie's ears. She was confused to say the least, a caressing sensation over Silbie's ear. "And I may lose a lot of money because of your small hobby. He tried to be a king while he was just a pawn." The coldness of the blade was now at an angle. Light from the long blade causing the blonde to now have a visual of her attackers' eyes. The color of dark chocolate ember hues were looking back at her, "She's real, Sil'. She's REAL!" Silyne's voice came as she entered the bedroom but Silbie hadn't dared to look away from the figure she now knew to be real. A smirk over the attackers' features now.

Pressure had been applied to Silbie's hair and yanked as it were. The image of the woman now getting closer to Silbie, this had caused Silbie to make a small yelp sound in her throat. She was terrified to say the least, she knew what the woman was speaking about but was afraid that she would not believe her if she told her the truth. Tears running down both side of her face, her once dark sapphire hues now into light emerald greens. This was caused due to her crying, the wonders of hazel eyes. "I think your head will be a good souvenir for my client. I will bring it side by side to the head our common friend, but before that...." The moment that Silbie had heard such said words, she felt her heart flinch. Terror beginning to manifest itself in the pit of her stomach. The figure got closer to her and Silbie flinched in fear, bringing her hands away from her throat and towards her face to shield herself. This, of course, being a natural reflex that most humans have and do. "I will drink you out." She said and she flinched, "Please...I don't want to die." Silbie practically begged the woman, her hands moving slowly away from her shielded face, and reaching out to the cold long fingers that held the blade. Only then did Silbie open her eyes to look at the figure, the look of terror in her eyes. "I didn't kill that man! You have to believe me!" She said and then lowered her head, the feeling of defeat coming at hand. The blonde knew that there was no way out for her, that this truly would be the way her life would end. If she could not escape from it, then the only thing she thought she could do was accept it for what it truly was. Not because she was trying to get compassion out her attacker, but more because she wanted to finally get some peace of mind.

Apr 21st 2019 02:32

There was a look in the mans' eyes, the same kind of look that every human man gets when they know what they see in front of them is theirs, the look of lust and unraveling passion was there, though it had not been mutual -it was all coming from his part. His fingers dipping into the dip of her V-Line cut, lowering to where her bikini line would begin. This had caused the blonde to allow a soft sigh escape from her lips, though it hadn't been because it was something that Silyne wanted to happen; but rather because it was something that naturally came out of her. The man grabbed Silyne by her hands, raised them to his mouth and kissed them. Tugging at her hands softly for her to follow him, she smiled almost innocently -though, truth be told: there was nothing innocent about Silyne. In fact, if there was any innocence that remained in the female's body, it belonged to Silbie and not Silyne.. no never her.

The blonde followed him into his bedroom willingly, her heels making sharp clinging sounds on the wooden floors, her eyes never leaving her new careless victim. Once inside the bedroom, the man tugged a bit more roughly at her hands and brought her body closer to his, eliminating whatever space between the two to wither and disappear. Her hand rose and was placed on the center of his chest, she could feel the beating of his heart and how it became faster with each passing moment. He was excited, he was aroused -and she knew this because of the tent that was beginning to form underneath his trousers. "You are so beautiful." The man said as he looked at her quickly from head to toe whilst he licked his bottom lip, the perverted smile on his face. Though the man in front of her was excited, and even aroused at what events would soon follow, it was Silyne's heartbeat that paced at a rather regular form. She was calm, ever so calm. She was centered and focused on what she knew she had to do next.

The man walked further into the bedroom until the back of his legs touched the end of where his bed was located, he brought his hands upwards and began to unbutton his shirt, downward until he removed his shirt. Standing in front of Silyne with his chest bare to her. The blonde allowed her eyes to go down the front of his body. The first thing that she looked at had been the main artery on his neck, she could practically see it pulsating, sticking out and the blood-lust inside of her rose up like a great Lioness ready to go in for the attack, but she knew she couldn't kill him just yet, no. Silyne knew that she had to wait until the man was caught off guard, until he knew and felt he had her where he thought he would like her to be. Timing was everything here. Her eyes then lowered unwillingly, her eyes wanting to remain on that pulsing vein on the side of his neck. The next thing her eyes looked at had been the pecs on his chest, then lower her eyes went, lower until they found the well defined abs over his stomach. Obviously the man took care of himself and worked out regularly, sad all of that working out routine wouldn't have saved him from the gruesome death he was about to experience and be forced to endure.

Her hands went forward, index and middle finger touching the line of his stomach and in between his abs. Moving accordingly as if her index and middle finger were legs, walking upward slowly. Her long red painted nails rising to his pecs and scratching softly over the smooth hairless surface. The man placed his hands around her waist and pulled her down to be placed on top of her as he laid his back on the bed behind and underneath him, the plan was coming along exactly how Silyne wanted it to be. Her black dress rose a bit, rose enough to show the red laced garter belt and the thigh highs that was connected to the red laced garter belt, there exposing the metallic white blade of the scalpel Silyne always carried with her. Silyne's choice of weapon for death, her instrument, her toy....her being of existence. The erection that hid underneath the mans' trousers was beginning to poke Silyne in her abdomen. As tempting as it had been, it was now found more annoying than what it could have offered her. Silyne reached down right her hand, bringing it up behind her until she felt the cool touch of the scalpel on the flesh of her fingers. Grabbing it carefully without hurting or cutting herself in the process, the blonde raised it and in one quick gesture, the edge of that sharp cutting scalpel was struck across the man's Adams apple.

A warm dark and crimson stream of blood gushed out and began to spill over both sides of his neck. No one really knows how accurate films have nailed when a throat is sliced, yes some films exaggerate the gushing and spilling of blood; but this moment, this was the moment where Silyne got off, this was her sex. The man's eyes widened in fear as his hands rose to cover his neck, this of course being a natural reflex of a victim. No one truly wants to die until the moment is presented before them, interesting how ninety-nine percent of the world chicken when the moment of dying is presented. It's usually the sick ones that accept death with a positive view. Blood slithered through the webs of his fingers, over the top of his hands and down and staining the white bed sheets underneath him. Once beautiful white non-stained sheets now were damped in his DNA, though Silyne knew the color would have been dark red, in the darkness of the bedroom it looked awfully closer to black than anything.

The man groaned, trying to breath but gurgling sounds at the back of his throat were made. This had caused Silyne to smile widely, grinning like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. Silyne raised her right hand once more and drove the scalpel into his chest, one time after another-repeatedly until her arm began to get tired. The sound of his flesh being penetrated by the scalpel, the sound wet things audible. His body shaking and spasming almost out of control, but this was normal. It was his muscles and nerves that were being punctured by the scalpel, even with him being now-dead, it was his body naturally reacting to the wounds that she was inflicting upon him. Silyne placed her hand flat on his chest and felt the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing his life had ended at the cause of her blade at the will and mercy of her hands.

Leaning down, Silyne hovered over his face, bringing her mouth closer to the right left profile of his face. "Sweet dreams, lover.", rising back up, the blonde moved up and off his body. Taking a moment to look at the master piece she had practically left as a beautiful painting by Monet. Cleaning her hands on her dress, the blonde took one quick look around to make sure she hadn't left any kind of evidence behind. If it was one thing that had helped Silyne not being caught this far into her own game, it had been on how she observed her kill-zones and how she wanted evidence to be found. No more than five minutes and Silyne had closed the door shut, locking it behind by using the inside fabric of her trench-coat pocket. Making sure no finger prints were left behind.

A good forty minutes had passed and Silyne turning the door knob to the apartment she resided in. Silyne had taken the first step inside of the apartment and it had been Silbie who was now taking the second step inside. Taking in a deep breath, the blonde felt her chest rising and falling; her body fading with the effects of some kind of adrenaline withering and escaping her body. A sense of dread falling over her mind, clouding her thoughts and inability to accept what flashed in her memory. The sight of the man, all the blood. It caused Silbie to press her back against the door, forcing the door to shut with a semi-loud thud. She closed her eyes in an attempt to calm herself before having some kind of a nervous or panic breakdown. "Just take deep breath, Sil'. Just breathe." She said to herself out loud. She breathed in through her nose and out through her mouth, opening her eyes slowly her vision was welcomed by the darkness of her apartment. Surprisingly, the darkness was beginning to calm down and soothe out the breakdown she knew she would have had if she had not stopped herself in advance.

Silbie pushed herself away from the door and began to walk further down the hallway until she reached her living room, the cool breeze of the rainy night brushing up against her face from the slightly opened window. She paid no attention to the sight of perhaps a break in and instead continued to walk further into the apartment until she got to her bedroom door. Her shaking hands reaching for the knot over her trench-coat, removing it from her body and allowing it to fall on the wooden floor, the sound of the metallic scalpel making a ding of a sound as it hit the floor. "It's not that bad, Sil'." -Silyne's voice coming from the dwelling depths of her mind, "Not you again, didn't you already do enough trouble for the night?" The blonde responded out loud. Silyne laughed, "No, I'm just getting started." Silyne said back to such stated words, the sound of movement in the kitchen was heard and Silbie turned her head to right, looking at the darkened silhouette of Silyne standing behind the island counter top with her elbows resting over it carelessly. "Why don't you take a nice hot shower, maybe that will calm down your nerves." Silbie chuckled, "I think I might do that, a hot shower sounds good right now. My body is so tired." Silbie responded back to Silyne whom she left behind in the kitchen as she pushed open her bedroom door and entered. Her left hand had rose to reach for the light switch but she had been taken back and by surprise when she had felt her body be aggressively forced and pushed roughly against the wall behind her.

The back of her head had hit the wall and a loud ringing sound in both her ears were sound, every other sound in the background sounding monotones at this point. Unbeknownst to Silbie, she had not been aware when she had closed her eyes due to the impact on the back of her head; but the blonde had opened her eyes she was taken back by how blurry her vision had become. Nothing in her vision made sense, the almost bluish looking light from the street-life outside had been giving her room an ominous feel to it. What was more alarming had been the dark silhouette of a being in front of her, then in had come a tight pressure on her throat. Her hands naturally rising for her throat, she opened her mouth to breathe but couldn't. Adrenaline was in her system now, flowing through her veins and racing into her heart causing her heart to pump the blood within her veins faster and stronger. Panic inserted and mixed in with the adrenaline, all sorts of red alarms and red flags rising and sounding off in her head. When her hands had felt one single hand over her throat, her fingers went for the dark silhouette's fingers as well, almost as if they were made out of metal that she could not bend. "I...I can't breath!" She muttered roughly, feverishly trying to take in a gasp of air but the pressure on her throat building harder and stronger. The flesh on the hand cold as ice, what was going on?

Apr 20th 2019 18:33

Water droplets fell from the darkened heavens, thick and rapidly. The civilians in the city of New York moved at a fastened speed to get to their homes, shelter out of the rain. Where as most would have avoided the streets, the blonde and her split personality of Silyne, were out -out on the hunt. The blonde was dressed in a black dress that hugged her bodice to perfection, black stilettos and a small clutch of a purse as the final accessory. The female walked in confidence with almost a gallant stride, knowing that where-ever she walked, eyes would follow from both genders. Soft old music played in the background of the establishment, the thick scent of cigars and cigarettes were mixed amidst in the air. The murmuring sounds of other patrons whispering made the music fade into the mixture of the ambience, her eyes taking a quick gander around the place, but stopped immediately when she had found a man already looking back at her. The corner of her lips curled into a vixen of a smile and the male figure had caught it, knowing and feeling pride in himself and feeding his ego to think he would be able to take her home with him for the night and have his dirty ways with her.

As the night progressed, the man had confidently approached Silbie, or at least the shell and vessel that was a representation of the woman. What would have seemed like countless hours of the two speaking to one another and flirting signals being tossed from one gender to the other; it had actually had been no more than a handful of minutes, an hour at its most. The male and the female walked out of the bar with his arm over her shoulder, claiming her as if she had been the prize of the night. Willingly, Silyne wrapped her arm around the mid of his torso, feeling the curve of his ribs on the side of his torso -mentally deciding which rib would she break first. The mere thought of seeing the man scream in pain had brought a smile to her face, the man looking down with a smirk of his own, lust covered in his eyes, hiding behind his pupils like a monster taking a quick peek at her.

One quick taxi ride to the man's apartment in the Soho-District, Silyne was now entering her the darkened hallway, the clinging sounds of her heels amongst the wooden floors beneath her. The sound of the door closing behind her with a click and then a second click when he had turned the lock over. He walked up towards her and stood behind her, his hands rising to slowly remove her trench-coat. Slipping over her shoulders and hanging it on the coat-rack side him. His head lowering to kiss the side of her exposed neck, the blonde smirked, looking a bit over her shoulder to see the side of his exposed profile. "You smell so good." the man said in his thick Italian-New Yorker accent, she smiled and turned around. Wrapping her arms over the slope and crook of his neck. "Do I?" She responded, her now cucumber green eyes looking up into his dark brown embers. The man smirked, flashing his white teeth. "Mhm.." He made the sound in his mouth, making a small growl sound in his throat. His hands sliding down her upper torso and then down to rest on her mount of her hips. Like a fly on the wall, the blonde felt eyes on her; though she knew that the man was already looking at her, she did not know why she still felt prying eyes. Shaking the thought away, Silyne turned back her attention to the man who would become one of her many victims. A small name in her list of men who held she held no remorse for.
Hou Xin

Apr 9th 2019 03:27

Hou Xin waited with a response until his new soldier had managed to mount her horse - obviously with slight problems, which indeed did astonish him, as dealing with horses and riding as such had been one of the first skills he learned as a child and which was demanded in order to become one of the Guards.

But then little did he know about her past and especially the demands regarding a needed skillset when it came to her latest master.
A slight frown forming between his eyes gave away that he was not too happy about the behavior of his men, yet still refrained form putting them in their place. The young General was well aware that his action of making her one of the Guards, and even appointing her the high rank of a Lieutenant, asked a lot of understanding and acceptance of his soldiers. She was right, they would walk straight through fire for him, knowing that he ´d do the same in return of course.  Yet, not all of them had a temper which made it easy for them to let go of old hostilities so easily and he knew it would need time and action, convincing, positive action from her side, to make them see the rightness of his attempt – at least he hoped that he had been a good judge of character also this time and was not lead astray by wrong assessment.

Noticing the struggle between rider and horse, and how uneasy the mare seemingly felt with the vampire´s lead Hou Xin lead his own stallion closer hoping that the reasuring presence of Liánhuā yún (Lotus Could) would calm down the other animal.
“Don´t tug at the reins too much, she will get used to your presence – just sit calmly. They can sense fear and uneasiness.” He advised before giving the signal for the trek to embark.
Him and Madoka riding in the lead the company eventually left the enclosing walls of the Imperial Palace and headed down the nightly main road towards the city’s boarders.
Evening had given away to night – Hou Xin had chosen this unusual hour for their departure to spare the vampire the bother of sunlight and also as it was a much quieter hour to leave which helped to avoid drawing too much attention.
The streets were mostly empty – just the one or the other nightly passer-by stepped aside in order to give way to the group of warriors.

“I know about their dedication, Lieutenant – no worries. However, it is not blind… at least not from their side”, he picked up on her remark of earlier and could not hold back on the little pun “…as for me, I know to value it, highly – and they know that this dedication and willingness to go past any limits and risk anything in order to guarantee their safety and wellbeing will be returned by me on an equal level. – This indeed is how this group works. – All of them are exceptional warriors, experts in their own field – and that way they need to be treated, with respect and acknowledgment. – Of course, we are all bound by an oath and rules and regulations and a code of conduct… but this is just the official base of what really makes this group of so many different individuals and races work and function as it does. What is even more important is mutual respect and affection and the knowledge that each of your brother or sister in arms would not hesitate one moment to put their life on the line for you, no matter which rank or race.” He smiled vaguely, his unfocused gaze directed towards some spot slightly above the nodding neck of his horse.
“It is a heartfelt wish of mine that some day you may feel the same for them, and thus make you experience this kind of comradeship, too. – They may be rude and angry… but once you prove them wrong in what they assume you to be, an enemy of the state and a threat to their General, you will become part to a company with bonds stronger than anything else.”
The smile even deepened while the muffled chatter of the two dozen warriors riding behind them reached them almost like a inarticulate confirmation of his words.    

Abby H Storm

Apr 8th 2019 07:51

Are you familiar with the romance of the three kingdoms? I am a huge Ancient Chinese history lover. And would adore writing stories about it. If you might enjoy this let me know. There are different ways we could do it. All should be fun. 
Abby H Storm

Apr 8th 2019 07:48

Thank you for adding me. I hope we can write soon. 
Hou Xin

Apr 5th 2019 02:25

Hou Xin slight bowed his head in acknowledgment and agreement towards his new warrior, “Shí (yes) it seems it is – the scholars predict nice, warm weather without rain for the next few days – so this night should be all beautiful, and the moon should be out nice and still almost full by now.”
Here his unseeing glance went briefly up towards the sky as if checking, though the motion was nothing more than old habit and impulse. – He once loved to watch the moon, indeed these were the few moments when he truly and dearly missed his sight. Yet now was not the time to dwell on sentimental memories and his attention almost instantly was back on their conversation or rather her remark about them travelling in a large convoy – and the fact that the snearing tone in her voice was back, yet for now he chose to ignore it and even to counter it with a broad smile form his side.
“No worries, Madoka-sama, it will be only the two of us – once we left the city. Those troops are heading into another direction and are the change of guards for one of our border posts in the north. – They were scheduled to leave tomorrow morning but requested to be allowed to accompany us at least for a little stretch” –

The request came indeed as a surprise to him but his men had stated very clearly that she would like to honor their General and the fact that he was the one taking on such a dangerous task as engulfing on a mission on the soil of a country which had show nothing but hostile intention. – They wanted to express both, their worries but also respect and confidence they put into their commanding officer and there was not way he would be able to reject this small favor.
Yet the fact that is seemed to trouble her so much that they were not travelling alone indeed caused his wariness to rise once again – Surely her argument that a convoy like this would draw a lot of attention were true. And this was the reason why he only allowed his men to accompany them until they had left Beijing and then depart ways – yet this was still a test, a test to figure how far his new soldier could be trusted, and so he would be ready if her intentions behind these speculations, behind the urge to travel alone were fraud.
“I will tell you about the further details of the mission once we are on the road and on our own, Madoka-sama – so, why don´t you mount your horse so that we can leave? – Yínghuá (Cherry Blossom) is one of the finest mares the imperial stables have to offer. She is a properly trained battle-steed and will faithfully carry where-ever you need to go.”

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