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Characters: Cosmo the dog
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About me:
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--------------------------------Like to Meet--------------------------------
Statistical Name: Cosmo.
Nicknames: Mutt.
Aliases: Knowhere, Guardians.
ETHNICITY: Russian Dog.
EYE COLOR: Light Brown.
HEIGHT: About 23" high.
WEIGHT: 70lbs.
SCARS: None.
OCCUPATION: Chief of Security for Knowhere.
PERSONALITY TRAITS: Cosmo has a good nature. He is clearly guided by canine instincts and enjoys the same things a normal dog does, such as playing, chewing bones and being petted. He is fully aware of how odd he appears to humans, and likes to joke about his dog status. He easily befriends humans, such as Richard Ryder and Peter Quill, but his instincts do not trust Rocket Raccoon. Although telepathic he speaks English with a strong Russian accent. Even if afraid he will help out because he cannot help it: he is man’s best friend. He is so interested in newcomers that he combs their surface thoughts. This is instinctual and he cannot help it even if he knows that’s it’s a breach of privacy. This, however, has the advantage of making him aware of most things happening on the Knowhere station. He seems eager to protect humans like a guardian dog, but will reluctantly turn tail if the odds are overwhelming. In emergency situations he is quick to take command, and instruct everyone to their positions as well as heading to the hotspot himself. He is very careful not to hurt anyone needlessly, but will knock everybody out if the situation gets out of hand.
LIKES: Balls, Chew Toys, Humans, Animals, Friends
DISLIKES: Enemies, Vermins
STRENGTHS: Telekinesis.
WEAKNESSES: Distracting objects

The knowhere station is an interdimensional place, a nexus, adrift in the rip, the outer edge of space-time. The station itself is, in fact, the severed head of a giant Celestial and equipped like a full city. Nobody knows how it came to be. It is quite the community of alien delegates they have on Knowhere, and the rules are set by a governing council. The central area is occupied by a marketplace and there is also a a sickbay. And Cosmo, as the chief of security, is top dog. Its continuum cortex provides rapid transit to anywhere in the universe via passport bracelets. The station monitor has superior detection machinery capable of pinpointing cosmic anomalies and many other things. Because of the rip, all space and time, and all dimensions of reality, meet there. In another decade or so, it will pass beyond the cosmic threshold and disintegrate. In the meantime, people of all species come there from all space and time to study and to inspect. They come to observe the end of universe from the closest available platform, and so Knowhere is a scientific community.

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Cosmic Girl

Feb 14th 2019 14:56

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Cosmic Girl

Feb 1st 2019 13:00

It came as a relief to Jazinda that Cosmo believed her, even if she was a little annoyed that the canine had infiltrated her mind without permission. She had some stuff in her head that she didn't want others seeing, things about her past, who she used to be. She was a shadow of her former self, and that was a good thing. Time on Terra had changed the female Skrull, changed her for the better and developed her into the person that she was today.

A smile did however cross the Skrull females features though as she was referred to as 'friend'. She didn't have many friends or comrades, funnily enough, people were surprisingly untrusting of her Race. 

As Cosmo led the way towards the airlock, Jazinda ran along behind him. There was so little time, they couldn't even warn the rest of the inhabitants. The virus had been released and it was going to be up to them to try and cure these people, before they got killed by the mindless killers that the infected would become!

As they came to a halt, a hatch in the floor popped open, Cosmo's impressive powers were in use again. She hopped down into the airlock, making room for Cosmo to follow her. As the canine jumped down, Jazinda went to close the hatch, but Cosmo's powers did it first. With a sigh of relief, Jaz rested her back against the wall and slide down it to a sit.

Cosmo panted and caught his breath beside her, clearly exhausted. Somewhat concerned, despite her new friends claim that he was fine, Jaz moved closer to Cosmo and draped her green arm across his back. Reaching for her belt, she unclipped a flask and pored some water into the lid for him to drink. "Here, hydrate yourself." She advise, ruffling his furry head gently. "We will be safe in here..."

Cosmic Girl

Jan 22nd 2019 15:30

The green Labradors tongue hung out of the side of her mouth as she smiled a doggie grin. Jazinda loves shape shifting into the form of an animal, she much preferred it over the form of another person. There was a freedom to taking the form of an animal, and there was something very special about the biology of the animal species from Terra. 

Learning that she could indeed communicate with Cosmo if she thought hard enough was a blessing, it would make communication a breeze. 

{Cosmo, the biological weapon that he has, it contains a virus-}

Jazinda informed and clarified with Cosmo though thought. Trying to give him as much information as she could, needing for him to be fully aware of just how serious it was for them to retrieve the weapon and return to the Nova Corps for safe keeping.

As Cosmo almost teased her to keep up, she laughed internally, letting out a bark as she dived between the legs of a Krylorian female and scrambled to then leap over the back of a Badoon male. Hearing that Cosmo was closing in on Sha-gaa was great news, what wasn’t was the fact that Sha-gaa had come to a halt having been cornered and was fiddling with the weapon.

In the blink of an eye, Jazinda shifted back into her true form, slowly approaching Sha-gaa, her arms outstretched by her sides so as not to aggregate him.

“Sha-gaa...come on, hand it over...there’s nothing there but trouble...” The female Skrull tried to reason with the fidgety alien. “Just hand it over and we can forget all about it.” She compromised, cringing a little as Sha-gaa started pressing and flicking dials.

“I want to know why you want it so badl-“ Sha-gaa never got to finish his sentence. A ‘hiss’ noise sounded and red has started to pour from the weapon.

“No!” Jazinda started to walk backwards, watching as the gas rolled around the people of Knowwhere, infecting them with the virus. “Cosmo! We’ve got to get out of here! Now! We can’t do anything now until the air conditioning sucks the gas out though the vents!” Jaz explained in a hurried voice, reaching down and placing her hand on his back, “We need somewhere airtight, where’s the nearest airlock? We’ve got to go now! Before we get infected!”


Jan 19th 2019 13:11

Walks up and pets him

Jan 10th 2019 19:15

You're so cute, I can't. /she mumbled into his fur, kissing the top of his head. continuing to scratch at the side of his muzzle as she lent back to try and look for a collar to see what his name was or his owners, even;

Jan 10th 2019 16:48

/snickering the redhead snagged her arms around the pouncing canine, laughter soon erupting as her face was licked; okay, okay, okay! /reaches a hand up to try and scratch under the dog's chin and side of his muzzle;

Jan 10th 2019 16:40

/crouches down to his level and opens her arms out to the four legged fellow, inviting him in; C'mere, pups.

Jan 10th 2019 16:18

/cue reds attempt to establish a friendship like a mature notreallysohuman bean;

issa puppers, hi puppers.
Cosmic Girl

Jan 8th 2019 15:15

As Jazinda ran after Sha-gaa she silently cursed herself, she could already hear her Partner, G’aos’, voice in her head. ‘Trust you to get distracted by a dog!’ She could imagine him saying to her, an amused expression would be on his face. Truth be told, she had been distracted by the golden Labrador! It wasn’t everyday that you met a Terran hound who could talk and had telekinetic abilities! Add to the fact that Jazinda adored animals, especially Terran ones and was it any wonder she’d been distracted?! Her distraction had made her sloppy though, and whilst she had been watching Cosmo in a mixture of awe and amusement as he had levitated the holodisc, Sha-gaa had taken the opportunity to make a run for it!

“He could have at least dropped the weapon.” Jazinda grumbled as she ran through the market place. Cosmo was covering more ground than she was, his four legs gave him more speed and he had the advantage of knowing the layout of Know-Where a damn sight better than she did. No amount of studying maps and plans could truly prepare you for the real deal. 

Jazinda was grateful for Cosmo’s assistance though, she needed his help now to retrieve the bio weapon and get it back in safe hands. She only hoped that the weapon wasn’t activated be default during this chase, or all manner of hell could break out! As she ran she found herself dwelling on Cosmo’s words, what friend did they have in common? Rocket? How had he known that-? Wait! After saying that the canine had announced that he was now going to read the mind of Sha-gaa! Cosmo had read her mind!!!!

A laugh left Jazinda’s throat as she ran, what an amazing creature Cosmo was! Realising that in her Skrull form she was currently at a disadvantage, Jazinda shifted. With a slight blur that lasted less than a second, where Jazinda Kl’rt-spawn had been running, there was now a green Labrador. Quickening her pace and using her now enhanced sense of smell, Jazinda the dog fell into step beside Cosmo, running along side him as they chased down their quarry.

Wondering if Cosmo could hear thoughts if they were directed at him, Jazinda thought hard! “Cosmo...can you hear me?” 

Cosmic Girl

Nov 18th 2018 17:59

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