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Characters: Cosmo the dog
Verses: Guardians of the Galaxy, MCU, Marvel, DC, Open
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About me:
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--------------------------------Like to Meet--------------------------------
Statistical Name: Cosmo.
Nicknames: Mutt.
Aliases: Knowhere, Guardians.
ETHNICITY: Russian Dog.
EYE COLOR: Light Brown.
HEIGHT: About 23" high.
WEIGHT: 70lbs.
SCARS: None.
OCCUPATION: Chief of Security for Knowhere.
PERSONALITY TRAITS: Cosmo has a good nature. He is clearly guided by canine instincts and enjoys the same things a normal dog does, such as playing, chewing bones and being petted. He is fully aware of how odd he appears to humans, and likes to joke about his dog status. He easily befriends humans, such as Richard Ryder and Peter Quill, but his instincts do not trust Rocket Raccoon. Although telepathic he speaks English with a strong Russian accent. Even if afraid he will help out because he cannot help it: he is man’s best friend. He is so interested in newcomers that he combs their surface thoughts. This is instinctual and he cannot help it even if he knows that’s it’s a breach of privacy. This, however, has the advantage of making him aware of most things happening on the Knowhere station. He seems eager to protect humans like a guardian dog, but will reluctantly turn tail if the odds are overwhelming. In emergency situations he is quick to take command, and instruct everyone to their positions as well as heading to the hotspot himself. He is very careful not to hurt anyone needlessly, but will knock everybody out if the situation gets out of hand.
LIKES: Balls, Chew Toys, Humans, Animals, Friends
DISLIKES: Enemies, Vermins
STRENGTHS: Telekinesis.
WEAKNESSES: Distracting objects

The knowhere station is an interdimensional place, a nexus, adrift in the rip, the outer edge of space-time. The station itself is, in fact, the severed head of a giant Celestial and equipped like a full city. Nobody knows how it came to be. It is quite the community of alien delegates they have on Knowhere, and the rules are set by a governing council. The central area is occupied by a marketplace and there is also a a sickbay. And Cosmo, as the chief of security, is top dog. Its continuum cortex provides rapid transit to anywhere in the universe via passport bracelets. The station monitor has superior detection machinery capable of pinpointing cosmic anomalies and many other things. Because of the rip, all space and time, and all dimensions of reality, meet there. In another decade or so, it will pass beyond the cosmic threshold and disintegrate. In the meantime, people of all species come there from all space and time to study and to inspect. They come to observe the end of universe from the closest available platform, and so Knowhere is a scientific community.

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Hermoine Granger

Mar 19th 2019 20:22

 Cosmo! I miss you =(

Mar 19th 2019 09:15

Brings him cheeseburgers
Cosmic Girl

Mar 15th 2019 15:25

Jazinda hated it when she was the barer of bad news, but the female Skrull worked best with facts, so it was facts that she gave Cosmo. He may be a Terran canine, but he was far from a ‘normal’ dog. He could handle the truth, no matter how tough it might be. 

She could tell that the thought of loss of life bothered him, it bothered her too, this situation should have been avoided. The security around this virus should have been better. It wasn’t like The Nova Corps to be so slack, which made her think that this had been an internal job, that someone inside Nova had smuggled the virus out and onto the black market.

It was an unsettling possibility, one that Jazinda has every intention of investigating further once this current crisis was dealt with. Frowning, she placed her fingers on her wrist gauntlet, it had a built in micro computer, as well as weaponry and comms. It was patented on one of Jazinda’s own designs and she prided herself on it. “Si, do you copy?” 

There was a moment of silence and then a male voice came across the comes. [Recieving. Jazinda, are you alright? Knowhere has gone into shut down and quarantine] Si, Jazinda’s A.I responded across the comms.

Jazinda looked at Cosmo, “It’d seem that you’re not the only clever person running Knowhere.” She said, reaching out and rubbing his neck, wondering who had shut the place down. “We’re going to fix this.” She promised, feeling a bit responsible for what was happening. If only she’d got here sooner!

“Si, can you give me details. About the quarantine lock down. Where the uninfected are and what’s happening?” Jazinda asked, ready to formulate a plan with Cosmo to try and save as many lives as they could.

[The uninfected citizens are being held in a safe zone, a storage facility near the docking bay] Si’s voice explained. [The infected are dotted around Knowhere, some of the citizens were engaging in conflict with them, but that has ceased. The general census amongst the citizens is incineration or suffocation for the infected]

“Well, that’s not about to happen.” Jazinda was quick to reassure Cosmo. “Si, jam all comm frequencies on Knowhere, hack the systems if you have to. Do not let them incinerate or suffocate the infected, we’re going to get to ‘The Skuttlebug’ and get the cure for the virus!”


Jazinda looked to Cosmo, “Right, we need a plan to get to the docking bays!”

Professor Severus Tobias

Mar 13th 2019 12:57

[Feeds him steak.]
Professor Severus Tobias

Mar 11th 2019 21:55

[Pats him when he sees that no one is looking.]
Hermoine Granger

Mar 7th 2019 19:25

"Cosmo, thank you for liking my status!!"
~Gives Cosmo Gentle Huggles~
"I was going through Hogwarts Library of good thoughts and I found a picture of your mum! She's so pretty and fluffy like you!" *loves*

Hermoine Granger

Mar 5th 2019 19:10

"Cosmo! I'm so sorry I left...."
~Sits down by the sweet doggy~
"I got my heart broken...."
"I did a stupid thing and I ran away...."
"I lost all my friends..."
~sighs sadly~
~but she smiled having found Cosmo again~
Cosmic Girl

Mar 1st 2019 14:50

Jazinda always got a degree of calmness and sense of structure when taking care of another. By making sure that Cosmo was alright, the female Skrull could feel her nerves settling. She couldn't believe that the virus had been released. It was the worst possible thing that could have happened. 

As Cosmo finished the drink, she took a swig of water from the bottle before putting the lid back on and stowing the bottle away. Reaching out a hand she gently petted Cosmo's ears as he questioned her about the biological weapon that had been activated on Knowhere.

"Those that have been infected by the gas will become something akin to a zombie." Jazinda explained to him, "They will be slower than usual, but more aggressive, almost blood thirsty." She shivered a little at the thought, chemical warfare, particularly virus' bothered the green hued female. She watched as Cosmo paced in their cramped space.

"If we can get all the uncontaminated in one place, we can seal then in an area for their own safety." Jazinda suggested, "I have an anti virus aboard my ship that is in the port. If we can get to it, we can release that gas and hopefully cure those infected before they kill anymore innocent people." Yes, Jazinda said 'anymore', because she was fairly certain that there would have already been some lose of life.
Cosmic Girl

Feb 14th 2019 14:56

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Cosmic Girl

Feb 1st 2019 13:00

It came as a relief to Jazinda that Cosmo believed her, even if she was a little annoyed that the canine had infiltrated her mind without permission. She had some stuff in her head that she didn't want others seeing, things about her past, who she used to be. She was a shadow of her former self, and that was a good thing. Time on Terra had changed the female Skrull, changed her for the better and developed her into the person that she was today.

A smile did however cross the Skrull females features though as she was referred to as 'friend'. She didn't have many friends or comrades, funnily enough, people were surprisingly untrusting of her Race. 

As Cosmo led the way towards the airlock, Jazinda ran along behind him. There was so little time, they couldn't even warn the rest of the inhabitants. The virus had been released and it was going to be up to them to try and cure these people, before they got killed by the mindless killers that the infected would become!

As they came to a halt, a hatch in the floor popped open, Cosmo's impressive powers were in use again. She hopped down into the airlock, making room for Cosmo to follow her. As the canine jumped down, Jazinda went to close the hatch, but Cosmo's powers did it first. With a sigh of relief, Jaz rested her back against the wall and slide down it to a sit.

Cosmo panted and caught his breath beside her, clearly exhausted. Somewhat concerned, despite her new friends claim that he was fine, Jaz moved closer to Cosmo and draped her green arm across his back. Reaching for her belt, she unclipped a flask and pored some water into the lid for him to drink. "Here, hydrate yourself." She advise, ruffling his furry head gently. "We will be safe in here..."

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