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About me:
Chance Bowen was born Michael Cates to two loving parents. Who truly did care deeply for him and he for then. Chance as Michael had an alright life and was a pretty good student in school. After he graduated High School he enrolled to the army where he became an army ranger and learned the basic of a medic without actually becoming an army medic at all. Michael was born and raised in San Fransisco. After he was released from the army he enrolled into the police academy to become a cop. By then Michael moved back to San Fransisco. Where he lived for quite a while. Where his friends and some family lived at.

Michael always wanted to be a cop and that was a good opportunity for him to do just that. One day he met and fall in love with a woman named Maryann. Who was beautiful, tough, sweet and loving or so he thought, which attracted Michael's attention. She was his first ever real love. Michael Cates never believed that he would ever find love until they met. They got together rather fast, even if she initiated their relationship. They were happy together to the most part. Except the trouble was that Michael was too obsessed with his job to even notice her at times, not all the time as they did spend time together but not as much as they wanted to. Which was pretty much what brought problems to them. More so after they got married. Maryann managed to get a vacation with him except the guy kept his gun with him. Despite Maryann asking him to leave his work home. One time during their vacation, as she painted she got startled by him shooting a target, his target was rocks.

Maryann was angry at Michael for it and told him flatout that him shooting rocks scared her and that he should have left the gun back home despite him telling her that he was used having a gun with himself and all. Michael apologized to her. As the rest of the vacation they only focused on each other. Michael was skeltical about most if not all of her beliefs but not about his feelings for her. He asked plenty of questions about her belief but not about their feelings for each other. Michael proved that he loved her. Was in love with her more than anything in the world. Which temporarily made her feel better about their relationship. Until the guy started to focus on his job more than her again which frustrated her to no end. One day Michael came home from work excited just as she was excited too.

Maryann let Michael speak first. Only to get annoyed by his response that it was work related. By then as much as she was proud of him and glad that he loved his job. Maryann wished that he could be excited about other things as he was excited about job. She listened to Michael anyway. As he told her that he was promoted and showed her what he got. Michael could work anywhere he wanted and his promotion could work, and she guessed it was Special crimes unit, which was exactly it. When it was Maryann's turn to speak she told him that she was pregnant. Which shocked and surprised Michael but when she thought that he hated the news he surprised her by telling her it was really good news as they kissed and hugged after that. They were beyond happy about being parents. Even if they were also terrified about it too.

Michael promised to go to every class there was, to show support but due to his job, he ended up missing those by accident, not meaning to. Maryann forgave him at first but after the last time she almost divorced him. Which Michael felt terrible about. He truly did. As she found him on the couch and yellef at him. Michael promised it won't happen again which she told him that she knew as it was the last class. Maryann thought that she was alone, and that she was going to be the only one taking care of their baby, which was the main reason she was angry at him. So angry that Michael was barely allowed back home. When he did he slept either in the guest room or on the couch in the living room but not in their bedroom. As Michael's boss and friend came to visit Michael was locked outside. As they talked and his boss gave him an advice, which Michael ended up using. Which helped as it got him and Maryann closer together once more. As he was there with his wife and the one who was there to help his wife to deliver their child at home. As they didn't want that to be in the hospital, or to be exact it was Maryann's decision and he accepted it. They felt like it would be more special at home. Even if Michael was terrified by that. It was one of the times Michael showed his wife that he loved her and was truly with her. He also showed her that she was his queen.

Michael was proud for the afford he made as was his wife. That was one of the best days of their lives. Other than the day they met, began to date and the day they got married. As that was the day their daughter Stacey was born. A child conceived by their love. It was super special day as it should be. Both Michael and his wife, Maryann spoiled the little girl since she was born. They even did their best to spend a lot of time with her. Two years after their daughter was born Michael got promoted again to the justice department as their agent. Given that he was good with uncover job and what not. Michael agreed to go undercover in one of the worst crime families and operations in the world. Despite how dangerous it was to stop the worst mafia boss and criminal in the world. A big fish that plenty law enforcement people tried to catch but with no luck. Named Jacob Calder.

Michael never thought that thonhd would go too far as they ended up going a while later. Jacob Calder believed his undercover story and let him in. Things seemed to go as planned for a while. Michael thought that after he was done he would be able to spend more time with his family before going back to work. Michael didn't know that things would only go worse from there. He witnessed Jacob Calder kill his wife, as he tried to help her before when Jacob hurt her but this time he was held back by one of Jacob Calder's goons as Jacob Calder himself murdered her in a cold blood. Michael got the guy arrested and that way he revealed that he was undercover. The guy threatened him and his family, as any criminal does, or at least as far as it seemed to Michael he did. Before the trial Michael planned to go home to see his family, as they planned to pick him up from court, where the trial was. His daughter Stacey was 5 at the time, and his wife 27.

Michael testified on trial against Jacob Calder. Yet, during the break he convinced the lawyer, attorney against Jacob Calder, to let him go. Even if it took a while and his boss gave him a ride home. As he protected him from reporters and such. While Michael's wife and daughter were getting ready to leave to meet him, unknown to him. If only that was that simple, him getting home and meeting up with them and leaving but no. Unfortunately, it wasn't that simple. A while before Michael and his boss arrived the place blew up, by one of Jacob Calder's men, or supposedly it was by one of them, as Maryann and Stacey were inside, or at least Stacey was due to getting back to get a toy she loved and couldn't sleep without. The two never made it alive, or Stacey didn't. There was only one body found of his daughter but hard to find the body of his wife, assumingly because she was burned to ash. When Michael arrived he found a mess and a picture of the three of them together and a doll of his daughter's. That day his life went down hill. Michael felt like everything was over for him. He didn't care if he lived or died. Like most people felt in cases like that, who loved their family and were good people but lost their family.

Michael berried his daughter and then went to an area by the ocean to mourn when his boss approached him with an offer. To go in a witness protection program but not the usual kind. At first Michael refused as he thought it was the usual kind and he didn't like that at all. Even if his boss told him it was a different kind, he still refused. When asked what he planned to do he said that he planned to get even. To get his revenge. When his boss Burton told him that he would get killed he told him that he didn't care. If he died then so be it. Michael went to a bar area or something like that owned by Jacob Calder and got in a trap as expected. Chance escaped as he was being chased and saved by his boss. Eventually Michael accepted his Boss's offer until he saw that he would end up having to drive an 18 wheeler truck. As he almost left until he met Agent Celia 'Cie' Bexter who introduced herself and got him to change his mind.

Except Michael changed his mind again as he tried to get revenge but the two came there to stop him. Even if the boss spoke first. After that, Michael Cates was officially in, from that moment things changed as he got a new identity Chance Bowman. At first as he parked after leaving the secret base and read about the new him he disapproved of it but he grew to love it. On his travels, instead of stopping for a bit to rest and all, then move on, he ended up staying too long to help people in need. Which was noble but rackless as it almost got him killed but he didn't care as others were more important as far as he was concerned. Eventually Michael Cates accepted his new persona Chance Bowman and the background that came with. Yet, he kept helping people when needed and then leaving before he got killed. A few times if not more he almost got killed but luckily survived. Chance and Cie at times worked together to stop those after him, even if with no much luck. Over time when needed he was sent undercover. The locations and people he went undercover to stop were working under the guy that wanted to kill him, Jacob Calder. Yet, he stopped them, even if Jacob Calder was released as his men blackmailed the judge.

Chance refused to give up until justice was served. Which included for his wife and daughter whom he never forgot and thought about a lot. Chance without planning fell in love with Celia 'Cie' Bexter as she with him but still worked well together. They worked together nome stop even if at times he tended to annoy her. Cie, him and the Boss are part of the justice department. As they do all they can to get justice and to stop Jacob Calder once and for all. No matter how long it took. They try to be patient no matter what.

Who I'd like to meet:
Chance doesn't abuse or rape kids so stop assuming that he would ever do that. Read rules and follow. I am not a friend collector or numbers but here to rp.

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Soft Kitty™

Jul 4th 2019 03:37

living her life with in her family had been difficult for what it had been worth, Her dad and brother Clay constantly abusing her, doing things to her that were the stuff of nightmares, ruin her self esteem, but once she got away and joined the FBI she somehow felt a bit more safe, Sure her dad was an upper agent with in but she never saw him, and she didn't even know Clay was until Caleb had told her so. It would be years later that her abuse would be stopped and she would be avenged, simply due to the fact that her two abusers would die. She nodded as she looked up at the man "Thanks, I wish i were that easy but sadly I know it's not..  You know politics and all" She heaved with a sigh.

She answered his question as best as she could without breaking down or getting angry herself "I've tried but due to who they are no one ever believes me, I'm sure eventually I'll either join the witness protection program or as horrible as it may seem for me to say so, I will see them die and I won't have to worry about it anymore" Ironically in a few short years that would be precisely what would happen, but for now she lived on the hope that someone would take their lives just to save hers.

Ciarrah nodded as she spoke once more "Well Caleb and I lived with more abuse and the like then Clay, he was the golden child, who could do know wrong, so.. Yeah I guess that's why Caleb and I are close.. I'm sorry to hear about your family though" She stated as he mentioned his own life.
Firefighter’s Hero™ 🚒

Mar 30th 2019 21:07

Abby couldn't imagine losing Buck and Lil the way this man had lost his wife and child, The notion had scared her , she had lost her mother, losing the love of her life and their baby would be a fate worse then her own death. She shook her head as she spoke with kindness "I truly am sorry for your loss, You're right though there isn't truly a way we can stop fate but we do have to have faith, Yes Buck does keep himself safe for me and our daughter but his co workers who are also like family make sure he's safe as well." She couldn't imagine how Chance's family died but she was certain no matter what the circumstance it was a difficult thing to have happened to him.

She shook her head as she spoke again "oh I'm not scared that he'll say no, I know he wants more kids, or at least he'd be okay if we decided on it, I just think we need time to adjust after we have her.." She said as she rubbed her stomach "If we do opt on getting pregnant again or even adopting, we'll at least wait until she is 2 maybe even 3 years old, My brother and I are a couple years apart and honestly we don't even truly get a long, however Buck and Maddie do so I suppose the hope is if we do give little one a sibling she'll be as protective as Buck and Maddie are to one another" She stated.

 She had known from the start that the firehouse was like a family, She was pleased that they had welcomed her into it, despite the fact that she was much older then he was, They didn't seem to mind and in fact they adored her and couldn't wait for the young Buckley to arrive. Sure Abby knew it was because they were proud that Buck finally had grown up but she also knew that they liked her for the mere fact she loved him. " We do have a wonderful family, both actual and firehouse and I do agree Lil and I are very lucky" She said.

 She nodded as she spoke "Yeah though truth be told he is closer to Maddie then he is Camden" It would be found out much later on that this Camden woman had lied and was not related to Buck at all, She simply said that she was in order to get some of his money. She shook her head once again as she spoke more "I Mean I suppose in the beginning one can argue that Buck was like his father, a bit of a man whore, but thankfully that all changed when he met me." Abby said with a proud grin.

Abby smiled politely as he spoke "I Do appreciate you saying that, I Don't hear it very  often, in all honesty I think I only heard it once by the little girl that Buck and I saved when the two of us met, and of course by Buck, but it is nice to get the acknowledgement" Not getting the end of the story, not knowing if the person lived or died was quite hard on her, but thankfully now that she had Buck and the rest of firehouse 118 in her life, She did hear the outcome on more then one occasion.

Soft Kitty™

Feb 17th 2019 03:02

Ciarrah had no idea that Chance had gone through many bad things, some worse then she herself had gone through, Sure she was abused by her father and oldest brother but she never saw death other then what she had seen at work, of course in the years to come she would see her dad die and then her mother but that was in many years later, not now so at this current moment in time she didn't know death other then work related. Once she found out what Chance had gone through she would be there for him, feel sad, no one should lose a loved one let alone two, that was why she did what she did to help those who had. "I know I'm young but I do try to help, I'd even help you if I needed to." She said shrugging, truth was she wasn't the youngest agent ever, in fact she heard that she was no younger then Alex had been when she joined up at Quantico.

She listened as Chance told her that her father should be in jail as well as her brother Clay "Sadly since they are both high up there in the FBI them going to jail will never happen." She offered with a sigh "but I'm okay, it's okay, I'm safe now, Caleb and Shelby keep me safe" She offered, She shook her head as he spoke more "It's not that no one believes me, because  people do, especially when they see my bruises.." She began with another shrug of her shoulders "It's that my mother doesn't believe me, but she is blinded I suppose, A part of Caleb and I think that she is too, but to scared to admit it, Shelby had that problem for awhile as well.. I do appreciate your kind words." She admitted to him.

Ciarrah nodded as she spoke "Believe it or not I'm not the youngest Agent, I hear there are a few others younger then me, but thanks. I am good at what I do I Suppose." She smiled as she said "Thanks" She then added "we are 7 years apart but to be honest we were always close, I will stay with them for as long as I need to, but I appreciate you helping me out." She said. He truly was a kind man, she wasn't used to that short of some people she knew due to her job.
Georgia Peach™

Feb 10th 2019 20:03

Maizie shook her head as she spoke "I wouldn't exactly call myself more mature and in fact I haven't always been this way, I was sort of reckless and far worse then him but recent events have changed me , that is also part of the reason he acts the way he does, he's worried it will happen again." She didn't dear speak about what happened, about how she herself had been the victim of Human Trafficking, It was now in the past and the thoughts of it still scared her, She knew Chance wasn't a dangerous man but due to the things that had been done to her all men short of her brother had frightened her to a huge extent.

 Shelby nodded as she listened to Chance pretty much repeat to her what she had said "believe me when I say that I know all about serial killers and how they work, It's part of our training up at Quantico" She offered as she shrugged. As he spoke a bit more she shook her head "I'm not sure how it all ties in, this last victim was strangled by her locket though that was not what had killed her, So clearly the sight of one angers him." She frowned, To be honest they didn't know that His mother wore one as she sexually abused him, that this was what this serial killer had been about, he was all about revenge and killing woman who looked like, or reminded him of his mother. She bit her lip as she looked at him "I  hate to think of another victim but sadly I do think you might be right." She stated.

 Alex nodded as she listened to Chance speak "That can work as well." She said "Shel took pictures of our crime scene and the locket on her phone, she sent copies to the FBI Lab but I'm sure she can show you as well." She said. She then frowned a bit as she spoke "I'm not sure if this is truthfully about love, I think it is more or less about some sort of revenge, but if that is the case then what is it all about?" She thought to herself.

 Shelby sighed as she listened to Chance's next word's "This case just got worse." She offered "It is never easy when a child is involved, whoever is doing it may not have known he just killed a child with the latest murder but that doesn't change things." She said, all she could think of was her own daughter at home.
Ruby Arias

Jan 20th 2019 20:40

Ruby's face was under the black mask and so when one saw her from afar they wouldn't be able to tell if she was a man or woman and that worked just fine for her. She had saved him because she could tell Chance was a good man and that those after him wanted him dead and that was something she couldn't just let happen after all, being a hero and all that. 

Ruby knew that she had to save him because he needed it and he was in danger and she didn;t do so for thanks or for him to see her as anythng more than she was. Ruby was raised to be a good and caring person and she liked it that way. She was glad she had been here on time though because other wise things wouldn't have ended well for him at that moment and a it is she hadn't gotten there when it all started and so she knew he was slightly hurt. 

Ruby had killed only those that gave her no other choice and she hated it but she knew that at times that happens and she was indeed a superhero of course though not of this time in many ways and she was surprised they hadn't heard of Supergirl or superman, then again it seemed like they were on the road a lot so in a way it did make sense to her. 

She knew that Chance would be grateful for her help and she was fine with that but they didn't need to give her anything for thisbecause she had done so to help not because it would give her anything in return. she knew that she had to save him because no one else had been there and if she didn't do so he would be badly hurt or even dead for that matter and that was somethung she didn't want to happen because clearly he was a good man and it showed in the way he looked at her as a friend. 

she looked at them all when they came and when chance said all those things she smiled again gently putting him down and watching them all once more because they were in front of her. She knew that the truck was gone but that no doubt they would think that his life was more important than a truck no matter what type it was. She was just glad she had been there on time and was able to save him because that fall would have broken every bone in his back and made him paralyzed if it didn't kill him first that is and both options were not something she would want to see happen to him in any way. 

Ruby looked at them all now and watched Chance as well "you need to rest for now Chance you have been through a lot" she then looked at the others again and knew that they were curious if there were other like her and if there were some who were evil and such a thought made her sigh though in truth there were super villens like her mother Reign and there always would be but there were those like her that rose up to stop them and nothing would ever change that fact. 

Ruby knew that even if the men had known about kryptonite it wouldn't help them against her unless they had it put in her directly like a shot but doig so with her wasn't that easy after all because she had the same powers as clark and Kara sis of course. she sighed slightly watching them all now curious what it was that was on their minds and if they would ask her anything because most people did at times ask her questions aboit how this was possible and stuff like that.

Ruby watched her and laughed at this picking up an eyebrow "Really boyfried? Well now that is interesting to know" she smiled to this as well seeing Chance reacting to what she had said as well and that made Ruby laugh again lost in her own thoughts. Ruby listened to what was goung on between them and laughed at this again not daying anything for now but still it was hillarious to say the least. When Chance sneezed and she jumped Ruby picked up an eyebrow slightly and laughed again "Yes you did jump there and it was strange, don't worry he will be fine" she smiled after saying that watching them all again. When she did that to Chance Ruby wasn't sure how to react to this and so she didn't say anything at all for he moment and when she spoke to her again Ruby listened "I am not like most people and I never will be, but that is just how things are at times and I am glad that I was here when I was to help him other wise things would be very different right now I would imagine" she sighed to this and when he did that she laughed again confused because she hadn't expected that either. 

Ruby watched what happened next and she watched them kissing with a smile but when Cie pulled away she shook her head to this and sighed as well because it was clear that they loved each other and yet she seemed to refuse to admit that fact for some reason. 

she looked at Cie and nodded to this slightly "Yes I will come because like I said he asked for it ad besides I want to make sure you all get there safely because it's no doubt that those after him will still try to kill him if yhey find out their first attemped failed" she sighed after saying this and sat down across from Cie now watching them close the doors. When they got there she got out and looked at Cie again "I did what any hero would have done in my place I am just glad I was there in the right time and the right place" she sighed and looked at her when she said this "Because men of acton always get hurt as specially when someone is trying to kill them" she sighed again and shrugged watching how everyone was looking at her with the suit and so she sighed pressing the button on the back of her hand and the suit was replaced with blue jeans,a blue shirt and black leather jacket though she kept the mask on in case any reporters happened to be there and her eyes stayed gold for now as well. 

Firefighter’s Hero™ 🚒

Dec 1st 2018 22:33

Abby looked at him and shrugged, She knew he was missing his wife and child, and being friendly, hoping that she would never lose the man she loved, the mere fact had worried her, especially in his profession, it wasn't an easy one to have, and probably quite dangerous for most. She shook her head as she spoke to him "See that's kind of what I'm afraid of, I  know he's careful, I know his Boss and his friends make sure of it, but You hear about firefighters dying in fires all the time, especially when they work forest fires, That's actually how his dad died, I just… It's something I don't really want to think about right now." She admitted, letting him know it wasn't something she truly wanted to talk about. She spoke as she looked at him once more "I know it can happen, and I'm lucky and very happy it happened to me, I just.. well it was shocking when we found out." She offered. She laughed a little as she said "we often joke that it happened because of his very active 27 year old sperm" She teased a bit, though sometimes she had wondered if that had been the truth. She nodded as she looked at him again. "I might discuss it with him in the future, I think for now we'll just have this little one, but if it is a good conversation to have in case we want to give her a sibling" She said.

Abby nodded again as she looked at him "I think most firehouses are like a family, but I know  his probably is more so then any other, I Mean his boss all but  practically raised him, He calls him "Pops" and truth be told they all are eager for this little nugget's arrival, My point, I'm sure they'll allow him time off, He'll be there" She knew that no matter what he would be, Not that he would risk his job, Evan Buckley was not like that, but that well truth was He wanted to be there every step of the way, as terrified as he was of becoming a father, He knew he loved his little baby already and because of that love, she knew he would be a good dad.

She nodded as she spoke again "Oh I know I changed his life, He's let me know that on more then one occasion" She began "before me he was a bit of a player, a womanizer so to speak, but Once we met it was all about me, again though the reason he was so messed up was due to losing his parents at a young age." She shook her head as she answered his question once again "No, So long story short; His Dad worked for the same firehouse, His Dad and Bobby had always been good friends, so much so that when he had been laying in the hospital bed dying, He told Bobby to take care of his son, So that was exactly what he had done, It was him who had gotten him that job" She offered, She knew Buck worked at 118 because Bobby wanted him there, He really did see him as his son even if technically he wasn't.
She shook her head as she spoke "No Maddie is his real sister" She began, then spoke once again "Camden is his Half sister, Her mom had an affair with His dad, many years prior, We've been talking to Camden but not Her Mom" She said, The truth had been she wasn't really sure if she wanted to, She was rather close to Camden but then again she was rather close to all his family, the firehouse as well as his actual sisters. She nodded as she spoke again "Yes, Maddie and I are closer in age then he and I but it doesn't bother any of us." She spoke with honesty.

Abby shook her head as she looked at him "to be honest it didn't at first, knowing some lives couldn't get saved, and the ones you did save no one really cared, I'm the one who gets hung up on, No one ever really says thank you, but I guess the mere fact that he did, that He told me I'm a hero too, that's why I fell in love and because of him I realize it is rewarding." She stated, It was the truth Buck had made her realize just how important her job had been. She looked at him "No, I'd rather just wait until she's good and ready to come out" She said half teasingly, not knowing that Lil would in fact come two weeks early on Thanksgiving to be exact.

Soft Kitty™

Oct 23rd 2018 04:21

Ciarrah looked at Chance and listened as he had spoken, She knew what he had meant, it wasn't so much the fact that she had a bad child hood such as Alex had but that she was a bad ass at her job, She needed to save people because no one ever saved her. She shook her head as she looked at him again "I suppose you're right, I do love what I Do and I don't want anything bad to happen to any one, I've had a lot of bad things happen to me but I powered through them, I just want people to know they can trust me, I can save them." She said, though she knew sometimes some would die and those had been the cases that were hard on her, but still she felt rewarded with her job. She didn't tell him what had happened in her life yet, and She wasn't quite sure that she would at all.

The more He had listened to her and had spoken kind words about Caleb, she had decided perhaps maybe she would allow him in to  a glimpse of her life at home, Not to mention well she did have visible bruises that she had been trying to hide. She wiped a tear as she began to speak "I am abused at home… in just about anyone imaginable one can be abused, by my Dad and my Brother Clay.." She shook her head as she spoke once more "My Mom doesn't believe it, She didn't believe it when it happened to Caleb, but I knew… I guess that's why Caleb and I are close we've always been there for each other due to the abuse." She offered. She knew she needed some sort of therapy but in a way just talking to Chance had helped some how.

Ciarrah answered him as she nodded her head "I'm 23, I've just had a birthday." She admitted with a shrug "Caleb is 30 so there is quite of a difference but he's there for me.. Our other brother is 35 and well He's no better then our Dad." She admitted and then nodded once again "I have moved out and in with Caleb and Shel though, they've helped me with a lot." She listened to him speak again and she shrugged "I know, but I'm still young, I have plenty of time." She stated.
Georgia Peach™

Oct 21st 2018 21:33

Maizie shrugged as the man spoke of her brother, She did of course feel the need to protect Henry, She did not like the way this man had spoken of him, but the fact remained that Henry had always been some what a pain in the butt. She wasn't sure if it was because of the things he'd gone through, The fact that he had been FBI then CIA, then Rogue agent, Then FBI again, or the way they had been brought up, still she knew he didn't need to act that way. She looked at Chance and smiled a little "Henry and I are quite different, I'm the younger sister so I see the world differently then he does, I always have. Do not worry I will always remain Me." She said simply, She too had just wanted to get on with the case.

Shelby nodded as she looked at him and spoke "That's kind of what we had  thought too, We are concerned we're looking at a serial killer here. We have noticed a few items that were similar were taken from the victims. All had a certain necklace, It seems this is his or hers trophy, Our only problem now is why are the dumps so special to our killer and is the location of the actual Murder just as special." She shrugged. "I'm sure your team can come up with a bit more evidence for us to work with." She stated once again.

Shelby shook her head "We haven't found what this particular victim was clutching, but the previous one.. as I said had been clutching a locket , We can show you pictures of it at our lab. And as far as we understand there is two or three other victims that have been located with the same Locket. It either holds some kind of meaning or Our Killer knows all of our victim's" She said, She really did not like the outcome of their suspect being a Serial killer but it seemed as though that had been exactly what he had been. Alex smiled as she looked at him "We can catch up after the case Chance, I can show you pictures of my daughter." She said .
Firefighter’s Hero™ 🚒

Oct 4th 2018 21:41

Abby Smiled a bit as she listened to the man talk, She didn't know His past life or history but she assumed that He had loved his wife and child that he had lost, and perhaps He could have found a new loved one , at any rate She did know she herself had been deeply in love with Buck and that would never change "I know, It's sad really, I do agree, but I Got Lucky, I Found the man of my dreams when I Least expected too. Isn't that how it always happens?" She had asked to no one in particular other then herself. She shook her head and shrugged a bit as she spoke again "Well I just turned 43, I'm sure after she's born Menopause will hit, I don't think I can have kids after her, but Yes I do agree we could always adopt, I guess we never really talked about it." She knew Buck had always loved Kids, He wanted a family, and she'd be okay with adopting if that had been something He truly wanted to do.

She nodded as she looked at him "I Know he'll do whatever he can to be there, I Know he works a very tough job, but the station he works at is a close knit family, They would be okay  if he had to leave, or if he just didn't come in, Hell i'm fairly sure they'd all want to be there as well." She said laughing a little, She knew 118 well enough to know They would all be in the waiting room passing out cigars and awaiting the birth of the youngest firehouse "Kid's" Kid. As scared as she had been she also had been eager and excited to have this baby, She couldn't wait to hold her in her arms, to see the sweet little face, She had been curious as to who she would end up looking like. She nodded still beaming as she spoke "Yes, I know, I don't intend on ever letting him go, and I Know he truly feels the same way about me" She answered.

Abby smiled a bit as she thought of the things she had heard about Buck, the things she was told of how he had been before her. She however had shrugged them off "I think he was just going through quite a bit before I came along, His parent's died when he was younger, His Boss had become his surrogate Father, and he tried, he tried to keep him in line but its hard when he's also your boss you know." She began with  a shrug "but the truth is He didn't change until the day he met me, I think for the first time he realized sleeping around wasn't making him happy, Real love… meeting me, that's what made him happy" She offered. She listened as she looked at him again "I picked it up before I came home ,  He read it before I did, but it just proves he's in, He's ready.. You know." She stated.

Abby raised an eyebrow as she answered him,, He couldn't begin to know Buck's Life or Her's for that matter, but she had assumed that Most people would understand when one mentioned a Half or Step, still she explained nonetheless. "His sister Maddie is 13 years older then him, Actually closer to my age, They have the same parent's, and probably the most alike, He recently discovered he had a Half sister, due to an affair his Dad had many years  prior, We haven't gotten to know her quite yet but we do know she's his half sister, they do look quite a bit alike" She offered, She had pondered if he had known about her own family, as small as it had been now that her mother was dead.

Abby shook her head as she looked at him with a smile "I mean for the most part my job is rewarding, I save lives on a daily basis, and when I know The person lived It just makes my day, it makes me happy, Honestly there isn't very many people who call that are idiot's, Most of them know better you know" she looked at him and nodded "I'm not sure I mean I just came back from Ireland not to long ago and I have maternity leave coming up, but San Fran isn't that far from LA I'm sure I can get some time off." She said smiling a little, a plan devising in her mind.
Ruby Daly

Oct 3rd 2018 20:25

Ruby and the others sighed to this and Liam watched the guy not sure what to think about all of this though for now Ruby stayed silent after all they hadn't seen her use her powers before and she knew that them thinking she was a Green wasn't going to stick anymore. 

Liam then sighed to this "What's it to you stranger? A Fed really? Well then you are no friend to us, the government hates us for what we are or haven't you gotten the memo on the fact that to the adults we are the enemy" he sighed to this and Ruby touched Chance gently on the arm her eyes glowing Orange for a moment and then went back to normal "He's telling the truth Liam, he really has no idea what is going on here and he some how has no idea about all of this" she sighed to this and Cubs looked at him "Dude have you been living under a rock all this time? How can you not know what has been going on in the world lately?" he sighed to this and Ruby looked away then back to them all lost in her own thoughts not sure how the others would react now that they knew she was an Orange. 

Liam was about to react when Ruby stopped him and sighed looking at Chance again "That Bounty Hunter was a Tracker, she wanted to take us back to the camps where they think thiose like us belong and in truth none of us ever want to go back there again if we can help it" she sighed to this looking at the others and back to Chance lost in thoughts and with another sigh and when he asked this she looked at him again "You all? That was mostly me and I just controlled her mind telling her to walk away and not stop even if she is tierd or hungry to just keep walking, I know to someone like you that might seem harsh but in truth that is our reality" she watched the others shaking their heads and she sighed to this again. 

When he spoke of school they all laughed "School? Come on now you must be kidding me right? That isn't something that we get to have anymore, not since the sickness that wipped out half of the child it's mostly running and staying out of sight that keeps us alive" Chubs said and then sighed to this again. 

Liam looked at him and felt the youngest one among them holding onto him and he smiled to this "Don't worry, I won't let them harm you in any way" the girl nodded and Ruby sighed looking at Chance again "I believe you but trust me you son't want to be messing with the things we are going through as specially if you have trouble of your own because this will just add to it ten fold" she sighed to this again and shook her head "We should get going before more of them come for us" the others nodded to this and they were about to walk off back to their van that they had figuring he wouldn't want any more trouble and so there was no point to let him help them.
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