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About me:
qυαиαн αℓαтєяєα

One day, there was a charcoal Wolf Beta in the Cherokee Nation, Quanah, whose dream was for the rest of her kin to accept her as she was...the only Werewolf in her generation of peoples. But afar, the Quilleute, her cousin Pack, accepted her into their Pack, and she began to share thoughts with them, both intentionally to aide the hunt, and unintentionally when she was attempting to sleep. She had found out one day that her closest kin, Quil Aterea, was newish to the Pack, and so she journeyed quite the ways away to find out as much as she could about her heritage.

Now, because of the fact that she would not accept the lands or traditions her Elders imposed on her, she was banished from ever returning home to Oklahoma. But, why would she want to go back, anyway?

She had everything she could ever dream of, finding and staying with her cousin Quil's people. And that was that.
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Apr 18th 2019 06:36

The Easter Bunny 
Invites you
To come have fun at his Easter Wonderland!
Come dressed up, come as yourself...
Just come and have fun!!

Fri 19th- to -Sun 21st

Lots of Games, Laughs, Dancing and Fun!
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Ѵamφiric Ƭeleφathic

Jul 28th 2018 05:11

Something happened to Quanah, Edward not only could sense things but Edward was a telepathic vampire, When a human transforms into a vampire, her/his strongest trait is brought into her/his new life. When someone has a particularly intense skill or characteristic, it heightens after their transformation. Some of those characteristics become a supernatural power of some sort. The more pronounced it was in human form, the stronger it becomes in vampire form. For example, Bella's mind originally only covered her from psychic powers, but after becoming a vampire she could project it to cover those around her.

A large majority of vampiric gifts affect the mind, but there have been exceptions as some powers work on the physical world, like Benjamin's elemental control.

Eleazar has explained that every gift is unique, never working the same way twice because no one ever thinks exactly the same way. This is proven by the differences in similar gifts among vampires, for example Edward and Aro, Bella and Renata, Jane and Alec, or Maggie and Charles.

Also, even though vampires have gifts, some may take time to develop and decades, if not centuries, to improve.

A hybrid can be born with hereditary gifts from his/her vampire father; if the human mother is already gifted, her gift may be inherited as well. Ethan possessed Edwards speed, his fastness, his swiftness, and he was strong, but he wasn't a telepath, no Ethan had a unique gift all his own he had the gift of telekinesis. 

Edward's gift allows him to hear/see the thoughts of other people, whether vampire or humans, except for Bella and, to a lesser extent, Charlie. The ability seems to behave much like an extra sense and, like the other senses, is likely not under conscious control, though he has learned how to use it. Edward can hear groups at a time, although he has learned to drown out extra voices by focusing on one in particular. The closer or more familiar Edward is to a vampire, human, or wolf's mind the better or clearer he can hear them. A stronger bond also allows him to hear them from a greater distance, though no greater than a few miles. Like Alice, Edward's ability seems to work best with other vampires. He can also keep track of people within a few miles telepathically.

Edward knew something was bothering Qu, they continued walking till they got to his penthouse suit, Ethan ran inside but Edward stayed outside with Quanah. " Is everything okay? I couldn't help but see, well read something that happened back at the reservation? The wolves, did something happen Quanah? Is this why you are here? Did they ask you to leave?"
Ѵamφiric Ƭeleφathic

Jul 11th 2018 02:50

Edward had his kid up around his shoulders when Qu asked about the son he had. "This is Ethan, I thought Alice would have told you about him, everyone knows I have a son now. Renesmee is back in school, I took some time off to raise this little monkey here." Edward glanced up at Ethan who was smiling and watching the pretty lady talking to his dad. 

Edward had heard her ask in her thoughts about Ally, and Edward gave her smile. "Ally is gone, she left, and she had every right to leave, I am not the man she thought I was." Edward kind of shrugged, as he helped with Qu with her bags. "So tell me little wolf, what brings you out so far away from home, are you running from someone? Did you kill someone?"  He teased her making wide eyes and smiling wide. They walked out of the train yard and back into the New York city life. " Well I want have you staying in some dingy motel you will stay with me and Ethan, I have a penthouse apartment, more than enough room to accomidate us all." 

They walked the night, and into the early morning, they arrived at the apartment high rise, Edward had the whole top floor, it looked over the whole city. he walked in toward the elevator and they rode it up to his floor, he stepped off with everyone placing Ethan down and Qu's belongs by the sofa. Ethan ran to his room where he had all his toys, he would soon be falling asleep, Ethan a half human, so he slept some, not much but he did sleep. Edward came to the kitchen, he himself did not drink or consume human food but his kids did so he asked Qu if she wanted food or a drink, Edward himself had blood bags in the fridge, since he know drank human blood.
Ѵamφiric Ƭeleφathic

Jul 9th 2018 23:25

The first night Ethan was born he was not drinking animal blood, Edward was at a loss, his son was not wanting anything, he paced back and forth in the nursery, Ally was watching him move about the room, he was thinking long and hard about what he was about to do. Edward came to linger over the crib where his son was laying. Ally had asked what they were going to do and Edward told her, leave that to me. Edward left the Cullen home only to venture out in the city streets of Seattle. He moved along the dark streets of the most high crime infested areas. If he was going to do this it would be someone not worth living, but how could he make that call? For the sake of his sons thirst he made it his call. 

Edward continued along the dark path, his head lowered his hands tucked into his front pockets, waiting, listening. He finally heard the thoughts of a male walking ahead of him, a man who had rapped woman, and out on the streets again for lack of evidence, but Edward knew this man before him was guilty. he followed him far behind, knowing exactly where he was heading, Edward broke from the path only to meet this man in the alley where he would be waiting for him in the shadows like a monster. 

The male came around the corner and moved ahead, Edward waited for him to get closer, and just like a monster in the dark he snatched the male by the neck, jerking him back into his strong muscular chest.  He took the man by surprise, the male was unable to grasp the reality until he felt his arms pulled back and a pair of piercing fangs being sunk into his jugular vein. The male let out a scream and than gurgling sounds as blood foamed from his mouth mixed with his saliva. Edward would not stop until the heartbeat stopped, he dropped the lifeless body and than drained it with the tubes he brought and blood bags he had, the body was drained, the blood bags now contained his the substance his son needed to survive.

Edward stood up, wiped the blood from his lips with the sleeve of his arm, while his ambered colored hues turned a crimson red. As he stood there he knew what he had done was wrong, his thoughts fell on Esme and Carlisle the man who took him in when he was near death himself. The memories flooding in his mind. Edwards  father provided Edward with many advantages as a successful lawyer, including music lessons and the opportunity to attend private school; however, he and his father were rather emotionally distant due to his busy career that often drew him away from home for business. This absence was made up for by his relationship with his mother; he was the center of her life.  He thought the world of his real mother, she meant a lot to him, and she him, they were all they had with his father died, the first wave the Spanish influenza took his life. Edward's mother later contracted the Spanish Influenza and begged the doctor who was taking care of them, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, to do everything within his power to save her son. 

"You must do everything in your power. What others cannot do, that is what you must do for my Edward."

Carlisle acted on her wishes when Edward was near death himself. Shortly after Elizabeth died, Carlisle took Edward from the hospital, brought him to his house, and there changed him into what he was today, a vampire. Edward lived with Carlisle and Esme for awhile but he left to figure out things on his own and that's when he was killing humans, the humans he thought were not worthy of living. Edward stepped back to see what he had done, he picked up the body and disposed  of it. Edward went back home and fed his son, the following week he did the same thing, and the second week and the third week.

This is what Edward was today, a monster he knew he always was.

Edward and Ally broke up, he had changed a bit, he was drinking human blood to sustain his sons life and now his very own. Edward was back at his penthouse suit with Ethan, Renesmee was off again with new friends from the university.  Cooped up in the house Edward placed Ethan's jacket on him and they left the apartment for a walk in the park late at night, Ethan was running ahead of him chasing the ducks back into the water. Edward was moving slow behind, his hands in his pockets watching the night sky, he missed Forks, perhaps it was time to go back for a visit. That's when Edward caught the all to familiar scent of a wolf, not just your regular wolf, no a wolf from home, La Push, he scanned his thoughts and smiled it was one of the lovely ladies who had befriended Rosalie. 

Edward called for Ethan he was going to follow the scent and see where Qu was at, the city was dangerous at night, she was far from home. Edward hoisted Ethan on his back and spoke. "You smell that scent? A La Push wolf here in New York, not let's go find her shall we?" Ethan nodded his head as they moved along the city streets to the train station, he looked around and spotted her, he walked up to her smiling. " Qa? What are you doing roaming so far from home?' His crimson obs fell into her brown eyes gaze.
Ѵamφiric Ƭeleφathic

Jun 17th 2018 03:25

Edward could remember things that most could never imagine living through, he had lived over 100 years. Who was born on June 20, 1901. His early life was normal at least as normal for a child of that time period born to a family with money. Until one fateful day, it was September of 1918 during the height of the Spanish Influenza epidemic. That was when his mother on her death bed begged Dr. Carlisle Cullen to do everything in his power to save Edward it was after his mothers death that the good doctor had turned Edward into what he is today, a vampire. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, became close to Carlisle, Carlisle becoming a father figure to him. 

Through the years, Carlisle took a wife, Esme, who with her caring nature became the mother of the group.Soon Rosalie and Emmett became part of the family. With the addition of Alice and Jasper the Olympic Coven was formed.Carlisle and Esme posed as the adoptive parents to Rosalie, Emmett Alice Jasper, and Edward. They had enrolled in the local high school and attended classes, to appear a normal family. It was easy for them to bland in as the family practiced a vegitarian way of life eating only animal blood never human.They lived a very normal but dull life.

He met and married a woman he thought was the love of his life, at one time he thought he could not live without her, she was his everything, his true love as many would call it, they had one daughter who Edward loved more than anything in the world. it didn't take long before Bella was at the reservation seeing Jacob again, till he found out he couldn't believe it, he couldn't accept it, the mutts vision came in pretty clear to the vampires thoughts.  Edward found this to be true so he left Forks and all the distrust and lies and finding true love behind him, he would live out the rest of his existence in other places, his daughter Renesmee came with him. Edward divorced Bella when he finally settled making a home for him and his daughter in  New York, the big apple and there he enrolled in college courses.

Yes Edward Cullen back in school learning a new degree and medicine was what he wanted to learn he ventured out in the night, never in the day, which was fine since all the college kids stayed up late studying it was the normal here on campus. Edward enrolled his daughter and she loved the school, but mostly because her daddy was here and she loved her father, and everything that had happened Renesmee did not want to go back to Forks, not yet anyway and probably not ever, she enjoyed her new life in New York. NYU was a great place to meet new people, Edward on the other hand kept alone, he wasn't all about meeting anyone new or wanted anyone new to come into his life. After a year of solitude he meant a woman named Ally Craig, they dated, broke up but she was found to be pregnant with his son. Ally followed him home to Forks where she had the baby in the privacy of the Cullen him. After the baby was cut out before he could kill Ally, Edward was forced to do something he thought he would never do. 
Lost Wolf

Jun 5th 2018 16:53

Alright, so whenever you get the chance, send me a summary about your character and from there we can start.
Lost Wolf

Jun 2nd 2018 06:58

Hey, Im Dillon, not sure if I sent you my intro or anything.
But lets set up a roleplay. I wanna see that I get many
different stories started.
The Lady Arwen™~FOS~

Jun 1st 2018 23:01

The Lady Arwen™~FOS~

Jun 1st 2018 11:02

Laughing lightly, The Lady watched as Quanah chewed and savoured the ripe fruit. Finishing Arwen bent down and gently stroked the thick black fur, so soft it was, she wished Quanah could come to live in Rivendell but she knew wild animals needed their freedom ♥
The Lady Arwen™~FOS~

Jun 1st 2018 09:23

The Lady smiled at the slim animal. She had been acquainted with her kind before. Giving a gentle tickle under her muzzle, Arwen reached into a concealed pocket of her gown and produced a red apple.
Giving it to Quanah it was sniffed with attention then quickly eaten core and all ♥
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