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About me:
Elizabeth "Liz" Sherman is a pyrokinetic human woman, and a field agent of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. At age 11, she destroyed an entire city block, killing thirty-two people—including her parents and younger brother. Since then, she has been a ward of the Bureau, fighting evil forces and learning to live with her abilities.
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‘Guardian Of The Darkmoon Legacy’

Apr 2nd 2019 12:36

Sanaya sat patiently and listened as Liz started to tell her tale. It was apparent, to the green hued female, that her friend was much bothered by the case that she had recently worked. Though, many who had crossed paths with the entity, that the humans referred to as ‘The Mothman’, were often left shaken. As Liz reached for and presented Sanaya with the sketch, Sanaya took it. She’d seen many drawings similar to this one over her many lives and looking at them never got any less unsettling. 

There were never any teeth or claws in the illustrations, never any blood. They were generally void of colour, drawn in black or another dark, heavy colour. They were always winged and always had those huge eyes that seemed to bore right into your soul. 

Placing the sketch down on the table top, Sanaya looked to Liz, bothered that her friend had experienced physical pain, be it only headaches, whilst working the case. Impulsively, green fingers gently brushed Liz’s temple, “The headaches, they have subsided?” She asked as she frowned upon learning about the manifestation in the mirror and Liz’s bleeding ear. 

Sanaya rolled her lips as she thought on all that Liz had revealed. Her frown had yet to fade and she sat back in her chair, clicking her tongue in slight frustration. It was evident that Sanaya was thinking, weighing up what she should say and if she should say anything at all. It was with a heavy sigh that she leant forward, an agitated hand sweeping her hair from her eyes.

“Ok, so...I’ve heard tales similar to these before.” As she said the words, she rolled her leaf green eyes. “Forgive me, not tales, reports.” She apologised. “For as long as there had been man and death...there has been the Mothman.” She looked at Liz, “You’re going to have to bare with me Lizzie, because this is going to sound crazy...” she warned her. “I’ve never met The Mothman, I don’t believe it’s something that you can actually ‘meet’, so to speak. See it, yes, but not interact with it.” 

Holding out her palm, Sanaya swirled her other hand over it, and an opalescent orb appeared. Images started to flicker within the orb for Liz to see, cave paintings of a creature very similar to the drawing on the table. “The Mothman has been documented as existing since the cavemen, so it’s fair to say it’s been around longer. I say Mothman, because I don’t believe that there are Mothmen, I believe that it is one entity, the same entity all the way throughout time.” She glanced at Liz to see how her friend was taking the news before she continued.

Spring Heeled Jack

Mar 25th 2019 18:50

I’m a message guy, but I’ll be getting to it either tonight or tomorrow!! Can’t wait!
‘Guardian Of The Darkmoon Legacy’

Mar 25th 2019 14:22

As soon as the answering text message came through, an excited Sanaya grinned. As much as she loved her duties with MI:18 and her born duties to The Henge, Leys and world in general, sometimes, just being able to see a ‘friend’ was enough to make her feel alive. Sanaya hadn’t really permitted herself friends until this life. They’d seemed pointless, all she did was die protecting them...which wasn’t a bad thing, but her like had been snugged on one to many occasions and the Guardian had grown tired of starting over. 

Jack admitting that he loved her had changed that. It had opened her up to new possibilities, to building a life for herself, forming relationships with people and gathering friends close and forming a family...instead of awaiting her time of death in this life, she was actually living it!

Sanaya summoned the magenta mist that went along with her teleportation, and in the blink of an eye the green hued female vanished from within the MI:18 secret compound, only to reappear, the other side of the world in the vast library of the BPRD.

As soon as Sanaya’s leaf green eyes saw Liz, a smile pulled her lips upwards and she made her way over to her friend. “Liz!” She beamed, hurrying around the table and hugging her friend from behind as she peered down at the book that she was reading. Sanaya had not missed how tired Liz looked, nor the frown on her brow. Something was wrong...! It was then the question was asked and Sanaya clicked her tongue, a frown appearing of her own.

As Liz started to apologise for not having greeted her, Sanaya shushed her friend kindly. “Hush now.” She chided as she took up the seat beside Liz, drawing the book that Liz was referencing and closing it over to read the cover. “I’m fine.” She said dismissively, as she looked at the table top and saw an open file and several documents. 

“Right, tell me everything.” Sanaya said, meeting Liz’s eyes with her own. “Leave nothing out.” She instructed, “I’m not telling you anything until you’ve finished.” She explained, “Because I didn’t want to influence your opinions. I have heard and now of the entity called the Mothman, and have my own thoughts on it. I want ‘you’ to tell ‘me’ what’s happened and what ‘you’ think.”

‘Guardian Of The Darkmoon Legacy’

Mar 24th 2019 18:55

Sanaya was sat in her office, her killer heels discarded under her ancient desk, fishnet encased emerald hued feet upon it, resting on a vast tome of a book. The pages of the book were yellowed and brittle with age, everything in the small office was ancient. Curiosities lined shelving and orbs of light flickered from various points. A frown creased her brow as she leafed through the pages of a file that had been handed to her upon leaving a conference call earlier. 

Across from her, Jack was sprawled out on a couch, snoring softly to himself. They’d both had a long night of dealing with a zombie problem up in Stratford-upon-Avon, and the tangerine hued demon had exhausted himself by using his blue flame more than they’d anticipated. He needed rest, rest that he’d fought during the early hours as he’d wanted sexy time in the shower.

Lifting her eyes from the file that she was reading, Sanaya permitted herself a smile as she looked over at her sleeping lover. Things were good between them, working together as well as sleeping together wasn’t interfering with cases, which was a relief. At times, the green hued female still couldn’t believe that they were actually ‘together’.

A soft chiming sound caused an elegant eyebrow to arch. Surprised, Sanaya reached for her cell phone, it very rarely went off. Opening the text, a genuine smile tugged at Sanaya’s lips. Liz! She hadn’t seen the fiery mortal in some time, come to think of it, her and Jack hadn’t seen much of anyone. Work for MI:18 had been busy, something that Sanaya images would be the same for the BPRD! 

Sanaya and Liz had met whilst working together on a case in Salem, and since then the BPRD and MI:18 had liaised with each other through The Guardian and The Fire-starter.

Green fingers swiftly texted back;

-name the time and the place and I’ll be there in a jiffy!x-

She texted back as she pushed her chair back and rose to her stocking feet. Fishnet covered feet slipped into killer heels as Sanaya smoothed her smart little dress and slipped her phone into a small bag. Walking over to Jack, she adjusted the blanket that was falling off of him and dropped a tender kiss to his brow before vacating the office and waiting for Liz’s text. Liz could be anywhere in the world and Sanaya could be there within a few seconds, the joy of teleporting!

‘Guardian Of The Darkmoon Legacy’

Dec 7th 2018 11:57

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‘Guardian Of The Darkmoon Legacy’

Dec 7th 2018 11:49

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‘Guardian Of The Darkmoon Legacy’

Dec 7th 2018 11:49

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‘Guardian Of The Darkmoon Legacy’

Aug 17th 2018 10:46

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Friendship Friday! Thank you Lizzie-Lou, for helping me develop Sanaya as a Character, for writing with me and for beung quite frankly amazing! Love you bunches girly! xxx
Boo Cat ฅ(^・ω・^ฅ)

Aug 7th 2018 17:02

Liz, are you getting our messages? Me and Sanaya have both tried to message you...
‘Guardian Of The Darkmoon Legacy’

Jul 27th 2018 21:54

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