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Enter heavy, bewildering Elven wit here. Though home is beyond, comfort lies within.

103 years old
Rivendell, Saint George

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Generalswimming, waterfalls, Elven music, reading, Elven wine.
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Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Valinor/Tol Eressea
Body type:Athletic
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Education:No Answer
Occupation:Lady of Tol Eressea
Characters: Nefertari Celestiniel
Verses: LOTR, Harry Potter, Twilight, selectively Open.
Playbys: Karina Lombard
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Ancient, Fantasy, Humor, Movie, Scene, Supernatural,
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Green eyes peering over its rim, with a final ode of acceptance. The She-Wolf had come to kill the Lioness, nothing unexpected really. "When you play the game of thrones ... you win ... or you die." she repeated a once uttered phrase, with the sweet tickle of whine still on her lips.

((Character Challenge)) From a certain point of view:

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About me:
Her name given at birth was Nefertari Celestiniel, daughter of Celestine High Queen of the Seraphim, and her birth father was a shapeshifter, transforming into a large serpentine dragon at times, and at other times, a large-winged dragon who took much time dwelling within the deepest of mountain caverns, alongside Dwarves and other kin. Nefertari inherited both angel wings and the ability to turn into a water dragon, or retain her "Elven" figure, whichever the cause may be. WHO I'D LIKE TO MEET: She has two daughters, Hestia the eldest at 19, and Athena at 16. Both wizards who attended the same school, but parted ways some time during Hestia's youth. She also has an adopted daughter, whom she cherishes equally as her own children..and this daughter's name is Mayumi Uchiha.
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Who I'd like to meet:
The Elven Lords of Rivendell and Lothlorien, Elvenking Thranduil, Tauriel and Legolas, her kin in Aman. Her "Phantom Angel".

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Arwen undomiel ~FOS~✬ROME✬

May 6th 2019 08:36

well thank you my lady.
Arwen undomiel ~FOS~✬ROME✬

May 5th 2019 14:18

hello my lady.

Apr 18th 2019 06:34

The Easter Bunny 
Invites you
To come have fun at his Easter Wonderland!
Come dressed up, come as yourself...
Just come and have fun!!

Fri 19th- to -Sun 21st

Lots of Games, Laughs, Dancing and Fun!
*Only smiles allowed!*
(Link below)

ᴍisᴘʟaceᴅ acᴛor

Apr 15th 2019 12:32

You are too sweet and kind! I'm so glad that they make a difference, because that's the entire reason I post things like that. There's so much negativity around this place, people need positive messages, daily. I'm sorry for whatever you've been going through, if you ever need someone to talk to, please feel free to reach out. I'll always listen. I'm really glad to have you on my friend's list. 
Rosie Cotton {FOS}

Apr 2nd 2019 09:59

Greetings my new friend!! 
I do adore Beauty and the Beast, I do *nodding*
Berries? *offers breakfast*

Lady Galadriel [FOS]

Mar 18th 2019 23:45

My never wining guide? Healing comes from the depths, there is virtue in the light too for whom I listen to you with gratitude. 


What is your favourite precious ring? There are so many unique ones to shape as biological natures exist today.
Lady Galadriel [FOS]

Mar 17th 2019 02:30

"I was thinking that is a ring you must do, for him then, for you to create around for him... it must be your free will... for how it will be... and original of its own authenticity, because we seem to be the only Maias around, are't we? It's only you and me to forge them... I can do mine alone, its for me, I need light again..."
Professor Severus Tobias

Mar 17th 2019 01:17

[[Ah thank you. Sleep well.]] 
Just this once. 
Professor Severus Tobias

Mar 16th 2019 22:55

Severus pushed the box towards her, and with careful hands, lifted the lid. 

Ollivander had returned to work after the events of the second wizarding war, despite what he had been through. It seemed that he worked with new resolve, now that it had ended, which surprised many. Severus had sought him out the previous week for this gift, and when he entered, the two paused for a moment and stared at one another, Snape at the door and Ollivander atop one of his ladders. Between them, their silence said everything that needed to be said about the things they saw during Voldemort's reign. Severus could see the scars criss-crossing the old man's skin, and Ollivander could see the silvery marks crossing the Potions Master's throat. 
Ollivander listened with some interest at Snape's request, and seemed to have little trouble poking through his shop for a suitable wand for this woman who was not of their world. He had delved into the back where he kept a number of secretive research projects and collections, and came back with a few pieces to share with Snape. 

What they had eventually chosen was something of real value, something incredibly rare. Ollivander claimed he bought it off a muggle man who had stumbled upon a log of driftwood of the most pristine white wood. Upon taking it back to his shop, the wizard studied it intensely, deducing that it, too, was not of this world, and had somehow floated on the waves of sea and time to Great Britain. The wood, itself, was not dead, in fact, and seemed to beat with energy and life. The log Ollivander had was said to sometimes sprout yellow blooms in the spring, and he had to routinely prune it. From that blooming log, he had harvested a branch to craft this piece. 

Snape had examined it in his hands in the shop, holding the long, carefully carved wand up to his nose. 
"Fascinating..." He breathed. The two men were mesmerized by it, sharing a rare moment together. "Have you any idea of where it came from?"
"Ah, Severus." Ollivander said. "Truly, I could not say for sure. There are some things in the world you are not meant to know-- but from what I gather, I think it passed through the veil of time from a place where magic grows wild and unkept, and so it runs through the land like the blood in our veins." He took the wand and wrapped it in ribbon, placing it in a nest of velvet. "There are many legends I'm sure you've heard of. Afterlifes, alternate universes-- I've recently heard of a place called Lothlórien that supposedly has trees of this nature. There is not much on the subject in our country-- so I could not tell you more." He handed Snape the box. "I do hope your guest connects with this piece. I am almost reluctant to sell it." He quirked a smile as Snape handed him the money, coins clinking in his hands. And with that, Severus had returned to the flat. 

Now the wand shone in the firelight between them, its lacquer gleaming under the orange cast. 
"I thought it appropriate that you should have one by now. Given the amount of studying you have done." Severus said. 

Lady Galadriel [FOS]

Mar 16th 2019 22:14

Is a new generation, all the rings have been destroyed, 
is a new generation, 
crowns of flowers I posed in your head with laurels, 
entangling the strands of our hairs to the winds 
and down our generous joyous chest, 
for man and woman to stop fighting
in this new generation,
for the shadows will come out, they had
uncontrollably, when so much elements fusion,
cheer the new generation 
at thy fear and excitements both made of the same coin, 
of illusion, I know you seek for the real, Maia!
In thy new generation
as our longs hairs rejuvenate us, 
dance around the fire lady like, 
for this new generation
while the man prepare the grilling meat of abundances
from their hunts, festive to the instinctive arts 
you generate power onto me!
of your beauty, new melting metals the hardest by hit, 
gold the finest transmitter of energy for you
in your new generation to be remembered, 
in fine jewellery a power of honour a humble shine,
That this time it won't be Sauron behind the rings,
for the power of self of creation, just you and me, Maias,
and to the generator of your bliss.
We are the founders when we trust.
Áva rucë! ….. Fear not!  Don’t worry!

And this last words are herd with song, before resting in them for is all I wish and ever are to be and if you believe, how more? 

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