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Albion, Maine
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February 25 2020

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Characters: Hercules
Verses: Once Upon A Time/OUAT, Descendants, Descendants 2, Descendants 3
Playbys: Jonathan Whitesell
Length: Para
Member Since:May 17, 2018


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ℱᴼᴿᴮᴵᴰᴰᴱᴺ ℱᴿᵁᴵᵀ

Feb 12th 2020 18:36

forbidden fruit
Apple apple dip dip. Wanna try it? tick tick. take a bite. c'mon, be bold! change the way the story's told!

Thank you so much for the add/request! The name is Evilette "Evie" Grimhilde/Mills. The daughter of the infamous Evil Queen. Yes, the one with the poisoned apples! When you're free, I'd love to set up a story-line and/or connection! I tend to dabble in dark disney, a/u descendants, and oc ouat.

First, would you mind taking a look at my rules and signing them correctly? I'd really appreciate it. 

If Discord is easier for you, feel free to add me!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Have a wicked day!

-Evie. ♥


Feb 11th 2020 19:10

"All eyes on me; let me see 'em!"

Ahoy, sirens and bildge rats! Sending you my gratitude for your add or request. It's your captivating captain Uma here. The one and only daughter of Ursula, the sea-witch. Yes, the one with the tentacles. No, that does not mean calamari is on the menu! Don't cross swords with me, it'll only end up bad news for you. Now! When you might get the time, I would love to get a storyline or connection going with you. I am open for many plots in the disney, descendants, ouat verse. AU and Crossovers are entirely welcome, within the realm of reason. I do prefer chit chat and banter in comments, and roleplay writing in messages; they are far easier to keep up with. I also do have discord available to everyone to contact me through, should you find it easier. I'll list that below, and be seeing ya!


тнє ѕανισя тωιη

Feb 11th 2020 17:58

ʜɪᴅᴅᴇɴ ᴊᴇᴡᴇʟ♡

Oct 26th 2019 23:05

Hello there, thank you so much for accepting my request or for sending one. 

I'm Alexa Jade Jones, the daughter of Milah & Killian Jones. 
I was taken from my mother by Rumplestilskin, he had me believe that he was my father. 
However I had weird dreams about a woman talking to me, telling me who I was. 
When Emma broke the first curse, it all softly started to come back to me. 

I would love to discuss a storyline with you, if you're up for it.
I thank you for your attention 

-ʜɪᴅᴅᴇɴ ᴊᴇᴡᴇʟ♡ 

Hєll's Bєauty.

Sep 14th 2018 23:12

Related image
Hey there. Thanks for adding/accepting me as your friend.
My name is Sabine. I'm the daughter of Hades.
I'm new to Storybrooke and looking for connections. 
Care to discuss a storyline or connection together?
- Ғяоѕтч ♥

May 24th 2018 13:11

Snow White | Mary Margaret Blanchard. ♥
Once Upon a Time verse.
Ask if you need to know more; I wont bore you with details just yet. 
Greetings can be such a pain, I know.

Active. Literate. Multiple paragraphs and above: though as long as I have something to work with and effort given, 
I don't mind length. I do tend to write more though.
Open to AU and darker themes, within reason.
Crossovers can be acceptable to, plausible storyline dependent. 
Somewhat selective. Here to write!
No backstage drama!
Line and Kik available if that is easier: rewritethestarsx

May 18th 2018 05:24

Oh Hello! Aloha! Sup!
Yes i know another programmed greeting but that what I got for now.
Either way, I'm Delilah Bell.
Daughter of Tinker Bell and Peter Pan
Yeah i know, strange combo of parents but just how things are.
Anyways, care to get something going? Storyline? regular Discussion?
I'm up for anything
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