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33 years old
Alkmaar, Noord-Holland

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April 20 2019

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basic information

Birth name: Tom Budgen
Current name: Aleister Black
Nick names: The Dutch Destroyer
Age: 32 years
Date of birth: May 1985
Date of death: N/A
Home town: Alkmaar, Netherlands
Current location: Full Sail, Florida
Species: Human/Demon


STATUS: Yeet || SINCE: 05/26/18



Gender: Male,
Height: 6 foot
Skin color: # Peace
Hair color: # Black
Eye color: # Blue
Abilities: I can kick hard
Physical appearance: Small and powerful
Personality: I like devil stuff, calm, collected, deep.

I am quiet and contained. I am a ball of energy and you better hope you're on my good side. I'll kick your head off if you get on my bad side and I'm your best friend if you're on my good side. I'm usually calm and collected but I deserve respect. Give me respect and I'll respect you.


family and friends

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Body type:No Answer
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: Aleister Black
Verses: Wrestling
Playbys: Tom Budgen
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Crime, Crossover, Drama, Romance, Suspense, Wrestling,
Member Since:May 17, 2018

Hi Hi. Candy Floss here. Original and literate. (Don't mistaken me for Xia Brookside). Looking for friends and connections. Be a dear and share me out? B)

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About me:
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The symbolism

I’ve used a lot of symbolism that I knew will evoke a reaction as well. Why? Because I know what works. Simple as that. One of the funny things is and not a lot people to this day realize but the old Sumerian death squad shirt had a hidden message in all of them, and I am not gonna tell them about any but there’s hidden messages in my shirt that a lot of people didn’t pick up on.

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I think professional wrestling will always be a reflection of how society is. I think that who I am translates very well in 2017; because a lot of young kids look up to me and go like, “Man. He’s different.” You know? I feel different. I’m an individual and they’re individuals. Everyone’s an individual and individuality is such a strong thing in our society so that translates into wrestling. And here comes this guy and they’ve never seen anything like me before. I’m covered in tattoos head to toe, I have this striking style, I’m smaller than most competitors, and people are like, “Yeah. That’s my guy.” Why? Because they can see part of themselves in me.

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The Transition

To a lot of MMA fighters, Pro Wrestling is a very popular thing and I’m very thankful for them to try and make the transition into professional wrestling. But then they figure out its not as easy as a lot of people think. Just because you have a good athletic background doesn’t make you necessarily a good wrestler. Cause it takes a lot to be a good professional wrestler.

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The AntiHero

I feel like in order for something to connect to an audience there needs to be a form of authenticity. I feel that if you want people to go, “Oh I get him.”, You have to have lived it. If you haven’t lived through it then you can’t tell the story. That’s what we do. It’s one giant story.

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Little Red Beauty

Apr 6th 2019 12:08

Jules looked at the officer as she signed papers and hugged him back, the officer nodded at Aleister, "you need to sign too as the person who came and got her, so if she goes 'poof' then your responsible." he said with a smirk, Jules rolled ehr eyes, and turned to him, "no he doesn't you asshat since you put this damn thing on me." she lifted her jeans, showing a ankle monitor. He nods smirking more, "have a Nice day blondie," he waved goodbye and if Aleister hadn't been there she would have decked him.
Little Red Beauty

Apr 3rd 2019 01:53

Jules had lived with her father Carl off and on until he left without saying goodbye. He had left the country without saying goodbye. He had only left a note that said, ‘I'm sorry -Dad’ and that was all. It had crushed her, her mother had died in a car accident years earlier so now she literally had no one. She kept to herself mostly. She had met her fling, Aleister when she was 18 and she had fallen hard for him. However, with his career taking off suddenly she didn't feel it was right to tell him. When she was 19, one night she had found her boyfriend Nolan having sex with another girl when just 3 hours ago he was telling her he 'loved’ her. She had kept calm and asked him why, his next words were; “your boring Jules, I needed some excitement in my life.” Running out of his home she went to her apartment and cried for hours, The next night it happened; Nolan was found dead. As Jules saw his body she lost it and started sobbing as she bent over unable to breathe. After the crowd that had gathered broke up, as the cops came and took statements; they took Jules in to the station. She answered all of the questions honestly. She called Aleister hearing her was in town and she didn't have anyone else to call. Asking him to come and get her after the interview was over, it was late but she was thankful he came without question.
Little Red Beauty

Apr 3rd 2019 00:34

Hello I am Jules Kendall, No you haven't heard of me? Most haven't... I'm a Gemini witch. No don't worry I didn't have to kill my sibling to break the merge. I became a heretic; vampire-witch hybrid, pretty cool huh? •Jules smiles softly and shakes your hand firmly yet gently• OOC: I am in need of the following mains: -Family -Friends -Exes (male and female) -A Love intetest (male or female) -Enemies -Allies As well as any other connection I have left out. Would you mind sharing out my share status' I posted? Thanks so much! :) ***Can be contacted on discord, LINE or KIK; please let mek now if you'd like either or all three.***

Mar 27th 2019 02:10

If you would like to roleplay let me know i am also looking for a aleister or a lestat oc of him to ship with, thanks for adding me if you were looking for a queen of the damned wrestling character you've got one. 🖤 - your friend Akasha
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