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Deimos. Brother of Kratos.

"A Spartan never falls on his back."

21 years old
Atlanta, Georgia
United States

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July 23 2018

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Characters: Deimos
Verses: fantasy, adventure
Playbys: Jason Mamoa
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`marked widow.

May 16th 2018 04:11

Sometimes the only way to hunt somebody is to pretend to be a prey.

Before I get started, yes - this a premade greeter and I know people hate these things, but HEAR ME OUT. Just because I made one of these doesn't mean I'm lazy - I just want cool people to write with.

Anyways, hello -I'm Genavieve. ♥ French/Spanish heir to a high tech company run by her father but is well known for his last name Marseille - a family that invested their time and efforts in the arts - quite notably through the French museum and once fortress/palace  THE LOUVRE.

Typical ice princess with a lot of money but likes to burn the most expensive things that belonged to her - has a knack for danger because in the most life threatening situation it makes her feel alive.  ( on going character development will be happening as well. ) If that interests you in the slightest - then you can respond! If not then that's okay too - I'll just love you from a far. ♥ 

- Genavieve. 

May 6th 2018 05:53

Image result for daenerys gif

"No. It is not fair at all for someone to be left as an outcast. I would know better than anyone else..."
Looking up at him, she looked at him with understanding, giving a small, yet warm smile to let him know she had no wicked intentions.
"I was driven away from my home, my name tarnished from a cruel brother was the one that answered my prayer. And I wish he had not."

May 6th 2018 05:26

You reek of the same stench. . . Who ripped you from the depths of Hel, filth?”

May 6th 2018 00:33

So it appears that the God of War...the very monster I loath and despise has a brother.
Are you as cruel and unfair as your brother? As blood thirsty?
Or have you in some miracle been given a heart? 
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