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i am captain matthew casey I am second in command of fire 51

40 years old
Aspen, Colorado
United States

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September 18 2019

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I am sorry if people cant cope with me right now I am really really low I am very sad I am missing my mom in real life she passed away and I cant cope with losing her so please be patient and a little understand me I don't mean to be short or snap with anyone but if I am give me a bit of understanding or if you cant understand I sorry

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About me:
I am matthew casey I am captain of fire house 51 I love my wife sylive and my daughter Emily I do a very dangerous job but I love it
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-- ĸιɴɢ oғ cocαιɴe ;





CD Tester

.Loyalty. Of. The. Scot. (SF)


Dixie Philips.

*(LOS)* Goddess Kali




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sᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴅᴇsᴘᴀɪʀ

あず 希




Evil Witch Dr

— HELLbound,


☬Dark Soul☬

Broken Dreams.


eleanor rigby.

Lillian Stan

Êlúriel {Elle} R.O.M.E

Elladan -The good Twin-



white flames.

Tommy Oliver


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⚔ Lord ⚔ Asa ⚔RES⚔

Sep 12th 2019 20:51

Greetings to you and thank you for the friendship. Now where can I start? Maybe my name would helpful to you. I am Lord Asa Blackthrone, I am what you can call a very powerful wizard,witch or what ever you wish to call me. When I was just a infant mother knew that there was something different about me.



My Father is Lord Henry Blackthrone and a very powerful and evil sorcerer and he is feared through out the many kingdoms. I was told that he faked his on death, reasons are unknown to all but him. Many says that he did it to learn more about the black arts , now he has returned and he rules his lands with a iron fist.. Now for my Mother.. She is a sorceress. She kind hearted and caring to all that lives within her realm, no matter if you are of royal blood or one the lives within the kingdom lands. She is also one that you dare not cross or it may be your last time you ever cross a woman and my mother..Laughs. Now I have one brother that is named Geralt and he is very powerful witcher, you may wonder what is a witcher? He could be called a bounty hunter of the supernatural world and he will even hunt down mortals as well. If the price is right. I have serveal brothers and sisters as well. They also are ones you wish not to mess with either.

Later in years my mother told me the tale of my great great grand father. His tale was far better than any bed time story anyone could have read to me. But little did I know that her words, was words of truth about the Dragon God. And it would become a big part of my life when I was 9 years old. On a island just off the shores of the empire. It seemed to call out to me when I sat upon a rock and looked across the ocean waters at it. You could tell it once was a beautiful city at one time, But now only thing left is the that small pieces of the ruins that litters the beaches.But I was told never to go there. That many great men has went and has never returned back, as well as small children and women. But you know kids and I am no different than any others, but I was a sorcerer. I have learned a few things in the way of spells and stuff like that. But what was to come I could never think of anything like that in a billion years.

I could not help was driving me crazy in the versions I was having of a older gentleman that came to me in my dreams, telling me to come there and never speak of this to no one, even my mother. Could this be my father? I think not, he was more in the lines of what my mother spoke about her great grand father, but he has been dead, way before I was even born. So one day when my mother was away on business, I adventured out to the island,was guilded by some type of force that lead me to a hidden cave. That is where my new life will begin.

Princess Willow ♥L&M Matthew♥ {RES}

Sep 6th 2019 23:01

I do I do to much more my love!
Princess Willow ♥L&M Matthew♥ {RES}

Sep 6th 2019 15:07

If you say so I love you million times more my beloved!
Princess Willow ♥L&M Matthew♥ {RES}

Sep 6th 2019 14:52

Not as much as I love you my  guardian angel never ever!! Mwah!! 
Princess Willow ♥L&M Matthew♥ {RES}

Sep 5th 2019 12:10

Just stopping by to say how much I love and adore you my darling handsome husband oh so much forever!! -cups his cheeks kissing him deeply;
Princess Willow ♥L&M Matthew♥ {RES}

Jun 16th 2019 00:37

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To: Daddy
From: All Kids
Queen Samantha ♥L&M Clint♥ {RES}

Jun 15th 2019 14:32

Always loving you way more my son always!
Princess Willow ♥L&M Matthew♥ {RES}

Jun 15th 2019 14:02

Always and forever baby I just love you way more then ever! You are my heart and soul no matter what!
Princess Willow ♥L&M Matthew♥ {RES}

Jun 11th 2019 23:23

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Always be safe my love when you are fighting fires and being a hero, I always here keep shake.
Queen Samantha ♥L&M Clint♥ {RES}

Jun 11th 2019 22:03

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My handsome son always♥
(updated my dear loves you always:)
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