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25 years old
Amundsen-Scott - permanent station of the US, Unclaimed Sector

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FULL NAME: Jessica Essex
Jessica Stone | Poison | Pestilence | Red Queen |
SPECIES: Mutant | Creation/Clone
AGE: 24
State Home for Foundlings, Omaha, Nebraska
HAIR COLOR: Purple | Black | Brown
EYE COLOR: Purple | Blue
HEIGHT: 5’6”
WEIGHT: 120lbs
EDUCATION: Some High School
OCCUPATION: Debt-Collector


Through an emotional/personal association. The stronger the bond between Heartz and the other mutant, the greater control and understanding of the power she has.

Limited to Mutants only | Abilities are Temporary | Limited to Three |
The link can become weak or break without personal association and/or distance.

None | None | None

Sleight of Hand | Pocket Picking | Lockpicking |
Hand-to-Hand Combat | Long/Short Range Weapon Knowledge


Discord: Heartz#9443

Little House on the Bayou

Allegedly born and raised in New Orleans, Jessica Essex spent her entire memorable childhood under the guardianship of the Assassins Guild, who named her Mona. The Guild took care of her, and reluctantly trained her, but it was clear they did not particularly like or accept her.

As Mona approached her teen years, she discovered that she could produce a thin poisonous coating over her entire body, deploy toxic gases around her, and her hair and eyes changed into a vibrant purple color. However, when she began to lose control over her powers, the Guild locked her away to protect themselves.

The time alone gave her the opportunity to focus on her abilities. Mona eventually learned how to reduce the toxicity of the poisons she secreted to nearly nothing, and she was able to escape by producing different kinds of chemicals that ate through the steel, concrete, and wood that contained her.

When the time seemed right, Mona contacted the Thieves Guild of New Orleans and began supplying them with information that would benefit them during the upcoming tithe offering. As wrong as this was, watching her Guild struggle helped her find some happiness in the misery she had faced almost daily.
House of Cards

Just before Mona’s 16th birthday, a man by the name of Nathaniel Essex reached out to her, claiming to be a recruiter for a mutant school in Westchester, New York. It didn't take him long to convince the girl, she was homeless and had very few options left in New Orleans. The following few days, Mona attempted to scavenge enough money to get her to New York. Instead, she ended up winning an older Kawasaki Zephyr in a game of poker and made her way to the Big Apple.

Once she arrived at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Mona finally became aware of how much she didn't know about herself. During enrollment, she had to lie on most of the forms, even deciding to give up her name and christened herself Jessica Stone. In the next couple of months, Jessica lost interest in several classes and closed herself off from the student body. During this acquired free time, she would roam around the property, seemingly looking for something. Unsure of exactly what she was supposed to be searching for, happened to find delinquents like herself.

One mutant in particular from this new group of friends, Sebastian Hayes, would turn out to be a lifelong friend throughout their turbulent relationship. Jessica began to adjust to life at Xavier's Institute, but like most things in this mutant's life, it didn't last long. During a late-night Danger Room training, she met Nathaniel Essex again, this time in his true form as Mr. Sinister. The pale mutant revealed who he was and why Jessica had been sent to the X-Manson.

Jessica was born in a lab under the State Home for Foundlings in Omaha, Nebraska, using the combined DNA of Nathaniel and his deceased wife, Rebecca Essex. She was essentially the child they lost, and the sole purpose of her presence at the Xavier school was to study and kill the X-Men. When she refused, Sinister promised to find and kill anyone she cared about. Considering this was a rather short list, she didn't have long to make a deal with him. As a compromise, she stole blood samples of Scott Summers and Jean Gray from Beast's lab. Knowing this would not go unnoticed, she left a letter for Sebastian, with little information as to what she had done, but pretty clear that she would not be returning to him.

During the exchange, Mr. Sinister realized his plans were flawed, and he allowed his daughter too much freedom, she would never stand by his side. This was proven all too clear when Jessica attempted to attack and kill him. Ultimately Sinister escaped with the blood samples and his dying child. The X-Men assembled a small team to try and recover the samples that were stolen, but the team was unable to locate Jessica, Mr. Sinister or Scott and Jeans DNA. Jessica wasn't seen again for a year and a half after her failed attempt.
Dead Upon Arival

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