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ᴀssᴀssiɴ's cʀeeᴅ

Apr 17th 2018 18:39

"The wolf pack will die when scattered by man, lonesome coyote survives."

I was raised feral...and I mostly stayed that way. I'm Malia Tate. I'm the biological mistake of Peter Hale and Corinne, The Desert Wolf. For practically my entire life I had been unaware of my true lineage due to the fact my aunt, Talia Hale, had me put up for adoption right after birth because she knew my birth mother would kill me to regain the power I 'stole' from her just by taking my first breath. Talia also used her alpha power to wipe the memory my 'father', Peter Hale, of my entire existence for my safety as well as his. I was officially adopted less than a month later by Evelyn and Henry Tate. When I was nine years old, Corinne shot at a car I, my mom - Evelyn - , and Kiley -my younger sister - were riding in causing my mom to swerve off the road and crash. The trauma of the accident activated my first shift and thus I killed my family in an uncontrolled state. Prior to this, my mom and I had been in a huge fight in which I had wished she was dead. I've carried tremendous guilt about the incident and remained a full coyote for the next eight years and lived near the crash site. 

I was thought dead until Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski stumbled upon my den. Scott forced me to return to human form and for the longest time I was unable to change back. If that wasn't enough I was committed to that loony bin, Eichen House, after a brief time reuniting with my adopted father. After helping Stiles in Eichen and forming a connection with him as a mate, I sought out Scott to harness my shapeshifting abilities while Stiles helped me reintegrate into human society and think less like a coyote. Having learned that Peter Hale was my biological father, I worked with him to find my birth mother until I saw him as the monster he really was (we eventually reconciled during the events of Ghost Riders when he began to risk his life to protect me). In time I found the Desert Wolf with the help of Braeden and learned of her involvement in my family's crash. Once again, Corinne attempted to kill me to regain her lost power, but I turned the tables on her with genetically enhanced talons that siphoned the rest of Corinne's power and gave me the ability to fully shift into a full coyote. After defeating Corinne, I was still continuing to deal with controlling my power when Stiles disappeared due to the Ghost Riders. I made amends with Peter and even formed a romantic relationship with Scott before joining him to take down Tamora Monroe and her Hunters (bet Allison is trying to flash grenade me from beyond for that one...Still too soon?).  

Honestly, I wouldn't be astonished if before this my existence had been a mystery to you. It seems we with Hale DNA tend to pop out of the woodwork more than a prairie dog. Albeit, I would be delighted to discuss some sort of SL/connection with you. “Try to remember that I'm a werecoyote who murdered her own family. I won't judge. I promise. ”

[::I know this greeter is long and generalized and for that I apologize. If you'd like to discuss 
a storyline/connection, feel free to either message me or comment back to this.
 However, if you find yourself less than intrigued I thank you for letting me waste 
your time.::]
John Mitchell

Apr 17th 2018 16:29

Mitchell had risen with a headache and was not interested in going to the hospital for work. He dressed himself slowly and walked out, resembling a ticked off zombie, as he approached the counter, noticing toast had been made. It was sitting out on a plate. He took a piece silently and bit into it, finding it lacking exactly what he desired. He had been fighting his thirst for many weeks and it was making his mood dark and brooding. He had been extremely anti social, going out on late night adventures and coming home at dawn to sleep only for a moment before for his alarm would go off. He was weary and twitchy. He walked around, chewing on the bland toast, and eyeing everything in the room. His glance fell upon a box next to the door. He furrowed his brow and became curious, grabbing the package and looking it over. It was an Amazon box for George and it was fairly heavy. Mitchell shook it and heard clinking inside. His curiosity grew and with a bit of bread still hanging out of his mouth, he carried the package over to the couch and began opening it, not caring that it wasn't for him. George appeared, rubbing his head as he stumbled towards the coffee maker. He hadn't noticed Mitchell tearing into his mail.

"What is this?"

George turned around and saw the vampire staring at him. The cardboard had been ripped apart and John was holding metal cuffs with a mild smirk on his face. "Well - uh", the werewolf began, stammering. "Its for my change. New bonds and such." Mitchell finished his small breakfast and pulled out chains from the box. He examined them closely and then grinned. "Could you - could you just put that down?", his flat mate asked, nervously.

"Do you know what these are for, George?"

George looked puzzled. "For my change", he replied. "I needed new ones. I broke the last ones. I don't want that to happen again." Mitchell sniggered, shaking the chains and lifting the cuffs up to give his flat mate a better look.

"So you must be doing well with that nurse you fancy, huh?"

The flat mate itched his arm anxiously and shook his head. "No, no", he said in a low tone. "Haven't spoken to her yet." John laughed. He pulled on the chains and felt that they were cheap and would ineffective during a full moon. He showed George as he continued to yank and the chinks in the chains started to bend.

"These are for sex, George. Show this to your nurse and I think you might get a proper response. Didn't know you had it in you, mate!"

George rushed over and ripped the package and its contents out of Mitchell's hands. The vampire acted in shock and then laughed again as he noticed Annie had appeared in the room. He leapt up off the couch and tried to steal the box back. George raced around the room, trying to hide his purchase from his flat mates, but John was faster. He managed to pull the Amazon package out of his awkward friend's grip and pulled out the cuffs and chains. He jogged over to Annie and with a wide grin, showed her what their flat mate had bought.

"It seems George is becoming very daring."

The werewolf began fretting as his face turned red. He tried once again to take the purchase back and Mitchell finally let him have it. George rushed out of the room to hide the box where John couldn't find it.

"Should we expect that nurse to visit soon? You will give us a heads up before you plan a romantic evening, yes? Don't want to interrupt!"
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