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screen name

Beth Greene


Name: Beth Greene
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Age: 18
Occupation: Farm hand (Pre-Apocalypse)
Dawn Lerner's ward at Grady Memorial Hospital (Post-Apocalypse)
Origin: Georgia
Nationality: Irish/American
Goal: To stay alive
Pet(s): None at this time
  • Annette Greene | Mother
    Hershel Greene | Father
    Maggie Greene | Half-Sister
    Shawn Greene | Half-Brother
    Arnold Greene | Cousin
    Glenn Rhee | Step-Brother-in-Law
    UNKNOWN | Unborn Niece/Nephew
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    Beth was a shy, soft-spoken 16-year old girl who lived a normal life with her family. She lived on her father's farm and attended the local high school. She went to church regularly and strongly believes in her faith. As a result of her father's heavy drinking, she never drank alcohol. Her first appearance was in Season 2 and as the season developed so did she. As the apocalypse started, Beth had been sheltered from the chaos surrounding her. At first, Beth is rather timid, pessimistic, and keeps her emotions to herself, but after being forced to see her mother's death and horrific reanimation, Beth finally breaks down and a different part of her is shown. She tells her sister, Maggie, that she wants to commit suicide. However, after a minor attempt she has a change of heart and decides to live. With the support from her father and sister, Beth regains her will to live and since then, becomes even more assertive and stronger-willed, even after the death of her boyfriend and Patricia.

    By the time the group arrives at The Prison, Beth has grown more self-assured and goes on to become a more important and vocal member of the group. Beth is a source of optimism and hope for the group, often singing to help boost morale. She is much more hopeful and optimistic and sees the positive side rather than the negative side in a hopeless situation. After the death of Lori, Beth becomes a caretaker for Judith, taking on a more motherly role.

    After the Woodbury conflict, Beth is emotionally stronger, trying many different ways to deal with the loss of hope that grows everyday, realizing that things may someday take a turn for the worse. After dating Zach, she became emotionally distant, preparing herself so that when someone she loved dies, she won't shut down emotionally like she used to in the past. After Zach's death, she spent her time dealing with the new crisis surrounding the prison. Beth kept hope alive, while struggling with herself not to break down emotionally. After her father's death, Beth was distraught but grew stronger and found new strength in herself. Beth became more independent and more skillful at killing walkers. After spending time together with Daryl after the prison assault, the two become very close, and Beth's faith becomes stronger. She believes there is still hope and good people somewhere, even in this cruel world. She also thinks that since walkers used to be human, they shouldn't be treated cruelly or be made fun of, but instead, respectfully put them out of their misery to preserve their humanity.

    "I know you look at me and see another dead girl."


    "You gotta stay who you are not what you were."


    Beth is first seen coming out of the house with her boyfriend Jimmy to see who's approaching the house. When Rick Grimes explains his son Carl has been shot by Otis, Beth holds Jimmy's hand and approaches him. Hershel leads Rick inside the house to treat Carl and Beth helps by gathering some towels for Carl and putting them on the bed. Afterwards she can be seen with Jimmy while Otis goes to his wife. Beth is first seen gathering some rocks for Otis's funeral. She stands outside with everyone else when both groups greet each other. She and the others attend the funeral where everyone piles up the rocks in memory of his contributions to the group and, more specifically, Carl's survival. She stands next to her sister, Jimmy, and Patricia quietly. Beth approaches Rick to let him know that her father wants to see him. Afterward, she helps Rick's wife Lori, Carol Peletier, and Patricia prepare for dinner. She runs outside along with everyone else when they hear Andrea shoot Daryl Dixon. Beth and everyone else eat their meal and she ends up sitting at the "kids" table with Jimmy, Maggie and Glenn Rhee. She cleans the table and does the dishes after everyone has finished eating. Beth and Patricia approach Rick and Shane, announcing they would like to take part in gun training. Rick says he first has to ask Hershel and, with his approval, he takes Beth, Patricia, and others to the shooting range. Beth and the others slowly learn how to shoot. Beth is not seen until the end of the episode, while she is watching a round of checkers between Carl and Patricia. She witnesses Shane handing out guns to his group and notices her father, Jimmy, Rick, and two walkers: Louise Bush and Doug. She runs towards the barn with the others and watches as Rick's group shoots the walkers that were kept in the barn, including her mother and half-brother. She and Jimmy hold each other and watch as all their zombified friends and family are shot.

    "No matter what happens, we'll deal with it... We have to."

    season three
    Beth is first shown scavenging an abandon house for supplies after the house has been cleared from walkers. Carl was going to share the dog food he found with Beth and the others, but Rick threw it away. Later she is guarding the group while they figure out what to do next. When they find the prison, Beth helps clear out the prison yard by killing many of the walkers. That night, they camp right outside the prison. Beth told Lori that this place is great for having the baby because it's secured. Then Hershel asks Beth to sing "The Parting Glass". At first, she is shy about singing the song as there are lots of people, but Glenn asks "Why not?" and Beth begins to sing. Maggie assists her sister while singing once they are halfway through the song. The next day, Beth is seen helping the group kill walkers by the fence with Carl, Lori, Hershel and Carol. After Rick and the others cleared out a cell block, Rick called the others to come over. They finally enter the prison and choose a cell to sleep in for the night. It is shown that Carl may have a small crush on Beth as he is planning to share a room with Beth, but Hershel arrived and Carl left the room. Later, Beth stays behind with Carol, Lori, and Carl while the others go and search for the cafeteria.

    As the group brings the wounded Hershel into the cell block, Beth immediately becomes distressed at the mere sight of her unconscious father. She is seen multiple times at Hershel's side throughout the episode. She also cut her father's pants on the right side so that he could move easier. She hoped that her father survives the amputation and yelled at Maggie for being so pessimistic. When Carl told his mother to "get off his back," Beth scolded him, saying that he should not talk that way to his own mother so Carl walks away. After that, she watches over her father and at one point begins screaming hysterically for help when he stops breathing, summoning Lori who comes in and does CPR on Hershel, successfully resuscitating him. After Hershel woke up the second time, she and Maggie hold each other while crying and finally things calmed down.

    In this episode, Beth is first seen smiling at Carl as she walks with Lori to Hershel's cell. She helped her father get up from bed with his new crutches. After that, she escorted Hershel into the prison yard with the others. As the group looked at each other happily, walkers invade the prison yard. Beth immediately ran to the upper level of the prison and locked herself there with Hershel. She stayed there with Hershel for the entire episode. When Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Axel, and Oscar arrived in the prison yard, Beth and Hershel told them about the directions the others had ran. At the end of the episode, Beth and Hershel got out of the cage and the group found out that Lori had died giving birth.

    season four
    Beth was first seen talking to Zach, her new boyfriend. He said he was going on a run with the others and kissed Beth. She said "Okay" as if she didn't care. When he asked if she's going to say goodbye, she said no. Later on in the episode, Zach gets bitten and dies. Glenn tells Maggie that Daryl is going to tell Beth the news. Daryl found Beth writing something on her notebook. To his surprise, when he told Beth that Zach had died, she didn't seem upset. Beth stated she doesn't cry anymore. She says she was glad to have spent the time that she had with him and asked Daryl if he was okay. He said he's tired of losing people as Beth looks at a sign that says 'This workplace has gone 30 days without an accident' (a reference to the episode's name). Beth takes the 3 off and it said 0 days. Beth hugged Daryl and said she hated saying goodbye. He agreed.

    Beth is first seen in the morning picking up Judith from Rick. After the walker threat from cell block D had been subdued, Beth is seen caring for Judith while treating Michonne's injured foot. She tapes up Michonne's injured foot, and comforts her about her injury. Beth talked about people dying and Judith then begins crying, so Beth cradles her and sings her a song. Judith then throws up on Beth, and Beth asks of Michonne to hold her while she changes her clothes. Michonne reluctantly agrees. When Beth returns, she sees a teary Michonne hugging Judith, so she leaves her in peace.

    Beth is first seen talking with Maggie in an isolated room. She confides Maggie that they all have jobs to do and that they shouldn't be giving up on a desperate situation. She believes that things will get better if they all work hard. Later on, she informs Maggie that Hershel had left to get medical supplies. Beth tells Maggie that they don't get to get upset, while holding back her tears.

    Beth appears outside of the prison with the group when the tank blows up the watchtower. She witnesses her father being pulled out of the truck at The Governor's orders by Alisha and she and Maggie hold hands, hoping that their father's life is spared. She along with the group witness Rick reasoning with The Governor. Beth is handed a gun by Daryl to fight to keep the prison safe, and when she witnesses The Governor slicing into Hershel's neck, she and Maggie start tearfully shooting through the fence at The Governor's army, crying over the loss of their father. Both Beth and Maggie relentlessly fight against The Governor's forces until they are forced to retreat. As the battle ensues, both Beth and Maggie make their way to the bus to evacuate the Prison. Maggie leaves Beth to find Glenn telling her that "We all have jobs to do" and that her job is to get the survivors in the bus. This line mirrors what Beth said to Maggie in the episode "Isolation". When Maggie returns with Glenn to the bus, she is told by Jeanette that Beth had left to get Judith. However, Beth returns without Judith, as she could not find her and instead finds Daryl. Daryl tells Beth that they have to go, so they leave the prison into the unknown.


    "I was fighting a walker. And then everything went black."

    Beth wakes up in Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. Since Beth has no idea where she is, she grabs the IV attached to her arm and prepares to defend herself as the small group of survivors walk into her room. Beth is greeted and informed of her whereabouts, as well as being told what happened and her injuries by Dawn Lerner and Dr. Steven Edwards. Dawn coldly says to Beth, "So you owe us". This means that Beth has to pay back, as she has taken from others. Beth soon finds herself paying off these "debts" by assisting Edwards on his rounds, and doing general jobs, such as cleaning. Edwards tells her of the group's history and guides her through many of the community's amenities and pitfalls. After a new patient, Gavin Trevitt, is wheeled in, Beth is instructed to help Edwards. After Dawn finds out that Trevitt will not make it, she furiously slaps Beth in anger. Beth is left bleeding. Beth is targeted by Gorman, whom she met earlier and is the one who took her to the hospital, ultimately wanting her as a sex slave. She is left to endure his sexual advances until Edwards steps in to defend her. Soon after, a new patient is brought in who tried to escape the hospital due to getting raped numerous times, named Joan, who has been bitten. Beth holds her down as her arm is amputated to prevent infection. As Beth gets herself a clean shirt, she is greeted by Noah. She and Noah instantly form a good friendship. Beth unwittingly injects Trevitt with Clozapine, which kills him. An angry Dawn demands to know what happened, and Noah lies and takes the blame. He gets beaten by Dawn and Beth is left upset. Dawn later tells Beth that she knew that it was Beth's fault, and lied to protect the hospital's stability. She tells Beth that she isn't strong enough for this world, to which Beth confidently replies, "I am strong." She and Noah both create a plan to escape the hospital.

    Beth sneaks into Dawn's office and finds a deceased Joan behind Dawn's desk, who had committed suicide. She takes the key to the elevator shaft from Dawn's drawer. At this point, Gorman walks in on her and gives her an offer for him to keep a lid on her theft, in return for her to be controlled by him in a sexual context. As he pushes himself against her, Beth takes advantage of Joan's reanimation, and hits Gorman over the head with a glass jar, where he fell to the ground, resulting in Joan eating him. Beth takes his gun and leaves. Noah and Beth sneak down the elevator shaft, and are faced with walkers at the bottom. Beth shoots and kills all of these walkers and heads outside, to which she has to face many more. She kills and pushes enough of them out of the way in order to escape. As she runs, She is taken down by an officer. Only Noah got away. Beth is beaten by Dawn as punishment, and also because she told Dawn that nobody is coming to rescue them, which angers her. Sometime later, Edwards tends to her injuries. Beth confronts Edwards over Trevitt. She says that she knew that Edwards knew what he was doing, and purposely told her to give Trevitt the wrong medicine in order to deliberately kill him because he was also a doctor, and by having him alive, it threatened Edward's position and Dawn wouldn't protect as well as value him any longer. Edwards admits these accusations and replies by telling Beth that he did it to save his life. As Edwards walks out of the room, Beth grabs some scissors and prepares to murder Edwards for his shocking actions. Suddenly, she sees Carol being brought in on a stretcher, which changes her mind, as Carol will need Edwards help in order to survive. Beth looks on, worried and shocked.

    At the hospital, Beth listens into Dawn and O'Donnell's conversation about the patient in exam room 2 (Carol). It is discussed between the two about Carol's fate. Dawn soon makes the decision to switch off the machines that are keeping Carol stable. Beth interrupts and insists that this was a bad thing to do, and it remains unknown to the hospital survivors that Beth and Carol knew each other. After Beth has unsuccessfully tried to talk around the pair, Dawn tells her that she had just killed the patient. Dawn then admits that she was wrong about Beth being weak, then handing her the drug locker key and tells her to get the medicine to save Carol.

    Later, Beth heads over to Dr. Steven Edwards office and demands he tells her the suitable medicine for the patient in exam room 2. He stutters and then gives her a straight answer. She hatches a plan which involves having another ex-patient pretend to choke. Whilst officers asist the elderly patient, Beth grabs the meds to then immediately return to Carol's bedside and prepare the drugs, using strawberries as a bribery tool. Beth holds Carol's hand with a worried look on her face, and tells an unconscious Carol: "I just wanted you to know that I was here".

    Beth is shown talking with Dawn at the beginning of the episode. Beth asks about Hanson and Dawn explains what happened to him, she tells her that she misses him and says that this is "the part that the stories leave out". Later, Dawn finds her sitting over the elevator shaft. Dawn tells Beth that she knew that she got Gorman and Jeffries killed and claims that she protected Beth by not making this result known to the other officers and wards, although Beth briefly attempts to deny this. Shortly after, a fight breaks out between Dawn and O'Donnell over Dawn's shaky leadership position and Gorman's death, leading Beth to shove him down the elevator shaft to his death after Dawn momentarily distracts him. In Carol's hospital room, Beth tells Dawn that she understands how the hospital works: by everyone using everyone else. Dawn denies this and attempts to build some trust between she and Beth, whom she has dubbed her new ward in Noah's stead.

    Before the hostage exchange between the two groups, Beth changes into her old clothes she obtained while with Daryl, and hides a pair of medical scissors inside her arm cast. Rick and the rest of the group arrive at Grady Memorial along with two captive officers, intending to trade them for Beth and Carol. Initially the trade goes off well until Dawn demands that she also receive Noah in payment for losing Beth as her ward. Beth, angered by Dawn's betrayal, hugs Noah before approaching Dawn herself, so that they are face to face. Apparently feeling used and weary of Dawn's true nature, Beth tells Dawn, "I get it now" before stabbing her in the chest with the pair of scissors. The strike, though ineffective, causes Dawn to draw and fire her pistol at Beth's head, killing her instantly, and Daryl retaliates by doing the same to Dawn. The survivors of both sides were able to end the conflict with no further fatalities. Maggie arrives in the aftermath and is brought to hysterics over the sight of her dead sister, cradled in Daryl's arms.

    Beth appears as a hallucination after Tyreese has been bitten. Tyreese looks around to see her singing and playing the guitar with the bullet hole from her death appearing on her forehead. She tells him, "It's okay Tyreese", and comforts him along with the hallucinations of Bob Stookey and Lizzie and Mika, but Tyreese is antagonized by Martin and The Governor, who have also recently died. However, they disappear as the rest of the live group attempt to save Tyreese. At the end of the episode, Beth is seen driving the truck, she turns to face Tyreese again, and delivers the same line, "It's okay, Tyreese", hinting that it is better when you are dead, only this time, Beth does not have the cuts or the bullet hole on her head. She and the other hallucinations then disappear for the final time.

    "When you care about people, hurt is kind of part of the package."


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    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
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    Lyrics: "Fa-la-la-la"
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    "You've got to stay who you are, not who you were. Places like this... you have to put it away."


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    "There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for."


    display name Maggie is Beth's older half-sister and she loves her dearly. When they were younger Beth often worried about Maggie when she went to college and did not want Maggie to start dating boys or having sex, one reason why she threw Maggie's birth control pills into their duck pond. When Beth wanted to commit suicide, Maggie told her that their mother would be ashamed if she were to know that she raised such a coward. Beth cared about her sister as she wanted Maggie to know the peacefulness of killing herself. Maggie is by her side when Beth changes her mind about killing herself.

    Months later, in the prison, Beth is seen together with Maggie throughout the episode where Hershel is unconscious. Beth is hopeful when it comes to her father's situation, compared to Maggie who gives up hope for Hershel when he is unconscious. They are usually seen hugging and holding hands when together. Whenever Maggie is depressed, Beth, Hershel or Glenn are usually the ones who comforted her. Beth would go to great extent to keep her sister safe. This is seen in "When the Dead Come Knocking" when she immediately wants to go on a rescue mission to get Maggie and Glenn back from Woodbury. Despite having made a promise to Lori to take care of Judith, Beth ends up the one who takes care of Judith the most. By spending most of her time with Judith, Beth was able to teach Maggie a few tricks about nurturing Judith. Maggie always looks out for Beth and will always protect her, even if it means her death.

    In Season 4, Beth is somewhat emotionally distant from everyone, including her family, but Beth attempts to keep Maggie stable during her tough time when the flu out-broke. Beth and Maggie are both devastated when their father is killed by the Governor, and Maggie attempted to calm Beth down by reminding her of their father's words.

    After The Governor's attack on the prison, Maggie and Beth are separated and even though it is obvious that Maggie is worried about Beth, she doesn't show it on screen and instead focuses on finding Glenn. However, when everyone, except Beth, Carol, Tyreese and Judith, is trapped in Terminus, Maggie asks Daryl about Beth and he tells her that she was taken away in a black car with a white cross on it.

    In "Coda", Michonne tells Maggie that Beth is still alive and she is overjoyed. However, this is short-lived... Later, when the rest of the group come to help get Beth back, it's too late. After seeing Beth's dead body in Daryl's arm, Maggie breaks down into tears and shouts "BETH! NO! NO!".

    display name Beth is Hershel's youngest daughter. They have a normal, loving, father-daughter relationship. Hershel is protective of Beth as she is still considered a kid, at the age of 16. Hershel always kept Beth out of harm's way for as long as she can remember, even after the outbreak happened, and teaches her to always do good things in life. After Beth tried to commit suicide, Hershel was by her side watching and caring for her. Hershel calls Beth, "Bethy", and is proud of his daughter's singing skills.

    When Hershel is bitten, amputated and taken back to the cells, Beth starts to cry in Lori's arms at the sight of her unconscious father in "Sick". Beth does not give up on Hershel and still believes he will be okay. Beth starts to make new pants for Hershel and Maggie asks why in which Beth moans at her for sounding as she has given up on their father. When Hershel regains consciousness, he and Beth are seen walking around together, Beth helping Hershel walk and cope with his new disability while Maggie is off with Glenn. Hershel always protects Beth despite his inability to walk normally, such as in episodes "Killer Within" and "Welcome to the Tombs". Sometimes, Hershel would also give medical advice regarding Judith to Beth and Carol. In Season 4, Hershel and Beth had very little interaction due to the flu outbreak surrounding the prison, although when she and Maggie were struggling in the aftermath of the virus, Beth reminded her of Hershel's advice that they all had jobs to do. After Hershel was murdered before her eyes, Beth began to scream and cry, and opened fire on the Governor alongside Maggie. Maggie later calmed her by reminding her of Hershel's advice. After his death, she admit that she missed him and Beth promised herself to keep her father's teaching alive.


    display name Glenn cares for Beth due to her youth and the fact that she means the world to Maggie and Hershel. Before they arrived at the prison, it is presumed that they started caring deeply for one another like siblings. Glenn is Beth's brother-in-law, after he and Maggie got married between Season 3 and 4. Glenn and Beth share no interactions in Seasons 4 & 5. When seeing Beth's dead body being carried out of the hospital by Daryl, he becomes upset, but more upset for Maggie as he tries to comfort her.

    display name At first, Beth seems shy around him, even addressing him by "Mr. Grimes", but as times goes on she develop a friendship, as well as trust and respect for him, as he has saved her family members multiple times. She also calls Rick by his name after spending months together with him. When he returns at the prison with Maggie, Beth sweetly hugs Rick and gives him a kiss on the cheek to thank him for what he did for her sister, which seems to slightly surprise him. Later as Rick walks in, she gives him Judith, and she comments that she has her mother's eyes. Rick doesn't let Beth do dangerous activities, unless he had to. Rick often leaves Beth in charge of taking care of Judith and Carl, which she happily accepts. Throughout their stay at the prison, they develop mutual respect for each other, and Rick cares about her a great deal. During flashbacks in the episode "A", Rick and Beth are interacting more and Beth is looking after Judith more regularly as Rick starts to farm. Later on they are seen joking with each other as Rick gives her his sheriff hat, telling Carl and Hershel there's a new sheriff in town. Rick ends up saving Beth from the hospital. They hug when they meet again. Beth intervenes when Dawn demands Noah back, which leads to her being shot in the head by Dawn. Rick is clearly devastated by her death and is seen in tears looking down at Beth's lifeless body as it lay on the floor and when Daryl is carrying her body away from the hospital.


    display name Beth is very attached to Judith; she is always seen holding and nurturing her. She gets along very well with Judith, in contrast to Rick, who, at first, made her cry every time he held her. After Judith's birth, Beth is usually seen preparing formula or boiling milk for Judith. Sometimes later, Beth admit to Carol that she always wanted a child of her own. After being informed that The Governor is planning to attack the Prison, Beth becomes concerned about Judith's safety and feels that the group should flee before they attack. Beth is skillful when it comes to nursing Judith, as she instructed her sister to hold and give her food when Maggie takes Judith away from Beth for a short time. Beth is very protective of Judith and would do anything to keep her alive and to honor Lori. Beth willingly goes into isolation with Judith to take care of her due to the flu. Beth plans to take Judith and the other children on a bus fleeing the prison, but becomes separated from everyone in the melee. Beth does not reunite with Judith in the end due to Beth's death one season later.

    display name Beth is seen being kind and friendly to Carol. When Hershel's life hangs in the balance after he is bitten by a walker, Beth seems highly confident in Carol's ability to save her father's life. Carol seems to be developing a bond with Beth, similar to that of a mother and daughter, as evidenced by her intervening during the incident between Beth and Axel in "Made to Suffer", in which Axel began to flirt with Beth. The two of them are the primary caregivers of Judith, as Carol is experienced in taking care of children and Beth loves taking care of Judith. In "The Suicide King", while Carol is doing laundry, Beth comes up to her with Judith and they talk about Daryl leaving. The two have bonded and now can talk about almost anything together. In "I Ain't a Judas" Carol glances at Beth as she is singing, making Beth feel more comfortable further suggesting they have a close relationship. When Beth is killing walkers in "Welcome to the Tombs", Carol was by her side, protectively holding Beth close to her. After the war is over and the new residents from Woodbury arrive at the prison, Carol and Beth came out of their hiding place, holding hands. In Season 5, Beth saves Carol after she is hit by a car by giving her the suitable medicine in order to survive. Carol immediately reacts to Beth's death; showing how much she cared for Beth's welfare. Her eyes flood with tears.


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    Sleeping soundly against the door, the man did not stir as his dreams twisted into darkness. Reliving his recent horrific encounter. Sherry Birkin, the 9-year old girl that had escaped a brush with death in Raccoon City alongside him. Tiny screams of fear laced with agony pierced his ears as he watched from inside their over-turned vehicle. The feeling of helplessness washing over his mind again as awoke from his slumber.

    Taking a quick look at his surroundings, the memory of his location returned. The half-eaten can of Spam lay fallen to the floor, apparently in his sleep. Reaching to pick up the fallen can, he placed it atop the coffee table to his left, next to the unopened can of fruit. "I guess after desert I'll take a real nap in that bed..." was grumbled under his breath before reaching up for the can.

    With his arm half-way to the target, he felt a strong force pressing the door against his back. "What the hell?" he grunted as he dug his boots into the wooden floorboards, pushing his back against the door. A living person would've kicked the door in, as the man visualized a small group of walkers pounding against the door, eager to get inside and feast. 

    There came another bang against the door, Leon bracing himself once more prior to the strike. A simple solution occurred to the man as he barricaded the entrance. He would open the door and face the walkers before barricading it the night. There was another slam against the door, clearly having abit more power behind it than others.

    Leon drew the knife from his holster, ready to jump after the next strike against the door. Moments later, it happened once more, Leon pushing himself to his feet and gripping the handle of the door. Before he could pull it open and initiate an attack, he heard a voice. She sounded younger than him and slightly frustrated. Barely able to make out her next words, he leaned closer to the door, listening for a moment. 

    After a few moments, he reached up and gripped the handle, pulling the door open slowly. He peered outside, holding up his knife defensively before the young woman came into view. She had long blonde hair, holding a knife in her hand and wearing a look of surprise. The sight of another person allowed him to lower his guard slightly. Lowering his weapon, he sighed abit. "Hey... What;s a guy gotta do to get some sleep around here, huh?" He spoke in a play-annoyed voice before letting out a soft chuckle and opening the door  entirely. He took a step into the doorway, tucking his knife back into it's home. 

    With the darkness of nightfall coming rapidly, he glanced over the setting sun before turning his attention back to the girl. She looked like she'd been through all kinds of hell he could relate to. "You hungry?" he asked, not giving her a chance to answer before he turned around and leaned down to the small table, grabbing the can of fruit. He tossed the can to her before walking back inside the cabin, grabbing the sub-machine gun from the bed next to the door. After sitting down in the reclining chair, he leaned the weapon against the closest wall within reach of the chair. "The name's Leon, by the way."

    Mar 15th 2018 01:19

    Yeah Gimple is just screwing up the TWD verse, and I'm afraid to see what sh*tfest he has in store for Fear in April. They're putting way too much hype into this stupid crossover. I don't remember them pushing season 3 this hard, it's like dude calm the hell down. Yeah Chandler didn't want to leave and Gimple did him dirty, the asshole. 

    I was shocked with Abraham and Glenn's deaths last season, but it was pretty much a given since I they die in the comics. Still sad that they died. I want to keep Carl alive because his character's story isn't/wasn't done.  And I don't want to see other characters taking over Carl's storylines from the comics, this move is going to kill the show sadly. I love how Chandler is throwing shade at the show on Twitter. hahaha. 

    Hmmm, well we could do where they run into each other at the Sanctuary, like after Carl hid on the truck going there and he gunned them down. Maybe after Negan was an ass and asked Carl to see his eye and made him feel bad. Carl would try to bring Beth back with him, especially for Maggie after losing Glenn and being pregnant, he would think the sisters would need each other more than ever now. 
    Leon Kennedy

    Mar 12th 2018 23:03

    The most dangerous part of the new world was certainly nightfall. With unknown terrors lurking around every corner, one must constantly stay alert if they want to remain among the living. Survival seemed like such a fantasy after all Leon had been through. It seemed as if humans are just as deadly as the corpses that walked the earth. 

    Slowly, past the horizon , the sun lowered itself towards the trees in the foreground. A flattened hand, equipped with black fingerless gloves, pressed against the owner's forehead as his eyes squint from the bright orange glow of the setting sun. Standing in an open field of dead weeds, the man looked on towards the trees ahead of him. Clad with a pair of dark grey pants, tucked into his black flight boots, and a dirty black t-shirt, a small patch of dried blood on the right shoulder. Slung around his back was a tactical UMP sub-machine gun with ten rounds in the magazine. Attached to his right hip was a holstered Beretta 92 with a full magazine and opposite that, a sheathed SOG Force, for silent encounters. 

    Gazing past the harsh solar rays, a small cabin was spotted through the trees. Lowering his hand, the man glanced around the field quickly before he began walking towards the residence. "Better than nothin'..." the dry words pushed past his lips, almost as if too tired to say anything else. Nearing the end of the open field, his pace reduced, hand now resting on the handle of the knife tucked in it's holder. Eyes darting from left to right as he approached the cabin, scanning for any movement. There were alot of trees surrounding the home, it would be ample opportunity for one of the dead to wait for unsuspecting prey. 

    Mere feet ahead of Leon, the small cabin's details came into view. The front door left open by the previous occupant, with no sign of movement yet. Arriving the the porch, the man stood in the doorway, peering into the only window with no successful visuals. Getting caught by a walker in a small house with no power didn't seem too ideal. Gripping the handle of his knife, the man glanced around the surrounding woods area. After establishing his isolation outside, he tapped the handle of his SOG into the side of the door frame. As he hit the notes of /Shave and a Haircut/ into the house, there came a deep, gargled growl from inside. Twirling the knife in his hand, he held it upside down in a defensive position. "Come on... "

    From the shadows of the house, a slightly overweight walker stumbled into the doorway. Wearing a pair of blue overalls and a dark green flannel stained with blood, the walked advanced towards the armed man. Keeping the knife up, he stepped back to draw the dead one outside. "Just a little more..." was barely heard over the moans of hunger. As the walker took a lunge at it's potential meal, Leon side-stepped and quickly pushed the walker forward, leaving the back of it's head clear for a strike with his blade. There was a soft crack as it penetrated the skull, leaving the walker motionless. After wiping the blood off with the deceased's flannel, it was raised again defensively as the man turned towards the small cabin again.

    Cautiously taking a step inside, there was no sign of movement. Upon entering, there was a large pool of blood in front of the door. Opposite the door was a La-Z-Boy recliner and a coffee table, pages of the same newspaper were littered among the top of it. A bed sat behind the main door, and to the right of the room was a small cut-out kitchen. Closing the door behind him, the man stepped fully into the home, making his way to the kitchen. 

    The kitchen contained a small refrigerator next to a sink with a wood stove. With little room to navigate, pretty much all of the cabinets were within arms reach. The contents seemed to have been previously emptied, or they were never stocked, as the man only found two cans of food in the entire house. A feeling of relief washed over him as he read the labels, indicating he would be having a Spam and fruit c*cktail dinner.

    Night grew heavier as scraped at the contents of his canned dinner with a spoon. Darkness filled the small cabin quickly as he sat with his back against the front door. A small candle sitting on the coffee table in front of him glowed weakly against the closed curtains, the moonlight creeping through the crack under the front door. The sound of crickets chirping outside began to flow in a relaxing melody, slowly drifting the man into the slumber his body ached for. 
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