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Got the worst of all headaches which is never good when all you want to do is sleep

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-- (B r e a k) --

Feb 21st 2019 17:12

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Thank you for adding, with you adding me to your friend's list just made your friend's list just got more badlass. But anyway, before I forget to introduce myself. My name is Teagan but most of my friends call me Tea, but most people know me as wwe superstar "The Man" Becky Lynch... but I'm sure you already knew that. With that all out of the way, the reason, I'm sending this comment out, I'd love to set something up with you, because I'm here to write unlike a lot of other people it seems like these days. I hope everything is well with you and hope to hear from you in the near and foreseeable future.  --- the man.
ℓєαкєє (hiatus)

Feb 10th 2019 18:16


First and foremost, let me start by saying thank you for the add, or for the accept of a request. My name is Leakee better known as Roman Reigns. I have to also add that I am slightly AU in the fact that I use the name Leakee, I am not away from the ring because of Health issues I am away from the ring to make a movie with my cousin and also to take some time off. I am single, never was married to Galina, don't have any kids.

As far as writing goes, I am a Para and up writer. The length of my writing depends on how i'm feeling and how into the storyline I am. Also a firm believer of quality of quantity so please don't be intimidated. I don't tolerate OOC drama however IC drama is encouraged. I don't like playing the numbers game, I am not here to be a spot on your friends list. I am here to write and although my character is single, I am in a RL relationship so please respect that. 

Last but not least, let me close by saying I hope we can become connections and possibly friends, I really do enjoy writing and I want to connect with people who share my interest. By the way if you actually made it this far and read this entire thing, not just looked at the gif, give yourself a big thumbs up and reply to me with the first line being your favorite color so I know how many people actually take the time to read. Hope to hear back from you soon. If not no hard feelings.

Feb 7th 2019 03:12

Was my reply ok

Feb 7th 2019 01:27

ℱearless.❞ ~ Hiatus.

Dec 8th 2018 15:07

The beginning chords of Nikki’s entrance music began pumping through the sound system, vibrating through the arena as she stood just out of view from everyone. It had been a long road through recovery and to coming back full time to WWE but she had finally managed it. Her personal life has also been through a lot with her ended engagement and recently new relationship, but she felt like she was finally hitting her stride in life.

Cause you can look, but you can't touch
You keep dreaming on the stars above
I can see that you want me so much

With a burst of renewed energy, she shot out onto stage and into view, her black booty shorts and red Fearless tank top both bedazzled in rhinestones to catch the lights as she did her usual little entrance dance. The only thing that could sadden her was the fact that Brie wouldn’t be at her side for this match. In life and in work, Brie was always at her side, being her biggest supporter. But with Brie hoping for baby number two to happen sometime soon, she had stepped back. She didn’t blame her sister for doing what was best for her, she just simply missed her. Thankfully Brie was here with her this evening, though mainly because she had interest in both sides of the match.

Seeing how things had been going in the WWE world as of late through, the higher ups had decided for a mixed match challenge, Nikki and Seth VS Finn and Bayley. It made sense with Brie and Roman gone, as well as Dean having turned his back on Seth, but it left Nikki feeling uneasy. While her and Seth --- Colby which was his real name --- were always friendly, they hadn’t really worked together inside of the ring before. Not to mention that Finn was now Nikki’s brother-in-law and Bayley was one of her closer friends.

Pulling herself from her thoughts as she threw her now ripped shirt to the side, Nikki headed straight down for the ring where Finn and Bayley already stood, smiles plastered on their faces as a scowl pulled at Nikki’s crimson colored lips. Climbing up the stairs in the corner, she easily grabbed a hold of the ropes and pulled herself through, her body bouncing slightly as she landed on the canvas of the ring.

You two are going down tonight.” Nicole jokingly told Finn and Bayley, even though a lot was riding on this match for all of them. Just as she gave Bayley a look of distain and had begun to circle her like a lion circling its prey, Seth’s theme started to play, making Nikki flash a wicked grin at everyone. Sh*t was about to get very real.
Paige -Single-

Nov 20th 2018 18:12

Didn't want to send a fourth message, so i decided to do a comment. I know you don't like ooc, but when i see a status like yours, make me quite concerned because you are awesome wonderful, i hate to see you leave. Just want to say im here if you ever want to talk. Im a good listener. One last thing i hope it wasnt something i said or did to make you feel that way. My secret is i always look forward to hearing from you. You reason im staying here, dont take that the wrong way, but i do like rping with you, you are truly amazing...Please do tell me what has happened

Nov 12th 2018 23:38

Oh my god!! Are you okay?!

Nov 12th 2018 23:14

Of course! I really enjoyed it and I will be replying most likely this weekend!
Short(ˢ ᵗ ᵘ ᶠ ᶠ)

Oct 21st 2018 12:47

Well, I believe Greetings and thanks are in order, right? I mean
greetings- probably not, considering you should just know who
I am. If not- well, sucks to be you, right? I'll keep this short- and
no, that wasn't a set up for a short joke. I know Alexa's are an
overplayed character- and everyone tends to have one, but believe
me when I say I don't plan on replacing anyone, I'm not one for
mains anyways. 

So, with that said, small change in my storyline as I'd just be returning
to the ring after coming back from maternity leave. So, nothing big.
So, I hope we can come up with something, in ring, out of ring, completely
AU, whichever you prefer. I'm open to absolutely everything.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Sep 20th 2018 05:33

I miss you too.
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