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25 years old
Chicago, Illinois
United States

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December 12 2019

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Body type:More to love!
Characters: Mickey Milkovich
Verses: Shameless US, The Magicians, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, The Witcher, the Chilling Adventures of Sa
Playbys: Noel Fisher, Malibudavid/musclechubyyc
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Real Life, Supernatural,
Member Since:February 19, 2018

//hey folks sorry busy couple days, with Thanksgiving today, I anticipate being back this evening

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About me:
Warlock!Mickey Fine with shameless verse connection and connections outside of canon. - Dark/supernatural themes - gay ships - Literate - semi-para/paragraph discord is MySMishei#4746 I prefer role playing my character as chubby/plus size/fat whatever, and I tend not to avoid it in writing so, just a heads up.
Who I'd like to meet:
Shameless US mains and any crossovers heavily encouraged! People willing to write gay ships

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SouthsideQueen (Changing things)

Dec 24th 2018 23:53

Mandy hadn't heard from her brother since he had left for Mexico and she had left Chicago.Now she was back and still no sign of her brother, she missed Mickey more then anything especially because of how close they had always been. She heads to their childhood house walking inside as she tries looking for a contact number for him, she knew Ian had to be still talking to him. She walks around the house going into the kitchen and looks at everything on the refrigerator. This house held a lot of bad memories but thanks to her brother she always felt safe. She needed her brother more then ever now and she hated not having any form of contact. 

(( If this doesn't work or your wanting to do a SL based off a certain season let me know, I can send something based off whatever. ))

May 24th 2018 17:19

I'm a southside serpent and a photographer.
I do hope we can work something out.
I promise i'm a good girl in a gang.
Well gang is putting it harshly were more like a family.
Hope we can work something out. 

Lay Halliwell (S&L)

May 19th 2018 00:20

Do u wanna Discuss A storyline and connection
Lay Halliwell (S&L)

May 16th 2018 00:00

Thanks For accepting My request My Name is Lay I'm a singer dancer and Part of Korean Boy Group EXO My Superpower is Healing (Check Out EXO-M MAMA MV)  I'm also composed and write my own Music ( Check Out Lay Sheep MV) I'm also one of the judge on Idol Producer Beside being famous im also one of the charmed one And beside that I can talk to dead and ghost Hope we can discuss a storyline and connection I discuss in Message and Rp In Comment I'm gay and looking my writing style is Muti-para semi para and one linea
Lay Halliwell (S&L)

May 15th 2018 23:32

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