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Wake up with a volatile woman and watch the world catch fire.

27 years old
New York, New York
United States

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May 27 2020

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Characters: Zoe Valentine // Breakout actress // NYC & Los Angeles
Verses: Organized crime/criminals involved the celebrity verse.
Playbys: Serious writers only.
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Celebrity, Crime, Custom, Mafia, Psychological, Romance,
Member Since:January 24, 2018

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About me:
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Wake up with a volatile woman

zoe mancuso

And watch the world catch fire.

. . .

The D-Low

Full Name: Zoe Adrienne Valentine Mancuso
Birthday: 4/11/93
Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Currently Resides: Between NYC & L.A.
Occupation: Actress/Model
Eye Color: Blue | Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5'8" | Weight: 57kg
Measurements: 31.5-23-34
Languages: Portuguese and English
Birthmarks/scars: Back of left shoulder
Phobias: Heights
Addictions: Victor Mancuso (so I married him, 12/31/2019)

Love Life

Status: Exclusive
Whom: Victor Mancuso
More to come.

Out of Character

What I like: The biggest turn-on for me is a decent writer who is daring enough to broach all sorts of scenarios. I want to write a story where the mafia verse crosses over the celebrity verse. Think trafficking, drugs, violence, murder, blackmail, kidnapping, bad press, shoot-outs, cartels, and more.

Chatter: Discord is available to only those who I'm roleplaying with. It's used for both OOC discussion and live IC play.

My style: Depending on who I'm playing with, I may choose to write first or third person. I only write multi-para (novella if the urge and inspiration is there).

Friends & Family





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Victor Mancuso.

Apr 17th 2020 21:06

I love you more than anything.
Victor Mancuso.

Apr 5th 2020 13:38

Damn,she was beautiful. No, it went beyond simple beauty, Victor thought as he stared at his wife sitting in one of her favorite coffee shops. She often came here to work on her laptop. Considering the state of things, Victor had a number of guards assigned to her at all times. He didn’t care if she found it stifling. Her safety was nonnegotiable. Zoe seemed to be working through her receipts, and each of her movements were so graceful, it was like an unrehearsed dance. Her fingertips glided along the laptop keys and her arms were fluid as she moved receipts from one pile to another. Her intelligent eyes were so focused, she seemed lost to the world. It was like that with everything she did. Even when she only did volunteer work, she gave it her all. In friendships, she never held back. & when she loved, she loved so effusively that being on the receiving end was the most incredible and addictive thing in the world.

Victor was just about to head her way when a younger man, maybe college-aged, approached her and put his hand on the chair opposite. “Is this seat taken?” He flashed a smile that Victor wanted to shove down his throat. “It’s mine,” Vic growled, covering the distance between them in only a few strides. The little prick turned and stiffened. He took one look up at Victor and showed he had an ounce of brains in his head by taking off without a word. Vic sat down across from Zoe. A deep sense of relief and rightness washed through him at being so near her again. “What are you doing here?” she hissed. Her flashing eyes had him smiling. He loved it when she was feisty. “We need to talk.” Vic gave a gesture with his hand. Behind him in the coffee shop, his men moved, escorting customers out and even going behind the counter to send the green-aproned baristas into their own storeroom. “What the--” Zoe watched his men clear the coffee shop and then snapped her gaze back to Vic “I told you I’d call.”

“This isn’t a social call.” His tone went grim as he remembered the not so subtle message that had been left in his bed. No one had been found in the penthouse but his men also hadn’t discovered how anyone had been able to break in in the first place. The lock hadn’t been jimmied and nothing was broken. If they were able to get in like that, why not wait and try to assassinate him? Too many questions without answers. He didn’t like it. “It’s business, not pleasure.” He tossed a black phone onto her bag. “When you do call me, make sure you use this.” Zoe stared at the burner phone. “Is this really necessary?”

“I’m receiving death threats. Not the usual ones I get, either. These messages are…targeted. Serious. The kind that let me know the people sending them are knowledgeable enough to carry them out.” Her eyes went wide. “Death threats?”

“I’m handling it. But you need to be aware.” He nodded towards the phone. “And take precautions.” She stared at him for a moment. Her eyes dropped in the most beautiful submission as she reached for the phone. Vic couldn’t deny the triumph roaring through his chest. “I got it,” she murmured as she slid the burner into her purse. “If I call you, I’ll use this.”

“When,” he corrected. If she thought she could retreat now, she was out of her mind. Not after giving that little taste reminding him of how delicious it was when she submitted.“What?”

“When you call me.” She glared at him and he couldn’t help his smile. “After this display I may not want to call you.” He genuinely had no idea what she was talking about. “What display?”

“This.” She waved her hand around. “Neutral ground.” He shrugged. “I chose a place where you’d feel comfortable.”
“Normally people come in and order drinks. But you come in and get your ninjas or whatever to scare off the barista and block the door with your bodyguards to keep out all the customers.” Vic just looked at her. She threw up her hands, her accent coming in thick. “You did a hostile takeover of this coffee shop.”

“You understand I’m here on your turf for your sake. But I also need to feel comfortable. My enemies won’t hesitate to target me.”
“I got that when we got shot up inside of an elevator.”
“We’re not speaking about that day here.” Vic’s jaw went stiff. If he thought of that day, he’d need to break something. “I thought you were here to speak to me. This is me talking.” She threw open her arms. “I’d hate for you to clear out a coffee shop for nothing.” He bit back a smile while Zoe went on. She'd changed so much from when they had first met. Now she was a firecracker. Bold. Explosive. He wanted to toss her laptop to the floor and lay her out over the table right here. One thing that had never changed, and Vic hoped never would, was the fact that her every emotion played out on her face. And like always, he felt his desire reciprocated in the crackling electricity between them. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. So why was she denying it? He leaned in. “I have to disappear for a while.” He registered the surprise on her face but kept going. “I won't be gone long a month tops. Do you want to stay with your family in Brazil? I can arrange all that. I'd feel a lot better..”
Victor Mancuso.

Mar 29th 2020 11:01

You're my favorite thing to do. 😉 I love you, more.
Victor Mancuso.

Jan 30th 2020 13:30

My ladies. Give her a kiss from me - love you baby. Can't wait.
Victor Mancuso.

Jan 9th 2020 18:49

Love you so much.
Victor Mancuso.

Dec 26th 2019 00:07

Four hands.....

            Two hearts.....

                       One love......

Merry Christmas. I love you Mrs. Mancuso

Victor Mancuso.

Sep 23rd 2019 09:13

I can't wait to be her son in law. Yes, tell her. Chinese tonight? Love you. -sends-
Victor Mancuso.

Sep 21st 2019 12:54

Babe Brazil ? 🇧🇷 Your mom called me.
Victor Mancuso.

Jul 16th 2019 18:50

You're so sexy.
Victor Mancuso.

Jul 2nd 2019 10:53

for me,

there’s you 

& nobody else

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