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Conceived in the eye of a secret

And they scattered the afterbirth

Mr. Crowley, won't you ride my white horse?

Mr. Crowley, it's symbolic of course

Approaching a time that is classic

I hear that maiden's call

Things to know about me

Pay Attention

[s:00 | r: 00 | c: 00]

My main verse is anything to do with the supernatural: be it the show Supernatural or the genre. I will go into other verses if it makes sense...well sense to me at least. I write anywhere from para to multi-para. I don't do one-liners unless it is banter. To me I an here to write. I DON'T know how to photoshop, and don't plan on learning because it feels like this day and age all people care about it how pretty everything looks. I want real writers not those fake ones. I am a single LI rper. I usually do multi-LIs but my LI is a very old friend who does not do the whole multi-LI for reasons. Speaking of my LI. Anyone whatsoever has a problem with Barmaid, you have a problem with me immediately. She has been my best friend since 2011 when I first made my Strife account. She was my very first LI on a website. I have had her back and she has had my back and nothing will change that. If you are willing to listen to others instead of getting to know her or I then that's on you and I don't need you on my friend's list.

Approaching a time that is drastic

Standing with their backs to the wall

full name: Julian Jayne Osbourne
nicknames: Jules (Jade) Boy/Brat (Asmodeus)
age: Too old/Ageless
birthdate: Right after the battle between heaven and hell
occupation[s]: Bodyguard
species: Angel/Demon
family: Emilia, Asmodeus, Lucifer, Jade, Alissa, Alister, Calista (unborn baby)
relationship status: Married
significant other: Jade Segreti-Osbourne
past relationships: None worth mentioning
friends: Emilia

Was it polemically sent?

I wanna know what you meant


Loyal, stubborn, adventurous, confident, dependable, fearless, independent, impulsive, sarcastic, vulgar, hardworking, protective, competitive, outspoken, and blunt


Being both an angel and a demon due to who his parents were he has a couple of abilities. It's hard to kill him/near impossible, only fellow angels/demons/or anything made specifically by them can kill him.

I wanna know

I wanna know what you mean

no oneeveryone

love life

You have been the best thing to ever happen to me

status: Married
since: --/--/--
engaged: --/--/--
married: 04/02/2020

When I came to Earth I had planned on doing nothing but destroying it from the within. Then I met your mother Alissa. I almost didn't take her offer but thankfully I did. I love you Jade. And you will always be the one for me no matter what

Mr.Crowley, what they done in your head

Mr Crowley, did you talk to the dead?


Don't steal sh*t, a**hole.

credit for this flawless layout goes to cryptic/Alissa Segreti for the background and all the graphics at sinful misfortune. All information is from Demonic Soul's mind. I'm not Bex Taylor-Klaus or Julian Jayne Osbourne. I'm a roleplayer.
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Characters: Julian Osbourne
Verses: Anything with magic in it
Playbys: Rebecca Edison "Bex" Taylor-Klaus
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Mr. Crowley, what they done in your head?

Oh, Mr. Crowley, did you talk to the dead?

Julian Jayne Osbourne's mother and father were not of this world. His mother was a guardian angel and his father was a demon. They met during the war between Heaven and Hell after humanity thrived and become God's favorite. They ended up falling in love with each other instead of trying to kill each other. When the battle was over it was found out by God and the rest of the angels that Julian's mother was pregnant. Once it was found out Julian's mother was stripped of her title and her wings and thrown down to Earth. She survived long enough to give birth to Julian before dying. Thankfully for Julian he was found by a man. Well man would have been the wrong word to use on him. Lucifer -The King of Hell- just so happened to be roaming the world of humans and came into him. Maybe Lucifer noticed the demon in him or something but Lucifer ending up taking Julian back with him to Hell. The King of Hell had other duties to do so he gave the baby to one of his Princes of Hell: Asmodeus. Asmodeus is the one who gave him the name Julian. The middle name and last name Julian took for himself when he came to Earth.

Your life style to me seemed so tragic

With the thrill of it all

Being raised by the Prince of Hell Asmodeus who represented the sin Lust was not easy. Just because he was being raised by basically royalty did not get him much. He had demons who tried using him to get close to Asmodeus or them trying to use him against Asmodues to take his place. Julian was bullied for not being a full demon. Being bullied is what got him to meet his best friend Emilia. Eventually though Asmodeus had enough and stepped in. After that things got better for Julian. He was still a lonely child who had one friend only but Asmodeus quickly nipped that in the ass. Demons did not have time for emotions. They did not need friends. Nor did they need love. With that advice Julian did not take anything to heart. When Julian was a teenager Asmodues was given the order by Lucifer to take him to Earth on one of Asmodeus endeavors of lust. Julian was taught the history behind humankind, heaven and hell. From Adam and Eve to the now. It wasn't until centuries later that Julian himself left hell to take up residence on Earth. And because of that he was able to run into the woman who would introduce him to the love of his life: Jade Segreti.

Julian had made a name for himself in the world of the Supernatural almost as soon as he had stepped foot on Earth. It was not every day a half-demon from Hell had come to Earth to live instead of just visiting to cause havoc on humankind. That name had eventually reached the ears of Alissa Segreti. The woman had appeared before him one day, asked for his name and if he would like to be employed by her. It took Julian a few weeks to make that decision. Despite Asmodeus telling him that it was NOT allowed he eventually found himself in front of Alissa and accepted. She sent him on errands for ancient weapons for reasons unknown to him. During one of those errands he had ran into the wrong trouble. An ogre had been guarding the item he had been sent for and he was hurt. He barely made it back to Alissa's before he collapsed in front of some strange girl. Turned out that strange girl was her daughter Jade. Jade patched him up and from the beginning Julian was smitten. From then on out Julian vowed that she was going to make Jade his one day. It took a lot of flirting and finally Jade said "Yes" to a date. That one date was all it took and Jade was Julian's. She moved into Julian's apartment not that long afterwards.

You fooled all the people with magic

Yeah, you waited on Satan's call

Once Julian was in a relationship with Jade things in his life changed. He got closer to Alissa who let him in on a secret. A secret about the Goddess Athena that she did not want him to tell anyone else. He went from being just a errands boy into much more. He vowed to protect Jade and the rest of the family. Asmodeus was upset with him. Not happy that he had found a girl. Asmodeus still to that day was a firm believer that getting involved with anyone outside of the carnal sin of Lust was unnecessary and would get you killed. Julian wanted his girlfriend and father figure to get along but they both hated each other: Asmodeus because he thought Jade made Julian weak and Jade because Asmodeus did not give two sh*ts if she overheard what he had to say about her. Julian kept them both apart for as long as he could until something happened. Jade went and got herself pregnant with Julian's baby WITHOUT giving him a chance to object. Julian blew up on Jade when the fact came out but eventually (with Lucifer's nosy self) went back and talked to her. They were on a break, Julian not being able to be with her at the moment because of her stunt. He was there for the baby. Julian went to Lucifer to talk to him about getting Asmodeus and Jade to at least be tolerate of each other. Lucifer came up with dinner which Jade shot down completely. Asmodeus did not like that and things got a little ugly from there. It was all fixed a day later.

Alissa was dead. Sacrificed herself for Jade and the unborn baby residing in her stomach. Julian knew the day would come but despite knowing that he was not prepared. He cried over her dead body alongside Jade. Julian worried about Jade. How this would affect her? How it would affect the baby inside of her? Unbeknownst to him Jade was helping her sister bring their mother back to life. If he knew, he might have stopped her and he was sure Jade knew that. Alissa was back just in time for Jade to go into labor. Julian (because of Asmodeus wanting to spar with him) missed the birth of his son Alister Damien Osbourne. To this day Julian is still angry with himself. Not even a month went back when his son grew almost two decades overnight. Jade had put a sleeping baby boy into the crib and woke up the next day to a sixteen year old boy in a broken crib. The ensuing scream and hysterics were what woke Julian up and had him in overdrive. Now their lives had changed once more: they had to get him into school and quick. Also they had to think of a believable lie as to why they had a sixteen year old and not a baby anymore. Thankfully memory spells come in handy. Jade was upset. Julian was enjoying the new bond he was getting with Alister: which he knew Jade was jealous of. After a few months of living their new life, a new thing happened. Jade (which Julian was still adamant that it should have been him that did it) had asked Julian to marry her. Obviously he said yes. Now he is married and going to have a second baby: this time one that he was privy to from the beginning.

Mr. Charming, did you think you were pure

Mr. Alarming, in nocturnal rapport

The ones who matter

Hurt them and I hurt you

Uncovering things that were sacred

Manifests on this Earth

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Jan 4th 2020 22:47

Jade Segreti’s life was never easy. She would think that the one part of her life that was easy had been living with Ed and Lorraine. She could still feel the bitter teenager who had wanted to stay there permanently, who’d been extremely happy and flourished with the couple. She’d embraced her other self, had a mother for the first time in ages and like most things in her life it had been snatched away without a beat. And so she’d battled on, and after staying with the Warrens her father admitted to her that he wasn’t her father at all. That she belonged to a clan named Segreti, that they belonged to the goddess of War and Wisdom, Athena and all of her problems in life could be laid at the goddess’s doorstep. Lou Matthews had wrote her off telling her in a gruff voice on her eighteenth birthday he was giving her back. He’d left her without a goodbye, without anything. It had been a harrowing experience and she’d fled to the one sanctuary she had left—Ed and Lorraine’s. In breathless sobs she told the couple what her father had said. The Warrens then used their resources they had to find Alissa Segreti, her birth mother. Once the call had been made Jade had her mother’s name. Alissa. The name, when she looked it up meant simply; noble.

She stayed a week with her aunt and uncle, and debated on visiting her mother. Lorraine had pulled her aside for a talk reminding Jade how much she’d wanted a mother when she was younger, but her exterior was hard now. Yet, Lorraine’s words haunted her and she made the call. Eventually she met her own mother when she was eighteen and the bond between them was strong. Alissa looked young for her age and was pregnant with twins when they met but she and Alissa became fast friends, wanting to seemingly make up for lost time. It was Alissa who introduced Jade to the woman she’d fall madly in love with, unleashing something in her she never thought possible. Most of her relationships with men had failed, they never lasted and there was never any big “star swept love” coursing through her. So she had one or two serious relationships and then...there was Julian Osbourne. Someone who worked for her mother, gathering magical items and getting paid under the table. It had started slow, them saying a few words to one another. Julian had seemed flirty at times and Jade held her at arms length, wondering what she wanted.

When Julian asked her out for dinner, Jade had been surprised. She wasn’t homophobic but didn’t think she was gay, either. Yet there was something there...some kind of attraction was between them. It was palatable, Jade could feel it. Her mother gave her a knowing look. She agreed to the dinner. Jade had never been with a woman, not like that but once they went to eat and was lightning. Though she wasn’t sure how she felt about her inner problems and over thinking. Finally though she realized she liked Julian. A lot. And Julian being in a woman’s body didn’t seem to bother her. Jade knew what her heart wanted, but what about her family—she had an extended family once Lou Matthews had wrote her out. She’d tried to call him on several occasions and he never answered her.

After she thought about it, it was better that way. Her adoptive grandmother had left her the family home, and it was hers. Jade still lived in the ramshackle two story house. It held good memories for her, one reason she stayed. When she and Julian started talking it was friendly, sweet at first. Then it became flirty, causing Jade momentarily confused reactions. She kept Julian at bay first, not wanting to figure that part of herself out. But then the fire grew and grew between them. Eventually though the demon grew on her. When they kissed for the first time, Jade knew. It was like being struck by lightning, or what she thought it would feel like. Everything in her tingled madly. She didn’t want to stop and that night had been the first time she realized those urges. After, she and Julian were never apart, and she came to like the other’s barbs and quick thinking.

It worried Jade what Julian did for a living as she professed to being half demon, and Jade told her she was half witch. She left it at that, not wanting to burden her down with also being half vampire on her father’s side. She had spent the week with Julian, in her bed and out of it and enjoyed her company. “Do you want to tell my mother yet, or should we wait?” Jade asked shyly one afternoon as they were getting dressed. “She’ll expect you back with the Hinds Blood dagger, anyway.”

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