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OOC: Anyone know how to make banners for wanted connections. Because I have about four of them I need. Sharon Osbourne for Julian's step-mother, Ozzy Osbourne for his father. Jason Statham for Asmodeus and Margot Robbie for Julian's best friend.

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Jan 4th 2020 22:47

Jade Segreti’s life was never easy. She would think that the one part of her life that was easy had been living with Ed and Lorraine. She could still feel the bitter teenager who had wanted to stay there permanently, who’d been extremely happy and flourished with the couple. She’d embraced her other self, had a mother for the first time in ages and like most things in her life it had been snatched away without a beat. And so she’d battled on, and after staying with the Warrens her father admitted to her that he wasn’t her father at all. That she belonged to a clan named Segreti, that they belonged to the goddess of War and Wisdom, Athena and all of her problems in life could be laid at the goddess’s doorstep. Lou Matthews had wrote her off telling her in a gruff voice on her eighteenth birthday he was giving her back. He’d left her without a goodbye, without anything. It had been a harrowing experience and she’d fled to the one sanctuary she had left—Ed and Lorraine’s. In breathless sobs she told the couple what her father had said. The Warrens then used their resources they had to find Alissa Segreti, her birth mother. Once the call had been made Jade had her mother’s name. Alissa. The name, when she looked it up meant simply; noble.

She stayed a week with her aunt and uncle, and debated on visiting her mother. Lorraine had pulled her aside for a talk reminding Jade how much she’d wanted a mother when she was younger, but her exterior was hard now. Yet, Lorraine’s words haunted her and she made the call. Eventually she met her own mother when she was eighteen and the bond between them was strong. Alissa looked young for her age and was pregnant with twins when they met but she and Alissa became fast friends, wanting to seemingly make up for lost time. It was Alissa who introduced Jade to the woman she’d fall madly in love with, unleashing something in her she never thought possible. Most of her relationships with men had failed, they never lasted and there was never any big “star swept love” coursing through her. So she had one or two serious relationships and then...there was Julian Osbourne. Someone who worked for her mother, gathering magical items and getting paid under the table. It had started slow, them saying a few words to one another. Julian had seemed flirty at times and Jade held her at arms length, wondering what she wanted.

When Julian asked her out for dinner, Jade had been surprised. She wasn’t homophobic but didn’t think she was gay, either. Yet there was something there...some kind of attraction was between them. It was palatable, Jade could feel it. Her mother gave her a knowing look. She agreed to the dinner. Jade had never been with a woman, not like that but once they went to eat and was lightning. Though she wasn’t sure how she felt about her inner problems and over thinking. Finally though she realized she liked Julian. A lot. And Julian being in a woman’s body didn’t seem to bother her. Jade knew what her heart wanted, but what about her family—she had an extended family once Lou Matthews had wrote her out. She’d tried to call him on several occasions and he never answered her.

After she thought about it, it was better that way. Her adoptive grandmother had left her the family home, and it was hers. Jade still lived in the ramshackle two story house. It held good memories for her, one reason she stayed. When she and Julian started talking it was friendly, sweet at first. Then it became flirty, causing Jade momentarily confused reactions. She kept Julian at bay first, not wanting to figure that part of herself out. But then the fire grew and grew between them. Eventually though the demon grew on her. When they kissed for the first time, Jade knew. It was like being struck by lightning, or what she thought it would feel like. Everything in her tingled madly. She didn’t want to stop and that night had been the first time she realized those urges. After, she and Julian were never apart, and she came to like the other’s barbs and quick thinking.

It worried Jade what Julian did for a living as she professed to being half demon, and Jade told her she was half witch. She left it at that, not wanting to burden her down with also being half vampire on her father’s side. She had spent the week with Julian, in her bed and out of it and enjoyed her company. “Do you want to tell my mother yet, or should we wait?” Jade asked shyly one afternoon as they were getting dressed. “She’ll expect you back with the Hinds Blood dagger, anyway.”

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