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About me:

So you want to know my story? Alright then I guess I could tell you!

My name is Rey and when I was a little girl I watched the people that at the time I thought were my parents leaving me on Jankku to be raised by Scavangers and that is exactly what I became.

Every year that I was in that place I made a line for and because of this the wall was almost full but I never gave up hope that they would come for me one day.

My adventure started when I found the droid B-B8 and met Flyn as well and then we met Han as well and it all seemed to fit as a team.

When I found Luke's saber is gave me visions that I didn't understand at the time and so i ran and got myself caprured by Kylo Ren and taken to his ship.

It was there that I first found out about the Force within me though at the time I didn't fully understand it and when the resistance came to destroy the death planet the enemy had Kylo and I fought and I left him with a nasty scar.

We found the place that Luke was hiding and at first he refused to teach me but in the end he gave in, that is when the viosions and connection to Ben started and I learned a lot about him that way but I then foolishly thought I could save him and so I went to find him.

When Ben killed Snoke I was hoping he would come back with me and be apart of the light but he wanting me to join the darkness instead, I refused then and I still fight it now even tough I hear it's call and feel it's pull I also have much light in me as well.

I eventually got away with those that survived Kylo's attack and I had no idea what would come next. On the way to find a new home with the others I connected to the Force and had a vision of my true parents...Luke was my father and my mother? She was a brave woman named Jyn Erso who fought against the forces of the Empire and died trying in the end.

Now it all makes sense to me, how I am stronger than most, how it is that I match Ben's power and why I feel the darkness calling to me but can stand up to it and resist it's pull.

I have the Skywalker blood in me and so Leia and Ben/Kylo are the only remaining part of my family left, but I am yet to tell Leia, though I have a feeling she already sensed it seeing how she has the Force in her as well.

I will help them rebuild and I will find and teach anyone that is connected to the Force like my father did before me and one day the Jedi shall rise again and I will either save or kill Ben, though I hope not to have to kill my cousin because I have seen that there is still good in him and I will never give up hope that one day he will see it too.

Well now you know my story so come and get to know me and may the Force be with you

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ʀᴇʙᴇʟ ᴘɪʟᴏᴛ

Jul 21st 2018 23:39

Poe did everything he could to help out with setting up base on the new planet. Whenever he questioned the name of it, no one could give him a straight answer. All that mattered at the moment was that it was in the outer rim, which would call for heightened security to protect the remaining members of the Resistance. He was going to keep a close eye on their surroundings, the fact that this was uncharted territory didn't settle well with him.

He was given the task of eventually recruiting more pilots to join, but in the meantime, Poe stayed behind on base and helped with settling in. Right now he was lingering around the temporary hangar bay, looking over their remaining starfighters and helping mechanics with gathering parts to fix the damages sustained. "Time for a break, BB-8." He spoke to his droid, climbing down from the side of a fighter and placing the tools back. He let out a sigh as BB-8 let out a string of high pitched beeps and boops in protest against stopping.

He smiled and laughed as he looked down at the droid, deciding to allow him to stay behind and continue working. "Alright, alright, you can continue helping the others." BB-8 made a happy noise and rolled off to get back to work and Poe exited the hangar and walked down the hall and slipped outside, deciding it would be best to get some fresh air and take in his new surroundings.

Up ahead, he saw a familiar face and he approached Rey with a smile. "Saw you out here alone, figured you might like some company." He looked around at all the trees in view, turning back with raised brows from the mention of darkness. "Is it concerning enough to report?" His expression was serious now and he waited for her answer. He didn't want any trouble arising when they were still vulnerable and needed some time to adjust to their new base.

Pragmatic Dreamer

Jan 3rd 2018 19:09

Hi there.... umm well forgive me for being a little star struck I am just not use to being around such amazing people like yourself. I always hear stories of great adventures and people getting out of there boxes and taking chances, becoming heros while I just sit here and talk to my toys and watch life go by..... I mean its not a bad life, I play my part in it all but geez I am dying for some adventure of my own and maybe even.. dare I say it be a hero?

So lets get started right now! There is no time to play it safe anymore! Shall we join together and create our own story and have many adventure together? Please don't be shy I love to talk... even though I kind of suck at it. Oh I'm Rose by the way! Until we speak again, may the force be with you.

-Rose Tico
Discord - The Storyteller#4767
Line - Ruby_Red
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