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Basic Information. {h1}

Full Name: Makayla Isabella Samaitero
Nick Name: Makayla, Mac Sauce, Kay, Mak, Isabelle, Izzy, Bella.
Birthday: 10-10-1998.
Age: 1 Day old.
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Place of Birth: London.
Current Location: South California
Parents: Akira Samatiero, Isabelle Samatiero
Siblings: Courtney (Sister), Ayame (Sister) Akira Jr. (Brother), Jeremiah (Brother), and Kyro (Brother)

Physical information.{h1}

Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Green
Personality:Put your personality in here
Distinguishing Features:What makes you stand out from the others?

Relationship Info. {h1}

Status: Single.
Significant Other: None
Since: Never
First Met: Haven't
First Kiss: Haven't.
Description: Coming soon.

A-Team {h1}


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Editors Notes{h2}

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About me:
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Who I'd like to meet:

MakaylaElizabeth Samatiero
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Even the foolish will be considered wise if they keep their mouth shut.

Makayla Elizabeth Samatiero was born to Elizabeth and Akira Samatiero on October 10, 1998. Makayla is the youngest girl so she was a daddy's girl. Her dad was in the military so she was a military brat she went where he went most of the time. Growing up Makayla was the innocent one of the family. Even in school the school she was always there on time, amazing grades, loved by all the teachers, because of how good she was. She went to school on base because she lived on base with her dad. Every now and then she would sing to the troops and they always enjoyed hearing her sing. Makayla loved to sing it was what she wanted to do even when she grew up. She even went on American Idol she made it to top 8 and got sent home but she loved the experience. She lived with her dad and went home to the UK to be with her family during the breaks that she got from schooling. After hearing about her grandparents dying she was sad because she didn't get to spend as much time with them as the other's did. After her grandparents died she came back to Britain of course along with their dad at least for the funeral then he had to go back to where he was stationed which was in Chicago but Makayla stayed with them this time. They had to pack everything up because their dad was going to be stationed again and this time they were all going to be moving together to Texas. Makayla didn't really want to go because it was in the middle of the school year and she had so many friends and everything and it would be a new place and she'd have to find new friends and stuff but he didn't really have a choice. So now she's in the states and got enrolled into John Adams High School along with one of her brothers.The only party she went too was her the Senior stuff that they did and there her brother still wouldn't let her do things. But now that she has graduated and is on her own in Los Angeles at Southern California where she is going to college there's no one to tell her what to do. She is excited to learn about the world but really nervous as well. It is her first year and she is a Law Major for right now in hopes to change to Music & Theatre Major

Important people info goes here.

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*9 iron.

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Jun 29th 2018 16:39

Hey there.ย 

The name is Scott. Hopefully, we can write soon.

Please excuse the naked profile, I hope to get something fancy up soon!
ะฒแด‡แด€แดœแด›ษชา“แดœสŸ ะฒัฯ…ะธั”ั‚ั‚ั”

Dec 2nd 2017 19:54

Hello there
My name is Jocelyn  Audrey Stilinski, and I'm just sending this comment out to everyone, so if you got this twice, ignore it.
I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself.
My character is OPEN, but I pretty much do, Teen Wolf, and TVD, but I can do other verse's as well.
I hope you don't mind dark and gory story lines.
-stands nervously;
SO I would love to talk about maybe a connection, discus a storyline with you, and if your not up for that then we can always chitchat.
Friends are always welcomed. :D
I'm usually here but if not you can gladly reach me on my LINE, it's like the first LINE I've ever made so no judging on the name. LINE: jossieadoreable_dork
And please forgive me, as I am terrible at this sort of thing, so once more again sorry.
Anyways uhm, that's it I suppose, I hope I hear from you soon


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